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What Is God Doing in Our World?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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July 21, 2021 1:00 am

What Is God Doing in Our World?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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July 21, 2021 1:00 am

Stu sits down with apologist Alex McFarland at the airport to talk about the state of the Christian community and how God moved at the 2021 National Religious Broadcasters Convention.

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This is Hans Schild from the finishing well podcast on finishing well. We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money. Your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just seconds.

Enjoy Sharon but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport when you sit down next to one of the leading apologetics mind in the land trained under Josh McDowell, Gary, have a mess and the likes. His name is Dr. Alex McFarland and Alex.

We are just leaving NRB national religious, but I saw you on the first day coming in at a big warm hug. He said he will see you around, and then three days later I'm seeing you first time since right here in the airport, going back to Greensboro together. Tell us what God did in your life. The last three days and sale at all assertive truth. Dr. love you so much. All students are great sea man I love you so much. Your great brother in the Lord and you have been NRB nationalist broadcasters. What was the most meaningful thing for me was seeing Erwin looser and praying.

You know, for the country and seeing people like our mutual friend Tenney Evans now and Pat Bennett remember what it what an incredible godly family.

Are you like 172. Now they know, but because he saying on the architecture is one he was. He was the musical entertainment on that cruise, a cruise ship with no knowingness, no right exactly and I airport taxes talk to Eric with taxes for Joel Rosenberg you Nigel got prophecy talk about the spirit on your first big large gathering of believers since coping talk about the mood.

The temperature once the passion is there a passion for souls is there a miss your logic billions of never about Jesus is this just another holy hole national religious broadcasters.

Alex was it really you feel mobilized to go reach the world for Christ. I absolutely do Stuart and you know what I know the world is has loving concern right now I'm a lot of things I mean, my goodness, Joel Rosenberg was talking about how Syria and Iran may have nuclear capabilities and their 50 ways the world is in jeopardy right now but all over this convention. People praying I had program directors of stations coming up to me saying look, Alex, we don't want any airtime fees will put you on the radio preach the gospel. This is a program by the way those listening Alex McFarland host a program culture through new generation yes and quickly customize it for me. Truth for us to generation. When I was establishing your aunt all the Truth Network stations run all these AFRC's always wonderful filter truth.also cure your program and I think you physically but in the essence of is what you're talking about right. Yeah, I mean we are all committed to reach for Christ. People will soon. I'm so glad to see you in the RV before. What was it like as a participant like you actually came as yours. Wilson's assistant to organize a learning is learned from his always vast express rock as he was a huge help. You are the true proof your exhibits. You are there, meeting people, you know just whatever stack of cards but was it like for you will. It was truly a blessing to be able to meet all these amazing leaders in the world today and now it's getting them message out of the gospel to the people who really need it because we we need it right now more than we ever have.

And so it was really encouraging that the messages all these amazing leaders in make connections with people all around the nation of all share the same interest you are you are a hello how are you I'm 19 years old and going to my sophomore year of college.

You heard the name fondle your member Alex one of our original truth talk live truth talk hosts and on-site Johnsonville. It was John fondle you that your dad right.

That is correct and also the pastor of Paramount's church in Jacksonville, Florida.

Great church down Aries. He's got a new book coming out very gifted preacher and teacher and he's been with us in every many years now his sons are you yesterday I talked to somebody one of my favorite people in the world folks. You gotta know this guy.

He is such a dear brother and his name is Robbie Gilmore and Rogers and card kingdom pursuits so you and your staff was there just a lot of first-time people to what else is really exciting. I was talking to a lady in India yesterday from India and she's building a Christian radio network in India. She said look I want your programming work and run it in India.

We are living in the time of the near fulfillment of the great commission was in Matthew 2414 this gospel be preached to the ends of the earth and the then the end will come to me doesn't excite you see when were talking about on in North America, Europe, the ends of the earth, the gospel is being taken and the great commission that every person may hear of the love of Jesus, we can all participate in the ER in the DFW airport with Alex McFarland and we didn't have a second just to catch up and share a taco or Bible study together now or this airport were were beholden to the airlines and waiting to get on her flight and I said let's just talk about what God just did NRB what God is doing around the world.

If you're listening were calling you out just like you call me on all timeout just like Wilson just called us out about the 19-year-old on the mouth of babes.

He was at NRB this year encouraged here to message by Dr. Tony Evans it really blessed. It was a recap this weekend.

Religious broadcasters and Dallas Texas Wilson. For those that weren't there. Can you give us a snapshot of what you heard it got all of us off our car rear-ended on the under our feet in a plausible Dr. Evans that really applauds the Lord all the thing that caught my attention the most was the idea of kingdom kingdom, becoming one kingdom and uniting under under that kingdom because too often I feel like we arguably debatably we were still divided. But if we come together as one under under the cross of Christ with theirs so much more to to be accomplished and that can be done nicely as Dr. Evans was saying just just by coming together and sharing that passion that really got me fired up and everyone else who is there.

So here's what he said. He said the he said this is real, convicting all of us but everyone just don't got me always finish.

On along with what Wilson said about how the kingdom of God, the gospel.

Christ is number one. That's first and foremost rightly said he solicited the white churches to Republican where he said were wrapping our Christianity and the flag and he said he said you gotta put the kingdom of God above the kingdom of this earth okay was disabled involving Paul's said no. Now you black folks out there before you get to do excitedly said year to the black church is is to is not is not speaking up against some horrible things like abortion and in no other sins and the culture and what they're putting their the race.

You know about the kingdom is that we are sure you shut rebuke utterly annual and yet is exactly right. There was there wasn't one person that he did not call out there. Dr. Evans was an equal opportunity offender and what he really was convicting with her as a real unity driven and that's kind. The goal we needed. We need prophets like that, no reality, have a lot on your radio speaking the truth in the goal is is to bring people to Jesus. That's it right not to a political persuasion know what I had the privilege Wednesday morning there.

There's a breakfast every year at NRB. There's a breakfast to honor Israel.

Yes, and I brought a Jewish friend is not yet a believer and this person was literally moved to tears for the love that evangelical Christians have for the Jewish people and the state of Israel, and I'm there were Christians that were speaking out against anti-Semitism and I just I think God that which you know, we remember to fill a generation else and from industries where a very grateful member of the NRB and I know like you and your your parents have been probably on the board. I would imagine having a man at times and it's great organization. So to anybody who hears this is several thousand people came to Dallas for this once your convention, pray for revival in a private the spirit God would ignite this firewood continue to burn in will all go back to our respective assignments and we've got one. One string on our band showed Christ's great commission and the website is to learn more. It's good to be in Nashville Tennessee next year, but it really is a rallying point for many believers to come together Alex McFarland 33 generation. You were there so many believers.

Thank you for your testimony for Christ. You will find out about your awesome books to read right in a new book every time I turn around your blessing. People have read young procedure book about college but what is the website Alex for all that information will Alex and our next truth in the generation apologetics conference. The first post Kovic conference October 15-17 first Baptist Church, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Frank Turk, myself, a dozen speakers you got every reason to come to Myrtle Beach. It's a restaurant pinnacle of restaurants and everything is they got go-cart tracks.

They got minigolf everything got calabash seafood in our national apologetics conference October 15-17 good Alex Wilson how you what you challenge the next generation law to your peers weren't there. There were a lot of young folks there. We had a whole they're launching this new program stand for freedom, but how would you how would you Wilson challenge the next generation to wake up getting about simply I what I do is I challenge them to have a calm conversation just have a conversation with each other. You don't have to get angry you get mad at each other just just have a simple conversation and explore each other's views and you cannot love on each other with through that and so I think there's a lot to be learned through talking to people is awesome.

God bless the truth talk show on Stu Epperson, your post and follow me all the pictures always get help with a picture of this out Wilson on the web and on Instagram and all of this is the Truth Network

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