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The Word Became Flesh

Beacon Baptist / Gregory N. Barkman
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April 14, 2021 8:00 am

The Word Became Flesh

Beacon Baptist / Gregory N. Barkman

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April 14, 2021 8:00 am

Pastor Greg Barkman shares church and missionary information before speaking from John 1 beginning at 29-00.

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Welcome to our midweek service by lifestream from the auditorium of beacon Baptist Church.

Thank you for tuning in and joining us in this fashion as we continue our Cove would situation we are gradually gradually moving out of it. We are not, however, entirely alone of the auditorium tonight because we have been joined by Chester and Christina Sharon missionaries to Honduras since 1975 in the stopped in for a visit tonight, not knowing that we were not having a people present service but nevertheless they're here were very glad to have you with us tonight.

Let me mention a couple of requests were first I'll start with announcements and then will move to our prayer requests.

We will be having a Sunday night service this coming Sunday.

In addition to our people present service at 930. Regular worship service on the morning and Sunday school following morning service and we just added that very recently, and Sunday night will be gathering together again at 6 o'clock here in the auditorium and will be gathering around the Lord's table have a communion service together so please keep these events in mind, also tonight as we are meeting by lifestream of the auditorium.

Our teams are meeting in the teen room with Pastor Bob.

The tour and they of course are having a life service. There we remind you of our Book-of-the-Month we will not be silenced by Dr. Erwin lutes or we have had great interest in this book. The first supply that we had sold out very quickly before the second supply you'll find them in our book room when you come on Sunday, so please keep that in mind also looking forward to our homecoming in in May 3 Sunday in May.

We are definitely going to be having a homecoming service in the morning. We are still talking about some of the other details of that particular service last year. Of course we canceled our homecoming service because of covert.

We were not meeting at all at that time but we will be having one this year so please keep that in mind, it will tell you more about it in the days to come as we decide which details to include.

Let me read from Proverbs 1532 and 33 he who disdains instruction despises his own soul, but he who heeds rebuke gets understanding the fear of the Lord is the instruction of wisdom, and before honor is humility.

Please join us in praising the Lord that Brenda Kramer is recovered now from covert.

She has been on our prayer sheet and also Nancy Ellis, the daughter Paul and Gail Ellis is home from the hospital. Also recovering from covert very serious case and she's home doing well were also praising the Lord the Don Hammond has completed the radiation treatment, the daughter of Eddie and Clara driver and we trust that the Lord will give her strength in the days to come government official. The week is Medlin Councilman Sean Ewing some of the highlighted requests among our members. Please continue to pray for Drew Guthrie, who has stopped all chemotherapy and is letting the cancer run its course. She's strong in the Lord. She's not experiencing any pain and she will encourage you if you call her more than you will encourage her to pray for Doris Loftus as she recovers from surgery because of a broken arm and for Debbie read as she's getting treatment for gait ataxia and Shirley Watkins as she is recovering at home beyond our members. We have a number of requests. Please pray for Evelyn Butler's and Methvin Ridge home nursing home and is in declining condition for Jeff Etheridge who was seriously injured at work and is now in the hospital waiting surgeries. A number of surgeries. This is a relative of Jane mature Steve Lynch's brother Harold Lynch, Junior is now home from rehab and is dealing with a number of health issues and were praying for Frank Mintz, who has severe dementia. He is a friend of Eddie driver also Linda Whitmire is having renal failure due to covert, this is Chris Wilburn's grandmother, I can report that Laverne water in Zimbabwe is doing well at an update on her situation with thanking the Lord for that. We continue to pray for missionary Mike Webster as he battles colon cancer. I think I have a letter from the Webster's which I may read in a moment that a number of families in our church are related to our church have experienced deaths recently.

Arlene right sister Elinor Keating passed away in California. She was a believer, Alice Marley's son-in-law Ronald Stennett married to Alice's daughter Sharon passed away.

The funeral is being conducted in Tennessee that we were so saddened to learn about the death of Justin Weaver, the son of Joel and Marianne Weaver retired missionaries to Kenya. We were in partnership with for many years and that family definitely needs to be undergirded in prayer at this time and finally Lori Gagnon on stepfather Larry Yoder passed away recently. As we consider those with cancer. 10. Drivers father-in-law Joe is arrow is battling cancer and Dave Hamrick friend of Eddie driver.

Likewise, and then we continue to pray for Shirley Rocky whose being treated for cancer. Former member had beacon and I have an update here if I can put my hand on the very quickly. Here it is scheduled to have her last chemo treatment this Friday. If her platelets are high enough.

She was scheduled to have it last Friday but unable to do so because of the platelet levels being too low. She's very tired and somewhat discouraged and she needs our prayers. Shirley Rocky also among our shut-ins. We continue to pray for Betty Duncan who is dealing with back pain and she has actually for many years and is really wearing her down and also wearing on her husband Pat and their daughter Jeannie who is her primary caretaker at this time before we pray.

I want to read the words of a hymn that we sang recently, one of the hymns by John Newton that is not as well-known as amazing grace, but it is a wonderful hymn about the Lord Jesus Christ and about the greatness of salvation. He writes let us love and sing and wonder. Let us praise the Savior's name he has flushed the laws loud thunder.

He has quenched Mount Sinai's flame. He has washed us with his blood. He has brought his snide to God.

Let us love the Lord who bought us pitied us when enemies called us by his grace, and taught us gave us ears and gave his eyes he has washed us with his blood. He presents our souls to God, let us sing the fierce temptations threaten a hard to embarrass down for the Lord our strong salvation holds in view of the conqueror's crown. He has washed us with his blood soon will bring us home to God. Let us wonder grace and justice join and point to mercy store went through grace in Christ, our trust is justice smiles and asks no more.

He who washed us with his blood has secured our way to God. Let us praise and join the chorus of the saints, enthroned on high. Here they trusted him before us now their praises fill the sky, thou has washed us with thy blood thou art worthy Lamb of God, will you join me in prayer. Heavenly father, we join our hearts together around the throne of grace, we thank you for the grace of salvation came to us in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, your grace that came to us in the work of your Holy Spirit showing us our sin and pointing us to Christ, your grace, so heavenly father that designed salvation's plan. We praise you.

We thank you, we worship you and pray that you may take us redeemed sinners worthy of condemnation, but nevertheless washed in Christ blood in Lord help us guide as directors Phyllis use us the honor and glory of Christ, pray Lord that you will help us to be strong in these days of covert in these days of national turmoil in these days of moral decline. It seems that we are battling more things and are confronted with greater events designed to discourage us than we have ever known before.

We wonder Lord, how those who do not know you can bear up under such a low father knowing you, knowing that Jesus has conquered and we are conquerors as well.

Knowing the Lord that you are protecting your church and nothing shall defeated, knowing the Lord that we shall be preserved here upon the earth until you take us home to heaven that we have a glorious future that awaits us with the streusel Lord we can bear up we can persevere. We can have joy in our hearts. In the midst of trials we can bear witness for the Lord Jesus Christ in this sin darkened world help us father to be what we ought to be, as we ask it in Christ's name. Amen. I will share some missionary communications with you at this time and I'll start with the Webster's and France dear praying friend and he quotes first from a government official who says we cannot dialogue with people who refuse to put in writing that the law of the Republic is superior to the law of God. Officials have since walked back those comments. But this statement by the Ministry of the Interior is representative of the current governments prevailing attitude toward religion. This week the French Senate is debating and voting on a law that would restrict the freedom of worship and France and had a serious administrative burden on local churches. This new law to reinforce Republican values was conceived to protect France from the encroachment of radical Islam. Yet the same law will apply to evangelical churches. Please pray, don't waste your illness.

That was the subject of a series that Mike recently taught via Zumba. The point was we waste our illness if we see it as a curse instead of a blessing than what has been rough. We do not have the space to recount all the blessings that we have experienced throughout recent health challenges is referring of course to his colon cancer, but here are a few Mike surgery in February was successful in the two months convalescence has revealed that the preoperative chemotherapy and radiotherapy has eliminated the cancer, meaning that no further treatment is necessary before the second surgery. Mike has been able to continue with certain preaching, teaching and leadership responsibilities and his class of the Bible's Institute was rescheduled for May God has given Melanie good health through it all, enabling her to provide good care for Mike, our niece Rachel was able to come down from Paris for two weeks in between lockdowns and curfews to help.

Mike was in the hospital and for his first week home.

We appreciate continued prayer for the next set, which is scheduled for April 15.

That will be tomorrow followed by several more days in the hospital.

Another point in Mike's Tuesday studies was we waste our illness if we miss the opportunities that he gives to share the gospel in the land were so few know the Lord.

Healthcare professionals who deal with much negativity are easily struck by the positive attitude the Christians can exhibit through their trials. This was true of the home health care nurses that Mike had for a month. One of them took time to ask questions and sing generals generally interested in our Bible-based answer on her last day she accepted a copy of the Scriptures as a thank you gift the continuing restraints due to covert have not stop the work of God in hearts. Despite yet another lockdown or third. We are thankful that with the proper measures in place, churches may still hold services or attendance has been very, very, something I think that went off the page, prayer and Bible studies must continue online about attendances are still good, since the restrictions allow only worship services. We do not know when the annual business meeting can take place. However, recent family meeting on a Sunday morning show to the church is still on track towards recognizing and electing biblically qualified lay leadership ever thankful for your prayerful support Mike and Melanie Webster serving with independent faith mission us see less Yvonne sure compost right from Brazil. Greetings from Brazil, South America, with the growing number of deaths due to covert, 19 the governor of our state decided for stricter lockdown. So once again we are prohibited from gathering together for worship, but we decided to pray, invest on preaching God's word online. The Lord is blessing and the message is reaching more than 1000 people rejoice with us right now we are preaching a series on the sermon on the Mount that I skip some and pick it up for he says what a joy referring to the sermon on the Mount series.

What a joy to hear Jesus teaching on the Christian character love for enemies, revenge, speech, divorce, etc. I thank God for teachers such as Dean Martin Lloyd Jones Jones, John MacArthur and DA Carson, from whom I am able to rely in my studies. We rejoice in the fact that many years ago we translated into Portuguese studies on the sermon on the Mount, and 873 page volume by Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones with love and gratitude for your partnership signs the loss adventure Campos. Here's a heartwarming testimony from Piedmont rescue mission. Hello my names is my name is James Anthony Robinson Junior I was born in Lumberton, North Carolina, the eldest of three, and the only boy life in the neighborhood I grew up in wasn't always easy.

My dad was an alcoholic but my mother truly love the Lord the side of the tracks that I came from introduced me to street life at a very early age, hustling and stealing. Came natural for me being around the company that I kept my sweet mother taught me that God loved me and that his son died to save my soul from hell. Even though I heard the Bible in my house all the time. My hard head and stubbornness would not allow me to receive it, then not knowing the ruler of the world was Satan I wanted to see what it had to offer.

For many years. I do, it delved into the things of the world, many of which could have caused my death the prayers of many were sent up to the father on my behalf after years of of life of living in sin in 2014 God led me to the Piedmont rescue mission in my life began to change. I was one of the men that came and went about four times before I surrendered my life to the Lord at that point in my life. I let God have his way. The mission and the church have been my foundation in getting to know my Savior God has shown me that he has a purpose for my life. He has always been there when I needed him. He sent me a God-fearing woman to be my wife. Her name is Mary and she is a love of my life. I have put her through some tough times before I surrendered to the will of God. She has a big heart and a kind spirit. I thank the Lord for her and the patience she has and continues to show me now side-by-side. We worship and serve the Lord, to the best of our abilities. Life is good for me now, no one can tell me the God doesn't love me because I've learned what love is and what he is. The mission is what I needed for God to get me to listen to him through all my times of the mission God has been there ready and willing to help me since coming. I am serving the Lord's song director at the church and working part-time on the staff of the mission God is using me to help show other men what God can do for them if they will trust him. I pray through my testimony that I can be a witness to other men of God's grace, love and forgiveness in his time.

Jesus makes all things beautiful beautiful testimony will I have one less letter here that I'm going to try to read selectively because it comes from missionary David Edens, who has served many many many years in the land of somewhere else. And because of the sensitive nature of that country and I'm sure all beacon members know exactly what country that is because we have supported the Edens probably for nearly 40 years or more, but because this is going out on the Internet. I'm not going to mention the country want to put anyone in danger. But there are a lot of good things going on with the gospel of Christ in this land far away, so may the Lord help me to catch the key phrases words and phrases that I should not read before they slip through my lips.

Dear praying friends.

We has continued special prayer for the believers in that country at this time. This week the militant terrorist again attacked a group of civilians were intercepted as they traveled in a military convoy returning from markets in the southwestern region of the country at least 58 were killed at the same time, the recent elections are being contested in the country.

This only compounds unrest and confusions.

Believers in the North report almost total collapse of the interest infrastructure, electric power, water and communications. Thank you for praying. Some have been praying for the names of individual after reading of his cataract problem in the last prayer letter some years back we were aware of annual visits to the country by European surgeons who performed eye surgery free of charge. Several times we were able to help friends take advantage of these occasions somewhere helped with cataract surgery and others by surgical interventions that saved their eyesight after they had been injured. This man has been interested in this possibility before, but we assumed that he was hindered by the closing of the borders this year. Do to the new virus quarantines. After some recent inquiries we discovered that there is a surgeon, they are in a particular city who performs cataract surgery friend was able to arrange for the surgery on March 9.

We have yet to hear just how successful the surgery was please continue to pray for him. Meanwhile another individual has continued to travel and witness to the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ at the end of January. He was invited to visit a new location. Last stop village.

I think I can safely say that would surely there is no one was going over that is some 60 miles out into the desert. The village chief had heard of this man's witnessing in various villages and came in person to invite him to come to his village and witness of Christ. First, another believer agreed to take them in his four-wheel-drive vehicle but later declined because of the reputation of the region known for armed bandit attacks her friend in the village chief then found transport on a transfer truck growing through the area friend was surprised when they were met by four motorboat bikes loaded with men sent out ahead to greet them and welcome them to their town says something about how many people they can pack on a motorbike. Even more surprising were groups that gathered to hear our friends testimony and to receive the word of God gladly.

There were too many to count. When I spoke with our friend in February. He was ecstatic and rejoicing in the Lord. He is already visit a second time taking his son along with him. They also carry printed new Testaments and audio new Testaments to some would ask for them, but did not have enough to supply all who asked four days later, another friend phoned and asked for another visit to the Vert village of by different name when he had visited back in 2013 and elderly former priest teacher from this region had left his religion and come to Christ.

He was very influential in turning our friend from that religion to Christ. This village is 180 miles away down in the desert south of our headquarters city, 2013. This man asked our friend to visit him. He had preached the gospel to the entire village after he later passed away.

His son as Sir Fred to visit them again and bring with them the New Testament in their language so our friend was able to visit again in February for about five days while with them. They visited three other villages in the area and found believers in all of these villages. He traveled with his another friend and his brother to distribute printed new Testaments in the local language in one village and elderly man testified of his salvation, saying Jesus Christ is always been the way the truth and the life. All these past years but we have been deceived by our former religion.

Thank God that we now know the truth, friend returned weary from a long trip very encouraged to find that God's word continued to spread from village to village wherever it spreads. Many are turned from darkness to light of the gospel of God's dear son, and so forth and going to skip s'mores. The letter continues on many closes by saying thank you for your prayers and support for this ministry. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. That is, remember to thank and praise the Lord for his many answers to prayer sign David and Donna Edens and Dawn of course is had serious health problem is also battling cancer. So please pray for this dear dear sister in Christ that I have known personally for more than 50 years. She truly is a faithful saint of God.

Now let's open our Bibles to the gospel of John chapter 1 and we shall continue where we left off last time I was in the pulpit on Wednesday night which actually goes back about three weeks last Wednesday night.

We were Bible conference with Mark Webb hearing the final message from that series, powerful series of messages from Ephesians greatly blessed of God warmly received by the beacon congregation. Thank you for your good attendance and your support of these meetings. I have been in contact with Mark Webb since he has departed soon as he landed back home and unpacked, got off the plane and unpacked.

He had a good nights rest and then headed out the next day to I want to say the Dallas area where a cousin that he was rather close to had died and he was conducting the funeral conducted that funeral on Saturday. Traveled over there that way on Friday was quite a ways Texas is big state you know that don't you people used to drive across Texas enter in the east side, perhaps drive traveling west and about halfway through, they'd say the sun is rids the sun is set in here we is in Texas yet. That's about the way it is. It's a big big state and so he traveled out on Friday conducted the funeral service on Saturday and then they had a long procession to have the burial couple or 300 miles away from where the service was held and so he enjoyed that procession and conducted the graveside service so he was pretty worn out after having been here preaching for a good part of the week and then following up with that but is doing well. He is very grateful for the warm reception that he received here and he thinks beacon Baptist Church for the kind hospitality and interest that we convey to him so that was last Wednesday on the Wednesday before that pastor Cardin's was conducting the service so my last time goes back to sometime in in the March, we've been working our way through the prologue of the gospel of John, bit by bit.

Prologue is another name for introduction, but it's a particular kind of introduction. The prologue of the gospel of John is actually the first 18 verses and it sets the stage for the remainder of this gospel to follow where John endeavors to show us that Jesus is the Christ, no question about it in John's mind and he's convinced that if you will consider carefully what he says the evidence that he presents the encounters that he had with Christ the things he learned from him that you will come to the same conclusion, that is his desire. These things are written, he says, at the close of the book that you might believe Jesus is the Christ, and that believing you might have life through his name, but we have completed the first 13 chapters of the prologue number on the first hit 13 versus were coming tonight to verse 14. A key key text of Scripture it says in the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth. What a statement now this is all part of the prologue and so to get it all in context. I'm going to go back and read beginning at verse one down through verse 14. In the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the word was God. He was in the beginning with God all things were made through him and without him nothing was made that was made in him was life and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness of the darkness did not comprehend it. There was a man sent from God whose name was John.

This man came for a witness, to bear witness of the light, that all through him might believe he was not that light was sent to bear witness of that light.

That was the true light which gives light to every man coming into the world.

He was in the world and the world was made through him, and the world did not know him. He came to his own and his own did not receive him, but as many as received him, to them he gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in his name who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth well in our verse for tonight verse 14.

There are three parts and each of the three parts of this text correspond to a statement in verse one. As a matter fact you can read verse one and then skip to verse 14 and it makes wonderful sense all the intervening verses are important verses as well. But listen, how this ties together. John 11 in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Verse 14 and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory to glory as of the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth.

Starting in verse one from identifying this one known as the word who turns out to be God, along with the father who was God who turns out to be the one who, along with the father created this universe, we come to verse 14 and learn how this one came into the world.

The word was made flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, glory as of the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth. So we read in verse one in the beginning was the word in verse 14 and the word became flesh. We read in verse one of the Word was with God, we read in verse 14, and dwelt among us.

We read in verse one and the word was God and in verse 14 and we beheld his glory, glory of the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth. This verse tells us about the time in Earth's history when God became man. It is an amazing truth.

He acquired human nature. He invited thorough investigation he manifested a divine origin. He acquired a human nature. The word became flesh, this eternal word introduced in verses one and following this second person of the Trinity, for God is indeed a triune God, one God three persons. Nobody has ever fully understood it. Nobody can fully comprehend it.

And yet that is exactly what the Bible teaches. If you want to know God aright, you must understand he is one God, but he exists eternally in three persons that we generally know of as father son and Holy Spirit.

But in this passage. The sun is called the word. It is God the father. It is the word that is the son of God the only begotten of the father and of course the Holy Spirit is not as conspicuous in this passage, but he also is the third member of the triune Godhead and so this text. Verse 14 is talking about the second person of the Trinity, known here as the word, the eternal word of God. It was the word which became flesh and dwelt among us, he was not the father who became flesh and dwelt among us. It was not the Holy Spirit who became flesh and dwelt among us. It was the word became flesh and dwelt among us. This one the word was made flesh or became flesh of this indeed is mystery not only is the doctrine of the triune God had a great mystery for the doctrine of the incarnation is also great mystery that we cannot fully comprehend that we can consider what the Bible reveals in week can and will surely by the aid of the Holy Spirit believe what the Bible reveals what this tells us is that the son of God eternal who had no beginning. He was with the father in the beginning he created the universe alongside the father this eternal word was made flesh, and in doing so, he added humanity to his deity. He added humanity to Hardy eternally had been. He added humanity without relinquishing his deed deity. He was made flesh, he became flesh or could be translated. He took to himself. Flesh or even for more broad translation. He arrived on the scene as flesh. What did he become flesh that is human nature a human being, a human man, full human nature according to its full and complete manifestation.

He became a human man body soul, spirit, don't think that probably body and soul are actually two different entities, but rather two different names that basically describe the spiritual part of man, what you believe in it. Try part being Laura by part being of man's nature, we know the man is both physical and spiritual. He has this body.

This physical material body that he has this inward, immaterial soul, and Jesus Christ acquired all of that in its human form, he is human nature was both human body and human soul. Maybe we can then understand this more clearly. If we consider some of the erroneous ideas that have been proposed to try to explain this mystery of the incarnation.

Some have erroneously taught that he only appeared as a man, he was not actually a man. He was God. But he somehow constituted himself into the into the visage of a man into the appearance of a man and came temporarily to the earth in this form, though he was not actually a man similar in many ways to angelic appearances that we read about in the Bible when angels who are also spirits. They are not Cpl. they're not physical. They are ministering spirits. The Bible tells us they are messengers of God that are spirits but nevertheless we find them all throughout the Bible, coming to earth, and in every fashion, appearing to be a man. They looked like a man they talked like a man as far as I know if you felt them at that time they would feel like a man and yet they had not become a man.

They had by some power that God invested in them been able to acquire the appearance of the man for a particular task a particular assignment upon the earth. And then they returned to their spirit, nature, and some have said that's the way it is with the incarnation that Jesus came to earth appeared like a man, but he wasn't really a man. He was the eternal Spirit God, and that's who he was, all along wrong in this text tells us that we could go to many others, but we don't need to. The word did not look like flesh did not appear like flesh. The word became flesh. I wouldn't doubt what that is one of the reasons why in God's design became as a baby conceived in the womb so we could see the whole process. When Angel comes to earth and appears as a man, he wasn't born of a woman he wasn't conceived in the womb. He wasn't born of the mother for nine months and then burst into the world and appeared to be a man in that fashion that would not be possible. I don't think but that's the way Jesus came he became a man all the way from conception to death. The very same route that we take.

He was conceived in the womb. He was fashioned for nine months in the womb of his mother.

He was brought into the world through the birth canal from his mother.

He started out as a little baby and then grew through the roof into boyhood in into we would say adolescence, a concept they probably didn't have that day and then eventually into a full grown man and he did not appear to be a man. He became flesh, that's what our text tells us another error concerning the incarnation of Christ taught by some is that he switched his natures that he came as God and then he transformed himself into a man a creature for a period of time and then he transformed himself back into deity that he ceased to be God when he became man and he ceased to be man when he returned to his form as God, and in that erroneous teaching.

He was not fully God when he was a man he wasn't God and all he was a man and he was he was not and is not today man at all. Now that is returned to his deity that is entirely erroneous. The Bible teaches that he became flesh, he acquired a nature in addition to the one that he already had. He did not cease to be God when he became man. These two natures were wedded together forever until the virgin conception he was God. After the virgin conception. He was the God man after his death and resurrection and ascension back to heaven.

He is still the God man now upon the throne of God in heaven.

Set some IN acquired humanity forever.

Something he did not have from the beginning, in eternity past, but on that day when the angel spoke to Mary and said, you shall conceive, and you shall bear a son from that day forward the word became flesh.

The word became a human being. The word forever is a human being.

Now of course glorified humanity, not the same Adamic flesh that we have in this world, but the firstfruits of the resurrection.

In other words, the first human body to be glorified and we who believe in him will be likewise glorified and live in a glorified body throughout eternity.

But he became a man, and continues to be a man and for all eternity will be a man. Even as for all eternity. He will continue to be God. He is the God man. The third error that is sometimes propounded to try to explain the incarnation, but to do it incorrectly is that the word the log goddesses. It's accurately called in because of the Greek word log Goss which is translated word and some teach, therefore, that the log Goss replaced the human soul or the human spirit so that Jesus had a human body, but he did not have a human soul, his soul was who he was before the incarnation is soul was the divine log Goss his soul was the eternal spirit so that he was a man in body but God in soul. He did not have a human soul, but again that plainly is incorrect. Consider this text that you are familiar with in Luke chapter 2 as Lou talks about the development of the boy Jesus. We read in verse 51. Then he went down with them.

That is his parents and came to Nazareth, and was subject to them. But his mother kept all these things in her heart and Jesus. Listen to this now increased in wisdom and stature in favor with God and man increase in stature that apportions the physical side increased in wisdom. That's the inner part that's the soul that's the mind.

The mysterious interaction between mind and mind and soul, biblically speaking, the mind is more than the physical brain, though it operates, along with the brain.

No question about it, but it's more than that. This tells us that Jesus increased both physically and spiritually. Both in stature and in wisdom, eternal deity log, Goss cannot increase in wisdom God can never learn anything God can never know any more than he already knows. He knows it all began increase in wisdom, but human beings can and Jesus did. Jesus was a human being in every sense of that word. The word became flesh.

What he was was one person with two natures human nature and divine nature, and he is the only one to have these two natures, no one before him, no one after him we are human beings, we have a human nature or human nature, by the grace of God is redeemed, it's transformed. It is glorified it will live forever with God in heaven we will have a perfect soul without sale and without corruption. When we are with the Lord.

We are entirely sanctified, something we do not have now but nevertheless we have only and always a human nature, though someday a glorified one, but this one has ever and always a divine nature, for that's who he was eternally and added to that a human nature which is what he now is as well eternally. The only one in all the universe to have these two natures another lot of RAM implications and ramifications from that truth.

One is that this makes him a fit mediator between God and man. Why because he's both these both talk about one who can bridge the gap as a were standing between God and man and reach up and take hold of God is a were with one hand and reached out to take hold of my aunt with the other hand, bring them together. He is the God man.

He's the perfect high priest. He's able to represent us before the father. He can represent us with full knowledge of our weaknesses in front and infirmities because he had them all except for sin, but he lived on earth he suffered pain he suffered hunger he suffered insults he suffered sorrow he does all of these things.

He understands them perfectly.

He can therefore represent us in that aspect before the father but he knows the father perfectly because in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the word was God mediator our one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus. Beloved.

This is a great truth.

Indeed, he acquired a human nature. But there is more than we will have to take up another time, he not only acquired a human nature, but he invited invited the thorough investigation.

He dwelt among us. He allowed us to behold him as he was in his humanity and also as glimpses of his deity shown through from time to time, but he invited thorough investigation. He denied anything. He wasn't like some of the superstar media preachers of our day that only have a a media persona, a media personality, a media presentation. The people can see and then carefully step away from that and and the shelter themselves, and I private way so that nobody can really inspect their lives and see what's going on in a lot of cases what's going on is not good at all this week, sorry to find out. In many cases but not Jesus. Not Jesus. He dwelt among us. And as John says we be filled. He dwelt among us 24 seven invited the apostles to be with him day and night did you expect him to hear his every word. He never let a wrong word slip never heard him say anything that he shouldn't of said they never saw him do anything he should not have done they saw a perfect man who was indeed the eternal God in human flesh, the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, he manifested a divine origin. We beheld his glory, the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth will have to take up those wonderful aspects of our text on another Wednesday night.

Lord willing, but not when you bow with me all before we pray I'm going to take time to read another him that focuses upon these truths God with us a wondrous name by basil Manley Junior, God with us so wondrous name manifest in flesh. He came hiding in a form like mine all his attributes divine equal with the father still, he obeys the father's will lazy his rightful glories by comes as man for man to die while I was as man on earth. He dwelt as true God's power was felt that his voice diseases fled opening graves restored their dead as a man, he groans and dies present in the tomb. He lives soon. He rises from the grave man to die. But God to say hallelujah what a Savior shall we pray.

Father, we have no words to describe the wonder of the glory, the beauty of this glorious person the Lord Jesus Christ that you gave to sinners to redeem us from our sin to rescue us from eternal condemnation to save us from our sinful bondage to release us from our wayward path, O Lord God, we bow in wonder and in praise.

We thank you that Brenda Kramer has recovered from covert and that Nancy Ellis is home from the hospital with her battle with covert and we thank you for the good news the Dawn Hammond has completed her radiation treatment. We pray tonight for all of our government officials and especially this week from Evan Councilman Sean Ewing, Lord give him wisdom guide to his decisions guide his thoughts use in father as a representative of truth and righteousness and true justice in the position where you have placed him. We pray for Drew Guthrie as she battles cancer and Doris Loftus as she recovers from arm surgery for Debbie read as she undergoes therapy for her condition.

Pray for Evelyn Butler as she weakens evermore, and for Jeff Etheridge as he undergoes several surgeries to repair the damage of that terrible car accident or no rather terrible work accident.

We pray for Harold Junior Harold Lynch Junior that you might uphold him and for Frank Mims and Linda Whitmire.

We continue to pray for Laverne water in Zimbabwe and for Mike Webster in Francis. He battles colon cancer and also for Donna Eden's as she is dealing with heart issues and recovering from a serious car accident and also has some cancer issues to deal with as well. Father, we uplift those families whose family circle has been invaded by death. The enemy of death in father we pray therefore for the family of Elinor Keating and the family of Ronald Stinnett and of Justin Weaver and of Larry Yoder.

We pray for Ted drivers father-in-law who has cancer and for any drivers friend Dave Hamrick with his cancer and for Shirley Rocky. She undergoes her final chemo treatment that we trust the Lord will be effective in arresting the cancer that she has been battling and also father we uplift Betty Duncan that you might be near to her Lord we could name a host of others.

These are burdens. These are needs. These are trials that you have appointed for these people. Lord, sustain them, uphold them, show them your cell.

Show them your promises.

Show them your power and your love and your grace. May that be very present with them at this time as we ask these things in Jesus name

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