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A New Kind of Dad

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 6, 2022 7:00 pm

A New Kind of Dad

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 6, 2022 7:00 pm

The need for Christ is great in Honduras! Stu sits down with Pastor and missionary Tim Setliff to discuss he and his wife's work in Honduras and his ministry, A New Kind of Dad, which addresses the growing problem of fatherlessness by teaching children about a new kind of father - their Heavenly Father - who will never forsake them.

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned in a hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting to just seconds. Enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network starving children, deadbeat dads, the need for crisis rate in Honduras were going back her tears. I have been talking a lot 100s of missionaries lately. The Lord, the Lord your God, stirring and onerous right past your brother missionary Timothy Selleck God was eventually not with thank you so much. It's great to be geared to be able to hear about what guys do it in Honduras and in there for six years as a missionary and 74 years old and our ministries to kids. We started out the name of our ministry is a new kind of dad, the desire that I had was to help people man to be biblical dads but quickly found out that the men were interested in making babies and leaving and so it's a huge amount of single moms, and so operating in God directed me as Lord, I believe this is what you call me to an easy reach down and build up so what he was telling me is to teach the kids about a new kind of dad that would never leave them over them as our ministries delete the kids and we do a lot of feeding programs because most of the kids come to school and haven't eaten anything and you can't learn if you sit there hungry and the future leaders where fleeing kids nutritious foods so that they can learn and the key to change is to build future leaders through education and through teaching the gospel was introduced by this, nattering her cousin in your rusty like the author, entrepreneur Manny God, you keep telling your cousin Tim is the real deal. What is in Honduras using a lot of support him.

What is it about his ministry that really get you going to give light your fire rest of cousin he's real and when he says that the honors his word, and not only that, unknown, and since I was a baby when we grew up together but nothing is life transformation and in his age to make a commitment.

The calling of God.

It is a stick alone and it is drop everything in America and go to a foreign land and create what he's created ever through the blessings of God in the direction of God, but to help others kids you know. Do you know the book I wrote, I gave all the proceeds to the sex trafficking of humans and that's one thing that he really went got in the fight he got in a fight to feed these kids and I'm doing my whole life and just because he's my cousin. He was not the real deal. I would not be sitting here with money you one of my best friends. The he's got hundreds in the support from the family and other work at he's doing over his brother when he showed me those kids when they're hungry they can't learn it made me feel sad. Maybe fill bad because we live in America greatest nation on earth, and he left the greatest nation on earth to put itself in the service of other people, but I know one thing you will always be blessed in direct proportion for the quality of effort expended. He's given a quality effort for the front are Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior to instill that in this kids are not directly communicated back and forth with them at his kids and see how you do it, but to see that look of hope on their face when he loves him and told him him and his wife and he feeds him the way to their brain is put something in her belly and that he has our full support. This place erupted when we clap for you when you stood up and talk about helping these kids in companies dads being godly fathers you're trying to lead souls to Christ in Honduras which is a land that's been attacked by poverty and fatherlessness in all kinds of issues in Lotta conflict. A lot of kids that are orphaned and such so Tim seven the name of your ministry and what you're passionate about, what would you say to our listeners about getting involved in the battle, not just sitting idle in helping with you with what you're doing about our website is TM is T I am SE TLIF a of life.

Two letters F's and and you can learn about a ministry we got lots of God stories because we see God doing just awesome things. He gives me an idea and then he fun and so this new project they were doing with the feeding of the kids is going to expensive feeding the hundred kids six days a week and were hoping to do breakfast and lunch and was stepping out of my because our father in heaven is able to provide for all of our needs so you can give online check the website out and got lots of God stories were that we been able to see people receive Christ and is just a amazing in my walk with the Lord.

I am open to share the gospel wherever I am in. I was in getting all change one day and they said you got some major fronting Orkney to be done so as lock the back of our and as I was waiting for them to repair my car. There is a lady come into the lounge and we begin to talk and she wasn't a Christian.

And so I shared the gospel she received Jesus and in the biggest smile burst out on her face. She said him I was planning to come yesterday but I got busy and if I had come. Today I would know Jesus and so it's that's on the way my wife works the direct my path and I'm thankful to hear the gospel in the name of the ministry over time and how we can pray for his TM you kind of dad and pray for this book to heal because the doctor said I cannot leave the states until we get his foot heal you back on earth when you going honors what are you going to what exactly do you do give her what little bit I hangs in the ground will quickly wrap up okay I live in the saliva 6 miles, about 30 minutes outside of town we live in a community call L Naranjo and is very poor so we just go about our daily lives. Bob, my wife Maria is a teacher and so every morning he goes out in teaches kids in school and so we have at our home. We call the ministry center. It is a ministry center. He calls the cops today lose the house of light and so we have people come by. All the time, needing food we have discipleship training we had pastors come in. We had all the pastors in the area come together and for the first time ever, so we helping them to grow in the Lord and develop fellowship. We had some guys come by surveying as every day we brought in for lunch and they hated to hear the gospel, but they got it.

And one guy was so upset that he didn't even eat anything. Thank you for the food but I was faithful, and God's word will never come back. Lord is loud in here because these guys are fellow shipping and know there's fair going on God's working. We just had wins in the were Rusty yet been here a while back you brought your cousin is in high demand.

Got missionary to Honduras is entrepreneurs all get out. But God put them over there and then priest walked up who had to Honduras. Missionaries are sitting right here last week, priest what you like and you met this.

You know before today he was complete stranger not hear his testimony brother to what he said him I say first of all, thank you very much and interestingly enough, there are no coincidences with God. So there's mighty things going on in Honduras right now, but to have three mighty men were leaving the states to go to Honduras and witness in Honduras and share the gospel in Honduras. That's reminder for us to pray for these folks. We pray for you, for your healing for the request that you brought up this morning to organize priest to pray right now it lashing out last week where you're sitting young man a David Moore with small kids. He is home on furlough from under us where I'm sitting. A guy named Nando's an amazing gifted technician automobile repair.

Everything like that.

He's on his way back to Honduras. So after we hang up on this interview here on Stu Epperson thought is man got undressed himself with. But what's can happen is you and priest John priest are going to connect in your know all these other guys and was suddenly the world to get smaller elected technology rest. We just talked about insulting morsels going to say. Pray for Emily for healing for his foot is I doubt all these things try to get back over the mission field. Father God we love you, seek you and serve your mighty magnificent and marvelous God and we never wonder. Lord help wonderful you are and yet were humbled by the opportunity come before you in your throne of grace, we ask you to forgive our sins, Lord, you can hear our prayers. Please be with our brother watch over God and healing touch of the top of his head to the tip of his toes. Lord we also understand that nothing takes you by surprise, so he is on furlough.

The season right now, Lord, and if no other works can be done. He can use his knees, Lord, to be on his knees praying for you as we are now. We ask you to bless his brother we ask you to bless the ministry the gospel.

The word Lord going out and we pray for the folks of Honduras in your mighty name we pray and go your part and if you can't do any of the above.

Just pray right brother a man that's the thing we need most for more about Tim and Tim sat

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