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Biblical Fidelity and Freedom in America

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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March 11, 2022 7:00 pm

Biblical Fidelity and Freedom in America

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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March 11, 2022 7:00 pm

Critical Race Theory, woke culture, socialism, and communism have invaded America and, tragically, the American Church. Stu is joined at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention by former President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, Richard Land, to talk about Biblical fidelity and freedom.

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Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio.

We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcasts network. This is good Truth Network. Critical race theory won't miss socialism and communism.

It's invaded America and tragically, it invaded the American church a man who's been a leader in the American church. He loved Jesus he's been ahead in the past of the religious next committee of the Southern Baptist convention. He's been the president of institutions. He's on the radio nationwide. He's really been a sterling voice of truth in the cultures name is Dr. Richard land Dr. land. Thanks for popping in and were the religious broadcasters division really up a group that is keeping the gospel legal and freedom, protecting freedom of speech, but the church there's a battle within the church attacking our freedom of speech and work were trying to call pastors in a gracious way back to biblical fidelity and to freedom that our country was founded on will critical race theory is a mortal threat to America and the gospel is the only answer critical race theory is Marxist in origin, class struggle, been working American because Americans don't hate really really want to be rich in so and so. But race has worked worked.

It is race to dictate to divide us race as it has been the serpent in the garden American Garden of Eden since the beginning and we have that we have a racist past. We are not a systemically racist society any longer.

Thanks to many many people, including Dr. King critical race theory is the antithesis of Dr. King's dream of a country which were judge not by the color of our skin over the content of our character. Critical race theory. Judges everyone by the color of their skin. All white people are racist by virtue of being white and all black people are victims by virtue of being black. Now that's just nonsense is dangerous nonsense and what it does is it perpetuation racism because the leaders of black lives matter, and others have been pushing this. They say that the only remedy to past racism is future racism reverse racism well was that the it leads to perpetual racism. We don't get beyond racism we get we get divided America into tribes, ethnic tribes and the one country in the world. That is the most susceptible to this is the United States, with the only country in the world. It was not founded on soil or blood ethnicity were founded on the idea that all men are created equal and endowed with their Creator with certain unalienable rights, and that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If we abandon that ideal, and we moved. We descended into the tribalism of critical race theory. It will literally written this country asunder, but he cut Dr. Richard land I'm Stu Epperson this is truth talk broadcasting from the national religious broadcasters convention so many Christian leaders are here so many so much influence so many godly men and women who are fighting ambitiously to keep our freedom, our airwaves open so we can do this kind of interview not be shut down for a crime Dr. when you hear CRT critical race theory pastors a cycle. I'm a racist to make sure that that we love black and white that you red and yellow, black and white their precious in the sight I get black lives matter here these little statements with a sound like we need racial reconciliation. I argue against racial reconciliation or can you make the distinction between ill just just to be devil's advocate between what's going on with God healing racial divide, especially in the deep South and things like that and but these Marxist communist groups that are forcing agenda that that drives more hate. Well I led the effort. Race reconciliations of the invention. I helped draft the resolution that we passed in 1995 apologizing for having supported racism and slavery in the past and asking for forgiveness of African-American brethren and committing to racial reconciliation and to a society where everyone is judged not by the color of their skin or the content of the character so absolutely race reconciliation assemblyman and expunging racism wherever and whenever we can, but critical race theory is reverse racism.

Critical race theory says that clients are perpetually guilty. They can't help but be guilty there guilty if there white their racist this is.

This is utter nonsense, and it divides America and in what it is doing it is doing the wonderful success of Dr. King's ministry and Dr. Kring.

Dr. King's dream because you don't I look. I grew up. I grew up in red on the edge of the civil rights revolution I graduate high school 9065 Dr. King was a personal hero of mine, I will. I watched him give this speech I have a dream speech in in August of of 9063 and I would encourage every American everyone listen to me before you go to bed tonight read Dr. King's letter from Birmingham Jail. I think every American step to read that to graduate from high school and what he says. And there is the church. It shouldn't be a thermometer reflecting the values of society but a thermostat setting the values thermostat now thermometer right now. I like that Dr. land Dr. Martin Luther King MLK would condemn today's critical race theory is that not absolutely not aghast at what I mean people to cast your nasty little mentioned but is black lives matter and all these what was then religion at King because he said something about don't judge a man by the color of the skin by the continent's character front that's exactly right. And he said that those you would change, you must first love and he was all about reconciliation was about gospel reconciliation. So Dr. Martin Luther King would condemn this this black lives matter organization. Of course Dr. King would agree with the Bible that black lives do matter, but this organization, you're saying they're not. They're not such a nice group of their against American values right there Marxist, so the truth about what's really behind these movements. CRT black lives matter of course and located be the champion of black lives matter. The statement the biblical fidelity of that statement before God Almighty, who made us all in his image. Yes, we need to love our black sisters and brothers. We love our sisters and brothers of all races in the yes they have suffered immensely in the early stage of this country, especially in yes there is racism day Dr. land.

What's the answer for the church. What's the answer is it CRT and is this this this communist organization called black lives matter whatever the is whatever the problem is critical race. There is never the answer.

Dr. King believed the black line.

Many bleed all lives matter and you know people have to learn racism before the budging children together who are just of different ethnicities and they don't they don't notice race to be taught racism in society and what they're doing with critical race theory is a teaching kindergartners and first graders that white people to guilty and that black people and other people of minorities are our victims and what's interesting to me in my in my hometown of Franklin, Tennessee, the, the suggested in the public schools came from immigrants.

It came from Indian Americans and other Americans have come here, as in the limit. We left out where we lived and came to America to get away from this my son was ever of Asian American extraction comes home and he's feeling guilty he been taught to feel guilty because he's quite needed for an oppressor.

That's that is that is child abuse does not quite know the way around it. To do that in elementary school and in junior high school high school that is child abuse and in is good and is is is going to breed terrible terrible division it will rend the country asunder.

It will turn us into a collection of tribes of the nation.

These pastors, churches, other Christian groups that are embracing CRT maybe ignorantly made. Haven't talked to golly biblical scholars like you Dr. land that they understand the communistic socialization underpinning the understanding that that racial hatred that is being engendered by CRT and by the black lives matter organization that's a full commerce organization by their own admission to the understand that this the same socialism and communism that destroyed Venezuela that the fourth wealthiest country in the world. 20 years ago, until he elected a communist leader and now it's 96% of Venezuelans live below the poverty rate and all they did to say hey what's your racism to try to get people hate each other.

Cuba's same way the Soviet Union the same way that you attacked the races and then you start getting the moral then after that it's the morality think as we know that the transgender deal is next in a crimes. All that to me today understand world this is going well, part of black lives matter what one of their primary goals is to destroy the nuclear family and he destroyed the nuclear family of destroyed a society in know those society can can can survive the tearing down of the basic laws of civilization, which is the nuclear family. I we've not found in the United States with all of our resources any substitute for the nuclear family to eliminate are to alleviate poverty. Look at the world poverty we have poverty in this country primarily related to the breakdown of the nuclear family. If if you have a father in the home you have like a one in 10 chance of being in poverty as opposed a much higher chance and in the end if you don't have a father number two from broken home, so we have to understand this and understand that Dr. King was was was talking about the racism that is common to mankind, but that we as Christians are supposed to be the thermostats say that God created all the SQL there.

There is there isn't is only one human race erases the human restaurant. We have different ethnicities but your blood transfusions work across all ethnicities you know where there's one in now science is actually coming to the conclusion the Bible came to a long time ago. He was the mother of all living, all of us all. One race all in different levels alone in our inner skin is right we all come from. We all are, where there's one human race divided into different ethnicities but love the Christ command to love one another goes to the Samaritan woman who were were hated by the Jews and John for it goes to all of the ghost of the zealot. Matthew it goes all the different the dynamics, even discipleship group or they would racially hate each other but Jesus brings us together and he's the only one that can bring us together even even even Peter had to learn not to be prejudiced against Gentiles and in the Holy Spirit and the apostle Paul help you do that you know the Bible says you're not to think of yourself more highly than you want to think that means that racism is always wrong, always wrong.

It is the antithesis of the gospel in the churches there got a racist person in your church church discipline. That's why it's there needed church discipleship. We disciple each other.

We need to have healthy relationships across people are different. Us loving, knowing that we are different from God. He reached out us while we were yet sinners were aliens were enemies of God, right ugliness, right. And you know we've made enormous progress towards multiethnic society and I and I'm I appreciate the African-Americans. The sale is it is the derogatory and demeaning to say that we are that if were black.

Your victim Christianity says matter what your background layer circumstance you can overcome it in Christ, Dr. Richard land Dr. Lane thank you week the pulpits in America. They need to be hot again with the gospel needed to preach the truth but not let these cultural morays.

These these valueless agendas that have nice names to them and how nice does Pro choice sound role. What we want. You know having a death pro-death is pro-death as you do that, we have these in discernment only dock me to be biblically literate and we need to train our children and those around us. In this I will don't be angry. Matt is a how you Donnie hate take America's you know what I was angered by the same stuff until a godly man like you got to me as I willingly, and we should we should be working toward our churches, reflecting our society and the way to do that is evangelism. You know I lost person does not have a worship tradition, a lost person does not have a music tradition. So if you go out and you win a lost person to Christ who happens to be African-American usually perfectly comfortable in your church.

When Saudi is Hispanic or Asian American and we ought to be working toward having since churches that reflect the society in which they operate. Dr. Richard land. Thank you sir. Your website or something people can learn about your commentaries, your ministry and you so much for the kingdom.

Just go to Aarti Landon and MM and also I the eye with executive editor of the Christian Post inside the weekly column for them and invokes the most important thing I can say uses who would not it be tragic for someone to be racially politically correct and go through all the steps to say okay I love and accept all races, all people are different, but not to have Jesus Christ in their heart. You see, was profit a man if he gains the whole rights talking points social all that stuff but lose his own soul, so make sure you have these violet we have Jesus that fixes the others… It well and they would they be what is the tragic and sad. If you're so concerned about being woke you're so concerned about being, but is it correct that you don't share the gospel because the fact is everyone. Everyone needs to come to repentance and salvation in Jesus Christ.

What a blessing Dr. Richard Lente should be some truth.please share this with everyone you know share with your pastor to be encouragement to him and let's make the gospel the preeminent in some of the disagrees on this. We disagree.

Thursday was room an intermediate or industry doctrine. Let's have conversationalist love each other and let's remember that the ground is level the for the cross and we need a savior in all these things to point him that's right right you know we can love people. But when you look at regional truth and in people who are promoting critical race theory promoting a lethal poison that will destroy our's are society and if America is rent asunder. God help the world think about think about our world without the United States that that the prudence of the chairman, chairman sees the world would run the world it be run by thugs. We would have a worldwide Mafia like leadership if it weren't for the United States.

We have been the biggest influence for human dignity and freedom in the world and missions. This is the Truth Network

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