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Pronouncing Judgement on Jesus

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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July 30, 2021 1:00 am

Pronouncing Judgement on Jesus

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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July 30, 2021 1:00 am

Imagine looking into the eyes of Jesus Christ... and pronouncing judgement on Him. Stu & Robby continue to explore the Trial of Jesus in Luke 23: 13-25.


Hi, I met my cohost Rhiannon Michael Paul and I like on Mormonism to be brighter than we were told it would be doing is for discussions about our journeys Mormon to Jesus chosen should never just enjoy sharing most of listening to The Truth Podcast Network.

This is good Truth Network. Imagine looking into the eyes of Jesus Christ and pronouncing judgment on him. 2000 years ago, the man who would do that. His wife interrupted him as he was about to make the most important decision. He would ever make in the middle of the race trial in all of history.

The trial of Jesus pilots wife sent him an urgent message we read that in Matthew 27 verse 19 have nothing to do with this righteous man. For I have suffered many things today in a dream because of him. So Hooters pilot listen to his own sense of justice which repeatedly found no fault in him. You also found Jesus and the religious leaders and their host of haters crying out for blood or does he actually listen to his wife. We all know hindsight is only one right in the whole situation Wednesday in the word is our government meet every week and we bring it to you as you have truth talk every week on experienced truisms of leisure. I'm Stu Epperson with me long to write a day is the man who rides a lot on national radio Rob Gilmore, the Christian car guy Robbie thanks for popping with my friend Jordan's my pleasure.

We got a lot on this retrial demanded to have you back next week as it may not get all this week but is such important territory in terms of history and redemptive history and I love for you to read the passage. If you would, Luke 2313 through 25 pilot wanted called together the chief priest, the rulers and the people said to them, you brought this man to me as one who misleads the people, and indeed have and examine him in your presence. I have found no fault in this man. Concerning those things, in which he accused him know. Neither did Herod.

For I sent you back to him. And indeed, nothing deserving of death has been done by him. I will therefore chastise him and release it, for it was necessary to release one of them at the feast and they all cried out. At one saying away with this man and release us Barabbas and who had been a Barabbas had been thrown into prison for a certain rebellion made in the city and for murder pilot therefore wishing to release Jesus again cried out to them but they shouted, crying crucify him crucified. Then he said to them, the third time, why, what evil has he done. I found no reason for death and him.

I will therefore chastise him and let him go, but they were insistent demanding with loud voices that he be crucified in the voices of these men and of the chief priest prevailed. The pilot gave sentence that it should be as they requested any release them. The one they requested who for rebellion and murder had been thrown into prison, but he delivered Jesus to their will. So that's Luke 2313 to 25. That's also in Matthew 27 Mark 15 John 18 this interchange is parts of it are in fall for the Gospels. Robbie asked his first question is we get right into a real fascinating a fact of history that that many may not remember. Why would they call for the release of a convicted murderer over the innocent one who raised the dead sailor calling out for the release of Barabbas which is which is awful man, a bloodied man.

Yet Jesus is innocent. So this this is a real contrasting thing and what's even more contrasting a little higher there Robbie if you look at that question. I'm baffled. There's so much injustice being miscarried here or you have all these religious leaders of the Jews, declaring Christ guilty like they would have Barabbas but the pagan Romans, the ones you have no note really know conch is really that are all debauched amine. If you study pilots bloodied history of the study, Herod's blood is receiving blood or air it out like almost all his family murdered. Yet they found no fault of Jesus.

So you see these contrasting utopia parallels here and you wonder what's going on. Pilot was bound to represent Roman justice and law.

This is the lady justice we have in our course you know that lady who sees this on display in our courts blindfolded and holding the scales.

This was very much a principle of pox Romana, the Roman law in a Roman justice Roman peace and so there is there is a sense of that holding pilot but now he's at the greatest trial of history is that all these voices in his ear.

He says let's scourge Christ so we can release, pacify the crowd and maybe will finally release him and then he says hey you know what I'll do ALL given the hardest criminal on death row. This guy's Bureau got across work at a key execute him today will will offer him up and let Jesus go free. Seems natural casino he did was denote the custom was to turn one prisoner loose and the worst he heard then release Barabbas so all of his diplomacy. All of pilots political maneuvering. Any chooses popularity over politics and even over the voice of his wife, Robbie, have you ever had a big decision you gotta make and there's your wife's voice wanting you saying I don't do it. Somehow our lives are gifted with it. Gift of discernment as was the case of pilots wife a viable, often heard people saying that there God sounds a lot like your wife you before we become dismissive about our lives all great United here she comes again all know you are just trying to ruin my good afternoon my teatime or whatever it is I remember those words from another wise person you listen to your wife. She's got the gift of discernment always have heard that on all kinds Christian radio AFR radio Truth Network. Rev heard ghetto godly men Dobson another say listen your wife. Don't dismiss it and pilot obviously didn't even the sobering words of a distraught wife would not deter her husband from the greatest miscarriage in all of history with an interesting question to me is what was God up to them that Howard Z gave her the dream. Many clearly knew that Jesus needed to make it to the cross so I'm sorry but that question distance. I was sitting there pondering it is you're talking.

Why did God do that. He obviously wanted to highlight this situation and pilot. So here yes and is it you know there's something significant about this. The wife or dream you know you don't want to geometry to lightly or too tightly, but in this moment. Pilot stamps his indelible imprint on history as a coward and is the one who condemned the only innocent man to death Jesus Christ. Can you imagine looking at Jesus's eyes as piloted and in John 1838 and looking him the icing. What is truth just he's looking into the truth Jesus Christ.

So the pilots mentioned in the book of acts is mentioned in the epistles. He is even mentioned in the much acclaimed apostles Creed.

He's mentioned there and which references how Christ suffered under Pontius Pilate. History tells us he was exiled to Gaul and 8036 commuted committed suicide just prior to going on trial for another political accusation is political life was fraught with turmoil and turbulence but this is the third Roman trial of Jesus that the second trial before Pilate in the final trial before he goes off to the cross so verse 13, 14, 15 hear your pilot because all the people together the chief priests, the elders, he gets them altogether so he can plead the innocence of Jesus once more at Herod's Artie found of guilt in him, so there have been a total of 3 to 5 declarations of innocence about Jesus from these guys and the Jews of course were were out for they are declared him guilty so I don't know if we can go to this skip down this next question Robbie of the bottling when the mob gets loud and the mob comes after him. He completely gives in to their whims and and he even after releasing Barabbas offer to do that which is traditional due at the passer fees. The only reference that by the way, is in the Gospel of Luke. So Robbie go down this question of the washing the hands US just fascinates me. So why did he wash his hands. Deuteronomy apparently has some answers are for you.

Yeah so there's some significance with the sacrificial system. There are some significance with the deep symbolism of handwashing and what it meant. And in this case a pilot was basically saying you know I'm I'm. This is off me. He's completely indemnifying himself as a fun legal word against any damages or liability in saying he is all you know. Ironically, he offered up Barabbas whose name means son of the father. Barabbas is also called a robber or thief is called an insurrection.

She's called a murderer if you look at all the gospel accounts of together. This guy had a pretty nasty resume. He's probably thinking don't look at the other chalices keep it in thief but he was a really bad guy was a terrorist. John 1010 says the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. This would be an accurate description not just of Satan but of this ringleader, and he was all three of those things Barabbas spent his life killing, stealing and destroying. Ironically, Christ Jesus was bound toward the cross that was meant for gratis. There's a lot of great contrast between him and Jesus there. He is stealing is alive Christ is restoring he's killing Jesus is raising the dead. He stirred a patent Jesus brought love and peace. He was the first ever directly experience a vicarious substitutionary atonement thing that we also Christ died in my place. Will Christ literally the first person he died.

The place I was Barabbas. Why because Barabbas was actually targeted or fit for that exact cross so there is Christ dying for him in his little cross you know literally what a powerful picture of the gospel personal picture you know that song as I think about I'm forgiven because he was forsaken literally no guilty Barabbas, whose name means son of the father was pardoned while innocent Jesus, the son of God was condemned to make me a son of the heavenly father. So there's so many pictures in here you think about what Jesus said in his in his stated essence of his mission. John Luke 1910 earlier in Luke the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost. Barabbas would've been that one.

Just Google YouTube videos on Barabbas on the story. Just imagine what would've confounded his mind.

Here I'm going scot-free on the most guilty man in the whole country.

They finally caught me. I bloodied all kinds of people and destroyed all kinds of homes and rolled and Israel and Herod and Pilate I'm guilty on all fronts. And yet I'm walking away and that man who's the innocent, spotless Lamb of God is taking away my sin and taking my cross while so the mob screams crucify him. Verse 21 runtime for this rod will come back next time and get into the final verses on down here in verses 21 onto verse 25. This call to crucify him and even then pilot as you know, still back and forth with them disagreeing with them, argue with them and by then he delivered Jesus over but a lot of their do you know Christ. Do you realize you and I are Barabbas, Christ, the son of God to our cross took my place on that cross so he could make us sons of God.

John 112 as many as received him, to them gave you the right, the power to become sons of God will be here next time and experience truth read a work-study word share the word memorize a word in. Share the good news of Jesus was someone before your head hits the pillow tonight.

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