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Experience TRUTH - #27

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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April 4, 2021 1:00 am

Experience TRUTH - #27

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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April 4, 2021 1:00 am

Stu is talking about one of the greatest gifts ever given to God by a widow, as he dives into Luke 21: 1-6.

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This is the Truth Network. One of the greatest gifts ever given to God by a widow. It's called the widow's mite and were talking about it this week. Right now on experience. Truth I'm Stu Epperson Luke chapter 21 verses one through six is our text today.

It's a good one. I want to start reading it and if you're able to find a copy God's word and read this with me. Please do we meet every week and read the word and study were together in a group called Wednesday in the word at Dario.

We also do it on Facebook want to check out one of our studies.

There is an awesome time with a bunch of messed up guys like me journeying through the were drawn closer to God studying his word and we been in this book of Luke, and it's just been so rich and encouraging. So let's read the passage together and will continue our study verse one Luke chapter 21 and he looked up and saw all the rich putting their gifts into the treasury and he saw also a certain poor widow putting into Mike's so he said truly I say to you that this poor widow has put in more than all for all these out of their abundance have put in offerings for God, but she out of her poverty put in all the livelihood that she had. Then, as some spoke of the temple, how it was adorned with beautiful stones and donations.

He said these things which you see the days will come, in which not one stone shall be left upon another, that shall not be thrown down. This is God's word may be Labrador feet and a light unto our past. The first question is the context question how do we see the beware of the scribes warning from Jesus and the devouring widows warning from Jesus on display here while Housel reproaches the poor Rick who so abuses the poor robbed from the poor is a reproach upon the maker tells us in Proverbs, Jesus excoriates the scribes, these Pharisees.

Up until now, remember what happened to the first part of this verse, verse one and he looked up and he saw the rich putting their gifts in the treasury.

So what's going on your wall.

These words and he looked up what it just happened. Jesus made his triumphal entry. Chapter 19 we study that becomes in the temple. He turns over the tables he's excoriated. The scribes stood down the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Herodian's cleanse the temple and they come dancing. Hey, wait a second you're cost us a lot of money here. A lot of people paying a lot of money. They had been robbing these people on the exchange rate making a ridiculous exchange rate and even overcharging you usually get all kinds of extortion charging way too much money for baby you know, 10, 1518 times as much they should charge for little lambs and goats and turtledoves to be offered so this is the context and this is what's been going on. So now you have this treasury, which is a common area that he sitting with his disciples in the court of the women within the larger court of the Gentiles. This is where the primary giving to the temple to glacial people came up to Passover, they came to give in a course we know that these rich people, and especially the religious rich wanted their gift to be seen.

So there are these seven trumpet shaped receptacles inside the courtyard set up to receive gifts and these gifts would be, of all different kind of values, but there one really paper currency was more coins every time a coin when in it when it is trumpet shaped dispenser is been in there were different ones. There were 13 or different ones for different categories. Some would be for sacrifice for oil.

For instance for other materials that would sustain the. The temple it in it, you know. Didn't run for free. It took money to run the temple heard a preacher once a essay. The ministry is free, but we gotta pay the light bill we gotta pay the power bill right in. We gotta pay the rent, and so that's why so important that we give to our churches that we support our local church that we are feeding from and drawing our spiritual resources from so we need to keep that replenishing keep giving generously.

Also, there was was important thing to give but it's another thing if you're giving to be seen. And when people with these rich would give there be a big loud clink. The bigger the coin the more coins the more bouncing around in this big metallic trumpet shape receptacle and people would hear it and it would incentivize people to make more noise to give more but not in the case of the widow, and I put a question here. The next question what's good or bad about public giving we start pledging Jesus condemned it in Matthew six he said hey beware about giving your gifts in public. He was decrying hypocritical prideful posting type giving just like he decried praying in public praying in public is not better half are preachers will be out of work, praying a Publix wonderful. But when you pray to be heard when you pray to be seen but maybe your prayer in public is a lot longer more depth than your prayer and private because you will pray in private. That's a bad thing. So these things when they're pharisaical with her hypocritical when they're boastful there bad just like giving to be seen, but is not bad. Everyone knew what Barnabas did later in the book of acts when he gave a bunch of his land and use the money to advance the church board. Ananias is a fire dated next five God killed him. Why, because it was a hypocritical abusive that they did it just to be seen. They knew about Barnabas pretty much everyone knew about what Barnabas did the part of his motive wasn't that everyone would know about it is motive was to advance the cause of Christ is motive was to build the church so this is very fasting. So what's good, what's bad about public giving. As you can see there's some good things there some really bad things it comes down to your heart and let's turn to the heart of the widow verse two he saw also a certain poor widow putting in two mites, so her offering was seen but not heard why because two mites are absolute tiny will talk about that. This is really interesting for our offer was seen by the only one whose eyes matter that's right by God and by Jesus, how interesting the Jesus of all these people all these pious characters that have traveled for all of the world and then some local of course how fascinating that all the offering that he makes note of here is to please of the Passover. It's holy week.

He's been teaching.

He's been better tell some parables.

He's been preaching teaching he's been doing some miracles is also been confronting the religious leaders who been trying to confront him and catch him in all kinds of stuff and entrap him, but of all the people he noticed he notices giving to God is this widow, this poor widow the poor, slowest, least noticeable meager widow and that some is a little bit like a the woman we studied earlier on Luke member. The woman who had the to condition the blood condition enters a massive crowd, and Jesus says who touched me because she touched the hem of his garment and let cool and immediately she was healed, but he notices her. He noticed that poor blind beggar that we saw on the road on the Jericho Road as Christ is coming from Jericho to Jerusalem to this moment, he notices and hears him of all the people throwing him he notices him just really powerful what a story.

And so Christ is the Savior. He saves individuals he saves the poor. This woman was poor widow's report why she had no she had no breadwinner she husband had died. We don't know how she lost him, but she was all by herself and the plight of widows is very desperate but yet she still giving yet it hasn't kept her down. She is giving as a contrast of these rich givers who are parading loudly their gift. She's quietly, faithfully giving what a deal describes a religious leaders were supposed to leave the people. These guys were supposed to love the people in support these widows in here she's giving in their giving to fundamentally announce their giving for everyone to see what how much is two mites. Well, it's basically and it also the languages leapt Ellie PTA it's 1/8 of a penny or 1/40 of the Dinero standard and Eris is about a day's wage is the smallest size coin in the Hebrew currency is the absolute minimal offering allowed. So basically to meet us.

Could barely purchase a paltry piece of bread for one person. Imagine that her money she should've probably and could have used for bread, she used to give to God by way there's a whole bunch in the Old Testament about a widow being allowed to use money if it came down to eating and giving money to the Temple. She should give to her food to take care of herself so she could live so anyway let's look overtly verse four says Jesus comments down he saw poor widow putting into my so he said truly I say to you that this poor widow has put in more than all know there's a great question. How could he forgive was so small talk.

To be considered more than all the others to mean is two mites to leapt are you kidding me that's more than all these others such a paltry small gift, but so much more and let's talk about that, why would it be considered more well. Jesus explains verse four. For all these out of their abundance have put in offerings. Forgot these folks had plenty they were giving out of what they Artie had. They were hurting.

They were struggling. They were dying. They work maybe missing their last meal to give to God, but she out of her poverty put in all the livelihood that she had so Jesus's question why does she give more. It's very very important. This whole idea of what's really important what's really of value resonated in the home and the ears of God's gift that no one else heard because was so small. These two little coins are so small, but she gave out of abundance.

I'm sorry she gave out of an abundant heart which he gave out of poverty. And really, it's interesting.

Others really not a lot of sacrifice in most of our giving today really. But this woman gave sacrificially what example. It literally means she gave of all that she had. She did know back. Not one. Of the two mites was just a one bite she gave both of them and the cost of what would've been to exist on 1/2 a piece of bread sacrificial giving by the widow she had nothing left.

With these two mites and she gave it all away while now I get into little bit of controversy because one pastor I read believe Jesus was exulting the widows act. He was exulting her sacrificial heart. But some folks believe you give in order to get what about that concept whereby the truth, there in some other choosers for powerful truth to come out of this and I will share with you next time right here on experience true things rejoice. Please study word read the word memorize God's word hiding your heart and share God's word. The story of the widow's mite will continue next time on experience truth in Luke chapter 21 verses one through six and learn more about all of and thank you all are awesome affiliates that carry this program and thank you for all of you for your prayers as we continue to share in preach and teach God's word right here on this station will be here next time. At the same time next week the same time for experience truth.

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