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A Powerful Conversion!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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July 14, 2021 1:00 am

A Powerful Conversion!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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July 14, 2021 1:00 am

Stu is joined by evangelist Rashawn Copeland to hear his powerful conversion story and how he's serving the Kingdom now - and he is also joined by artist Narmin Backus, who opens up about her conversion and current Kingdom work.

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This is Joanne McNair with the podcast story Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God's chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds enjoying it, share it, but most of all thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network millions around the world who don't have a Bible social media account I'm sitting in front of two heavyweight. But I can't wait to work from. I just did yesterday and why would this guy and I just met you yesterday. Not a mean correct Rochon Copeland unbelievable the last two quick questions. Just of the subculture to be blown away by the adjuster stories from suicide to reaching people for Christ. Rochon your stories amazing, but real quick. Who is Rochon Copeland and I will like to say minister who rides a writer who preaches but before all that I'm assigned be a father like a father, father, and a lot of crazy little baby I love you. B.

The noise the commotion of the clamors from the religious broadcasters division down in our beach. You got videos about it, but I socially got his social life. Yes yes followers, I got a few convertible like what is going well hello Teresa people but a lot of folks are here learning about Jesus. Learning about how they can get the message of Christ out people we were here representing the interest you will be getting the message out about your saving youngsters on human trafficking which is the world we got the stank of freedom. The new program.

We got all kinds of wonderful part of this we got you guys got just like you coming another name is Naomi is a humble servant of a mighty king season. I she's privileged to serve him in this kingdom. She's also why he's also a mother and not grandmother pray for Maureen and she celebrated her birthday today is my birthday and had a nice everybody's happy birthday norming on 303 happy birthday.

He shouted. But all the rage in my briefcase. You and I will bless you with a gift for your birthday special today.

This is an authentic official fresh off the box Truth Network convoy toilet you will not see the OpenView value Bluetooth. It was your phone.

I'll get you to play.

The interview can be heard on that last anywhere so mind if I keep it open and my daughter my wife stole it outside of the patio and start playing their stuff knowing I will try to find my happy birthday Rochon Copeland. While we talk about both of you guys do and how you came to know Christ as your Savior. So let's start with you because today may be your biological official birthday but only hear about your how did you come to Christ and say as much in light but it obviously you minister in some areas of the world are sensitive so we don't have to be sure as God would lead you right okay I was born a studied union so the Republic of the city which tells you that I was born in a world deprived of God, light of hope and then when the subject and then fell apart in the 90s I plunged it was placed in the Islamic world. Because the contract come from predominantly country. Two things happened light began making sense because search for God was finished I was a creative and Darwinism was wrong to say the least, but the light and the hope of Christ was not there yet in my life. So yes, I knew the creator and then use that I did not come from monkey and evolution is emptiness that was good news. But at the same time that I found dotting creator. I could not understand why I did not feel peace. Why did I not feel joy. So the little God of love was not the guy and so as I started to understand my identity for Muslims, even if your nominal Muslim identity is in Islam. Your born Muslim.I am listening.

You can't imagine changing your religion because that would be considered a rut, not just wrong, but the trail to family, to your culture and identities wrapped up in that that skipping elements for the 90s brought a lot of strife and war, because that country was at war with Armenia cut about the water heater. People were dying. There was chaos politically, emotionally, spiritually, at that time, I lost my brother at the same time will a Stockholm fire and all that pushed me to ask why why this is what's happening. I could not find comfort. I could not find hope.

I could not find what was God's if he was the creator. Why was he not doing anything about that not only people are dying and political unrest. Also, my personal life was in shambles, and I started to search I did search and I wanted to ask questions when I was a child but nobody could answer me the Phila biology teacher couldn't tell me anything except amoeba, my parents couldn't tell me about great God even though they were loving parents.

They only did what they knew best. At the time and under amoeba was still making me wonder what who put them even on the earth.

There has to be a beginning town where nobody could tell me that in Islam. Like I said Angela but they gave me an understanding, but not a lot. So all of that time in the 90s brought country was kinda coming up to life again. Oil industry was booming oil and gas industry.

I found job in bond oil companies because I spoke some English. My mom taught me at school and as a result of that I met my husband can awesome guy Christian guy so I like to say this, I fell in love with the man who led me to the man in the kingdom that he was a short letter leading to write their you work on a knock at the door. Correct secular supper more here correct.

I'm not some victim of chance or pond scum like the evolution teaches God to work in God's good to start talking ardently use the menu very yes he is the man and I have to say something. You know how we need to preach the word and I am also preaching. I am preaching it now, but because we were at work and everything has to be a little bit different than respected.

He was the only American in the organization was a British company, and he'd really stood out the that the air of freedom that he brought with himself. The air of confidence but love and respect was just bare. I fell in love with Americans right then and as I but he be what I wanted to devalue deliberate outlook like force your throne will not jump out of the side of the Bible. That's awesome is Christ came to Christ, but that is a one moment that you know how man tested man tested by God.

Sometimes when he told me that he loved me and he wanted to go and meet my parents because as a whole tradition of how things are done in that culture. He asked me what he can do and how he can marry me. I told him we need to going talk to my parents. He did and on the way to my parents. He suddenly stopped, and will never forget that and he said your Muslim right yes your whole family is most right is that yes, well, what if they ask me to convert. I said what if they ask you to confirm a set I can never do that, and not until that moment he ever told me about Jesus and I said why would you not convert, and he said I would never convert and leave Jesus even for you and that both Jarvis and and I looked at him and II hope that once they did not question to ask many other questions as parents care for their children and they gave us blessing. And when the blessing amounted and we went to England. Nobody ever witnessed me me about Christ in Europe.

In England I lived there for a few years. When I came to America. Of course things change because we went to church. We got to meet his parents were Christian people, and then when I was sitting in a church all I heard God's love. Love is God. Jesus is like God and all those that started to come together and then got up to fight like that's I started to ask questions and tells me that heaven is not what I think and that we hang in a beat heaven together that we did not sit well with me at all and we we asked.

I asked many questions he answered and showed Bible and he knew Bible so some people my family thought he was pastor were to continue the word so well and then passion of Christ came out at the cell and everything that I had understood and read and at some point he told me I told you everything I knew and for you to understand better.

You need to read the word of God and then he gave me Bible Gospel of John, and by reading as soon as I started to read everything started to break and shake inside me because my fear was that I am betraying my family.

I am betraying my culture and betraying my identity and so I asked Laura and I set you half at some point when I came to the crushing moment have to show me are you Christian God or a god of Muslims are you is Christ do I follow Christ as a front for the Mohammed and next morning and I cannot tell you any other ways to the miracle happens, I will cop a different person as a haven*lifted up my shoulders and I simply I don't know how else to tell you that was just freedom. There was freedom in my mind freedom I shackles fell off completely. I felt the and I wanted to tell the whole world.

I think of the phone and I started to call people back before what's up you know before telegram and I realize that I might be to wrongly lowball now that people can take a break and come back.

Probably the most diverse and rich you have ever done African-American digital genius to reach Christ was on the brink of suicide directly to that story. Next are images for surgery for being atheistic Soviet Union communistic Islamic to being saved in what God did life touches on the phone call her friends and who knows what happened to Joe in many parts of world convert to Christ. From that, you know you're done coming back. We'll talk about more your life after Christ what God did it in your life how you met the Lord right your true thought.

Don't go away. Thank you all awesome are brave enough crazy program establish more after this I'm Stu Epperson falling on all the social channels and I will have pictures please do is very are the gun is loaded and you are at the end of your rope and you're going to take your life. What in the world you do and how does someone go from bad to being a fiery evangelist meeting thousands millions to Jesus through social well he's with me right now are Sean Copeland met you yesterday. Your beautiful children, your father is wow extra water God now dream.

Who is your sister from another mother but your sister in Christ, told the manager I can't think of two more polar opposite Noah Landers lives in Oklahoma Oklahoma and a product of the Soviet Union with Islamic background who directly save the sugar test during the first segments of just jumped in here get the podcasting will meet now dream and you want to hear her story and wait for your response story Sean what happened you will you take me back like as I reflect my life. I don't deserve to be where are you, but you know and think about that moment when I have that pistol in my mouth. Get ready to take my life and I remember being in the moment where like literally.

It took me back to the corridors of history when I was in that miserable moment when I had just got shot down left for dead as a 17-year-old parking lot with this young lady who was dating that boyfriend found out where at that place MySpace through social media going around her socially exactly souls a great tragedy that that have been in the context of social social media earlier in my life or shrubbery from so military family was born in Walton Oklahoma on a military base to live in Miami Baltimore to have this with photo of the law so so yeah but I'm in the start moment and I'm thinking two things Garrett. It's a pro-life one forward this trigger of part of this God and submit the submission. All going all-powerful's infinite wisdom and knowledge and understanding is loving yes but is also just and holy in all but out the sample for him one day Saul was nervous out of my mind about that but the second thing is if artistry myself and I were to live. I don't want to go to the agonizing pain that I went through as a 17-year-old boy was leaking on the pavement coal pavement. Warm blood.

All of my body go through that again. So those are the two things I was thinking I'm in the start, chaotic moment in the years what happened in this blog about my wife's social media reaching people with the gospel.

All life because God use this young lady who was at Baylor University Christian school to reach out to me. My darkest moment the message that will continue to echo, so probably turn, working exactly exactly and assesses all hell. Why hello how fast the love of God is nothing at all creation, can separate us from this love is not Reading a reading of us are weeping and weeping, and for some reason the Lord revealed to me how I was a great sinner, that by the need of a great Savior.

I was lead out this great love that was poured out from your demonstrated from y'all while the center Christ died from in that moment, I just gave my life all loaded my heavy so that my God, yeah. I hope that my crater, the God of the universe are all mighty great yeah powerful care they changed yeah here a an angry boyfriends or ex-boyfriend find you on MySpace.

You know, through a digital channel to try to kill you your shot your bleeding forcefully. Lord have more in store for you and then password a little bit of time and you are about to generalize life despair, you're just down an old pit. In a random another social media message comes from a young lady he really didn't unconnected with.

She says that that out and you trust Christ in our God is using you. What are you doing now. So now of the votive allies digital digital mission. The great commission.

That's my mission to spread the love and hope in the true Feldman crime and that small part behind everything I do everything I pose and everything the world.

These yeah no is found in him, so that our loving overall, the old buddy Judge out there there like manner socially is badly scheduled her photo of her singers a way to leverage totally strongly that the enemy could mean for bad support artery for siliceous you handle things take things gossip things attack pieces no angry, vitriolic political shots think I can use that to restructure Christ in your do that on Facebook, Instagram, and world. Currently, tick-tock project.Mavericks like by the grace of God go M like everywhere you turn your kids or other anyway could complain until the fall of us all what you hundred phobias will follow Christ.

What Chacon a recycle anywhere in Oklahoma yeah the best smile of anyone I think is only only read about this guy right here though earlier zero. Resort on about his testimony right now dream clichés out of his long so utterly unbelievable.

And there's a movie guide leisurely.

The wind was unbelievable. Unbelievable in a way, tell us a little water right writer is going to lunch time. He tells what you use me and use the abilities he gave because in them. I'm an artist.

That said, Lord, I want to serve you. I want to start my people.

How can I do that and so he directed me to global heart ministries.

I met C# at and Muslim background believers conference when I was speaking and participating and he asked me to be a host of a TV show called sweet conversations that was on live I believe networks we were in Iran broadcasting and Azerbaijani turkey and places like that. Just speaking the word of God, but I would paint the painting and then we would discuss that thinking of is a biblical painting while in would share the gospel through the art and culture as an artist and an artist. We have so much tell you what, I love you – there were generally by the way, which is why men watch the knuckle to the Christian movie guide that always fosters the terror attacks walk around all these amazing people are here and but but I wanted to sit down with E yes praise God but pandemic actually was bad and also good things came out of pandemic. So we were planning to do sixth season of the T cell, but it struck us unexpectedly. Every one of us and so we decided to go explicitly to social media and that's how I decided to add to start social media so I am not on as many platforms as you are yet more that I am failed to tell Rob's ropes but I do have platforms in the Azerbaijani and some of them bilingual Azerbaijani minority language and also English. And so it's still similar idea of sharing gospel to the means of prophetic art. What's what it all loaded and then as we share the gospel. Also, we are at with only life. Of course I do not like. Pardon me if I liked it. I live my are you are working together is God's biggest success. I think we found in on Facebook because through the ads that they pollution using that arts and the veto that I put 2.does that put together.

We grab the audience otherwise wouldn't be able to get hold of file will thank you guys for both what you're doing and who would've thought in 2021.

The religious broadcasters but all these folks are TV there's been lots of all the starboard beginning with the African-American in a God who was on the brink of suicide are radically safe by reaching millions to Christ digital social media and this woman got numbering married a Christian man and he said I would. I will not marry you if it means I'm leaving Jesus you left Islam to follow very him. Yeah now you're here.

Sure Christ that your grandmom have generations impacted by your godly legacy now dream I want to put your name up in your missionary. Put your picture of yourself you will JOT but now you're leveraging all your talents are, like all white nuclear power plant italics.) I don't know to do it myself later on. The look on your to be purchased a platform Truth Network true thought as a platform to get your message out to all the wonderful affiliate. Thank you for what you're doing with servants, praise the Lord. They don't know Jesus you're listening right now quickly saying things like I say, of no matter where you are, you're not too far to be fixed. You're not worthy to be love. God is trying to call to where you are suicide Jesus was crushed on the cross for you if you believe you never perish but have everlasting. This transcends race and religious beliefs and understanding. He's the truth talk to him talk to God. Don't be afraid to call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and you will never regret and never look back until I need to add. Jesus is making and the Lord but can Bacchus was the way that he used my husband to lead me to Jesus when I'm grateful will not reminder everyone was who knows how God will use you man to do so. While all were here. Newsmaker right but just additional to me. I can get you to heaven. Yeah so what am I going to take you there can kill you heal the brokenhearted held captive for a bad time for a while yet. Her delicious building missionary yeah Como brother Beth.

However, God leverage Robert thank you this is the Truth Network

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