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Best of: Should Christian Stations Play Secular Music at Christmas Time?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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December 22, 2021 11:28 am

Best of: Should Christian Stations Play Secular Music at Christmas Time?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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December 22, 2021 11:28 am

From our Archive, Stu plays music from the Richard Kingsmore album, Music Inspired by First Words of Jesus and asks callers the question, "Should Christian music stations play secular music at Christmas time?"

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Nothing says Christmas like a wonderful family in Asia, getting a water buffalo is like getting a farm truck while working getting the stand of the market. A water buffalo opened.

More importantly, it opens the door to talk about Jesus and nothing says Christmas better than that. Join Truth Network in supporting gospel for Asia gift and click on the Christmas critter campaign. This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network where you play Charles Bill is like a lame is the moment is powerful. Richie was a part of the original composition. This is just easy. Just it's just unreal. It's all we we have it.

We put it on ice dunes iTunes you get that I just put a little cool thing on my Instagram.

My daughter hope loves it. In turn, I favor to listen to it until July, but the conundrum we were taught. All are along the lines are loaded. This is called action day I'm Stu Epperson Merry Christmas we only have a few minutes left.

We say five you say we have five or six minutes. Kim okay this is a six minute segment. We got six we have five callers will try to get everybody and I got Orlando's little done for 17 minutes from High Point, North Carolina listen to is on AMA 30 WTR you the truth or flagship station of called action are stationed in all over Jacksonville, Florida 91.3 Brunswick 91.7 Jacksonville 91.9 FM dissent under play next to a gentleman from St. Augustine listening down there on tape delay called action day.

8 o'clock tonight.

You hear this program was going or just to do a quick one with me here just to start with Orlando to look we gotta be quick again will have a few minutes left.

Should Christian music stations play secular music at Christmas time yes or no and why real quick Orlando go fast.

I don't think we can do your great music.

You know all about cried alone and faith alone. Okay, okay, okay Orlando spoken. He spoke with conviction. Let's let's jump up to Lewisburg North Carolina and Susan. Susan, your I called action. It was Stu Epperson interest email will go ahead Susan will quick your thoughts Christian radio okay well okay Susan says there's enough out there without adding it. Wow. Pretty strong. What about Loretta Loretta what you think about this.

You got this. These Christian music stations play some secular Christmas music to try to bring some folks and I mean I can see that perspective. But what set you, Loretta. I think that really not playing the light well not be confined, the aura okay. People can go right here and now you be like the world it could be that it's not okay.

The separated the world. I gotcha. Okay it does get you excited.

When you're walking through a giant retailer in you here. Hark the Herald Angels Sing glory to the new working in metastatic cool you have to cite when the secular people play when the secular people play expressly John Wesley lyrics hail the heaven born Prince of peace. Hail the Sun of righteousness, with light and life to all he brings risen with healing in his wings. Wow, you hear that your shopping it's crazy is hectic. You need to stop or they can while hallelujah I just got about it but where say yeah but you want Christian stations to play what they are, what they signed up to play as opposed to going to the secular charts at Christmas.

It's kind of the month of exception in that area, but Loretta has spoken word. Take one more call. God bless you Loretta. Hope you like hey did like the way things like that little clip of the first words of Jesus music in that strong Soweto Billingsley comes in. I had this crazy dream last night and he comes it and then they all three are singing together, Joseph, Gabriel and Mary, it's all it's all you'll die the website for the book is first words of and there's a little to put these links up and there's a little music, you know, iTunes link where you can find it thereto, but I hope it's a blessing to Merry Christmas. Okay, we had some great callers working to go to Sherry listen to us in Charlotte on AM 960 and 105.7 FM there Truth Network and Charlotte Sherry jump on in here. Should Christian music stations play secular music at Christmas time where I don't cry like okay but there's a song called have yourself a merry little creek letter and then conform to know if the fate allow when it really originated if the Lord allowed entry so okay second I was in the gut. Okay Barry yeah is that would be almost like a crossover like it's got some Christian nuance in it. Will you know sure you have three more hours because you've just opened up an entire conundrum account holder Portland will balance you know I like the word balance and I think we need to have a lot of grace and also might not compromise. I'm not compromise well and yet it is good to have these conversations I just very personally from a very heart level. I just look I'm I guess I just love the celebration of Jesus so much and I love the sacred Christmas music. Even some of the contemporary sacred Christian Christmas songs that when I hear Rudolph or I hear the completely you know fun. You know goofy and nostalgic stuff on a Christian station just kind of like I've changed my dial before to try to find another Christian station and then out somewhere else.

But our Federation court found them in drawn people and and you know bring them closer to thinking about cried.

Yeah Martin center first caller in in and I listen anyone excited about sharing the gospel. I'm right there with and we should all be ambitious about sharing the gospel. I guess sometimes we need to rethink how to be unit to be in the world but not of it. And that's an ongoing tension. Thanks your call Sherry God bless you and you know I want us all to say this.

This is kind of the coral unity hear what Mary said in her in her beautiful prayer she said my soul magnifies the Lord, may we magnify God. May we may we make much of him this Christmas and all year round. It's about Jesus is about Christ may nightmare remind you that that Christians are just fighting today just for people to say Merry Christmas instead of happy holidays weeding and going to that political politically correct world and that whole issue, but that's all.

Another thing so but but this is interesting. Stepping away from what a Christian radio station should play stepping away from what a secular radio station may may stumble into a Hark the Herald Angels Sing and I get to go to death when I hear it's just so funny. I saw on the the screen. My on my digital radio my get my car was in a Christian's secular station secular station at Christmas time and had the name of this band which is Sunday wasn't poison but is like that you secular band, but it said you know it said you know of one of these you know will come let us adore they were seeing a sacred song it so that the name of a sacred song was associated with ace Shirley is profane band and I thought wow it all into this is a major conundrum but may we point to Christ, may we step back in and examine our diets.

You are what you eat. You become what you listen to one of the great philosophers that you write you or whoever writes the music of a culture controls the next generation will write the textbooks to what a diet just to be back. This is a challenge to all of us that intuitive to feed ourselves the word be listening to redemptive things be listening to things it pushes closer to Christ be seen was Lessing's broke out senior Christians I was with.

I was with 40 men this morning in a restaurant edit at our Wednesday in the word the whole things on Facebook my at Stu Epperson's on Facebook right at your watch is by was that we talked about how Mary personal magnify the Lord. However, your life was to make much of God make much of Jesus. Her spirit exalted in God. Her Savior like you and me marrying you the Savior and I talk about the whole thing again. I got some pretty deep in the theology, but at the end of the thing we all started singing O come let us adore him, that's will be doing for the rest of the Angels. That's what Anna did. Simeon Joseph, Mary the Wiseman is as if they felt, I worshiped him to stop.

Please break neck speed always and worship him engagement lien into Jesus Christ the Lord told him let us behold him.

I love this song really involved with these kids. That's the give me the band kids group under the leadership of Mrs. Frak. They came together and they sing the song. What can I give him from a Rossetti, a brilliant poet who just wrote this song about giving, about Christ in there so many songs and stories, writing songs on Stu Epperson that is from the first words of Jesus music album. It's a Christian Christmas music album just because you hear Christmas music doesn't mean that's Christian music in the conundrum.

I've expressed all our up till now it will continue to discuss with you and I'm open to rebuke open to correction. I'm open to wisdom.

I need a lot of that and really was on how to engage my fellow Christian radio colleagues who do play more music you don't have to do this conundrum is much who have to deal this conundrum is a lot more than I do should I say what you Christian radio stations that play secular music at Christmas time.

What he means do I mean like being Crosby. I mean like songs that by chestnuts roasting like jingle bells and Rudolph and Frosty, which I love those songs are fun, but what I want to listen to Christian like I'm a little bit with Elaine who called in earlier today I go to that I can listen to those songs always other stations, but I want to hear Christian Christmas songs like what I displayed those youth's voice is just heard to play my favorite wife. My favorite Christmas song is a Christian song.

It's also my favorite song of all time. Anything I gotta have it, my funeral somehow performed some believable it's just powerful replayed on Saturday if we have time toll-free 866-34-TRUTH Stu Epperson for Steve Noble called action day Merry Christmas everyone everywhere with the next couple callers are going to get the first words of Jesus music which is on ice.

Dunes downloaded. Listen to it. Be encouraged by it open. It's a blessing to you and to share the good news of Christmas. The message of the Savior. Why did he come. Why do we do all this stuff. Let me tell you it's not about that tree. It's about another tree is not about those ornaments is about another ornament hung on that other tree. 2000 years ago that split time and space in history. The split 80 and BC. The cross of Christ which is showcased on these brand-new I got one on each arm be given away like hotcakes.

These brand-new Merry Christmas putting the cross back and Christmas is neat how the tea if you go to my Instagram the Stu Epperson on Instagram opened on Twitter to put a picture of this up.

There at Stu Epperson so you can see what this looks like were just try to get more people. Mrs. Y wrote first words of Jesus to get more people to realize there's a crossconnect in the cradle. Why did he come with that in mind, let's talk to Joseph in Raleigh on 105.7 FM, the Truth Network there and a.m. 1030 Joseph Joseph you got a great neighbor Christmas Merry Christmas. I appreciate that Mary will thank you all on playing music on the channel. I strongly believe it with the word of God. Okay, what is like your and I got like bigoted center years ago God through one of many depressive and just by hearing the message, make my day a lot better. Okay. Joseph is spoken, your Joseph and you call any radio show at Christmas time. People need to listen very, so cool you know what the first words of Joseph were in the Bible, the stepdad of Jesus.

What were O my soul there in Matthew chapter 2.

Unbelievable to know there were no mice over there that this is actually one word in its in my book Kim, I should leave mouth or should not I should just make him struggle and then I make and get the booklet I'm going to tell you Joseph, of the only recorded word of of Joseph the stepfather of Jesus in the whole Bible is the name Jesus excessive pacifically says they brought forth their firstborn son. And it says and he called him Jesus at something so you got a great name and God bless you where to send you this music album first words of Jesus, appreciate your call okay right right you got it you can throw bracelet for Joseph organ thrown in for you man.

Yes, sir. Good to hear from you. Spread to spread the word about Christian radio in a tell all your friends out there.

I really appreciate that. What good to hear from Joseph. I mean, you can't not take a call from Joseph, but he took the hardline is like man I want to hear the word that secular stuff but what about those that want to be evangelistic. What about those that want to be kinda casting the net out there, throw a little chestnuts roasting or throw a little know over the over the river and through the woods.

You note just to kinda get the unbelievers to listen. Then Vince bring that rock cook of that right hook of joy the world to see what Brandy says Brandy your I called action day Stu Epperson for Steve Noble and Merry Christmas Brandy.

I think it felt powerful.

Anyway, I'm getting in the car after a long day and hear from God that elephant believer who went get an opportunity for a land that made our future. If you Truth Network on and you turn on you turn on your favor to station anywhere and you heard better watch out you better not pout, you heard a whole secular Christmas song with that kind of be like wait a second that be like a little bit of discombobulated and therefore you okay okay will I appreciate I appreciate your honesty. Now I'm in a little bit I went to share the the statement made to me directly by a fellow Christian radio man who would disagree with you Brandy but I really appreciate your perspective okay thanks. Recall then I were sitting music were sitting use of first words of Jesus. All music album is coming your way okay, good to hear from Brandy and were going to talk to Pamela's been hanging on for some time. Another Raleigh North Carolina cocktail Raleigh is on fire. For Christmas today are toll-free numbers 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 if you want to call the Steve Noble called action show and talk to Stu Epperson buddies of Steve Noble filling in for Steve was desperate he had to find someone you got to the bottom of barely found me since two going there talking to Mike and were to talk to Pamela right now about Chris, the Christmas conundrum should Christian stations play secular music at Christmas time, Pamela. What say you way like around that member. I think that might call it the morning and I am going to a great night not okay thank you garbage that's not right and I don't think anything that occurred at her trying to put a carrot out there that panic that has nothing to do it right the world that you covered up and out of. Thank you and compromising and I think it okay now let me just tell you yesterday at lunch. A gentleman looked over me who was a guy have a high regard for love this guy and he's been a good mentor to me as soon as I said to him, similar what you just said Pamela. Although I didn't I didn't use the strong words you use, but I did well diaper listen, I appreciate you sharing your heart. I love to hear that the no filter of your heart when I see he looked at me said well Stu said you are a middle-aged man and you have a deep theological grid. So of course you're going to not like that stuff you know and he said this, he said the Christian Christian stations that are music stations play it in order to again kinda broaden their reach and create a nostalgia so that they can get more people to listen to this to the to the Christian music civil use the secular Christmas as a way but I don't agree with him.

I wasn't really was an angry conversation was very, very diplomatic and he's a good friend but I'm a little more Pamela. I think with you but let's get some other folks in your thanks your call. God bless you. You take your word. I think we have any left organist and you something here so make sure you dress okay.

God bless you.

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