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Dribbling For Jesus!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 18, 2021 4:15 pm

Dribbling For Jesus!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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June 18, 2021 4:15 pm

Stu talks with Randy Shepherd and Jamie Johnson of Crossfire Ministries about their basketball summer camp and the importance of evangelizing the youth.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network basketball is my favorite sport. I like the way to dribble up and down the court, just like on the king of the microphone so was Dr. JM Moses look like slamdunk steak dilute my favorite place is the value is a Stu Epperson having a lot of value lately at my age but had an awesome visit earlier this week hosting a live national show would to my good buddies from crossfire ministry Rainey Sheppard Jamie Johnson and you are going to be blessed.

I promise I won't wrapper seeing anymore, but this that you're about to hear on this week's edition of true thought is the interview I do them. They been all over the world and all kinds of countries proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ through basketball but they've also had over the last many years thousands over 20,000 kids from all over come to their amazing crossfire ministry bashful camp in the mountains of Western North Carolina so you can hear all about that and how that could change a kid's life forever because I get to learn the game and they get to hear about Jesus. So stay tuned, be encouraged.

Here is my interview on truth talk with Rainey Sheppard and Jamie Johnson of crossfire ministries about our special guest to bring them on. Right now I can't. I can't visit when you have a high level this to be the highest-rated show I've ever done because this guy here is let thousands of people.

Christ him and his partner together.

They have a ministry to give all the glory to God and I'm doing an inner Instagram live broadcast with two of my favorite Baller's pollination and pastor Jay in all kinds of scapular listing right now to this in there to go to truth, abolition because they want to hear from Amanda God who can tell me right now Rainey Sheppard, Jamie Johnson, can you tell your listeners what God's favorite sport is any tell us a better ball ball. Unbelievable Austin is there any other sport. I mean honest-to-goodness know what I can argue with our our football friends or baseball friends are CrossFit friends and our tennis friends and we love all the sports, but basketball is on fire and crossfire has used that swirling ball to reach thousands for Jesus Christ, including the two guys on IG lie would be right now pastor Jay son really dialed up his walk with God in Greek of his life to Christ. Rainey Sheppard through your ministry. Jamie Johnson through your ministry so guys, welcome to this program the Steve Noble show I'm Stu Epperson and vessels. My fingers were to have a confession guys. God bless you. Thanks for being here is a blessing to being your brother and thank you for having the phone and you get super brought well and shoot it will and is not disputed. Well it done. If you do well were blessed to be here awesome.

He's right about you guys on IG right now.

You can't hear it. Sam is going to my headset here but Rainey Sheppard just talk about how you two guys can shoot the ball really well and even told me that you Nike said I hit one warm-up for like 20 feet once which was conical but amazing faith. But crossfire.

The camps and I would hang up on IG. Love you guys Jay were praying for you as you preaching camp not too far from these guys in Tennessee. John will pray for you as you minister using the basketball and what's cool about both Jay and John and me and everyone else on IG listen on the truth that, by the way guys listen any Truth Network station across North Carolina the country to hear right now from Rainey Sheppard Jamie Johnson crossfire ministries was absolutely amazing about this ministry is how many people have come to Christ they been in all these countries, your to meet them firsthand. Right now you can call this number toll-free 866-34-TRUTH if you want to talk to Rainey Sheppard. Jamie Johnson about crossfire ministries.

Maybe you came to Christ as her ministry is funny. I bring her name up in the guys like all you believe it would. That's all I got saber. I just talked to a college coach like you don't have these guys come speak your team. I'm glad your mind to meet him and to call this a little column right now because I've got some authority for me. But when they're done you column so anyway God bless you guys are ready. Sheppard tell us the story of crossfire, tell us how this out of this all happened. Tell us what God did the two to bring this about. Thank you for your current work, brotherly give the glory to the Lord. We appreciate you all through your friendship. We knew each other, but it did a long time and we finally met the NBA chapel service a couple years ago but Jamie and I played against each other in middle school and high school and college. Benny's dad was a pastor.

Jamie had come to the Lord a young age that he was welcome to the Lord and live in the Lord.

It might come to the Lord is a nine-year-old boy, but as I got older and high school I let basketball, become my God I went to church on Sunday but what really needed to be and then the Lord called me back to him.

My junior year at UNC Asheville when I was on a basketball scholarship but Jamie had played at Montreat junior college and was an academic All-American there that he would play Gardner Webb and the Lord used an injury.

Ironically, in a game against Gardner Webb. But Jamie was also playing in, and I appreciate all believers like yourself because the guy came up to me on campus UNC Asheville. He said Randy does your walk with the Lord going and I want to and probably some of you out there today that a listing you might have to do the same thing because were put on the spot and were embarrassed enough to know it's going pretty good. There really wasn't any asked me this question, student changed my life. You did read if you died today you stood before God and he said why should I let you into heaven, what are you going to say. I knew the answer. I believe I was truly saved at nine, but I knew I was backslidden. It and Jamie and I played a lot of pickup altogether during the summer.

During this time, but I, try to stay away from me because he was living for the Lord and I wasn't in you nose do they stay the most miserable person is a Christian at out of fellowship with God. But God used that injury.

My junior year against the guard aware of to get my attention and I realized your listing.

You driving your your living room and the Lord spent trying to get your attention. Or maybe he's got your tensioner. He wants to use you to help get somebody else of the tension that injury got my attention.

I got down my knees the next couple days. My dorm room at UNC Asheville on the Lord our stand before you right now I will go up on saber not not that I think that I can lose it to, but I do not live in it. There's always down there and Dr. Reagan Rogers who became a mentor but 98 and 92 for me when I went with her ministry in Memphis, Tennessee. Just always day. You gotta know that you know that you know prior to that I got down on my knees and my dorm room and board. If I did mean that it nine years all I mean it now and I want to know that you're in my heart from that. The Lord just did a 180 and my life you gave me a bonus to share the gospel with a telephone call would listen to me through a major depression. I spent about eight weeks in a Christ centered clinic in Richardson, Texas which is totally Christ centered.

That's the reason I went there is also preachers that you hear on the Truth Network. These are the folks you need to get your counsel from God's word of Donatello. That's what I did at that clinic is came back my senior year you in Seattle of the team and graduated college player is not what you want to do in my life and I want you to finish that thought we come back we go take a quick break and there's some amazing camps, nothing could change your youngsters life forevermore with Randy Johnson is ready Sheppard Jamie Johnson crossfire basketball coming up so you and I share my testimony.

I talk about how big an impact that going to Christian camp had on my life. I can think about the moments where I just had these God encounters these godly counselors that share the gospel with me that love me. My parents and the people it funded in the church. The tribunal dragged me all the way up to the mountains to the camp and how that change my life as a youngster.

To this day here I am on the radio sure in the gospel with you because of how God used Christian My life now imagine this.

I love the game of basketball. If it had been a basketball camp with a Christian emphasis with someone like Jamie Johnson and ready Sheppard. I would've thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

You couldn't have taken me away from their unit had to toot toot to physically take me from there and what I'm talking there is crossfire basketball camps in the.

The founders of the whole ministry of crossfire.

These guys who played all over the country in the world are on the air with us right now I'm Stu Epperson and were to tell you about an opportunity a unique opportunity that in there getting calls like crazy people are going to their website crossfire to sign up for camp. Randy Sheppard is with me. Jamie Johnson is on the line guys the Lord is done such a neat thing you got countries Jamie how many countries of you guys been in share the good news of Christ with basketball or cloth like Raven, Randy and myself on love your passion, your excitement, so God bless your brother and those that are listing make sure you support the Truth Network of what they're doing their reaching the world with the gospel. So praise God for what you're doing and that we been able to go stay Raven 68 countries around the world in 46 states and think about traveling about every cotton on the globe. When you see what God is not.

It makes a believer that there is a creator and he gave us his Word the Bible live life bots were blessed to travel and go all over. I got the best teammate the world, like an instant pulled the string is ready to go spend the ball and describe Avenue apostle Paul, like Barbara and Randy. Randy wasn't always. You are always on fire for Christ preaching the gospel aside your partner there. Jamie you you you were running but God got your attention and and next thing you know God is using you with basketball to bring others to him exactly when the first segment we were mentioning. I just mention I spent a week the minute mark clinic Richardson Texas that Dr. Yousif was just mentioning there's no deliverance from anything like that, apart from Jesus Christ. And that's what happened. Came back Mustang years cocaptain UNC asked Bo landlord would he let me do my life and through a friendship with Michael Jordan that I had been blessed to develop. When Mike was 17 I was 16 at UNC basketball camp and he my high school teammate Buzz Peterson and Mike went on to be roommates in North Carolina. I call Michael after I graduated from UNC Asheville ST could you get me drafted by the 6 foot born under Pro team in Chicago wasn't the Bulls but of sculpture. Carl expressed this to.

I went there with 45 players, which was a miracle and will graph the gas from UNC Asheville. They graph the gas and Carolina do Michigan, UCLA, you name it. I want that legitimate Chicago really thought I was going to make that team because as you mentioned, the Lord had turned my life around and but I got cut Jamie not show young people and adults unfortunate like you can be cut from something you maybe couple ball team God for bid one out of two marriages end in the cut churches run the pastors off all the time when I was walking out of the gym that day. The guy walking beside him, you had talked on the entire week that I felt led to turn to a message ever played in Europe if you ever played overseas and he said no but I'm a born-again Christian.

I did meet to be set up, played on a ministry team in Memphis Tennessee called the spirit expressed still just like that on new man. Maybe this is what the Lord has for me. I flew back to Asheville.

I call the coach in Memphis Tennessee that hey we been plan for staff members and players yet to be able to compete on a certain level but is not just playing basketball at share your faith, so I went with that ministry for four years in Memphis 88 to 92 got that under Dr. Reagan Rogers to one of yours and my he rose gospel preacher and then Jamie came on the spirit expressed elastic bonnet because he saw the difference in my life and we were coming back to West North Carolina playing Western Carolina UNC Asheville firm even UNC Charlotte preaching the gospel at halftime.

Jamie said wow I would really like to do something like that. The Lord worked it out for us to be together there for six months and then we left there 93 came back here and started crossfire basketball camp. You were talking about actually started in 1990 Lord Cornell basketball camp. We could teach everything they could learn at a major university camp. I'd work Michael Jordan's camp NBA All-Star Brad darting on this area. I knew the game play point guard that I'll have the name that they have, but I've got you, Lord. From that's due the Lord raised the camp up and going to the Lord. We've seen 22,000 young people come through and 30 summers and were blessed to be here would you improve and were sending the word out, all the true stations that we can about the camp coming up full-day overnight July 18 to the 22nd will teach your young person ages 9 to 18 everything they could learn at a major university camp every day will go to share God's word with him and testimonies. It bought a Lord Stu probably over 14,000 young people out of 22,000 made a first-time decision. We can't take any credit for that.

We give all the credit to the Lord. That's what we're sharing it with looking for to some folks in your cruise listing office audience take advantage of the camp, which will be at beautiful Marcio University again later on this summer.

We do have a camp starting next Monday which will be a happy day camp national Christian Academy right outside of Asheville. Two weeks later will have a camp at first Baptist Hendersonville which is on the other side of Asheville. Those are half a day camp. Probably those are listing would have to take advantage of the overnight camp but again that's July 18-22. That's how it all got started. Beloved in the player still again that we enjoy.

More importantly, using it as you mentioned in your life as a as a former camper that if you would ahead that had to pull your way will they haven't been able pull Jamie and I weigh in 30 years. I will love what were doing more to God a man you are the two biggest campers there you guys love it I ever time around Jesus, the adrenaline is amazing. The, the love for Jesus, I Randy Evans rumor you lead a bunch of guys, dozens of people to Christ to chapels and other things in and I just did I just my tier syllabus. I see folks hearing about Jesus watching you spend 10 balls in time and you and Jamie you put on the exhibits and you but you it's all to point people to the God who so loved the world, shaped like a basketball. Jamie, you got you got big time ballplayers, who literally want to God's gift to the plate. The next level but you also got kids. It then played much ball you your your ticket all kinds of kids. Ultimately, that want to learn the best in basketball, but also be exposed to Jesus Christ and in the Gospels are correct absolutely.

We all have a different story.

Even our coaches are players that comes from commas, beginners they've never really been Multiplying a Little School High School Thing. The Fireplace Colleges Even Berating Myself for Us to Have a Different Story and I Threw up in a God-Fearing Preacher's Home and What I Also Work for Baseball and I Didn't Have To Go If I Had Asked for Randy and I Thought More about This Crossbar Can't Come in As a Man Going around the Name and He Decides Who to Free Those Who Delay Everybody Will Be Treated All the Sling Will Be Golden Letter Preaching Okay Thank You Man in Black Johnny Cash for That Cool Intro. Always Nice to Come into a Control Lead in with Him Singing I'm Stu Epperson Just an Honor to Be with You Today with Two of My Heroes.

Two Guys That Are Using the Game of Basketball to Lead People to Christ Is Really Cool.

So Many of You Have a Gift That God's Given You.

And If You're an Athlete.

What You Do All You Do the Same Thing. The Colossians 323 Says, Whatever You Do, Do It All to the Glory of God Do It with All Your Heart, Your Mind, Because We Serve Jesus Christ. He's the Ultimate Coach and If You Have a Question or Comment or Thought for Randy or Jamie of Crossfire Ministries or Just Any Got Use Crossfire to Change Your Life, You Call Us at Toll-Free 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 and I Got Randy and Jamie and Jamie You and Randy Is Needed Here.

Randy Store Your Streusel Differ Your Talk about How You Came up in the Church Closer to Christ and God Just Kinda Brought You Altogether and You Know, Thousands of of Campers Later in the Thousands of Miles on That Passport around the World. God's Use You Guys and Is Such a Cool Way. Jamie and Were Just so Encouraged by Your Testimony Offered. I Want to Be Continual What You Share. Before I Asked about Crossbar and Experience in and Randy and Have Unique Stories of Their Both Important Because Randy Was a Little More but Go Getter and Basketball Was Early on I Was More the Baseball Guy.

I Was the Late Blumer Rainey Experience Success throughout His Basketball Career. I Did Not Insert Your Listing of the Parent of a Grandparent As a Player, a Ballpark Understand That No Matter Where You Began Doesn't Mean That We Gotta Finish.

You Always Have Opportunities That God Gives You to Improve the Life Spiritually, Bobbing in the Word Place of Prayer Young, but Local Church. You Have Opportunity to Stay Healthy and Make the Choice Does Not Break out All about Drug and Basketball and Academic to Have an Opportunity to Improve Your Skill Set and so Were Randy Went A Lot Of Camps Tennessee Wake Forest Carolina I Feel Can. But Here's What's Cool. Looking Back at My Stories to Brain and I Can Say Here's What I Experienced. Here's What Randy Spirit That We Can Relate to These Get the Say Come to Our Camp Experience the Game in the Best Way Learn the Fundamentals Learn How to Play Bobble Father Be a Team Player but Also Learned about Something Bigger Than What Basketball Gives You but You Can Incorporate Basketball in the Bigness of Life and Honoring Christ. So Here I Am. I Meet Randy Play Gets in the Middle School, High School, College to College One up with Him Started Beating Me. It Has To Be an Ongoing and I Would Crossfire Were Playing All of the World Is That Earlier and Now I Can't Study Accountability at Shadow yet All the Camp Experience in Planning and Leading I'm Not As All Learn from Him Now. We Came Together and We Take These Kids the Boys And Girls Club from Ages 6 1/2. They up to 18 High School, College, Future Players, Take Them from Point a to Point B Spiritually, Athletically Try to Help Them Realize That You Can Improve Your Game and We Hear Coaches That All the Time. Randy Can Tell You This Yesterday. Don't Know the Fundamentals Optical Lot Fell When I Was in the Seventh Grade I Could to the Left and Leah. I Was Cut from the Prospect Came out That I Wasn't Good Enough Boss All Year in JB Paul That the Bench and I Retrieve the Starters My Junior Senior I Finally Got to Play One on the College so I Didn't Have To Find Good Black Gothic Control and Experience. A Crossbar Based on Partial Were Randy Loves to Share the Lord.

I Love to Share More a Godly Coaches That You Should Progress the This Is Where It All Gets. The Man Is Pretty Awesome Because We Please Get about Christ and We Become Basketball Man. This Is a Randy Separate Us the Voice of Jamie Johnson. These Two Guys. This Report Is for All These Years and Crossfire Ministries. Many of You Seen the Big ACC All-Star Game up in Asheville. These Guys Administered Christ All Kinds of You Will from Michael Jordan to Buzz Peterson.

Their Stories Is Quite Remarkable and I Just Always Love Away and Visit with Them, but Especially When I Can Tell All You All to Sign Your Youngsters, Your Whole Youth Group People Common Buses from All over the Country to This Basketball Camp Because It Has a Phenomenal Emphasis on the Formative Incredible Important Skills a Basketball with an Emphasis on Growing Closer to Jesus and Introducing Your Youngster May Actually Listen to Your Testimony about Christ. For the First Time Ever. From This Camp and in in. This Is Formative. Randy Sheppard These Are the Agent Got Color-Coded Right Now It 886634 Truth. But This Is an Age That Kids Are Not Just Basketball for Me like There Their Learning How to Walk and Chew Gum at the Same Time I Jamie Articulate Make That Left-Hand Lab off the Right Foot. Learning How to Do a Crossover in Basic Skills and Drills and Fundamentals and Stations.

Both Are Also Learning about Jesus and a Young Person's Heart Is Far More Tender to the Gospel of This Age Right Randy. Randy Sheppard Is That We Are Finding. Oh Yeah, and the like Kobe Bryant Who Had a Chance to Minister to the 2012 Olympic Team Made the Comment That the AU Ball Really Hurts Believe Players and Their Fundamental and When I Get a Ball but We Want to in the Fundamentals A Lot Of Kids out There. Maybe Your Child Place Travel Ball. This Particular Week July 18 to the 22nd Come the Beautiful Mountains of Western North Carolina, Marshall University Drop Him off on a Sunday Afternoon with As We Finish up with a Parent Program on Thursday When You Leave Them There.

You Can like You're Leaving Them with Your Pastor Goes or Better Run It. Christ Centered, but to Get All the Basketball That You Will from a Beginner Level up to a College Prospecting. I Know That Is Dr. Adrian Rogers Used To Say People Are Looking for Answers, Especially Today. He's Been Gone 10 or 12 Years but Coming Out Of COBIT so Many Questions What's Going on the World Almost Sometimes like the Days of Noah Were Going to Give a Biblical Instruction from God's Word Every Day from Coaches and Players We Have a Started Everyday after Lunch We Watch Christian Videos at Night and It's Totally Christ Centered the Word Forward to Reaching This Out Of the Truth Audience and Maybe Getting Some Young People Come from All over the Southeast and across the United States to Give Them a Great Experience with Student Maybe You Can Take a Week off and Come Work.

The Camp Will Pay You Buddy Hey This Is Great Experience of It, Love It. I Would Tell You Guys That Experience I Just Love Plan Ready. You and I Played Six Months Ago. It Was Just Awesome, Drop Buckets and Was Really Cool about That Moment Is Getting Too Old to Play but but I Can I Can.

I'm a Better and Better at Talking and Playing in God's Told Me to Use My Voice to Share Jesus Read You Came in yet. She Shared a Gospel Testimony Couple Guys Received Christ That Moment I Don't Have To Play Ball on the Court in Ingersoll. There Is a You Know Well You Just Need to See How Do You Marry Those Two. And If Anyone Has by Way? Can't We Got These Guys on for A Few More Minutes to Get a Question across Our Camp I Would Hear from Someone How Going to a Christian Camp Changed Your Life like It Did Mine As We Promoted It in Advertising.

Encourage Folks to Get Involved with Crossfire Ministries Its Crossfire. Is the Website. Will the Dates Everything but Randy Jimmy How Do You Marry the Game of Asphalt Can't Know, We Have Two Minutes in the Segment I Want Just a Question and I Want You to Factor in This Thing You Got Intense Competition. You Got Guys in Each Other's Face Guard Each Other.

You're Watching the NBA Playoffs Right Now and You Got Guys Fighting the Heart Is Rough It's Physical How to How Does Jesus Come into That Guy's and How Are You Been Able to Leverage All of That and Have Competition, but Have Christ Exalted Taught Me A Lot through Very Quickly.

Denny Had Awesome Ability of Self-Control, Which Is One of the Spirit in Me, Not so Much. Just Kidding.

I Learned A Lot, like You Do.

I'm a Competitor and Not but We Have To Keep It Intact Play before They Get Will Practice Pride for the Drills and Then When It Does Get Heated Go after Bino Thompson Found God Made Us Competitive on so the Disciples Had Their Their Flare of This Agreement, and Peter Even Chopped off near One Time but We Want to Teach Them. That Is a Christian Athlete, You Can Be Left of the Spirit You Can Give 100% Landline. You Can Also Respond Correctly No Trash Talking of Putting Other People down and and in Doing It for the Glory of God and Thought Were All Work in Progress. Amen Jamie Your Thoughts on That. Just Just That Self-Control Which Is It's Interesting. One Day You That You You Think the Lord Forgive You That Controlled in the Next Day All Of A Sudden the Text at Elbow or or Just Relatives on Game Point. How Have You Been Able to to to Honor Christ in in the Moment in a and Also Share Christ Is, I Can't Really Share Christ of the Guys I Just Talked over Mommy Where Randy Does a Great Job of Thinking Is My Equal. We Both Have Just As Much Drama All Rental Walls.

Blaming I'll Get on My Bed Just like You and Randy. I Think It's a Matter of a Write up on the Backs of Our Players Is When You Going to That Setting.

Just Recognize Your Audience. If It's a Private Final Bob That's One Thing If It's by Balla Standards. Another Is TV and Radio It Bigger and so It's Just Reality. Social Media Television One Mass People Judge You.

Let Me Know Your Life You Have One Will Flip-Flop Your Playing Hearts on Buying Elbows like You Said That It Still See the Bad Guys, Well, You Just Have To Save Yourself to Your House There in Front of an Audience of the Lord Knows I Wasn't Watching the Two Hour Expect. Let's Just Make Right Hang on Something As People and Famous Folks Love That's All Love Jesus, Nothing on Okay Welcome Back.

This Portion of the Shows Brought You but Cupcake Cuties a Complete Just Spontaneous Sponsorship Because I Was Just There and I Just Had My First Time Ever Tasting Their Homemade Strawberry Cake Which Is Actually One Awards across the State of North Carolina Cupcake Cuties in Historic Downtown Wahlberg North Carolina Grateful for Them. The Davis Family Sponsoring on the Truth Network and I Am Sitting in Front of Me, or Was a Second Ago. Thankfully, Not Now Is a Six Pack of Cupcakes, Delicious Cupcakes. They Make Everything Homemade from Scratch. They've Got the Homeland Ice Cream: Creamery and You Love the Place and Were Grateful Cut Great Hot Coffee in and Next Time Randy and Jamie Are Anywhere near Laughter Went to Get a Good Hard Running Jamie Get a Good Sweat in Because Afterward Were to Go over the Cupcake Cuties in Support One of Our Christian Sponsor to Guys That Sound Good. My World Right Now Looking at Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Handmade Cupcake Chocolate Fudge Cupcake in a in Their Strawberry Cupcake Which Is Kind like Their Award-Winning Strawberry Cake. They Got All Kinds of Dozens of Cakes, GUI Brownies, All Homemade and Then They Do Have Some Sugar-Free What You Call It, That's the Lotito Diet Cookies Which I Had One Earlier with Fellow Pastor Friend and It Was Some Hot Coffee for Comedy Shows Were Grateful for Them Were Really Grateful to Crossfire Ministries Because Your Kid or Your Youth Group Them. You Could Sign up a Group. I Mean It's Filling up Kinda Quick Guys, Which Is Why We We We Had a Kinda Rush to Carve out Time to Talk to Randy Sheppard and Jamie Johnson. The Founders of Crossfire Ministries. They Span the Globe, 68, 68 Countries. Is That Right Randy. Yes Sir Okay and They Share Christ with All Kinds of People Have a Little Fun Hour Walk down the Hall of Fame and Really What Really Matters Is the Spiritual Hall Of Fame.

You Know, Hebrews 11 If Your Name Is Written in Heaven. But These Guys Know Sometimes We See a Celebrity We Do, like at All like All Welders That You Know There's a King. There's a Head of State Ownership Is in I Wanted Autograph but Randy and Jamie Johnson with Crossfire Ministries around Here with Us Right Now Playing Basketball, Teaching Basketball, Ensuring Jesus, You Guys Aren't. When You See Michael Jordan Course You Guys Are Roommates and Camps of the Work in and No One Knew Who He Was Then Ready but You Guys Are Not Chasing Them down for Autograph You're Talking about Something Far More Important. Can You Tell Us about That Yesterday, Mark One, 15 to 18, Jesus Is Calling the Disciples Anything. Hey, Come Follow Me, I'll Make You Become Fishers of Men. Your Listing in Your Best and the Young Person to Your Young Person Is Just As Important As One of the Celebrities Was Do We Believe God Wants to Share with Those That He's Put in Front of Us That Going to God, We Been Able to Share with Michael Numerous Times.

We Pray for Them Daily Had a Chance to Share the Gospel of Pres. Obama. When He Came to Asheville One Time at a Final Four in Charlotte When Arkansas Was Playing We Had a Chance to Share with the President Clinton Had Chances Which Akhil O'Neill Told Berkeley Current Players We Share with Kobe Bryant at the 2012 Olympics, God Put Us in a Hotel Lobby but Coach Mold from Athletes in Action. Who's the Chap on the Team but We Were Blessed to Get in There and We Were Able to Go around the Horn to the Dream Team.

At That Time Which Was the Crisp Fall You're down There with the Silo and Kevin Durand, Russell Westbrook, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant Went around the Horn's Doing Just That.

Hey We Have a Basketball Ministry in North Carolina. You Guys Have Never Heard of Us, but We Use Basketball Share Jesus Would like to Ask a Question in All of Them Said Yes and We Did It Politely, Tactfully, and We Said Hey Have You Ever Repented of Your Stand and Given Your Life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Each One of Them.

It about Half of Them Said Yes. Then a Couple of Them Hung Their Hand like They Knew They Needed to. You Said No. But, Though We Try to Take Every Opportunity Possible to Share the Gospel.

We Probably Share with 60 to 80 Different.NBA Players A Few NFL A Few Other Athletes, but Again the Wind on the Corner Just As Important to God As These Guys, but It Does Impress People, but the Fate Most Dumb like You Said, Are People Asking for Something for Autograph, but We Try to Ask of Hate. You Know Jesus Because We Know That Was Going to Get Them into Heaven Brother Got Youngsters in Your Camp That Are Future.

Maybe NBA Hall Of Famer's Themselves, or Future Pastors, Engineers, Painters, Radio Broadcasters, Who Knows What with Their Full Potential, or to Be a Camp Which Is Coming up. Jamie Johnson, Can You Practically Talk about How Parents of Youth Pastor and Uncle Pastor Anyone Can Alcan Practically People Sign up for What All Is Involved. They Dropped the Kids You Know You Got Day Camps You Got and I Can't Jamie Give Us a Little Bit of the X's and O's for People Listening Because This Is Your Things Have Opened up and You Guys into Some Cancers Close down. You Guys Are Actually Having a Phenomenal Bashful Cat with a Great Christian Mrs. or Jamie Give Us Some Was Losing like How Do I Sign around like Maybe to Grandma Listings and How I Get My Granted Signed up like Right Away. Can You Give Us the Nuts and Bolts Servicers Go to Crossfire

Our Website Is User-Friendly Crossfire When You Go There. We Have Splashed from a Very Front-Page Informational Camp Reading or Writing Dwelling.

You Can Register Your Star Daughter and Look at Information about the Camp but Half-Day the Full Deity Overnight. We Have Camps As Randy Said Earlier the Program or Half-Day You Might Not Be a Masterful Area, but You Have Friends That You Would like to Know about the Scamper You Want to Come Here for Vacation Offer Ready so That before You Want to Get Away an Amount? A Lot Of This Is a Great Stock You Can Come Rub off Your Son or Daughter, Ages 6 to 1214 98 Came to Bellingham and You Can Enjoy the Beauty of the Mountain so Go to the Website First Then When You Get There You're Nasty the Offices Where You Can Read about the Camps You Got a Half-Day Boys and Girls Fixed. Well, That One Location Which Is June 21-25 at Haskell Christian Academy East Bashful You Have Another Week of Half-Day July 5 29 an Interesting Bill Which Is about 20 Minutes. 20,000 Bashful Boys and Girls Ages 6 to 12 Have a Full-Day Overnight Option That Run to Gather at Marshfield University. Those Locations Are All Listed at Academy Park That Hendersonville and Marcio MAR FH I LL to Work Marshall University All Is Mixed on the Website. You Can Drop off Your Son or Daughter at the Full-Day Overnight Option July 18-22 a Sunday to Thursday, 19 to 22nd.

Now Someone Gets All the Caller Number Eight File 25591118282559111. You Can Text That If the Cell Number Factors.

I Have Heard Jacob on This to Mrs. So-And-So and Salisbury North Carolina. I Want to Talk You. I'm Not Sure What to Do and Randy or Myself Will Call You Back Will Give Information Will Hold Your Hand All Prospect, but You Can Register and Pay Online A.M. If You Will Snail Mail.

You Can Print out the Registration As to Online You Can Mail the Check yet You Don't Want to Use Credit Card but Most People Today Usually Use the Online System, but Is Not Required to Say One Word yet. Maybe You're Going to Be.

You Can't Make Any of Those Dates.

Crossfire Can Come to You. Jamie and I Preached Just about Every Sunday Somewhere with an Emphasis toward Evangelism or Soul Winning We Can Come to a Clinic in Your Area.

One Day, Can't Preach on Sunday Speak in Your School Christian School Chapel Service, but We Appreciate You Publicize the Was Coming up Soon the Camps, but That in There If You Think like to Make Those Dates, but How Can I Still Use Crossfire, We Have a Number Ways We Could Come to Your Area Okay Cintas Again Randy Just Piggybacking on That.

It Is This Test Really You Speak You Chapel Churches. I Just Let Your Ministry. I Just Love That You You Know When These Guys Come to Speak Your Group Your Weather to Civic Love Anyone Else, Then the Ball to Play Some Ball Though Do All the Saying These Things, but They're Going to Point People to Jesus. The Gospel We Presented Ready Family Takes Their Kids to Camp Just like You Had over 20,000 22,000 You Said Earlier, Kids Have Gone through the Crossfire Ministry Camp and I Hear Testimonies All the Time.

A Pastor Is All I Was Earlier to Begin the Show Is like This to My Son Who's a Collegiate Level Ballplayer Today a Turning Point, His Walk with Christ. Was It Crossfire Camp with Randy Sheppard and Jamie Johnson. Randy Will What Happens When I Just Pick My Kid up from I Drop Them off on Sunday Afternoon. I Just Pick Them up on Thursday at the Big Parent Night What Just Happened in Those for Five Days. Can You Give Us a Quick Blow-By-Blow We Only Have about a Minute Left in the Show Deftly Will Get up about Seven or More in Freedom and All-You-Can-Eat Breakfast Will Go Right to the Chair Will Have a Good Most of My Want to Go to Will Go through about Two Hours of Pistol Pete Mary Beach Stefan Curry Drills Will Break for Lunch Right after Lunch Will Go to the Belt Creator and Marcio Will Have Music Will Have a Message Will Have an Invitation for Those That Don't Know Christ Become the Lord Does It Know Christ Will Encourage Them in the Wall Will Go from There. Back to the Gym for about Two Hours Break for Dinner If They Stay Overnight Will Go Back to the Gym Place and Competitive 505 Go to Some Game Type Situations Just like They Would Get a Ball at a School Team and Then Will Show Some Christian Videos That Night. We Try to Find Some Christian Players That We Can Share Their Testimony. Show Some Highlights of Their Will Go to Bed Will Get up the Next Day, Do It All Again for Four Days and Then Afterwords Jamie and I Will Pray That You Might Have a Cabin for a Place That We Could Stay on the Beach of Your Listing and Have a Rest Time. After about 100 Young People Still Getting Friend I Met More Weeks of Camp Basketball. The Highest Level, the Gospel of Jesus Christ Be Presented. You'll Love This Camp. If You Haven't Been, but Sign up Now It's Filled up with Jamie Johnson One More Time This with the Website Is Wrap up the Show Today Crossfire CRO Foreign Guys He Thinks Are Using God's Favorite Sport to Point People to the Sun God so Loved the World He Gave His Only Begotten Son. Thank You for Crossfire Ministries Randy Sheppard Jamie Johnson. Love You Guys. Thank You so Much.

Folks Sign up Quick Guys Are Still Some Slots Open Right and I Will Make Sure You Are Right You Get the Word out on This Station. This Is the Truth Network

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