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Who is the Tallest Family on the Internet?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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April 20, 2022 7:00 pm

Who is the Tallest Family on the Internet?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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April 20, 2022 7:00 pm

It's That Tall Family! Stu sits down with Rob, Rachelle, Carter, Abbey, Avery, and Luke to talk about their story, their online platform, and Jesus.

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This is Darren Kuhn with the masculine journey podcast research the ancient paths to find ways that God brings light into a dark world and help set men free from the struggles that we all face on a day-to-day basis. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network so who is the tallest family on the Internet.

They are in Internet social media sensation. If you heard of tick-tock in Instagram and always other media that you have heard of that tall family and that tall family is sitting right now in the world headquarters of the Truth Network were to talk originates and with them right now and I would talk to the to to collect the culture that tall family.

His name is Rob. We put our Barb, your brother and I played college basketball together, we connected and I've just been so blessed to connect with you guys, welcome to talk my friend. Thank you for having us do that. I gotta get this out of the way when you said Instagram did I hear, Your Honor, did you say in stew green slip is just a slam okay will thank you for having us will go around the table here and introduce everyone. Maybe I'll just will introduce to our left and and and go around. So to my left is Carter Clark, who is the firstborn of that tall family and happens to be the tallest right now is 741, but with three younger kids. He may not hold that title forever right so like that said, I'm Carter 71 17 turning 18 in a week from now. I guess I got the prequel to the left me by youngest of the two sisters a required. She's 13. She 6 foot one and I know this is a very Avery and yeah, like you said 6 foot line and yeah I guess there's always been my left. This is how my name is Lake.

I am 10 years old and I'm 5 foot line and I'll plan basketball. I am hanging out my friends and family to lie to me as I have emailed your sister died third oldest in the family. Hey, I'm happy, I guess it's fishing heights and five at nine in South so tall I love playing basketball and volleyball and think music as well. So that's fun and so here's my mom and Tricia I am Michelle I am the wife to Rob and the mom tell these crazy kids these tall kids I'm only 5 foot nine I think I have a little bit of height on Abby. Not much or kinda you know I'm five 9 1/2 inches maybe five 9 1/4 kind of thing. So I'm holding onto not being the shortest in the family. Hopefully at some point, but yeah. So that is that tall family you heard from you all and we want to know how to you get to that tall family before there was that tall family.

There is a young baller who went and played ball at his school. A Christian college and he met a tall Canadian gal tell us little about Rob, how you met in a ratio.

Feel free to jump in because you may interject some things on that that it will shut it should some color on the on the situation. So I happen to see Richelle. It was early in her freshman year I was a junior and so she didn't know much about me. At that time and you how it is when you're an older classmen and a new freshman come in and it probably was day one or D2 and I saw a shell and I knew I was get a date that girl. Unfortunately she did not know that. And so, but one of the things that I tell all my kids all the time. His perseverance pays off and so I just unfortunately didn't realize is take over a year perseverance, but eventually I convinced her to go on a date with me and all these years later were the co-creators of tall family and so yet. Let all the Richelle fill in, because I think sometimes she forgets I talk about the day that I first saw her the first day that I talked her. Unfortunately she says she doesn't remember that day.


So I I'm Canadian and I was at that time the only Canadians Canadian student on campus that was school in southern Illinois. I think of the few professors that it spent some time in Canada but I was a bit of an oddity there. I think a little bit of a fascination for you all this you know foreign students so there wasn't there wasn't a lot of us on campus. So Rob was a big fan of the Canadian band at that time the bare naked ladies so Rob is a big fan was kind of a new thing in the US but for me I was like yeah this bands been around in Canada. Whatever but he tried to use that as a pickup line of some kind and I don't know I just wasn't having it. So take about a year and 1/2 of some serious persistent sentence. He wore me down so this is such a blessing. This is true talk.

I'm Stu Epperson y'all are also feeling secure program from coast-to-coast international Alyssa resolution on the stream and the truth network free after the download. I'm with the tossing Internet. They have a just a such of awesome way of entertaining, but bringing good content which is very important now because there's a huge consumption among young people in particular on tick-tock and on Instagram and always media and you guys are doing clean humor you're doing.

Obviously, when you're this tall, you have a storyteller right there, but Rob Clark you're the father's and soon often meet all the kiddos and your wife talk about the how much stasis played a part in your life and how you met the Lord and got how that is been an impact may we go around each of you could talk about maybe something that God is made to you in this journey.

It is for a family they can't go anywhere we are, you've Artie been visiting us your Winston-Salem and everyone's like he cannot take a picture for you guys. You know, it's hard to hide from it, but you are looking into it to try to be redemptive with the keys because that will be the phase component so I didn't grow up in a Christian home, but in some ways that I did, meaning that my mom, my dad divorced when my brother my older brother who play bass both you stew went out to Masters at that time he knew about God, he would say that he wasn't following God, though he did have a relationship with Jesus. So when he was away was the same time that I started going to church just because I want to go to VBS program and it was at the VBS program. I made some friends. They invited me back to church on Sunday so started going back and then over the course of the next two years. I put my faith in Jesus was baptized the same time my older brother halfway across the country on California came to faith there and my dad who was a couple hours north of me.

I had a new family. They started going to church and eventually put their faith in my younger brother and my mom and my stepdad who I lived with. They all start to come to church eventually put their faith and so in a couple of years. We went from none of us being Christians to the entire family in different places all around the country putting their faith in Jesus and so is when those things were early on, I could tell that something was happening that God was doing something and it actually was. Years later, after I was married to Richelle that her mom would always talk about how that she always prayed that Richelle's husband would come from a Christian home and so is kinda cool to see how God answer to prayer from someone that wasn't from a Christian home, but in some ways did and so growing up, sort of in a Christian home, but yet being actually a believer for a longer period of time that my mom and my stepdad and so all these years later. One of things is most important to Richelle and I and Richelle grew up in a Christian home parents that love Jesus, Rachel Moser entire lives and so she never knew anything different and so that's what we want for our family as well and so one of the things that we want to instill in our kids as they you know put their faith in Jesus as well is to always follow whatever God calls us to do and so one of the reasons why we created that tall family is a social media platform is that we felt that God is always been calling us to these places and as we answer the last time that we made a move we felt it was a way that allowed us to make a move you're going to a new place did have a job yet having this background in marketing, knowing social media thought that this is something that could actually allow us to make these moves in an order last year is been something that's allowed us to do this and to allow us to step out in faith and so I don't know if my wife sitting next to me here. She wants to fill in at all on any of that. She's she's so this is kind of fun thing a family that in your rights to like even before we started social media. Richelle's always been a bit of an introvert and boat no matter where we go that people would always look at us and make comments and it doesn't matter where we go, we could be in Disney in the bathroom and some is trying talk to Carter and he's like anyway until we get outside at least so we thought we lean into that and is been a blessing when we feel like gods blessed us, and it allows us to take a step in faith in him. We just want to be obedient in whatever he calls us to next wherever he takes us. We just want to be obedient as Circle S.

Robbie's that he's the dad of the family and I'm in the conference room at the Truth Network with the whole crowd, and I got the youngest whippersnapper this crowd. Young Luke who is not camera shy one bit Luke, what's it like for you tagalong is grout.

I'm not allowed to take tax but it still fine to get a 7 foot yet but is coming right probably won't be as high seven line by maybe. Probably when my dad is so cool now are here little clips reach you guys want you to be thinking about we come back, maybe kind of the craziest thing about being a part of that tall family. Maybe thing about the weirdest anger as a unit we see your videos and feel like I wonder what is in prison.

Real you. Just like anybody. You see, even on TV so we can backward talk about that some of the fun things and maybe some of the crazy things on truth talk Stu Epperson don't touch that Dell will be right back. Be sure this comes out and podcast from you download and tell your your friends about it and you'll be encouraged and by all of her episodes of true talking on so what happens when you're sitting there in a coffee shop and 7 foot wind walked in the door. You're like wow well. So, questions what are your favorite questions. Carter, who's the tallest of the tall family that tall family who had a great discussion with just jumped in here. Sure, he listened to the first part of this segment on when it comes on and podcast or something I want on that. I'm kind of a distance away from you because you it's so walking questions.

We are 71 and your someone. They look up to the first level of the shelf at Walmart. Many look at the second level they look at the third level and then they look even higher and there's another human being, staring back at them fits on the other. I'll let you boys like waters of the crazy questions you so being someone it's funny because I really dislike all the stuff like do you play basketball made timely. Finally, what's the weather like up there and all that stuff but which I'm fine with those in suffragist much again with being telling going on public but the funniest when I was probably like 1415 where in Hawaii one of the housemaids in the hotel.

She likes awning so she is making small talk or whatever I was waiting for the elevator in she gets you said you play ping-pong. I look at her she was dead serious about it, too, and I look at her and I forget what I said exactly that is some long designs of like oh I dabble or whatever intake you got a table at her cabin at the lake and stuff like that and so a plane stuff and she's like are you honey good goodness, no. I said to like basketball and volleyball and toppers in sports and she's like oh yeah that's good that's good and stuff like that but a lot of the questions are pretty normal ones that you dissociate from being tall like basketball and how tall are you and where you play and stuff like that but now it's getting to the point where I'm getting stuff like have you have the colleges reach on or something more. You know, like where you currently play for high school and now the offers and stuff like that but that's fine and that's also did know was coded to your younger sister.

The youngest of the sisters Avery, who is I believe 511 or 6 foot 61. Figure 59. Again, getting a chaos is the good thing is, or is it now so they're not towering over us right now, but when they stand up you'll know it, but Avery. What about you what kind of maybe some crazy time when you are. Maybe someone said you comment so it was a kind of things that you you bump into out there after being on social media. You know when people come up to think I finally it is like people will they sent a famous and like celebrities and I went like, so famous that like people have called this a celebrity before he reaches is a really weird to think, is it still feels like we dislike normal family that like I'll be going out and how the like on the CNE like famous people. I like the financing, TV and in a nice think to some other people.

We either famous people likely either celebrities and I just been necessary to think that kids like it's just happened so fast to Abby, the big sister of the tall family and yet your little sister is taller than you and you are super good sport about it because you know y'all have such a good relationship. We had dinner with you last night with my daughter Faith, who I call little, probably a stock owner that but it's really neat to see your family along another kids, you know, I know those trips in the minivan and know the children, you know, etc. etc. but Abby, what's it like for you and also your Christian faith like you want to show your life.

The Lord would like your under the spotlight all the time you people turn yonder like a second that says my video on YouTube got 25 use only 27 views and you will get yours likely 27 million is what's it like for you though. How do you balance at slippery status of your Christian life and then maybe some crazy someone's ever said you walk around or some while.

My guess is saying to think of ourselves as celebrities thank this is weird. I got I think about it like that just because I'm now just as I seem like I guess because just for whole life people would like stop and get stop by Cindy Ackerson, toss out the nothingness. I guess it's just, Norma Franks. At this point that I would say like it's not really like hard to balance anything you like on your Christian school where like everyone else there like here's the word it's not hard to step out and it had sent Sam how do you feel about pursuing negative things on Internet passings people hurting people.

I also like that you guys it was a big brother.

Let's put them on the spot again, but all you guys in the spot Carter. How's it feel like to be a part of the positive messages you're trying to make a difference. You try to show people that they can they can be tall and stand out instead of like running and hiding you're trying to show people that you can push through. You can dunk a basketball. You can be an encouragement to your teammate. You can make it past you know that's everything.

How do you try to make a difference is what you're doing instead of just having a show is reading this book about Walt Disney one time and he was saying how the rate the accused in question. Like this Bay entertainment media and stuff and why he makes cartoons for kids or whatever.

When he could make literally anything and he said because there's so much corruption and stuff that he doesn't want to be in like part of policing that stuff. So I thought that was really interesting because there's so much stuff out there and instead of just choosing to like follow the crowd and all that, like corruption, I guess you could say but instead of doing that like putting Layton to stuff like that. Being different, I think it's really cool because you know were supposed be light of the world and stuff like that and soda. Put light into darkness and lead others to Jesus. It's really cool to do that so I without tall family. I'm Stu Epperson is a truth talk and is such a delight to visit with you guys later come and hang out with us here and there a need family unit 11 goes. Check other videos you will be entertained you like wow. And then when you actually meet them there. Like how they're gonna cool I was and asses go back to Rob as he is gonna wind is down. One thing that incurs me.

I've dollars and I'm on tick-tock on Instagram because those kids know what is. I got trouble to get my daughter drawn his ramp disliked on your back a decade. Maybe try open history Instagram account and I did it to follow all the guys that were following them and I got just like your kids reaction Robin ratio when they said I just said that my girls. They were not happy like a hawk maybe should his pocket. There were bad they were mad or because all the guys I followed when sitting your day, following this kind of weird me out a legal duty to follow my daughter. I will follow you will find it was up and I will like your stuff in your like my stuff from an equipment puts in the DM using a really think that's good that you second language in a God loves you and I technophile versus you talk about. There is a dark side there's a lot of kids struggle and there's drugs. There's there's divorce. There's no cutting there's just horrible stuff and he talked about how y'all are trying to make a positive impact through this.

These medium that are big that are growing. You know, and then also, what do you want people to think about. There's what people think about you what you want people to know about that tall family that maybe they don't know that you know what's real really and also arcs that you would want to save everybody yeah we we found in this wasn't the plan from there. There beginning but what we found over time is the amount of messages that we have received from people because being tall is isn't necessarily a negative thing people don't see has a negative thing where it would be highly inappropriate to look at someone and comment on how short they are. Few walked up to someone's and saw how short they were in and asked them, they probably would be offended but yet people feel like it's okay to do that with tall people were not at all offended with that, like when people come up to us. That's not a problem at all, but we what we have found is that it's in, especially for guys it is really not an issue at all. Most guys want to be taller, but with girls it sometime is a struggle. So, we received so many messages where people every shallow there's parents or even even girls that just said thank you because we feel like being tall. We stand out especially at like a middle school age right where they think they're different anyway in their changing, and all these things and so did get those messages in those positive messages have has been really it is been good and so we try to respond every single message that we get sometimes we can get to mothers of so many. But recently we we were on a vacation in and I think this is kind of really what we want to do as a family when we were on a vacation. We actually saw an NBA player that will that we are familiar with, and so we went and say hey let's go grab a picture with them because this NBA player was 7 foot one, just like Carter.

How fun would that be to get to seven footers standing next to each other and he was in heat, he did it but he was reluctant he you could tell he wasn't very happy about us or like okay what we we backed off it and we walked out and, like I was kinda disappointing at me. This guy probably doesn't run into that many 741 kids you know that often, and so as we walked out another family saw us and they said okay we get a picture with you that tall family and so they knew us a false and social media, and in what they said to Richelle is like oh we saw this NBA player go in there. We could tell he probably wouldn't want us to ask him for a picture but we didn't think you guys would mind, you seem like a fun family is so Richelle actually had a talk with each of the kids and said you guys need to remember this that the people of their coming up to you and they want have a conversation with you. They want have a photo with you. I guess that's a blessing. And that's an opportunity to know we can be positive with someone in that if the opportunities there to share. You know our faith with them, whereas in so that was I think that was a good moment for us as a family to see like you know for some to come up to you to be in a bad mood and we all have our moments.

Every human being does where you're in a bad mood, but just realize that everyone's always watching and I know with social media.

Sometimes we feel like now we go out is like someone's always can be watching us and even before we were big on social media.

We thought that as well, but I think shouldn't.

As Christians, we always be thing that way that Jesus is always watching the words and and how I treat my kids in public how I treat my kids at home when no one is watching how I respond to Richelle like Jesus is always watching and in all my actions all my words should be honoring whether or not people notice on social media on Instagram or not. And so radically that sunset so as a family. That's we want to be.

We want to be a positive family that that we know that were loved and blessed by Jesus, and we just want to share that if we could do that through social media. Then work and use it as a platform as long as we can. That tall family, a special family told everyone else's are also special in God's eyes, even Zaki is that we little man was an amazing evangelist, even though probably one of the best-selling books of all time and movies the Lord of the rings, the heroes were little bitty hobbits. The ring bears there couldn't have been a victory if they hadn't taken that ring and destroy the fires of Mordor, so the little bitty guys. The meek shall inherit the earth. So what will however it whatever your height whatever's going on in your life you God is giving you unique DNA to make an impact. I just love seeing your family lean into that everywhere you go and you got you guys are still grown-ups years to figure it all out. Still I was. I had it figured like you do when I was your age, but thanks for the positive impact who wants to tell me the website who knows who knows what the website is for that tall family you know young fella was think about know who wants to tell me real quick. Do you know okay will go over here to the elder sister, Abby Abby, what's the website. If listeners want to find out how they can find you if moms and dads and grandmom's and Grant Graham pops want to send their kids something redemptive like where they're going to go anyway on their screens to the Internet to tick-tock in the other media. This is where we wanted to go tell them told how to get there.

We Abby will will you can take us home you are to talk to since I find tick-tock and Sammy tip that tall family were not hard to miss some nuts S that tall family everywhere to search that about scientists. Thank you guys. What a blessing this is the Truth Network

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