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Men, Listen to Your Wives!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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August 13, 2021 3:51 pm

Men, Listen to Your Wives!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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August 13, 2021 3:51 pm

...2,000 years ago, Pontius Pilate did not take that advice! Stu and Robby talk about it as they continue their discussion of Jesus' Trial in Luke 23: 12-25.

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This is Darren Kuhn with the masculine journey podcast research the ancient paths to find ways that God brings light into a dark world and help set men free from the struggles that we all face on a day-to-day basis. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network men listen to your wives 2000 years ago. Pilate did not take that advice.

His wife had a bad dream and he didn't listen. At the most famous trial in history. A man's wife interrupted the most important decision. Her husband would never make what you say to him have nothing to do with this righteous man. For I have suffered many things today in a dream because of him that is Matthew 27 verse 19 the incident were looking at took place in Luke's gospel which were journeying through right now. So glad you're with us in Luke chapter 23 versus 12 to 25 or back again we experience truth and I was able to wrangle the Christian car guy to be back with this Robbie Gilmore thanks for jumping in your mantis is awesome stuff working to read starting in verse 21 and we got some more questions as we journey through Luke your own experience. Truth so that was good Robbie. But they shouted, saying, crucify him crucified him, and he said to them, 1/3 time, what evil is a Donna I found the reason for death in him.

I will therefore chat. I will therefore chastise him and let him go, but they were insistent demanding with loud voices that he be crucified in the voices of these men and the chief priests prevail. So Pilate gave sentence that should be as they requested any release to them. The one they requested who for rebellion and murder had been thrown into prison, but he delivered Jesus to their will.

So we pick up at our questions. Robbie, as we get toward the end as to what's going on here that the notorious washing of the hands here we have this great trial in throughout the night as we journeyed. We have seen crises appeared before Pilate and then he's off to Herod and then back before Pilate, and so Pilate offers to try to assuage the crowd to scourge Jesus hoping that this nefarious cat of nine tails also known as the flagellum with wood assuage and pacify the crowd, but it did none of that. In fact, they were even more upset, more angry and bloodthirsty. After that, by the way, the only reference of releasing a prisoner a passer feast is in the Gospel of Luke, but you also should see the other Gospels for the account of the passion the passion of Christ is a huge chunk of narrative in the Gospels and the only point we know that pilots wife interrupted this whole ordeal from Matthew's account which shall we read earlier so this is a fascinating contrast. Remember when Jesus cousin John the Baptist was on trial. You have Herod being interrupted by his wife.

Now Jesus is on trial and profits interrupted by his wife, one wife pressed her husband to kill, behead, John.

The other wife to spare Jesus. So you see a contrast in that the mob is intensified. It's got louder as though they have Pilate over a barrel in John's account. They actually threaten to go to Caesar's apology despise Artie been in trouble is Artie been on egg shells. These people political careers.

Hang in the balance. They want to go to Caesar. He could not afford the potable fallout. So then we have this?

The question is why did Pilate wash his hands. Yes, a lot of deep symbolism there in both Jewish tradition and in Roman tradition.

This is of the symbol of I am passing the buck. I am not. This is not on me. This is all on you, and as noted in the passage the Jews received it when they said, his blood be upon us and our people and so this was a very condemning statement. This was just as a sad day is a very real sense that his blood be upon us energies later say will get to this in Luke 23 little bit further down the road when he says father forgive them for they know not what it actually. Luke 24 when he says, is working across they know not what they do. So Pilate had no idea he's wash his hands that for the will of the one who would die to wash away our sins and so this is what we do. By the way, do we have any idea that our sin that are passing the buck are blaming our victimization of ourselves are mistreating of others.

In this and that is what is the sin is what Jesus Christ died for, and so some deep things happen here.

Keep going in what ways do we see God's perfect plan at work here, even in the evil crowd. I mean, what's so sobering about the statement his blood be upon us and our children. One of the most sobering statements in all of history and all the Bible for certain, and you have Internet language author John you that language all throughout Isaiah and in Peter's sermon in acts chapter 2, where he effectively comes out against Israel and says you killed him.

Jesus Christ, whom you crucified, whom you executed. You called for his blood and essays be another state was also led to unfortunate anti-Semitism where even some of the days, the Reformation and even some of the folks in the Catholic Church would in a misguided way lay at the feet and the Gina would the Jews did Jesus even Adolf Hitler would try to pass the buck on his atrocious evil centering on the juicing lid with a did you know you can read that is led anti-Semitism, but the import is on the fact that they called for Christ blood and they are no more sinners than you and I are. There's an old saying the ground is level at the foot of the cross, but it's important to note in this point in history. They did say this, and it was a damning statement. How beautiful that some of these very shoes that cried for the blood of Christ would be washed in the blood of Jesus at Pentecost as salvation would come down and 3000 save a couple chapters later next 5000 were added and some of the worst most anti-Jesus zealous Pharisees like Saul would be turned and changed by the very blood that they cried for to become preach the gospel to bring us the gospel to this very day. So a lot of contrast a lot of sobering thoughts on that and get your personal list.

These final questions. How does Barabbas represent me and whose hands are stained with the blood of Jesus. So Barabbas literally means the naming son of the father and how providential and he will look as a contrasting Barabbas Jesus Barabbas was get what he deserved that Mill cross had his name on it and the other two guys either side. One would be unrepentant and unreadable study. These two thieves coming up in the next chapter in a real sense of you look at the Hebrew on that name. It's homeboy Regina can help me make me feel like you know this is my house. This is my situation and the beauty of actually taking communion is right in a way you're celebrating his death every time you do it.

It really isn't yours in the fact that it took the name of notorious criminals name son farming Barabbas's parents were bragging. Hey, this is our little guy looking that being ace is seditious. You know, violent murder immediately gospel this is a bad dude and even the thieves on the cross as he was ghetto. He was condemned was with two malefactors are called malefactors are called thieves, but that the word in the Greek is Terrace.

These would be like members of Isys members of the Taliban and murderous people did cut people's throats. Innocent children kill horrible people and Barabbas was the ringleader. He was like the top dog. He was like a Charles Manson.

He would been the guy that everyone would've been afraid of the like were glad that he's locked away and so here Pilate says hey will turn Jesus loose on this day of atonement and they said no, rather than the son of God whose come to save us rather than receive his salvation. We would rather have Barabbas of Lottie evil man and but there's a very real sense of Jesus, you know, like you said Robbie.

He took our place so we could become sons, the father love Romans eight word says not given the spirit of fear under bondage were given the spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, father, daddy, and we all literally hear that name, but we we bear rightly because in Adam's sin, we fall by one man sin. Sin in the world, and death by sin. Romans five first and is 15 both passes tell us explicitly, but Jesus Christ, the son of God came so as many as received him, to them gave he the right to become sons of the father. So we have been adopted with that price was an infinite price a price paid by Christ and its picture right here, the substitutionary atonement we always say this, Jesus died in my place. We talk about Jesus died for you right first rate is 50 now that Christ died for our sins.

We say that, but he literally died for Barabbas.

In other words, that cross was literally members Simon this Irene literally carries Jesus cross but Barabbas was literally designed to land do to hang on that cross and be beaten and bloodied but he went three so his crime was placed on Jesus Jesus freedom was placed on Barabbas.

It was an exchange. Now it was a temporal transaction. We don't know the Barabbas's heart was changed. I mean for him to see that look back later you think woe had that guy had to get save later but I sure would like to know if he did I love to see him in heaven. But imagine Barabbas wandering by that crucifixion site there is is too good buddies partisan crimes and in the middle is the guy who died for him and how are we like that time MS I get back to communion again as I think about it is on celebrating. That is, it is in fact a feast and were literally taking in the body of Christ, and were literally drinking his blood that we recognize that it's our sin that this requiring this every single time we do it, but as a celebration to it saying hey, this is this the end of this business yet for me. You know it's all it is a celebration. That's the that's the crazy, you know, mystery and all that it is completely Jesus's love for Barabbas and you know this is love for you that he would loan to do such and let's close with this thought Robbie. The statement they said, his blood be upon us right in our children. What are we saying it and we take the cup when we sang that song are you washed in the blood, which might kind of freak out unbelievers and other of them have been around church like of these guys vampires are barbarians, but you will either have his blood on your hands burning in hell forever because you never admitted it was your sinner killed him. You never took the gift of salvation or you will have his blood covering you in the Levitical type where he says without the shedding of blood.

In Hebrew says that there is no remission of sins. The question is which side of that cross you want to be on where the cross that you deserve. You will suffer hell forever because of what your send it to Jesus right or you will allow his blood to flow over you and that beautiful there is a fountain filled with load blood that flows from the manuals things and sinners. There beneath the flood right lose all our sin and shame. So receive that gift, let his blood cleanser love at first John 19 verse we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us wide because the blood of Jesus washes away all sins so have you been washed. Have you have you recognize that Jesus took your place.

And when that happens everything change that's offered in Robbie that everyone I was thinking and then in then here's the final question. Who are you telling about that, because if he is washed you. You need to go tell somebody just like the leper would cry out. I'm clean I'm clean will hear you telling I'm clean. I washed look what he did for me. Who are you grabbing and taking with you or share the good news. The sign of someone who's been saved as they will reach others and tell them the good news that a Savior came and died for a wretch like me and I'm I'm a beggar showing other beggars where they can find bread that's experienced truth, I'm Stu, thanks for being with us, please read the word study, word, memorize the word meditate on the word and share this word of God was someone else before your head is still not even a young person your home. Show them the good news that Jesus Christ came to save sinners just like me

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