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Remembering 9/11

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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September 11, 2021 11:21 am

Remembering 9/11

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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September 11, 2021 11:21 am

Stu is joined by Chris Perry, who shares his 9/11 story on the 20th anniversary of the attacks.

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The cuticle of the Russian nightmare know the devil's nightmare here from it's time to man up challenging men step into their true manhood. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth.

Podcast network. This is good Truth Network where were you on September 11, 2001. I'm Stu Epperson in this special podcast today were remember 9/11. I was honored to sit down with good friend and mentor who will tell you some pretty intense things why this is a rough day for him and a lot of people please be praying for all these families of all these victims and let's remember our awesome heroes who stood strong and tall and one of the darkest days in American history. Here is my visit with my good friend and mentor Chris Perry in his living room as he talks about 9/11 20 years ago today, September 11, 2001 is a day that changed America and this is the anniversary the 20 year anniversary of that day that tragedy and I'm with one of my mentors who is deeply connected to that day and I never bugged him on that day sort of record this but his name is Chris. He's been on my live show. I've heard him speak and articulate his testimony and his connection and friends its deep its intensities want to warn you it's it's extremely emotional but I'm grateful for him being willing to come on this show truth talk was Stu Epperson to at least help us think through the dynamics and what happened that day. We don't want to forget there's sisters kids being raised of the dark here about this. There's people that are even denying it there. Try to get out history books and so Chris Perry take yourself back 20 years there you were your New York guy you're a Wall Street guy you are north on a transplant for God you're here, you might not would be here if you had answered the summons to go to some kind of breakfast in one of the World Trade Center restaurants but thank you for sharing your story. How do you frame this whole thing is all on TV and everywhere will thanks to its own funds to agree with you and know how how you care about the moment in it and in the you been of great comfort to me because I know you understand how powerful that was and you know so many people who by the way, were much more effective than I was.

Only I did not lose a family member in I didn't know my children will never endanger my brother and I together after we got out to the salon while you get home we got home and them so you don't. It's not my story but I just have a I came from a town that lost 16 people came from a church that lost the one of its universal and foundational members. I know my kids schools had folks who who parents who were involved and were killed, and you don't clubs I was affiliated with, so people I knew around town so it was all rent and and was pervasive from inside the town I lived in Summit, New Jersey, was managed to make it. Also, onto the national stage because 60 minutes focus on one resident of Summit who was whose remains were not found. For very long time and so we had Ed Bradley at our church and you know we have the whole 60 minutes thing going on, and so you felt like you are part of a national conversation and you felt like you were part of a personal tragedy. At the same time and other towns were hard hit in hotels like Manhasset and Ridgewood lost more so. Our town wasn't the worst hit town, but it was you know the deep sadness of some of the little things that you came to notice you one of the things that were the symbols of our town that was so sad was the event next day knowing what back to work that next day couldn't get to work really all the tunnels and bridges were close not affect the hall tunnels close for one year as they needed to plot the materials of the damaged building and they needed to get emergency churches will close for one entire year which they getting to work.

Not pleasant. Lord have anywhere from New Jersey but I digress. Once one symbol was the cars that were left in the commuter train station that were there day after day the same, week after week. It was almost months before some of them got moved because no one wanted to be part of it chose the people to ignore the keys words of truth I don't I don't want to see that car data. Who knows, you know, we we had a very young pastor in our church whose now become very a very important pastor is that rich, which was the pastor of Peachtree Prez. Nobody was the brand-new 29-year-old pastor of our church first Presbyterian Summit and he tells a story of this one victim whose murder that day and going into the hat, his house and keep Kelly look a little bit with a silhouette like his. Like her husband and the end of the wife, thinking that he's come home you know if his cup he found his way home and giving them they realize it wasn't him the slip.

Just the hope maybe this will come.

Maybe this'll maybe this'll be okay. Maybe they'll come home. Maybe the event I measure. Maybe there in a hospital in all that stuff that was you that was all so sad. My children, my sons went to a Camp Dudley up Lake Champlain Camp Dudley is always America. It's a Christian can tomatoes the other fellow first and it's it's been operating continuously since 18 something or other. Any son of a lost parent was able to go that Without charge as many years as well, as was you as is needed or wanted. And so you know that's the next summer use all the sons of all the men that you got all of that event. You know you saw them all up there everywhere you went. It was Windows whose husbands and come home.

It was young men and young women whose dads had come home so the others just tells us great sadness.

The great geopolitical implications of the we all know we just Wear towards Afghanistan for 20 years. We we were obviously at war with Iraq and we have some this, but this will display with incidental awful lot of money on technology and people and make them explore and I'm not sure that the lecture how much we benefit from attending the wars what war is terrible. Anyway was a Chris Perry you are working on Wall Street. A lot of us wash these 9/11 shows memorials documentaries.

We see planes flying ability so yet we knew there was no site is also we news and happens almost like you read the Bible and that they had no idea about the stuff that was inhabitable. We would we we find site 2020 but II there were people working there, people going to work every day. There were people invited so you are invited to an event there at the trade center and I do remember you sharing about a phone call with someone and they are your friends in there with what you were talking with a buddy while all this was going on. He needed know what was happening. Maybe you did know was gonna write and of course confusion was unbearable and and I have a get a Guyana file on the phone when he worked up the care and talk to them for a minute and you know they were very concerned but they would evacuate and they thought they could get out and and then help then the phone eventually died because all the phones went out eventually. So you know it is an open question never saw the governor heard from again because he everyone on the counter floor terrace that to anybody who's anybody was above the plane strike couldn't get out and didn't get out the breakfast I was supposed to be at, which was at the windows of the world was as I was at the top of the north tower and nobody came home from that breakfast and ended and there were no that that breakfast you know a dozen people I knew well and you know 50 people. I knew the clients and so was it was it was it was and by the way all the cooks died in all servers died was just your wall for guys it was it was everyday.

Men and women who who were killed and one of one of the guys who was at that breakfast is I tell his story because he was a big guy.

Great guy.

He was an athlete is to play for New York football Giants briefly and his tennis player in the bike I do it because he used to have a party where you are right around that time of year in New York. The US opens in town that freckles employment now in the US open the I would attract 07 and old-timers turned and he would get guys like Stan Smith generals will the complainant's club and have a party.

Some feel his friends could play tennis with him and talk till here the old stories and and them. It is just a big man he was. It was at that breakfast is family always called him Superman on because he was still the guy great athlete in the community could do anything in the head that personality and and people were very attracted to and them I like to think that the he flew that on while Chris Perry, a Wall Street guy who has gone on to be not only my mentor but started some really cool ministries and interparty ministries only come back and do a quick segue just tells how we can frame this how we can pray for all the still families are hurting families, died in come home families. It her mission in a people. It's time recovered the bodies we come back remembering 9/11 untruth talk on Stu Epperson hang on.

Where were you on 9/11 September 11, 2001 a day that shook America. I believe the most bloodied attack on American soil. You know, we have the Pearl Harbor the day that will be remembered in infamy, going back 80 years or so, but in 2001 war struck and it struck by the in the form of airplanes in the two World Trade Center's, and in the Pentagon and Pennsylvania, and attacked. It was averted by some very brave people who you're familiar with the owner forget them in that famous statement by that. Was he a Judeo wrestler guy who said let's go member natural glycerol yellow book and you know you sure about is his widow who's written a great book and she's been all over TV but back I was a hero. I believe well there are so many heroes out of that day and so much redemption others. A wonderful book called the red bandanna is a Boston College young man who kept going back up to getting more people down the stairs who you know and that he was doing it just because of who he was and that's subsets of creditor dentistry that there is a play on Broadway that's actually showing over than streaming networks called come from where it was a Broadway play the tour around the country bridging I saw that we had.

It was in Denver and my kids who live in Denver. The grandkids there. We have the seal we babysat for them comfortable way is a story of 500 people whose planes were grounded in Newfoundland and old waystation that is to be used as a stopping point on the when flights couldn't go as far as England would they would go to Newfoundland and Greenland and they go on to England and that this Air Force base was pretty big but the town is pretty small and if you get a chance to see comfortable way. One of the things that have happened there is that the townspeople opened up their lives in their homes and their schools. In any venue they could relate.

They fed and clothed and cared for these people who by the way, had no communication beyond no place to live in no place to sleep and no put nothing to eat. Communication by well the dogs that were the holes. Apparently of these claims to the point story, but the several the people of the plane that were very successful.

Wall Streeters and no one from that town will ever pay for their college again while wow just one that the hero stories like came out. These firefighters use heroes you guys. I was watching Facebook were a firefighter who had his full reality on his full uniform helmet everything and he was doing stair steppers in the gym to commemorate his colleagues who perished in those buildings who went up the stairs with full regalia, with axes and tanks of oxygen and in their their all their equipment, Chris. How do you if you as you look at it is you think about it and as you talk to all another generation.

Maybe who is and is familiar with 9/11.

They didn't live through it in my my kids were were young and tiny. I think my oldest daughter has some memories.

You know, but watching it on the television hearing about it. It was of the Christian radio stairs of the Truth Network when it was all I was there just after it all happen.

Watching replays to wonder what was going on in our country's been attackers or more tax Commons is in is my home to blowup but can you help us frame this like what all share one other about importance of prayer.

The importance of your your faith in the Lord just to get you through this is a difficult time year for you because you were connected with people as so many folks this is a hard time year, yet it has a hard time year end and I did get pretty reflective and kinda quiet and I can just say stupid.

I wish there was no evil in the world and I certainly think war is awful and it has consequences that reverberate down generations and this was an evil act that perpetuated the delayed painful and very costly war. So you know were not in America. We've been blessed. We had to seize we work in a we've even when Hawaii was attacked and was able it was a statement was it was a territory so this was a very shocking thing for our country, but it's not. It's in the Bible only not this attack but that men covered each of you know coveting what will the other men have and that people will fight wars and create a great deal of death and destruction to pursue their own gains. What is what is Jesus say about that meeting, you know, I believe that he was described as the Prince of peace and you know Jesus was not someone who started a war war advocated for war. He was he was a lover of men and men so I women so I arrived. I just don't that evil things happened to this country on our soil to people who were ill, community leaders, you know, it was mostly men who died. It was been in the prime of their lives been who had wives and brothers and uncles, and parents and children, and your worst Boy Scout leaders in church elders and they were the primary lives. They were taken away from all those things. So it hurts. It hurts horribly. How do you possibly manage world that could be that evil.

How do you know how you get of the morning knowing does that kind evil out there will you know if you don't have a faith your Crisis a try. Know Christ that crisis and without the Lord, and you and I can see the gospel working in your life. Lotta gospel opportunities connected to 9/11 on objects to pray for people to show love Lotta Christian steps are game of administered widows administered to kids helping them with going to camp at Camp Dudley other things, Chris Berry, a Wall Street guy Unocal in York not too long after that, North Carolina.

You became my mentor.

Messy, a lot of neat fruit from that God kept you alive you could've been at that breakfast. You are invited to what you declined and is a you know it's the World Trade Center's was the world restaurant you're back in North Carolina here.

You helped you in some guys right there on your patio or your home right now on your patio there out there use. Do you and some guy started the new Canaan Society chapter, a great men's group in Winston-Salem and then you're involved in radical mentoring EE Telus gives bring your listeners up to speed of what God is doing without real quick and organ wrap the segment up on a remember 9/11 but one of the people close to that and what God is doing now your life with a radical mentoring these other things while still the call is Oswald Chambers has a wonderful September 11 if you're a follower of Oswald Chambers my utmost for his highest. On September 11. He it's it's the call to serve while the call to certain you know, down here gave me a lot more time and it I'd know I was able to but I was able to be self-employed and of that extra time I was fairly committed and in high think I've been true this to you know making the baking more of my time for the king payment will thank you for the time you invested in me is audited on her interview you. In the end, just the words of encouragement. I always pray for you extra. During this time of year because of how hard either.

The people you lost in the friend you lost a 9/11 so many people hurting Sony people semi-casualties but look for gospel opportunities and look for to to to trust the Lord through these difficult times and it's getting worse. You know out there by God is good and God still got us here because his sons in a return to take us home. In the meantime we got a lot of soldiery try brother Chris. He came to serve not to be served. God bless you and this podcast will will put it out there too, so be sure you download share in remember 911 tell the stories tell the stories of the heroes tell the stories of the lost all the stories of the truth about all this to your kids and your grandkids.

Don't let their memory be lost on this important day in American history. This tragic day in American injury.

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