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Big Stu's Retirement Plan!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 4, 2022 7:00 pm

Big Stu's Retirement Plan!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 4, 2022 7:00 pm

How has the Resurrection of Jesus changed your life? Who shared the Gospel with you? Stu sits down with his father, Stu Sr., to discuss the power of the Resurrection, the impact of sharing the Gospel, and his plans for retirement.

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Currently I'm showing Dick near Mema with storytime Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God on the Truth Network for kids your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting just a few seconds enjoying it, share it the most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network how is the resurrection of Jesus changed your life who share the gospel with you. Who was it that introduced you to the Lord with my dad. Mr. Emerson stirs a senior pops a little later moved here from Waco, Texas. I believe tell us when tells about that how that changed your life, your family's life. Yes, in 1918, my mother and father got married right after he had sought out the lumber will house a big big wooden house in Virginia where I was born 1918, my mother little Harry after she got remarried soon after loose Susie sleeper, a retired schoolteacher in Waco, Texas, were sent out by the Presbyterian mission board to the mountains of Southwest Virginia and she moved in small building across the road from my mother and father for very long.

She was having cottage prayer meetings all up and down the dirt road known as unity Church Road now and people started coming in. Naturally, the verse her first target was my mother and father and my mother. I believe it better to leave it up to them, but my father was not was a somewhat heavy. I have a drinker as well as his entire family, but he became a Christian and later they formed unity Presbyterian Church and my father and his brother saw brother sought out the lumber and build the church and they opened it formally in 1922 and that's where I grew up. Unity Presbyterian church. All because Susie sleeper came from Waco as a missionary to the mountains of Southwest Virginia. Later on in the early 30s, about 34 someone mailed us in obituary that Susie sleeper had passed away and it mentioned that after she retired from teaching school. She spent several years in the mountains of Southwest Virginia. I think God for Susie sleeper who believed in the resurrection strongly enough to follow the admonition of the risen Savior going all the world and preach the gospel to call upon that name.

The unity church.

Now there's unity Church Road. There were you grew up probably got the name later but how come the name Susie sleeper said they were. They were to figure out a name for the church and Susie sleeper said the Bible says that what the brethren to dwell together in unity, so she said why don't you name it. Unity Presbyterian Church and that's what they did brother and that's where I became a Christian in 1946.

The older brother had a question about it. A spiritual issuer or just a common issue that he approached her with what was that, and what is he say he said Mrs. sleeper, is it a sense of smoke cigarettes and she said not a sin but just dirty habit. So pop your your up years now are here at the ocean with a bunch of family kind of exciting his counterclaim versus kind allowed here they come. Grandkids and great grandkids that little Dina swimming diaper you are more intentional than I've ever seen anyone about sharing the gospel. Why is that why is it important people become like Susie sleeper who share the gospel with your family before you were born. Well I first of all, of the resurrection. Do I really believe that Jesus was raised from the dead. Yes. How has it impacted my life. This proves that he was the Messiah. The promise he said I will be killed. You'll be scattered, and then I will be raised from the dead, and he was he's the Messiah, and he later said go with all the world and preach the gospel and Jesus said if you love me you will keep my commandments, and one of the things was love God with all your heart, soul and mind and your neighbor as yourself.

So if you love Jesus really love them. If I love Jesus just personally apply if I really love Jesus that I will obey his commandments. And I will love my neighbor enough to tell them that Jesus died for their sins, and he rose again the third day, the gospel simply believe any of them receive this gift of eternal life year 2022.

You're 85 years old.

I believe that right 85 1/2 and not in particularly good health but are as a being treated at the hospital.

I have the divine privilege the happy, joyful privilege of set of sharing with people.

The good news of the gospel of Jesus. The last piece on Ashley hey, what's it like taking your dad over to treatment at the hospital bill really bad for me as a wealth, like a four hour revival services tells everyone in their every medical person in there that anyone is moving. He tells about Jesus. There's something sobering about that but it's real important. And there's something quite time sister. There's an urgency to your your heart. There pop all absolutely because our hard Satan goes around as they shining the light and what he has to present to us. Looks like the truth and looks like the right way. Many times he is deceptive to the extreme and then the gospel brings light his lies and causes people the gospel the power the gospel.

The Holy Spirit draws people when they hear the uses that uses the weapon of the gospel to drop Jesus to be born again okay Mr. Junior was to see you now. It's Easter 2022 resurrection weekend and it's interesting that were all together. I don't know how you pull this off.

They're still couple grandkids a good year but for the most part you got your son here me the host year you got your daughters, Kristin, Christie, Kathy and Karen their husbands and a bunch of their kids.

It's not. It's loud it's crazy pop. What is it take us into a family debtor that you would say to everyone. As you we will we pray and then you go around the table.

What is it you saved all these kids bring our listening audience into it what you share with all these grandkids are runaround allow their noisy first of all, we have 17 grandchildren and one grandchild. Nancy and I pray for every single one of them of four children and four spouses. We pray for every single one every day and I've talked every single one. And I have faith and confidence in every single one of first of all those Jesus and has a strong desire to serve Jesus and live for him, as do their spouses and I gotta tell you that is that that is the source of a great deal of joy in my life. If you miss out on that and your kids never get it when you you have a real you have a real pain that you'll never get over so praise God in our family and our family and I pray for other people's families, my friends, that their kids will know Jesus in a real way a born-again experience, and then know the power of the gospel in their lives and dedicate themselves to serving Jesus as Lord and Savior. People keep asking when you retire in or down your jacks or were our families involved with a bunch of rich Christian radio stations and you actually went to the station the other day we had some meetings for a few hours and you're still plugging away, move around in their what is it about your passion for radio. It started with your big brother Ralph, my uncle Ralph, your older brother who brought that radio get home from college there and old country house across the street from Susie sleeper. No, are you still are you still excited about radio and call me every day want to talk about Christian radio room. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

Our colleague is to put the finance communicators the best communicators of the gospel of the radio all over the country and hopefully influence it all over the world and we been able to do with the grace of God and the leadership of the power of the government and do that and yes I plan to retire is definitely by my schedule and you will know it when you hear someone say, may he rest in peace Mr. Everson with an interesting retirement your diversity or untruth comes to Junior will will have this whole conversation by way of podcasts is about a great content and our Truth Network podcast channel. The Lord is risen Lord is risen indeed.

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