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Buried Like Christ!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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October 15, 2021 3:50 pm

Buried Like Christ!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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October 15, 2021 3:50 pm

Stu & Robby discuss the traditional Christian burial rite, other means of laying people to rest, such as cremation, and how it all relates to the burial of Christ in Luke 23: 50-56.

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This is Joanne McNair with the podcast story Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds enjoying it, share it, but most of all thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network why do Christians traditionally bury their dead. What about cremation. What about other rights of intuiting or putting people to rest upon their death will disregard for the truth of Stu Epperson and I'm so glad you're with me. We tackle the word every week at a cool restaurant restaurant across restaurant called Dario Wednesday morning just on Wednesday and were as much a messed up men like me going to the Bible. This is from our study in Luke and I am honored to have one of my mentor's friends in one of our syndication directors of all the Truth Network the Christian cargo himself. Rigel really ruddy welcome to us now on my conception this ever say hello or to get back in the burial of Christ and why is that so significant this event in history that just tucked right between his death, which is so critical in his resurrection but is repeated over and over in Scripture how the Christ died for sins that he was married is talked about in Romans chapter 6 in Colossians chapter 2 we are buried with him in baptism were identified with him. So the burial of Christ is significant. It's in all four of the Gospels and really Robbie it is part and parcel of why we Christians traditionally have bury their dead in first Corinthians 15 talks about how we know your plant you your body is planted in the earth. You know, mortality is planned earth to become immortal know to prepare for the resurrection body.

I don't want to go hard in condemning people that believe in cremation, but I think it's important understand where the origins of that of course God can raise up body from the dead. It's been cremated many.

You know Christian men and women have been blown up in bombs and house fires. Men of gone to war in the in a pin completely obliterated right and polarized by bombs. So God, of course, can write raise it up but but this Christian burial is symbolic of what Christ was buried in the of the planting of the body in the ground to wait for the resurrection.

So there's some cool symbolism that you don't want to miss. But you don't want to play hard line with it and allow the Christian scholars I've read have a very good spirit in addresses.

But let's get back and read the passage and it will will get to the final questions and will get through this year and experience to some stuff that you may not have known today about the Rez or about the burial of Jesus Christ that led up to his resurrection Luke 2350 through 56 member hall there was a man named Joseph a councilmember a good and a just man. He had not consented to their decision.

Indeed, he was from Arimathea, a city of Jews who himself also waiting for the kingdom of God, this man went to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus, and he took it down, wrapped in linen and laid it in the tomb that was hewn out of the rock when no one is ever lame before that day was the preparation and the Sabbath drew near, and the women who had come with him from Galilee followed after and they observed the tomb and how his body was laid than they returned and prepared spices and fragrant oils and they rested on the Sabbath. According to the commandment so the Lord of the Sabbath was the ultimate one who brought us our rest who said come to me all you who labor and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. He is himself laid to rest in tuned*question Robbie before we get to the final three to give to bring people back and we talked about last week. So who attended the funeral of Jesus. I just facet I could be a good book. The funeral Jesus a whole book on burial and on the significance of barrel what it represents and how when you are baptized friend.

You are identified with Christ in his death and in his burial. You are buried that demonstrates the death was truly legit that you truly were dead and then you are raised in newness of life. To demonstrate, to symbolize to powerfully communicate that your life is been transformed, so it's a baptism is a public display of an inner reality. It is a public proclamation of the transient transformation of Jesus Christ how his life is death is burial in his resurrection has transformed you and when you're baptized, you are probably showing everyone hey guys I'm with him. I'm following after Jesus Joseph of Arimathea publicly laid his neck on the line. He finally came out a closet.

He was one of the secret disciples like Nicodemus, like some others who came out and said I want the body of Jesus. And in that moment that was a defining moment, his face after all those years of following Christ known about them in standing up for him and not falling in with the Sanhedrin.

There their hateful attacks on Jesus and not participating the crucifixion all that he stood up he says is is it I'm taking a stand and he risked everything to stand with Jesus in his death essay, I will the body of Christ. He goes right to Pilate, which shows he had wealth and influence you has been a member the Sanhedrin do that and this goes deep into our faith. Robbie, the burial of Christ as the Lisko lease finally bends we gotta get back to attend those at the funeral.

Well, you know, we know that that you know that the desire Joseph is innocent. By the late Joseph. The distributor was likely was a sea recycle. He finally showed up will were the others. That is one of those questions, you can help but wonder, but that's one of the things I think is beautiful is it, both here and at the resurrection. You see, the presence of women and how God called women out in and through Christ. Throughout this time, and you see the difference tween the way that God made men and women that there are so relational that they can somehow or another take on this pain that you know I a lot of men I know you you can't get them to come. It's it's it's something to go into a nursing home and all those kind of things that that women play a super role of of reflecting word where God would want to be there in this in the stretch and Jesus gave beautiful in the Bible the word of God apostle Paul. The word God gives beautiful dignity.

Women mean it really does it of you know you look at there are religions today that oppress enslaved beat women religions are very popular, even popular in America understand how these folks reconcile that. But Christianity gives dignity to women like no other faith as daughters of the king and this was that these women were there. Joseph Arimathea was there.

The disciples they were hot dog get out of town because they knew there was a cross set up for them right in probably scared to death. But Joseph stood with the body of Jesus, and he asked for it in its burial rites of the next is how does the burial of Jesus impact the lives of all believers. You know, have you been boarding MS that that's the big question is this situation of Jesus going into this new tomb, something that you've ever embraced and considered in what really happened because that decision that this is what you really believe I mean this is where the rubber really meets the road of you know I have I come to grips with this and that unit is five. I think it would only jump to that practical point. But it's interesting that the common type of tombs. These tombs are still found Israel day. Many of you hewn out of Iraq right they a lot of them compete almost like ossuary contain multiple shelves from anybody's.

We know from the other Gospels, as well as this was Joseph's personal tomb.

Think about that you go out you buy a plot it's for your family. Me and my sweetheart related rest right there in that tomb we paid a lot of money for. We have preplanned right where you know it there's all kinds of buyer plot now writes a big you know and and that's a huge industry, will he he said I would give my plot to Jesus. I want to say you know my 401(k). My hope you know that's not a cheap affair right to bury someone into into have a tomb and in the air once jockeying for the good ones. Especially here, not a rock that's exactly right To Be Done, so It's Interesting to Note That, You Know, Just in so You so It Was His Personal to Me As I'm Given That the Christ and It's Interesting That MI If I Committed My Death, Jesus. If I Find My Funerals of the Jews Prices Although Just so If You're an Awesome God He Passed up the Truth Network Pastor Dr. Ken Harris. We Went to Be with Christ and the Funeral so Exalting of Jesus I Mean the Gospel Is Given in a in a Couple Hours Time Robbie Probably You Know 100 Times.

I Love It. This Is What Pastors Did. Even His Own Voice at the End He Played. He Said I Hope You Know Jesus Hope You'll Be Safe You Call upon the Lord Come to Christ. A Love That, and Even in His Death, Dr. Harris Honored and Lifted up Jesus and Just Where Is He Is Sitting on My Death, the Christ of You Know What I Basically Am.That's out There. I'm My Whole Future.

It Is Known so Often We Put Whelming to Live for Him Now but That You Later on My Inheritance. I Will Second Reflect Him Will Joe's Was All in. It Was a Tomb in Which No One Ever Relate How Fashion Christ Rd. in Jerusalem on an unbroken right a cult that had never been written and these beautiful women were there so there's this whole thing and then it comes down to this. What in the world am I gonna do. Jesus allow that question, because to be born again. Nicodemus was even the other secret disciples and will. How can a woman that you use someone entered a woman's womb right a second time and he did understand the concept of new life. You can't be buried until you've died to you've been crucified until you have died and he realized it know what my life right now that I live in is a mine in my life is a wreck and I'm a sinner and I violated a holy God and all have sinned and fall short in the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life, and what it is God do for God so loved the world he gave his only son. He gave his son to death. He gave his son to burial. He gave his son to be raised from the dead, that whosoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life. So life with Christ is so critical life with Christ means you are intimately connected with him in his life and his death in his burial and his resurrection into a Robbie is in it. Isn't that isn't that picture of burial there. He was literally dead.

Doesn't that even more. Show us the beautiful hope of the resurrection.

Eminem more than blessed. Remember coming up out of the waters of baptism and and feeling like I was stepping onto an order for a slate of first life away to live a kingdom life in a non-concern like Joseph with what my burial. Don't be like oh let's consider in a work how can we bring Jesus's kingdom in and that in the pure joy of living in the larger story you and I would encourage you to consider a Christian burial. A tradition crystal bear Christian burial. Again, I'm not knocking. Those are cremated. There been some wonderful worshipful people saved the people's funerals that had been cremated, but understand there's a tradition cremation come from Eastern thought Eastern mysticism which says it, which is a pantheistic view that we kinda disintegrate.

We all kind. They were all one will kinda go back in the universe and karma and all that comes out that is that is a fact. Cremation comes out of Eastern mysticism Christian burial.

By the way a lot of folks that there's believers who are cremated, they're going to be fine go straight to heaven.

There's a lot of unbelievers were buried and of making Christians because they have a Christian burial right but burial is a intrinsically historically epistemologically Christian act that you know that comes from Christian's influence by Christianity in the burial of Jesus is one of the biggest factors in that so it's kind of anything. Regardless, make sure the Gospels proclaimed don't make the cremation of the burial.

He'll die on, no pun intended, but to make sure the gospel of Jesus Christ the Lord Jesus Christ is saving Jesus the one who came and died and was buried, and rose from the dead. Make sure he is lifted up and people are invited to come to him and that's the beauty of the burial of Christ in a phenomenal fasting event. I encourage you to study it some more and in read it know this passage is not only by the way in Luke chapter which which we have spent time on a day in the past. Lucas were journeying to Luke is not just a Luke 2352 56. It's in Matthew 27 Mark 15 and John 19 its importance in all the Gospels and its prophesied and it's in all the creeds. The burial of Jesus is in all the creeds and it's in the New Testament and it really is intimately connected with his baptism.

When you're baptized with you know you're baptized in Christ in your you're also representing what he did, not just in his death in his new life, but in his burial. Robbie want to think about. Thanks ability Damien's been fun yeah think due to the Scriptures send me an email reach out to me on twitter at Stu Epperson on my Facebook at Stu Epperson on Instagram and I'm on LinkedIn.

Love, executor, and would love to hear your thoughts. God bless you.

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