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A Funeral, an Indian Missionary, and an Indian Restaurant

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 24, 2022 7:00 pm

A Funeral, an Indian Missionary, and an Indian Restaurant

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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June 24, 2022 7:00 pm

Stu and Truth warrior intern, Colby, visit with Pastor Raju again to talk about his powerful ministry to lepers and children in India through Life Givers Ministry, as well as the legacy of the late Bob "Chip" Wilkins of Wilkins Radio Network

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Jesus said blessed are the persecuted and they are suffering big time right now. This is my belief international in 19-year-old Ari was beaten by her own father and violated by local authorities and order crime was simply that she gave her life to Jesus Christ after leaving radical Islam. They need Bibles in order to endure and persevere. That's why Truth Network and Bible teamed up to sin. God's word to 3500 persecuted believers around the world at five dollars avoidable hundred dollars since 20 oh 800 word 800 worth 800 password or give a, this is Rodney from the masculine journey podcast. We explored manhood within Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds. Sit back and enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network and it has come to me I am. I've never done my show from India but I admitted Bill to say had done it from an Indian restaurant in a lab or no and I am with my friend what why would this happen. Call me are awesome truth warrior intern posted through to youth, what would precipitate necessitate cause this divine encounter happened here we are in any restaurant recording truth on what doesn't happen very often delete worsen around the table with a great pastor from India who has been able to grace us with his presence share a little bit about his ministry, but I'll let him introduce. I don't want to get to too much into it too far knew that I let him introduce Pastor Roger Outlook to set this up, you come to our country you come to Louisiana were this morning.

Addario we see where we taken lunch.

He didn't want to go to the best wing joint.

We try to get in the Campbell city barbecue factory which I get all kinds of our innocent good Southern barbecue we try to get a maybe go back to dear family will hot dog. We try to think, think about all these places and he wants to come here right talk about that his thank you for bringing me out of here and we get that Indian taste and who brought you to us today talk about this guy right here Greg rather Greg is a great friend of mine because is a friend of Bob and if he is a friend of Bob Duncan and his friend of mine and instant event is not yet a lien is taking care of me. I'm thankful to him and to thank for Duncan that he introduced me to him and when he says Bob Angola course Greg Wilkins radio network, a fellow Christian broadcaster.

We actually love what you're doing. You carry a bunch of the Truth Network programs including this one will be aired because all your 40 stations clarify little bit and maybe add on to what a brother pastor is you as you said Bob Wilkins, my boss, who just passed away is with the Lord. Now he had a vision, a real passion for the gospel going out. He purchased Christian radio stations all across America anywhere where he could get a good signal at a reasonable price and put the gospel out. He was more than open for local ministers and churches, and national and regional churches and ministries to be able to go out on the airways and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. He had a passion for it. If he was some people would say obsess but you can't be obsessed about the Lord. He's our whole life. Our whole purpose for being here. And when we lose sight of that, we've lost sight of our mission field fiber here were here to serve the Lord and that's our only reason for being here when we stop serving the Lord.

When we let up, there's really no purpose for being here at all, and that is actually what brings together an Indian pastor from 24 hours flight away another continent, a banker auto finance guy Christian activists pizza delivery guy entrepreneur of truth warrior intern is a entrepreneur guy in the Hispanic food leadership space. We take food all over the we know Hispanic wholesaling right Phil Calhoun was name your entity. You found yourself in an Indian restaurant today and I love and inverted with buffets from church and met out there's a couple double strivers here for now churches rising star liberty University Landon what you met these guys you gave you walked in he gave the sky big this morning. For many, like probably really arrives. He was family.

I I've been blessed to grow up in Seneca Baptist Church and where I've gone Jeff Atwood, who will introduce in a minute.

And yes I miss blessed at this table and get to spend some really good time in the word and so you love Jesus yearly men's groups love scene. Youngman got on fire for Christ or deliver University, home of the new 93.7 FM, so get a magnet to slap on your car and make you a magnet missionary don't actually say magnet missionary because I will go to well magnet missionary in the sky next use on those radical Christians I know. Jeff Atwood now Joe would you gave rise you a big hug for what what is about you admissions man is not your inner tire chased little white ball was one other I can't find the little white ball that goes in the they're not enough squirrels to kick it out, but I not have known Rajiv for a long time and that a lot of the Sunday school classes at Center Grove have supported him for many years and a lot of people at Center Grove work with the men he is a great man of faith and ease of tender faith just quickly tell her one international commission, you're going to places like India places sharing the gospel of the right.

Yes, the we we are attempting to go into every country every year with the gospel in my area is Asia got 19 countries in the and then my compatriot Steve Ferris has South Asia and so I have been to India follow all across India, Mombasa, Hyderabad, grantor. This shot in upon them all relate to do the Verma our first mission trip my wife and I was to India and we were sharing the gospel. We had 7710 prayed to receive Jesus and in two weeks. 17,000. We are working all over India and millions every year come to the Lord. Pastor is everywhere, but Rajiv and his orphanage is a an incredible thing happening in which he is raising that young people to know Jesus personally and to go out as missionaries is an incredible thing. I like the food arrived, know this, what is this Sue and Mr. what is this super this out. What is we were just writers write you this is your Indian restaurant in Winston-Salem without soup not soup like lentil and lentil soup okay and then what about the salary it's on and send carrots okay with an Indian dressing like any ranch dressing. Look at that weight protect you right now is all right.

I think it is not I had a soup I think and I he's can come and confess for you as an is over here in another big thing is there coordinated thing this morning Rajiv was in our mission or Bible study. We had a great time and Jamaal was your impression here in the sky and after you had a prayer for him. Mom person with him was his guys facing side this. This pastor is facing a lot of opposition and yet he still has the fortitude, the dedication to keep going and also through his efforts in efforts like the people like him. His church is growing so that gives me an inspiration that no matter what professional behavior the amount of work in adversity where evidently it will be here if I should can have Mr. grow with the challenges he has.

Archers can grow here. The challenges we have will be here soon.

What you call the truth warrior intern general idea. When you jump in this internship this all the still be going on what your impression what you take away now one of my favorite parts about this internship is being able to meet people exactly like Raju and not in the house and have the opportunity to meet him this morning but just hearing his story and hearing how on fire.

He is for Christ is just an encouragement to each and every one of us as we go out there are days to live on mission common and a lot of people have the mindset of living on mission means going somewhere on the living on mission means we note whoever you're interacting with day-to-day know being on fire for Christ, to the point that they can see you know where your heart is that in the way that Christ is leaving you is just as important on so pastor Raju has done an incredible job of encouraging us today and I don't know how someone can leave not encourage hearing what he's doing in India. The way that his ministry is grown from one or two kids to hundred and 25 kids only possible through the grace and mercy of Christ, and it just shows how an incredible art the Lord that we serve is so were in an Indian restaurant India.

If you have any idea how big the Scriptures. Only citizens of India. Raju total and how many don't know the Lord.

1.3 million people on a 2.5% of them of questions 2.5% of 1.3 billion people are born-again Christians and you are even between bites of lentil soup and this delicious cabbage salad you are excited about reaching these people over the gospel right. That's why you do what you do in the different areas real quick telephone real quick and then will let you finish your suit different areas of you ministry. We have been raising the odd funds. We also have that same day schooling for the kids that we bring from the slums and reeducate them because they don't get the any education there. We also have the book with the tribes letter very ready downtrodden in the woods. In the beginning days when we when they like 70 near spec they do not even know how to lead from close but we could go there and teach them that good things simulates them and now they have educating them and we bring some of them from there and educate them so they go uneducated all the people out there and also we have a leper diminishing the fleet at the leper's medicine and their nutritious food warehouse helping the children with HIV affected, and we give them the nutritious food along with the medicine to and we have checked ministry held by was weird to get the train them in the Bible, and then they go and so the Lord and that started the church in the religious disorder have been doing the bicycle can have a pastor go plant more churches you know the other thing on my foot right we we train them for two years and send them of the bicycle that they can go on which the religious.

Also, the Bible also that from and they play the drum people would know that Dennis Branson was and there and then the Lord he is the people sick. And that's how people get to know by beating the drum so giving them some bicycle Bible and send them to the mission. They go under today in which a source or a blessing in honor Bob Wilkins, Chip Wilkins, my good friend, a great mentor great mentor God is in heaven now, we were just at his funeral service yesterday were directing all giving to this ministry to the Wilkins radio group is part logistical focus radio right Greg, that's the website right it's it's senior gifted health disorders like Bob got it going years ago and now he's been giving and he had that included funeral program was all money in his honor to go to this madman to God to this ministry really is going to Lord, not you, it's going to go to reach orphans aware they're taking these children there putting an end in prostitution or poking her eyes out making a bag and he's redeeming them and bring them to Christ, putting them in a home. So think of what you doing I met your brother metal please raise them for the good purpose under the Qubec assembly, engineers the biggest children. The leper's children are becoming an doctors are becoming a pastor's are becoming nurses and use for citizens for the country and that the filled honors that can help them build their lives on the scratch into the blessing of a thought. Leprosy was just United Bible times. It's in India today and he's doing seven about it and what to give your email. This is a coasting on the river life Gillis and hello I FEGIV office LI FPGA DRS life lifecare is demonic. On the other start during the suit hour the city restaurant was a Salem never done a show from India, much less any restaurants were killing two stones lumbered these guys are huge MBA finance is autonomous.

Curry don't know what the world that's out but what what you say cannot here call your final challenge. I give I give everybody a challenge to know wherever you're at go live on mission. Let this pastor be pastor Raju be an encouragement to you and we love pass arising we thank him for coming and spending some time with us today so were very grateful form. This is the Truth Network

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