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Reaching the Unreached

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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July 7, 2021 1:00 am

Reaching the Unreached

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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July 7, 2021 1:00 am

In a special edition of Truth for the Youth, Stu and his daughter Joy talk with J of Ethnos 360 about his missions work and what it means to risk everything for Jesus!

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network did you know there are places in this world that it is illegal to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Have you ever been there.

Are you interested in going there right next to me here in the troop booth is a man were to call MJ and were to call his area of the world central Asia and this place he's going it's illegal to share the gospel and it's less than 1% born-again Christian and Jay were just honored to talk to you man. If God bless you. Thanks for coming in our life and for coming on this national radio show absolutely is good to be able to be a part. I would have an annual ridership. This is also a segment of a very popular thing were going back to call truth of the youth.

One of our special host is my daughter, Joy Apperson, Joy. Good to see you hi everyone, last time you're on your member. We are talking about. I think we you guys are interviewing me after my mission trip to Alaska exactly right.

And we talked about Jesse. If you're chased by a grizzly bear in Alaska. Jan I really don't have to outrun a grizzly bear is have to run faster than the slowest person that's exactly right. Unless it's like the guys who were chased by the bear in Alaska and they were believers and they were so scared of others in order to trust God and he just stopped and they said were praying for deliverance in the bear stopped in the bear said will that's perfect on the Christian beer.

I hear the story not not have to Jan Gregori told it's really powerful and okay and the bear said you might if I pray in the guy said yes bears get a pray. I could barely believe it. I don't know if I can get it to bears and ask God to bear our burden. Whatever. And so, next thing you know the bear praise dear Lord for his positive dear Lord, thank you for this meal and I'm sorry but truth you have to remain guide to oregon on they are not one for five dad you, but I'm telling you what Jay dotted take away the humor in all but what a blessing. Enjoy think you had a opening question for him to kind of get things going here so if you could just like what is your what was your origin story tell your whole idea and that mission that you're going on. So, my story is actually huge encouragement to people that are just lazy teachers lay people in the church that are just good role models are just speaking at a quick little event that they didn't even know was a big deal.

I grew up in the church didn't really care about God when I was growing up, that a parent a little but it was just because of people that had a big influence in my life without even knowing you know just there's a guy who came and spoke in a missions conference. You know he basically impacted me to want to do what he was doing healing only spoke for maybe 30 minutes and that was that was I was 16 at the time I'm 27 now and and just hearing that short little message was enough to permit a bill site no one I want to take the gospel over there as well. You know I just I look to these people before is like you know the super high spiritual people that I could never do something that I could never know John plan and lived there for so long to take the gospel to these different people, but after seeing this guy do this and and talking about in such a just an average guy, normal guy, you know, I thought I could do that to and so that's is basically the, the, the initial part of of what started me on that journey. I was just hearing a short little message like wow that's awesome so you don't have to be like some super Christian to take the gospel to you and I love your heart and we work together earlier in our you know our men's group and you shared some there very openly.

It's called Wednesday and the word and a lot of folks here that some of the content from here experience. Truth is the teaching were going to the book of acts right now, which really fallen acts as I want take the gospel where it has been proclaimed, you're going to go to a place where people have never heard the glorious good news of Jesus which I like yeah and it's it's it's so it's it's really cool to see people that when you first see them if you were to just talk about Jesus are you just talk about the message of salvation. They would just look at you with a confused look on her face because they don't then you have that were there line was probably like they were just they would just have this look on the face of like what you what you talk about, and then note after however long it takes 10 years more, 15, 20, of having the Bible translated into their language and you know the all of the teaching finished and elders established and mature.

No believers. They can now look at you and build a note tell you all about their deliver all as your talk about this morning that the servant pressure you know the deliverer who came all the way that was promised from the Old Testament and came in the house able to deliver them in there since you have to go back a little Farley may have to go back to creation to that you like like where we came from. Yes, that's literally just jump right to Jesus loves you like is Jesus easy guy in the town couple towns over talking about Joy. Can you imagine, share the Lord with someone who's never even heard that you wait where your rent you what a Christian school you get a urine chapel and kind of assumed everyone yeah you know here in North Carolina the country where the Bible Belt registered kind of a similar, once a believer. It's scary to go to people who have no idea about any other, but it's great that you have the opportunity to do that and hope that you will have the hostility factor so you're going into an area that is in some ways hostile to the gospel.

The there is a aggressive persecution even attack on people of faith. People of the Lord people of Jesus is not easy-going, we just had a come Senate some kind of Kumbaya really vinegar. They leave you alone if you going with atheism or whatever but if you going with Jesus. It's a real problem. What he what are your thoughts going into potentially a danger zone. Like maybe some of the old order folks. The mature Christians. Your life is just like a death wish.

Just think what you think. I didn't like take a look at my corporate office and you will get a nice 401(k) and what's a good vacation days during the year and some good benefits and you know there's a good trek to retirement. Here you are going somewhere were your your retirement may be to heaven pretty soon and you know if an antibiotic that is what what in your mind what's the calculus you know because we all can hear the stories of Stephen the martyr and Paul who said to be for me to live is Christ to die is gain. I'm crucified with Christ, we can say that we can listen to the Bible's stories about that regurgitate dad and know it and be familiar with it, but you're taking a real step here tell us what God's done in you to prepare you for that part was a lot of plays that we go it is we are moving to different no creative access, you could call places where it is illegal to proselytize, so it is something that you have to be pretty got to get to be careful about it, you know, but with the places that we go thankfully and I think this is of the Lord is that when the government allows us to go into these indigenous peoples.

They don't allow you to proselytize to where we first got Willie first go yet. We just basically just telling them you were here to support the already established local church like were not here to proselytize anything that you can come out and say it, even though your your intentional about what you're doing and write writings over versus over Sally out at first word you learn the language were learning the culture in our were were basically figuring out how are we going to build a relationship with somebody who has like a completely different worldview right and you and you grow up in this like like I did as well in the Bible Belt. You sound like this. This built-in worldview that there there totally separate from that they have just know understanding of where you're coming from at all and so it's it's just as your as your learning limited or learn the culture you're getting to know what it what it will actually do need to share them when I teach the Bible actually talk one-on-one with this person at home. I cannot. It's like that that book piece childlike, to be able to talk about the gospel in a way that that's not can seem so hostile to them that where there actually like I could actually see myself changing over to this way of viewing the world and true reality then you can get into the gospel and what will you exactly be doing in in. I do want to make sure our listeners know you are looking for support you your funded by generous believers absolutely and that want to help reach the world. The unreached with the gospel and that's a big deal and that's that gets us really excited hear truth talk and this gives us what we would have more just like you J we want to have you back when you come back to the home base year to check up with you but will you be doing and how will howl if if anyone out there wants to support like a lot of churches and individuals are doing. I was at work as a thankfully from the Lord. I am at 73% of my monthly support and all of the initial initial support has already come in so that is a huge blessing and so I thought to raise up that that rest at 27%, but for most people when they choose to support Billy to go to the website that that either I've created or that that is real out to say that or she would not not find again the the back and I can say that name of the organization okay so it's it, they would go to it's on the back about. It's and they can learn more about your ministry and get equal videos in the and then there's a donate button there and fantastic type I just go to the missionary page and find my name on the outlook for J just say here's a crazy guy heard on truth I and then no bill fire you from the organization is really cool so the support goes to you and then show you're going to be going in learning and then what what exactly what's a day look like for you over there. Once you get into the area of the unreached people to be communicating with what you look like that's what starts off its you're just you're getting those people it's it's all about it's all about building relationships really, because like you think about it in the past. Here we did a lot like street witnessing and so I got and I was very good at but the only thing the only problem with that is like a lot of the people overseas. If they don't have some kind of well-established relationship with you. They really would not care.

They would look at you and they would say okay yeah I except a total accent and they would just and I would say that but they have no actual hard to trust. So there's a wonder home Internet you know connect with them. You blessing in your life.

Their food either food maybe work with them in a little to help them building something in you would build trust with someone here's a you care about them as a person exactly their culture and this and that and so you're just you're actually going to go hunt that whatever you know.

It looks like in their specific people group, whether it's in the house or whatever you go young you actually learn a language that most people the world don't even know what it's called.

And so you're just you're you're going to, then you're saying what is know what sort for this. How do you say that you do that over and over and over and over again with all all the words of the language and your and and in the process of building a relationship you're learning the culture your your learning how they think, and so when you finally get this on a surgical pre-evangelism because when you get to the teaching your you're going to have known their whole story going all the way so that relationship is actually a listen to you because you shown here care enough about you to get to know you joy think you had a final question as relates to the youth and may be a wake-up call that you and ask him to take us out here lot about to embark on a journey at liberty University as a freshman and so a lot of my fellow generation people. I guess I struggling with things and on finding trying to find their identity. And I guess what I have to ask you is what could you challenge us when you know growing up in getting closer to the light while what I would say is just like I when I was a 16-year-old and 18-year-old, whatever.

I didn't think for one second I will be a missionary.

I thought I was going to work for the railroad or be a mechanic something like that. It wasn't until I figured out that it wasn't the super high tower super elite people that were going over and sharing the gospel with these people. If your 16 year 18. Whatever going to college. Just know that you can do this to an exit that's one of the that the per request that I've been praying for, as I do my support raising processes just with a different, and this could be one of things. What happens is I been praying for one missionary to be you influence or want to become a missionary after some of the things that I have spoken or different places that I've been able to speak to become a missionary critical because of the different things that maybe someone here this segment will be called the mission field. Maybe you know all the days for her to be most intrusive youth with us today is good to hear me but every parent, like myself, we want there is this westernized inculcation that parents have that like well all my little girl to go to that school. Even a Christian school, like she, you know she's planning go to. I want her to get a good education, known her to get a good job and I want her to. But I want to be safe and as soon as she comes so was his daddy, I'm going to play churches with Jay over in Asia I'm like oh no you're not.

But but J there's a real disconnect there because when I look back at her like for to improve reading of all just all just third-party this role. First person is actually I'm Stu this is true talked with this is J church planning an Asian amazing story, thanks for joining us. Everyone we've rolled you over to a whole another segment here because this is so important okay was last time you share Jesus with someone who's never heard of Jesus. They might hear that name and think always that a long-lost third cousin enters at someone that you know in a village you know upstream or whatnot in so J you're taking the gospel to people who never heard building trust planning churches.

It's amazing what you're doing with this great ministry acidosis 360 and the websites ethnocentric and reach out to me by the way, if you would like to know more about Jay and if you like to support them as you need financial support, correct, correct in your depending on churches of adopted you are dear friend of fellow friend Pastor Kevin yet taken over the church. I kinda grew up in early on in life and actually donated up you are done giving games whether pews when they were changing the seating have a few here the Truth Network, so that's awesome but to sit on that pew now.

She'll sit on them freely. I will not leave and will have a view on the pew with Stu at truth is that it is anything keeping the age like fine wine so J is living. It's a truth of you segment as well.

Joy asked you how you would challenge the young people to really wake up in you and in your story, so I like to ask you piggybacking on that. How did you come to know Christ and fast for that to you literally on your way to embark to a place where it's illegal to share Christ as so I grew up in the church and I was one of those kids you can just think of me as like these kids that yeah they go they want programs like something, but really have much interest in God I can't believe that he was a bear guy in the sky kind of thing. But it wasn't until a man named John Poindexter.

Actually, he had a huge impact on my life. He notes just and it really wasn't anything crazy. We would go on hikes. We would go to yard sales or different stuff like that but it just now is Morris Condon taught right so like being on the herons might have that real joy in Christ will piece in Christ, just realizing that it was because of his rise of a Christ that he was able to have these things and I do start look at my life and say on counterfeit Chris I'm calling my side when I raised. I raise my hand and all these things they say in our you stated if your dad and I would always raise my hand as I went on the comment front, but know it at at that point I realized I was at the counter for Kristin and I wasn't. I wasn't really living according to the Bible or anything like that so after that, you know, it was just that that was the catalyst when I was like 1415 16 and then I heard that guy speak.

When I was 16. He spoke at our church and just a short little missions conference and was anything super crazy you know he spoke for a little bit and I said why couldn't I think I can do that now. I wasn't thinking I was of the moment but you know here's your fasting and I started talking to you pastor he was like having you should do church planning I was I was in aviation missions is either you should be involved in the church planning process that okay that's that's a good thing out there that lentils facility life incurs you on this track.

They didn't just put you in the box need to go be a CPA, you need to go be a doctor and a lawyer. None of that's enough to knock all those things because there are some godly what you how charming the missionaries get to the field as it has right to blame you in those is so that's the thing I think we gotta be very careful to to do the, the, the tit for tat saying it, it will. I'm a you know I'm a missionary here and you're just a doctor.

Will that Dr. is seeing unbelievers all day long. He's working with medical personnel who may have never heard about Christ of God's using him in their life to be a witness to let you know in in word and deed, and you know missionaries would not be overseas and one is all right like that and there's people that are listing right now that maybe don't have a passport don't. They couldn't travel with you to play churches into lead people to Christ you've never heard about Jesus into going to a country that is illegal to share Christ, but they can send you 100 bucks they can support you financially right so that's that's a real so we can all be part we can pray we can we can go we can go.

We can we can pray for you know and we can always pray but that's the one we always do. I push my orders probably right sequence.

We can give right amen yes and support that. So we got one more question like this is so Stu Epperson.

This is true talk on with the church planter going to a very dangerous part of the world.

It's less than 1% born-again huge hundreds of millions of folks sprout predominantly Muslim and he's going there to tell about Jesus until about a God that came to do what they couldn't do the gospel that he earned it for them right.

He did it.

So what a good message. Thank you Jay for being untrue thought daughter Joyce here also with us on truth of the youth joy tell us many far one more question animus wrap up sale and J you have your financial supporters and your friends and family that are supporting you as you go on plant these churches. But how can the listeners and ice in the spring. How can we pray for you and support you yet so I actually do a Facebook page and I every every week I updated with purpose because I actually would love to have. I'm looking for a group of 100 people to actually be like official prayer partners. It's easy yeah we can all do that you receive the page yeah it means Facebook and it's is called journey to Endo journey to Indonesia okay cool awesome and so that I face would join a group yes can you do that joy yes if I hand you my lights to clear my smartphone will usually go to that enjoyment.

Okay I'm in the here's my problem.

If these prayer warriors really start praying for you and instruction you money and then your to be able to go over quicker and lead more people to Christ to plant more churches in the people you bring to Christ. The organist are bringing other people to Christ because then I can get the memo in the possession of less insurance and more changing of the planet and then .5 billion people is that numbers can go down the never heard the gospel and then Christ is gonna come back. Matthew 2414 Jesse this is dangerous by then your dad just so get better.

But what a blessing will pray for this man guiding pray for the spread of the gospel be a part of the how are you right now friend a part in active intentional ambitious part of the spread of the gospel young man to be doing all kinds of things with his life. Maybe a lot of folks think he's a nut, but he's taking the gospel to people who've never heard in a country which illegal share Jesus and God's doing it in. We don't know you.

You may not come back. Are you prepared for that wow would say to people about the danger you're facing about risking taking risk for Jesus will decision wrap up. Why would say that you in the past, people would literally put a coffin on a boat and and you know they would they would take the boat wherever they were going because in their mind they were they were going there there and up preach the gospel, whether you know and they were not expecting to be able to come back so I would say what I'm doing as far no less dangerous than what those people so I think it's amazing the amount of technological advances that we had the day to just be able to go do all we can around the world and so you save the patient a short journey to Endo I am joining it right now see get one more person on their suites and if your prayer partner. It's 10 minutes a week. That's Alaska's 10 minutes a week is for that and okay yeah that's that that's that's the way that I would have for those prayer partners okay details. Which one will joint right now. God bless you, thank you for a nine true Instagram Facebook Stu Epperson all those places connect with me. There and and share with us makes because a podcast share this with everyone you know to encourage people to take the gospel where Jesus's name is never been proclaimed and where it's even dangerous and illegal to do so. But watch what God does in a mighty way. This is the Truth Network

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