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Honoring ‘Uncle Bob’ and Saving Lepers and Orphans in India

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 8, 2022 7:00 pm

Honoring ‘Uncle Bob’ and Saving Lepers and Orphans in India

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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June 8, 2022 7:00 pm

After Wednesday in the Word, Stu visits with Pastor Raju to talk about his strategic work in India through Life Givers Ministry, as well as the legacy of the late Bob "Chip" Wilkins of Wilkins Radio Network.

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This is Chris shoes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris shoes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds. So enjoy it.

Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network young orphan sold into prostitution captured eyes poked out forced to beg on the streets to raise money for corrupt people. I'm with Amanda God is doing something about it all the way over in India and he is with me right now right you. God bless you life givers ministry.

Thank you for coming and visiting with me today and being a part of Wednesday and the word to a race alone to see and I'm so glad to talk to their Lord brought us together through a mutual friend. A lot of you hear truth talk right now across the Wilkins radio network one of our great affiliates. True thought Roz shoes life was changed in thousands of been impacted by the generosity of Bob ship Wilkins my good friend yesterday. Roz you. We both spoke in this manner God's celebration of life service. He is gone to heaven and how God brought us together now are sitting two hours away in Addario talking about changing India because of Bob Wilkins. Yes, the Lord using him mightily, from the day beginning the Lord introducing me to him and God visited him in a great manner. I praise God for the life that he laid praise God for the VA that allowed the children in India on the entire ministry you're talking about over a billion people over any rights it's grown now it's 1.3 billion people there a lot of souls Lord as it worked. A lot of Christians are suffering.

You're on the front lines with your ministry life givers let the children come to me a great quote from Jesus and your ministry took people like to Wilkins to bless and give you got up and you celebrated him yesterday and thank God for what he did right. Thank God for what has the Lord has been using him in a mighty way they load the children in India, the Lotus he always slows the offense. Leaderless lepers that we erase with the love of the Lord, helping the society for the development. How did you start, how did God start life givers through you tell us a little bit about the story sure little bit of the service yesterday in the year 1995 the Lord saved my life in the seventh of God from this country came and returned there. So once I get my life. I know the need of the salvation I understood the need of people that need to be saved. Then I started to learn more about the word and preach the kingdom and that's only to start and once I was saved and I started to speak. I understood that me alone cannot reach India because it is 700,000 religious and that on many thousands of religious thousand thousands of religious knowledge it heard the name of Jesus. At least one time so we want to send the missionaries in this situation, we understood that if we can take help the children praise them in the fear of the Lord. Let them know that Jesus, the love of Jesus and they can go on for the love of Jesus. That's what have been doing for the last 24 years starting with how many are now how many been impacted by your ministry. We have a started with the four children and now we have 120 children in the on faith 200 children and that they scooted then we the children from the slums ring them and teach them in the school give them education and English priest so this is India, and God is doing a mighty work and just yesterday we celebrate the life of ship Wilkins Bob ship Wilkins manner God to help support your ministry early on, really you call him uncle right yeah I has been a great uncle, not just for me but for all the children he loves them his send that candy every time I come backs of candy and the pens, pencils always know all these things means below them. He loves us under his death. I thank God for him because the Lord introducing me to him.

The 2040 was sitting in a small Sunday school that incentive about the church and someone said that lead to certain from India. That's a salute and said that Mr. Raju are nominees working there in a small village with dolphins any citizen Raju yeah I heard the name right Last night the Lord spoke to me and that's how we would introduce her to him and since then for the last 18 years and has been so good to us and when he started to help the ministry inquiries and inquiries because children are always at the gate hungry want to get some for whenever we get ever done or we would like to take one more time and raise them from God's kingdom give them the bright future to help India and to have the entire nation under the universe nor truth for intern Colby has a question for you.

He's with me. He's just been blown away with came in here we had no idea that Dragon team got your focus Christian radio and the service was in Rutherfordton and we came down here. This is amazing what you're doing with life givers church ministry leper help leprosy still going on there children staff pastoral help equipment pastors with bicycles to go and plant churches.

Tribal camps always amazing ministries. Colby, what is your question for past Raju. So, in what ways can we help your ministry stateside. How can we pray for you. How can we give to your ministry so that y'all can be successful moving forward well. Braden moves the hand that moves the word Well, I always say people that please pray for us and the Lord blesses you with the funds.

If you can give it to us $50 can feed a child and educate a child per month and also the $50 can help a leper about a month and hundred dollars can help a pastor that he can go and preach the gospel in different religious pastors walk minds and minds so we give them the bicycle hundred dollars can give them a bicycle so that he can go to one will reach so they can give it to us regularly notes for energy asset a question Colby yesterday at the funeral service. I have a program right here in my in my program you have notes from you and from pastor Dickerson gave a great message about the gospel he challenged everyone at room Bob Wilkins would want you to know Jesus was a rule worship service. You know, inviting people to know see pricing we challenged all Wilkins. They were all there, all the Wilkins brothers and sisters in youngsters and grandkids. Hey, keep Christian radio going Bob was honor his legacy, always abounding the word Lord your labors on the Lord keep the gospel on Wilkins radio and keep supporting ministries like this amazing life givers in the comments in the very end might not be on the program but it said yes is right here all the notations are going to go to life givers and you can give right to Wilkins communications, PO Box 444, Spartanburg, SC 29304.

Just look at Wilkins communication websites to send the money so I want to give this to life givers to adopt an orphan to save a leper to help give a pastor a bike sleek and your airplane fortresses all up and down India so that was so encouraging. But how would you challenge us to live a life that matters to really serve the Lord. While we have time we don't know when the Lord, the King is going to return. We do not know the things that we do not know when Lord returns, and the same time we do not know then God because we now know that uncle Bob will go this soon.

So yes, the Lord gives us the time we how to utilize it as soon as possible. When you know the Lord.

Personally, it's our duty to let us shed his love and that you know your level in Christ will not be in vain in the world people are using their time and money for several things but I tell you those all things are not going to be workup.

But whatever you do in the Lord reach into the law of the Lord that's going to be divided in heaven and use it wisely. Your time to the Lord get blessed you with an unsolicited very wisely. All his time is spent on radio making the millions.

I praise God for uncle Bob thank God for him and I would encourage all listeners. Please spend as much as time you can sharing the gospel with others and that is going to be your eternal property whatever you having this word when they would have leave but whatever you help their inherent when they are going to gain that the difference makes the difference recorded adversity service. Was it profit a man if he gains the whole world loses his own soul. So let's be profitable for the kingdom of God. Let's give it. So let's invest generous. It's all his anyway I'm dedicating this whole segment here to my good buddy Bob Chip Wilkins who love Jesus. He's in heaven now with the Lord, and he love Raju and he was a generous guy. He helped again to so many people gave me a lot of great wisdom loves his family and his challenges, like we all do you know how to struggle but if the other day really did want to serve the Lord in your listing right now to a Christian radio station.

It's because somebody took the time and for their heart and soul life and investment and savings into buying the station to put the gospel on and the goal is to mobilize you were trying to say hey to you.

Listen listen wherever you listen to across the airwaves were mobilize you. You need to go either go you can go get it again give Frank write in support ministries that are reaching the world for the gospel like this amazing life givers.

Raju C, Bobbitt heaven, you could be any time right life goes by really fast when you see Bobbitt heaven when you walk up to my give me a big hug okay for others website life givers awesome. We see Bobbitt uncle Bob and having a case Wilkins what are you to say that man when you see him in heaven someday glory metal that is going to be a exciting exciting time. I know that when I go to heaven. I want to see Jesus at the same time. When I see uncle Bob. I say thank you uncle if I want to help.

Seated in India see these all children supposed to become a tease beggars on the streets because there are funds no one to take care maybe a prostitutes because no one to care for them, but you you have supported them.

You have given them the education the Lord use of you today because of you. They have become a nurses that have become doctors that have become an engineers, specially they have become a pastor serving the Lord across the country, even all of cease.

Thank you uncle, and it's all God's grace and the Lord use of you. Thank you so much and we love you and we thank God for your family. This is the Truth Network

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