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We Will Not Be Silenced

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 30, 2021 11:17 am

We Will Not Be Silenced

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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June 30, 2021 11:17 am

Stu talks with Dr. Erwin Lutzer, of Moody Church Media, about his new book, "We Will Not Be Silenced: Responding Courageously to Our Culture's Assault on Christianity."

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Hi, I met my cohost Breanna Michael Paul and I am like John Mormonism to be brighter than we were told it would be. Join us for discussions about our journeys Mormon to Jesus. Breanna George chosen Truth Network podcast started just a few seconds enjoying sharing most of thinking for listening to The Truth Podcast Network.

This is good Truth Network so your pastor reported handcuffs and put in jail for preaching the gospel will entire Christian institutions be shut down is the Bible hate speech. This was the case in Nazi Germany.

Not a century ago in a man of God's stepped up in such a time as this Dr. would lose or write a book. We will not remain silent. Dr. Luther, I'm so glad to be with you stew and the reason that I feel so deeply about this book. As I began to realize that the radical left in America does not believe that America can be fixed. It has to be destroyed and rebuilt cultural Marxism says we can bring about Marxism incrementally.

If we capture law. If we capture education and if we capture the media and vote for the right people. It can be brought in without a buddy revolution like Russia and China sought now here's the point in the book will not be silenced. What I do is I show that this explains the vilification of our history. History has to be destroyed. You know/enjoy who was a confidant of Pres. Kennedy said that history is to a nation what memory is to a person. If a person loses his memory stew. You and I know he becomes whatever people say he is that I plan to race solo.

Linsky, a Marxist realize that you could use the whole concept of oppression and applied to race to divide people into oppressed sores and the oppressed, and by the way, it's time for the old press to speak and the oppressors should keep their mouth shut. So even the issues of freedom of speech have to do that and one other thing actually to other things and that has to do with the whole issue of propaganda in the book. I show that the purpose of propaganda is to associate people's view of reality that even when confronted with a mountain of evidence they will not change their minds and I show how this is done with the use of language with cultural demonization and so for the rest of the book is to do the sexualization of children. One of the longest chapters is on socialism, but maybe the final chapter is the most important, the words of Jesus to the church at Sardis strengthen what remains.

I wrote this book not to reclaim the culture but to reclaim the church.

That's why each chapter has the response of the church, reported by Dr. David Jeremiah who said in the forward. This is one of the arguably one of important books he's ever only endorsed but but read Dr. Lucier. We are in such a time as this.

This broadcast may be censored. One day I we may be put in jail if there there claiming the current ministration believes the Bible is a speech there lawyered up that we have no idea people listening that there is litigious action right now underway to shut Christians up all were doing is inviting people to follow and to receive the love of God were quoting John 316, and that could be a high crime. It really could. And you know not to scare people necessarily, but remember George Orwell's story about the loss. He said that a wasp landed on his plate and he did a very cruel thing. He cut it in half with a knife.

The wasp continue to eat the jam only when he began to try to fly. Did he realize the trouble he was in.

It seems as if stew we are in so much trouble. But here's the point. God has brought us to this moment he's equipped us for this moment, we have to learn from both church history and the Bible that the church is always been an island of righteousness in a sea of paganism.

We need to be willing to stand against this culture, take the heat and consider it to be a badge of honor.

Know where we are right now is on the floor of the NRB, the national religious broadcasting invention. This is up exhibit halls below.

It's a little less loud and clamorous up here. Dr. Lucier. We bumped into you leaving postponing connecting on this interview about your amazing new book for some time so we sat, says a semi-buddy right here in my nephew Wilson right here right now and then you stop because this is such an urgent message. What's the wake-up call to people listening are practically how to get your book title the book website all at stuff, what's the wake-up call. You want to send the clarion call first of all with regard to the book, we will not be silenced.

They can of course go to Amazon they can go to Christian if they want to know more about my personal ministry they can go to Moody and find sermons and blogs and so forth.

But here's the wake-up call. I say with my heart to American Christians at the church of Jesus Christ was not built even on our wonderful Constitution. It was built on Jesus and were going to have to really learn the lessons of the early church that we are up against a formidable foe and you know what's to bottom line, we don't even need freedom of religion to be faithful. Just ask the martyrs they were faithful without freedom of religion, so if all the things that you have just mentioned come to pass and it certainly seems that way at the end of the day. The question is will we suffer for Christ gladly when the molar was in Germany and he confronted Hitler people turned against him and then they said these words what you think the church looks like here on earth, and the molar says I don't care what the church looks like on earth I care about what the church looks like in heaven. And that's the new perspective that were going to have as Americans look as we cannot remain sound, the authors, Dr. Irwin Lucier is written a bunch of books I tell you Hitler's cross is one of my favorites. All the subtle is the subtleties of Hitler.

He came into the church co-opting the church so many churches today are woke there. They're not speaking out against the evils of abortion and the sins of the land are not proclaiming the good, the pure gospel there are grafting in all this critical race theory nonsense, which is the more most some of the most racist stuff out there. Dr. Lucier for honest you know stew I want to just speak to this when somebody says social justice is a gospel issue.

I've no clue what they mean. I hope they don't mean what it seems as if they mean, as if social gospel is actually the gospel or that you have to believe in social justice to be saved. Maybe they believe that it's the fruit of the gospel, but even then we have to have a discussion. The difference between social justice and the biblical justice I say in the book that when you're given a box with a label you have to open the box and final.

What in the world Senate what you find in social justice is sexual radicalism. Socialism, all kinds of other issues. So what we need to do is to be discerning and here's the bottom line now let us remember that the gospel is not what we can do for Jesus. But what Jesus has done for us and that's the message that has to be guarded and check him out.

Dr. Earl Lucier is one of the favorites on semiology to carry this program to talk and he's a regular on truth, I was a jealous everyday Dr. Lucier thank you for being a ministry or blessing favor speak the truth and thank you for speaking on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of believers who are in prison right now being beaten, tortured today while were speaking a Christian will get their head cut off because they love Jesus because the Bible so we really need a wake-up. We really do and that's why Jesus said to the church in Sardis wake-up strengthen what remains and if you get a copy of my book you'll find in that chapter, but I think Jesus might say to the American church today title the book overtime for one just to hear loud and clear.

We will not silenced by Dr. Irwin Lucier, longtime friend, mentor got luscious and the problem with old age is what you told me one time. The problem with with that I get older.

Whatever, it's not a problem. One of the blessings of old age. Is it doesn't last very long and on that note, we visually do a good loser. Amen. What a treat truth Stu Epperson follow me on twitter Instagram a put a picture of myself here with Dr. Luther standing and dialing regional for yourself in really crazy… And your kids into be educated about setting them somewhere like someone says this it is this not to sit at the feet of the ungodly, with the sit at the feet of godly counselors and delight in the law of the Lord and let the word of God inform their minds and that starts a course in the home starts a course in each of us individually devouring God's word reading, as were studying and memorizing and sharing it with a lost world needs to hear. This is the Truth Network

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