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A Florist Sued for Her Christian Beliefs!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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April 28, 2021 1:00 am

A Florist Sued for Her Christian Beliefs!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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April 28, 2021 1:00 am

Stu is with Barronelle Stutzman, florist and owner of Arlene's Flowers in Washington state, discussing the law suit brought against her for declining service for a same-sex wedding. They're also joined by Matt Sharp, Barronelle's legal representative.

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Woodrow Kroll here when you train one pastor and some donor friends are standing by to train a second call 833-443-5467 or go online and train a Every gift counts and now every gift is double training hi, I met my cohost Breanna Michael Paul and I sound like Jan Mormonism to be brighter than we were told it would be doing is for discussions about our journeys Mormon to Jesus chosen should just enjoy most of listening to podcasts network. This is the Truth Network so there's a knock at the door and there's a nice little envelope that you open it is a lawsuit against you and you thought well I'm just a Christian business person. I just try to honor God with my business and I simply stated my convictions and I didn't do something I didn't fall under pressure and make a product or sell a product to a group of people that would go against my relation with Christ.

I was mean about it and then lawsuit comes with me right now is really a hero and she has been attack. She's been sued this battle going on for nearly a decade and I am with the allies defending freedom. Matt Sharp is returning easier to Matt loves the Lord and he loves to help people live freely. Our country and have convictions without the government shoving an agenda down her throat to tell them to compromise. Matt did you ever think you would be representing Darren L. Stutzman in this whole issue with the flowers just who would've thought a bunch of flowers would cause a lawsuit and put this woman in the crosshairs of some pretty angry people. We've all in our country understood that people have the freedom to live and work consistent with their faith, but what were seeing more and more is that the government is starting to use laws we call them sexual orientation and gender identity laws to go after people of faith to tell them that they have to create expression or participate in events that violate their deep convictions and unfortunately bear now as one of many across the country that's facing this type of government coercion to violate your beliefs as a condition of operating a business.

So very well take us back.

This is been nearly a decade where you were told about your your business, your flower shop where you're from and all that byways Gaddafi North Carolina all those shows are all over the country.

Welcome to true stock and tell us a little bit about where you're from and how this came about we think you where little flower shop in Richland Washington we been in business for 47 years. We had all types of employees and all types of customers were on our third generation from flowers and we just we service our community and we love the job that we do and suddenly something happened that brought your faith in Christ in direct conflict with what was going on with what the customer was demanding or wanting and then you find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit is at right what happened Mr. Quinn that Washington State go back to my favorite customers is Robert Ingersoll.

He's one of the gentlemen's that Salinas and Robin, I have been friends for over nine years he was a great customer. We enjoyed each other's company.

He was very creative. I knew Robert Scaife and from the beginning that was never issue so Rob would come in and say I want this arrangement for this party or the celebration, and he would pick out unusual vase or container and say do your thing and I love that because I had to go out the box create something different and unusual for him. He let my arrangements and I love doing them for him. When Washington state passes same-sex marriage law run had been in twice before and that told the girls that he was getting married want to talk to me.

So when I found out I went home and I talked to Gerald, and I said you know what we can do about this and he said the Bible is very clear on Christ and his church in a marriage between a man and woman. So I my job to go back and tell Rob this way I could like to this wedding. So when Rob came in and start talking about his wedding night to simply put my hands on his nice and Rob, I can do your wedding because of my relationship with Jesus Christ. He said he understood. We talked about his mom walking down the we talked about why they started to get by when you want to get married. We chit chatted for a while and Rob asked if I would recommend another florist which I did three. He did by his flowers. One of those and we hugged each other and Rob left he went home and told his partner Kurt and Kurt put something on Facebook that simply said there now has every right to believe the way she does she hurt her feelings and it went viral. From there, the Atty. Gen., that any complaint from Robert Kurt picked it up personally sued me personally and the ACLU got a hold of Robin Kurt and also suit me. So we have a corporate and a personal lawsuit that have been combined into one well and Matt Sharp assure also here with the allies defending freedom. There's some pretty nasty things.

Use wasn't just a couple folks little bit offended or offended by this. The word got out, and then there were some things even encouraged by the Atty. Gen. public official against her hate mail, etc. yet for many years she's been receiving that and she can tell you in her own words, just the calls that she's received that the security precautions that they had to take at the shop now just to protect your safety and all this and we forget that we hear the stories they are being lived everyday by Baron Elinor staff I'm there experiencing this every day of what it means to stand firm for their speech, the freedom to live out their faith was the moment burial for you when you realized in your family. This is game on like this is a motor tackle. I got a lock the door when I come in here that sort of thing. Like most moment you you realize that these people really hate me when this broken social media. We have five lines in our shop 76 and for two weeks solid. We had unreal phone calls of hate birds. I never knew existed.

We had computer threats, ticketing threats, death threats that we got a security system I changed when I went to work and now we have a code that if somebody comes in the shop that we feel threatened. We say the code and 70 will call the police while so did you ever think you're a humble flower maker enjoying floral design to design and the other people you know create the likely guys like Muir call, you would see to us for 5 o'clock on Valentine's Day flowers for Julie help you know guys like that deal with that interest him in the rigors and the and the. The rhythm ebb and flow of of floral arrangements and even do this row long Weller stars been known for 47 years and I've been in the business about 32° so you never thought as a believer to how did you come to know Christ as your Savior out of your faith in Christ come from your life that that's a really interesting story. I was raised in the church. My mom sang in the choir I said on the front pew with my little white gloves and patent shoes. I had Bible study in my home. I was at what I call a token Christian. I was very involved in the church and I just thought I was pretty cool but anyway when my husband and I were dating. He asked me. He said how she relationship with Jesus Christ and since we are on a date and I want to be nice. I said well it's just fine, thank you for asking that in my heart I wish Sandy will sign off shrimp how dear you asked me how my relationship with Jesus Christ was that he was right to ask. I had a relationship with the church that I did not have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

And there's a big difference while so I guess that did that turn men to what happened when the light came on and you realized well this is Christ is real and he is the Lord is risen and is risen in my heart. What happened well right after Darrell and I were married I found I had cancer and then my father passed away and that's when it came the realization was gonna walk the walk and talk the talk and so I had to put my complete trust in him because there was no one else to do that well and then we fast-forward how that faith has been a rock for you and this time were your whole business. Now your euros on national is a national celebrity. But that's probably not how you want for yourself right that it so I wanted I want to talk about how Christ is been real you, near to you dear you in this time in his major trial you've been sued. Your name is been plastered all over and just all the horrible stuff it's happened what he did and that little bit in the next segment and Matt Sharp. I want to also talk about how our religious liberties are under threat and what is a Christian to do and what has Baron L Don was her family gone to stand strong knockout mice or convictions, but also not back down to the bullies so as it would break and come right back and talk about that right your true talk on Stu Epperson. I will try to get a picture with all you guys here and all posted on my Instagram and my Facebook and twitter and all that stuff and Stu to nice tunes, but were to do that for just so glad you're here state tuner one were to come right back with Baron L. Stutzman and her attorney met shortly allies defending freedom and there make it there it's neat that you're going is speaking it's really cool that you've taken. You've taken this negative momentum toward you and you've almost like a judo move turned it to leverage to build others up and encourage others to stand for their freedoms and honor Christ in her business. So what are your convictions about marriage should be between a man and a woman what he or convictions about the truth of sexuality and same-sex marriage. What about the LGB to TP all those movements. What about that group. If you're a Christian, do you hold to the biblical view and then here's the next question.

Are you ready for everything you've ever believed to be attacked and we are in a day and age were the law of the land is good.

Change in that direction and human religious Christian freedoms are under serious fire and if you doubt that, then you need to pull a chair up or keep your doll on this radio station or podcast on every listen to me on Stu Epperson. This is true thought that I was a lady who has had decades of success in the floral business the flower business.

The range of business.

Baron L.

Stutzman. Now she as of about this is been going on for nine years has been sued because she would not make her flowers for a homosexual wedding and the Atty. Gen. in Washington state got wind of it and the full court press of attacks came on like crazy Matt Sharp Yuri allies defending freedom sets aside without force a little bit by telling us why you're in this case line stiffening freedom. We are a nonprofit religious law firm that defends our First Amendment liberties, and so in cases like those of Baron L or Jack Phillips. The Colorado Baker. We have individuals that serve everyone that walked into their stores. As Baron L did with Rob having certain.

For years, and Jack Phillips that serves everyone but don't want to be forced by the government to participate in specific events, especially events like weddings that have religious significance to 70 of us. And so when were defending them were ultimately defending the freedom of all of us. Every American did not have the government, and force you to speak messages you disagree with the violator faith or participate in events that violate your conscience because there are lines that the government should never cross that includes forcing anyone to violate those deep convictions about marriage or what it means to be man and woman in the same on the same note she could have been approached by a leader of a white supremacy racist group or Nazi group said they were having a huge convention and what you do all floral arrangements and she would bylaw have the right to say no to them as well. Right we have seen situations like the Jack Phillips. He told how he would do a cake with a Confederate flag because he finds that offensive.

He went into a cake with messages, attacking someone because of their sexual orientation because he doesn't want to do that really wants to honor God with his cakes and the same thing with Baron L that when she creates these elaborate designs. She's expressing a message about marriage, about the couple involved and she wants to do so. Consistent with her deeply held religious believes about what marriage is and the way to honor God through those marriages.

Yeah, I like to work consistent in barrio I love your testimony years to bright shining witness for Jesus and thank you for that. I just think it's just interesting that when you watch the mainstream media especially like you watch these channels. You'll see them and they will report about the Baker and they'll say will he would make a cake for same-sex union but they won't report the fact that he would make a cake for ecru we would make a cake with a Confederate flag. They will report that stuff.

So it's it is duplicitous unless your reading the news from, but I'm glad your listing work however you listen to me or not to solicit news on this network but if the same time Baron L as read Matthew five earlier this week were Jesus said hey listen, blustery night you would like the blessings of poor in spirit, honor and thirst after righteousness blessed peacemakers which you have been, but then he goes on to say Blessed are you when your persecuted when men say horrible things against you, and that's really what's happened how his your faith taken on a tangible component with all this happening is given this total peace over this. We have been so blessed by this experience has it been ref's are price to pay.

Absolutely that the Dorset pieces opened the people we've got to meet people that are listening to us now there's a price for freedom if we don't stand up now is not can be anything to stand up for very soon. While in one example that is the inequality act, which I'm calling it. It's called the equality act. The current administration is just pushing it forward, which will basically make even this conversation of violation attack assault on people that disagree with us. Whatever happened to just disagree measurably rather just disagree with people and but having a good healthy conversation about it and still being friends like you were the gentleman who was your customer for all those years you just look I can do this is my conviction. I still love you and and here's a great personal take care of you.

But whatever happened that Matt Sharp no one court described it about tolerance, it's a two-way street below. Overseeing is no tolerance for people of faith, no tolerance for those who hold to traditional views about marriage or what it means to be male and female, and so we see things like the federal equality act. The inequality act like you describe it that are being pushed but it's something that's happening even in North Carolina that were announcing efforts to enact the same laws that were used to go after Baron L in Washington state, the same laws used to go after Jack Phillips and Colorado are now a real threat here North Carolina and so that's why Baron L is been traveling around sharing her story because when we talk about these. It's not enough just to describe the consequences of them. We have to tell the stories of people and other places that been personally impacted so remind us. Jesus spoke in parables, he told stories because there is a power to letting people look Baron L in the eye to hear her describe herself. All that she's gone through these several years of this lawsuit and what it's had impact it's had on her. Her employees and her family and her business, and that's what were wanting to do here is let people see the price and the consequences of the sexual orientation and gender identity laws like the equality act like the ones being pushed her north Carolina barrio. I know a lot of folks value for that matter. A lot of folks are thinking were where is the case right now. This is been going on for a long time Ali Susan countersuit and it appeals and all that the Supreme Court that particular austere group was cut that letting us come up to worry or are things right now in the legality of things process all that mad at you better tell that if you go back to did really got us when we got to got the Susan Garrido okay anyway to where is the case right now so bearwent through the Washington state court system went to the Washington state Supreme Court Raven there. The Atty. Gen. admitted that what she does.

His expression at speech nonetheless believe that the state ought to be able to force her to express messages that she disagreed with. Well we took her case to the Supreme Court. The court sent her case back to Washington Supreme Court said hey fix this and they just double down to almost a verbatim cut-and-paste of the original decision in our back at the US Supreme Court. I would ask the court to review her case been waiting about a year. We don't entirely know why but were hopeful that here in the next couple weeks, maybe couple months working to get a decision from the Supreme Court taking her case and giving her the ability to live and work consistent with her beliefs and what about you how you feel about the idea of going all in Supreme Court, wheezing, well that wasn't on my bucket list that I will tell you if the Supreme Court denies our case and the possibly can lose everything we own our life savings. Their retirement the things we save our children and our grandchildren are in place to lose her job to save the lives of taxes we don't get to wait on the customers we lay down for 47 years – you know, this freedom is not free and can be a cost that if we don't stand up if we don't speak out know people say I'm behind you hundred percent. I don't need to behind me. I need you beside me as we have to start standing up okay and that's the voice of Baron L. Stutzman, the owner of a successful florist in Washington state and shot her her crime solution. You know what it's against my religious convictions of my my faith in Jesus, to two hosts of my flowers of this homosexual wedding.

She referred other forced out every thing was fine, but then it raised to huge thing for social media. Now she's on the receiving end in a nine year battle focused on for nine years being sued and sued again and being defamed and hated and Kirsten in absolute evil things and hate mail is been directed at Baron Albert, no closes with how we can pray for you love most listening out there, though they've never met you they love you and a lot of folks out there are going to be appealing to the real Supreme Court of God who will hold every judge it's ever lived in contempt and who will who rules and reigns forever. The earth is his footstool. He's the judge and he's the one that you have sought to please and were so grateful for the convictions you have for the Lord you've inspired me just talking to you and so many out there and you you spoken, you've probably a book. Maybe one day will come out about all. Who knows, you know, but some cool stuff but I hope so, but Baron L tell us how we can pray for you and be lifting you up everyone listening.

If you pray for the Supreme Court that you get the wisdom to see how important this is, whether religious or not, because if we lose our freedom usually assures and to pray that Darrell and I will be faithful that his been so faithful to us and we just want to be faithful to him and to pray that give people courage to stand and speak out and Aref and Kurt have every right to live consistent with their beliefs and were only asking for the same. Okay, you're not forcing a lifestyle on them. You're not. You're not hating them you been very kind and dignified with them, you're simply standing with your convictions and they can go live that that's the beauty of the Judeo-Christian faith. That's the beauty of the of America.

But people are trying to change that so that not just you know, do you have to compromise your lease at the other side won't rest until you are actually condoning and championing and joining in and there is an attack right now match over the lines defending freedom. Your ministry is so critical what's the website people can learn more about this link and visit a DS short for alliance defending freedom 80th where they can learn more about Baron Ellis case and other creative professionals like her across the country that are sent raising similar attacks in their ability to live and work consistent with their faith, and against the point we want to go back to know this is this is whether it's Baron L or Jack Phillips of the others. People that gladly serve everyone, but are simply seeking the freedom to operate consistent with her faith and to not be forced by the government and that's with these these laws do the Sochi laws do is I give the government a weapon to go after people of faith and to force them to violate their deepest convictions website will website is a DS and check us out.

All that this whole thing. The podcast the truth Learn more there. Thank you to all of our affiliates for standing by this program and thank you Baron L for stand your family for your role standing Christ were grateful for your prayer warriors pray before your head hits the pillow tonight.

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