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Appreciating Your Pastor!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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December 10, 2021 9:37 pm

Appreciating Your Pastor!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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December 10, 2021 9:37 pm

Stu interviews Andy Bowersox, one of the founders and current Executive Director of Energize Ministries, a ministry providing encouragement, refreshment, and recreation for pastors.

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Nothing says Christmas like a wonderful family in Asia, getting a water buffalo is like getting a farm truck while working getting the stand of the market.

A water buffalo opened. More importantly, it opens the door to talk about Jesus and nothing says Christmas better than that. Join Truth Network in supporting gospel for Asia gift and click on the Christmas critter campaign because this Voyager man talk radio podcast. Our mission is to break down the walls of Bryson's nomination, your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. This is the Truth Network Thanksgiving is anywhere and I don't care when we play this program yes will play eventually we can across all our true thoughts affiliates all over the country and world but were employed maybe in July maybe in August whenever because were always be thankful. In everything give thanks. This is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Next, Amanda does a lot for pastors, a man who ministers the pastors a lot and a lot of pastors. I talked to give thanks for any Bowersox, any energized ministries for those that haven't met this guy. There is no more drill executive planet Bill Calhoun just came up. There's uncle DY Glenn and Dave Compton so you guys have a question about pastors and ministry were thankful for energized measures. Any Bowersox was the passion of your ministry brother Wells there, you're well aware, our ministry is all about providing encouragement, refreshment and recreational retreats and other unique outings adrenaline outings to use your work for pastors and their families so that's the heartbeat of our ministry, not just providing a directive is really encouraging churchgoers nationwide to be actively reinvesting in the lives of their own pastors and leaders. And if I go any Bowersox cupcake Tuesday, don't worry, our buddy, we are at the very famous cupcake cuties bakery in Wahlberg North Carolina downtown Baltimore and the Foster Hobbs coffee. That alone is worth driving down here for. We love Brandon Christianne and this family and God is so blessing their ministry here access a ministry. It is a business, but they have an active ministry here touch a lot of people and Michael any Bowersox in this guide might be at the racetrack. I hear cars zooming by he might be in a helicopter he met on the golf course.

He helps pastors get away did encourage anybody try to encourage pastors about this Thanksgiving. Why are you thankful for pastors start a lot of people refer to pastors as the Levites of today and so I think about that a lot of you know we need people to lead us. We need people that we recognize that God has called and anointed, and values that were calling again like it's a very unique response to people that can't really do anything else because they know the Lord's commissary and preach the gospel and to pastor and minister to bishoprics for the rest of us, and recently got answered a big blessing your life. It's a huge point of Thanksgiving with a certain piece of property for a lot of pastors, including myself.

My dad's been up there on around the fire pit talking about what God's done is that it's a very exciting time for the ministry to judge its administered about a three or four your prayer though the property that we host most of our retreats to his in Martinsville, Virginia. It's about 700 acres dedicated to kingdom leadership retreats and we've been listening for years been praying that God would allow us to acquire to create further development, more amenities, more services, more resources to share and so we actually closed on that within the last week we own it now losses that we stewarded fully at this point and so were looking forward to the future so you Thanksgiving a perfect time to celebrate and outlast our interview, you may not know this. We were on the back of four wheelers on your property.

There's a giant swing on a how you got me on that swing up and on my Facebook page I thought I was dead the day they saw me back and then when it came down on it. There's nothing underneath me, but air any Bowersox took me some pastors and we prayed that moment on that mountain. God give this land to energized so pastors can be encouraged. Why do pastors need encouragement. Caesar wounded warriors in their stand up preaching the gospel feeding the sheep dealing with tough issues, counseling us to stay married in the recent world for Christ right brother.

We can make entire episodes of reasons that pastors need encouragement but the number one reason Stuart is when you're effectively leading people closer to Christ. There is an all-out spiritual attack that shows up in crazy different manifestations. No one outside of those that are in that capacity will ever understand it, but it shows up in Mary stress financial stress and family stress, relationship stress and health issues are that I could go down the list and so because we recognize that because God has called us into the space of preventive care and prayer support you mentioned earlier is obviously the backbone and the and the lifeline of our ministry God has put us in this place to continue. Encourage others to do likewise in the joint into those army of believers that are committed to reinvesting in the health and well-being and then spiritual carefully pastors will come back with some, maybe fine points of how people specific and love on the pastors encourage pastors and I love the post you put on Facebook really love your pastor's wife. She needs, and encouragement. While time she's want to get beat up and hammer by everybody A1c know you know about say here's a gift card Applebee's years. A gift card to eat a coffee to cupcake cuties or somewhere with us at this table is still Calhoun are also many God businessman loves the Lord and has a Christian Spanish food company is a quizzical Hispanic food distribution company and you supported this ministry. Uncle DY glowing it is here now, you may not know DY be my nose. Brother D Wayne but Dwight, you are in a Christian bookstore and God bless you.

The homeschool headquarters are so many old East Coast with some of the value customers user pastor to come in for books, Bibles resources, can you talk about how important pastors are to you and how you're trying to be a blessing to them amid crazy culture amid all the chaos out there that is exactly 1 of the main focuses of our ministry ministry is to try to provide pastors in Christian leaders, uncle, teachers, schools in the course homeschool parents who are pestering their children, but especially for pastors of churches with the resources and the materials that they would need to be able to more effectively minister and it's been a blessing over the years and it will be 30 years come April to be able to provide.

It's hard to imagine all of the materials that have an able to go out and prepare pastors for their lessons and their messages in their sermons and to be able to then go into the ears and hearts of people all over the Triad or just so thankful and blessed that we been able to be part of them were in North Carolina were Dwight lives.

We as customers all over the country and he's been to pastors all over the country is taken energized. Pray for your pastor bus all over to Utah to California, took my father-in-law out to an amazing lunch and went to his church pull up in front of church from hostile talks about that.

What a blessing Dave could give a shout out why so important energized ministry how your thankful for them because you deal with cash on the radio all the time as a southern gospel morning host of the one the tops of the consultations really in the world. WBT legendary morning voice. Dave got to speak a word Willie about how important energized ministries is pastors and how important pastors are will is is and just this morning I had a meeting with the pastor in my hometown and we were able to encourage one another and it's amazing to me how pastor sometimes will confide in me and will share their burden and share their heart because they have nobody really talk to so I count that a great privilege so I was able to encourage a pastor this morning and we both left that meeting in fear. It was great but I'll say this for Randy. I met Andy before I went to work. Truth and they actually brought the bus over to WBT and blessed me and went out to the bus never forgotten it. So anybody this and Amy to blast them through that ministry is something they'll take with them all away Christian radio. We want to be a blessing or pastors in my pickup the phone. I called one person, any Bowersox, any practically speaking, you love pastors you love their wives love their families. You do a lot of pastors that are burning out the numbers. Ridiculous.

Every time you quoted to me. It scares me.

The number passes a burnout to leave the ministry every day. Some pastors Mike should leave the ministry if they're not in a faithless or maybe the wrong place. God needs them to be planters overseas or something but the pressure on these guys that thereunder energized ministries give us your final shouter will listing practically how can we support love on minister to encourage our pastors out there practically outside of the prayer support. Here's the best thing you can do right now. Take a moment grab your phone if you're if you know your pastor cell #and the word of encouragement by text if you don't have a cell phone on the right of email, or at best case scenario. Take five minutes. Write a handwritten note, you can contact our office which we have energized encouragement cards that we would be happy to send you. They have some promise on our anyways that you encouragement just a word of encouragement has exponential results to it and you just might be the one right now.

The guys probably to be the voice of encouragement, love, if you want to bless your pastor through energized ministries and he was the website for skin of all your ministry.

Learn more about the Lodge. Maybe they need to center pastor of their getaway.

Yeah, I should mention that there are have a dedication service December 11. We welcome anyone ever want to come join us for that. All the details on our website energized on Facebook energized ministries. You can find us basically anywhere okay in their motto. One of their mottos is just the bus it says pray for your pastor. This is the Truth Network

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