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America's Worship Pastor

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 11, 2022 7:00 pm

America's Worship Pastor

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 11, 2022 7:00 pm

Stu sits down with America's Worship Pastor, Charles Billingsley, to talk about his faith, his career, and his new album releasing May 13th, "The Shadow of Your Smile."

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Swim from most concerned about customer goal with the podcast was. Hope you try to find your way in this difficult world. Your chosen treatment would podcast was starting just seconds.

Enjoy sure most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network America's worship pastor Hughes Charles Billingsley actually at a coffee shop within the Starbucks in Leesburg, Virginia. Charles is a beautiful day the Lord is made. How about a brother man, this is what I call my office right here this is I hang out at Starbucks a lot hi I like Starbucks I like every location in town and I'm frequently at all of them were just talking about what God is doing in your life, your buzz around all over the country doing events with women of joy. You got a record coming out man was right across the street you lighted up quite frequently with some worship right there Thomas Road to what God doing in Charles Billingsley's life right on your own and update me ma'am, it's basic siding days. I got this new project coming out May 13 which is interesting because 30 years I've just done nothing but Christian albums worship records and things like that but this is a new venture for me were actually moving into the Symphony performing arts in a world course out never leave the church. I'm always in the church and part of the staff and the team at Thomas Road and liberty is as well and it's great and I love it, but this is a little bit different twist in the sense that this record is all big band classic sites are really kind of a cross between Michael blue blame meets Andrea Pacelli got some classical stuff on there. A lot of it is all very well-known standards that are new arrangements and I'm having a blast saying these things, so May 13 comes out got a big concert in downtown Lent with the full Symphony and hoping to do more of that across the country as it progresses. That's awesome. So let's catch everyone up. Maybe some folks listing haven't met your truth talk. Who is Charles Billingsley. How would you introduce yourself, how would you describe her, so I set you up with the double little if you actually there. Well you know I'm I guess you call me a vocalist who leads worship. I do a lot of teaching these days, songwriter singer, teacher, writer, whatever, but you know mainly just consider myself a Christian who likes to do good music and most of the time it's Christian music with worship songs and things like that but I once we get to read back and missing some good patriotic staffer you know a classic of to whatever but damn my thing is I just really wanted use the voice that the Lord's given me to reach as many people as I can for the kingdom of God. That's it.

You know, we were driving on the road listening to the truth. Not too long ago and we were listening to the Jonathan Falwell pastor of Thomas Rover listen to the our service on the radio on the Truth Network and my wife is likely to set preach and it was a week that pastor Johnson was out and he was bringing some eats.

This guy was it was you preach you like a priest or do about that. I love it pastor Jonathan has me come up about Lana once every 5 to 6 weeks in and teach and it's an honor for me. In fact, that's actually my title at the church's teaching pastor, but I love it.

It's a privilege it's an honor. I tell Jonathan all times no way I could do that every week of my life, but he gives me a few weeks notice and it's nice because it gives me time to really study and hone in on some topics that are really interesting and you know can just be life-changing for folks and so the privilege to do that. It all comes from him and the team at time served and very grateful for it and I love doing it, but you notes. It kinda brings a nice balance to all the singing I'm doing all over the country so it's kind of fun. Source Charles Billingsley I'm Stu Epperson were at a coffee shop in Lynchburg Virginia on a beautiful day I get to sit down with this guy who many of you have heard and been blessed by my daughter student here at L usually just to hear you lot Charles how did you come to know Christ take us back a little bit in your testimony and offer for those that made out of hurting.

We love your that well. It was early for me.

You know that sometimes God saves people out of things and then saves other people from Stefan, one of the really blessed ones that I got saved in an early age I was six years old and a little Baptist Church in Salt Lake City, Utah, of all places, and the you know the pastor just gave an invitation at the end of the service and I came down the aisle and asked the Lord to my life in and let you know as raising the home of an evangelist. My dad's always been a minister solid as a rock leader so I was kind of exposed to the gospel early on but you know, even if you're exposed to. It doesn't mean that you have.

You know that you've come to know Christ in a personal way and so that avenue me at six years old and from there moved all over the country with my parents in and watch my dad and mom do ministry for 50 years and got called in that myself when I was in high school and been doing it ever since uncle in your some things that you're really passionate about right now that really get you going those the cars were here and driving by trucks only. But I love it outside a look talking. Charles is got a goal Charles your country and its revenge. This pandemic that's affected worship leaders like like nothing else. This is because a lot of turnover in ministry lot of folks struggling people are angry because he got were master angry because you're not wearing a mask and you don't kill grandma and vaccinated and know you had about 15 shots and I respect that Charles the wire shaken but don't talk about how to work God work in a day and maybe watch what your message to the church people listen. Your passion word. We need to go, what, what's what is it that does put on your heart matter. Well, I mean it's been this case for hundreds of years but I just I think the pandemic really just open my eyes again and that to the severe need we have his church as believers said churchgoers are really as believers to to reach outside the walls of the church and God blessed the church during the pandemic. I mean most churches I know of actually grew and actually out there giving went up because the people of God are very faithful to to the cause of the kingdom, but at the same time we lost a lot of people in the and a lot of them don't come back in the late date. Discovered how fun it is to worship from their couch at home and that you know a lot of that's understandable, but at the same time and when I look out of most churches I sing in the people who don't know God are not there.

They have no interest. There's too many other options on a Sunday morning and so that's one reason I did this record, I want to take the truth by way of a medium of music that people all people love secular songs.

Whatever it might be to gain access to the ears of people who may not know Christ and expose them to the truth, the gospel, even if it has to do with something as simple as a song like you'll never walk alone MSI Christians on but it sure has gospel overtones and songs like, let there be peace on they have gospel overtones because God is the author piece God is the author of love and if you don't want to be lonely or depressed. The only answer is, is God. And so I'm trying to point people to the gospel in a roundabout way through songs that everybody loves and and resources and websites that will point them to the truth really will. What we need to be ahead of doing what this institution across street is doing is is taken back the liberal arts in the name of Jesus. So your your music album.

What's a call.

It's called the shadow of your smile. 15 incredible songs, amazing production that not one program instrument on the entire thing the entire thing as full orchestra live big bandits at the blast. Can't wait to get it. Know your your music album to the world of music genre music would be like a movie like a church fire would be to Hollywood where shut maybe not overtly, but it has some dynamic redemptive messages to CS Lewis's works. Obviously there now made into movies and the reading literature you think about movies like unbroken know where there's a so when people get to know you that music will be blessed and maybe someone who's just a big time. You know music nerd loves that stuff orchestra the Tommy Dorsey bad stuff or they grow up with a my first already was playing those songs.

By the way, it was like the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s music that stays in Moses my dad owned it was a lot about your those zeros. They don't take time.

So many memories but was so funny is I talked to the kids at liberty are the students delivery and they love the stuff. No assisted it's a genre that is palatable to just about anybody's musical taste and the songs have such rich history.

You know those things on there like bring them home for my Ms. these kind of songs and their powerful and yet they also have this underlying redemptive message and so I was very careful about the songs I chose you.

So it's it's it it was all very intentional and I'm hoping hoping hoping that not just believers, but no a mainstream audience will really embrace this record called for by the inner guestroom by her bed guest bed. Since your devotional words on worship, my mother-in-law from California where she stays with. She says that your favor devotional got a lot in there your complete without Oswald Chambers and some other ones.

Yes, right.

So, in that it is your first got your devotional love your devotional and MI thing is your this album. Maybe the don't know, Charles Billings, if you listen to short now you have some other albums to write Christmas. Yet the book sounds, but the book is you know that's been one of my mantras for my home ministry is worship is a lifestyle and that devotional book is all about to simply talking about practical ways to worship the Lord outside of the singing of songs on a Sunday morning. We got a spot or maybe it's time to bring back words on worship O radio feature that we had on like $500 one time it was awesome.

It was awesome. I just got to where I you I moved back to California and felt like the whole thing, ran out of steam, but I need to get back to the Lord does and I did and I did start a podcast on the.

Where is you will find that it's called the Charles mill is a podcast really principle is where you can find vodkas that that the podcast absent podcast is also God cast. Thank you Charles Billingsley. What a blessing your your name your website. Same thing right. You can find is Google Charles Billingsley and they will be blessed, and they will hear an angelic voice that lifts up the Lord, it makes it a joyful noise.

Thank you for being untrue thought my friend. Thank you, buddy. Don't forget May 13 and you can preorder it on Apple music and spot if I even right now they won't time the new album it's coming out the shadow of your smile. This is the Truth Network

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