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Christology & Israel!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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March 24, 2021 1:00 am

Christology & Israel!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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March 24, 2021 1:00 am

A journey into the life of Jesus...a journey into modern and ancient Israel - with tour guide, Dr. Doug Bookman! Stu is joined by his former college professor, now professor of Old/New Testament and Bible Exposition at Shepherds Theological Seminary, to talk Christology.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match looked like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcasts starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network a journey into the life of Jesus, a journey into modern and ancient Israel. And who better to be our tour guide and one of my old college troughs years ago flashed back to the 1980s and 90s. Doug Buchman Dr. Buchman in his big bass voice would get up there and teach us all through the Old Testament and New Testament servers are sit down you now in get into this Christology and all these things going on.

Well, amen and thanks so much and it's been a delight to be with you occasionally and is delighted with you today well and were not bashful courts. That is right and hit her, and those were the days we think they were face of docket to tell everyone what you're up to. A lot of things going on.

I'm with you in Cary, North Carolina in the colonial Baptist Church shepherds theological seminary offices where you are. I guess a professor give us an update. Who is Doug Buchman indelibly give us a little bit of that on well I tell you how we've course got to know each other as student professor and his friends there in California. Masters college I left Masters college and became part of friends of Israel, which is a marvelous ministry outreach to Jewish folk and I while I was at Masters. I helped frame a program in his recall Ibex which is a student semester brought in a kind of got me over there got me thinking I'd study over there in Israel annotates to what's at stake in my is it what's what's fundamentally at stake is that that it is a huge help to Christians to get Israel and so just in various ways. I started to find ways to get over there and so on.

Then, in God's we provinces in 2009 we moved here to carry and became part of shepherds seminary the wonderful seminary and we are fully committed. We believe in the absolute inerrancy of the Bible, with full throat and we take it literally.

And we believe in grammatical historical interpretation allow our listeners in the what that means but basically what we mean by that is that the text they the meaning is is is is is the author insinuated the meaning of the text in our obligation is to mining the meaning of the text and so you pay attention to grammatical issues and all other parts of that is sort of issue with me is the context and so not only did the literary context of the context in which it happen.

So the more you understand about the world and I tell people at the time that half of your Bible is history and and I mean my Genesis Nehemiah is just a historical narrative Matthew to act as a historical narrative and that history happen somewhere and so when you read these real historical narratives. You generate a picture in your mind, and I hate to be the guy to tell folks but your pictures wrong as you think of in terms of your culture and your and and so the, the more you can learn to read the Bible in terms of its own culture.

The more you're going to be advantage in every way. Whatever level of teaching or leadership. You have your you're going to be advantage dictated to learn and you know one of the really staggering realities that people don't take into that into account. I think, is that it's really stunning that we live in a day when you can go to Israel because really from from 70 A.D. when Titus, Vespasian destroyed Jerusalem and the temple until functionally 1967. The land was at least functionally if not physically inaccessible, and that we live in a day when it's wide open.

It's remarkably secure it.

They welcome the visitor that we say one of the most amazing realities is that Israel had little lien gives so much time and effort and expertise, and attention to digging out and reconstructing the biblical artifacts, and places, and so on that you and I is like they had us in mind. You know that that it at all. Think how much should be up to their advantage is output on display. So at any rate, I came to hear to shepherds, seminary and and as part of our program.

We take our students Israel we pay for it would pay the entire trip vehicle is and always is a function of three realities that number one take here we are as a seminary in here and in the maybe appropriately or otherwise personalize might might in my own life my own stewardship I just met my sense is the number one it stunning that we live in a day when you can go to Israel. Number two. We know that people are going to be hugely advantaged that you can study the Bible without get Israel but you're going to be advantage and there it sits, and then thirdly here at the seminary realize that most seminary students are stone cold dead in the water broke and was I can afford to go to Israel. So we've raised the money to take our students in just a few weeks will be setting out and so you asked about who Doug Buchman is well and I tell people all the time that it's it's really amazing in God's providence that Eileen trips to Israel because I am the most directionally challenged.

I never allowed an digging out the backyard and turned me around The times I can find a house you know and yet and yet here I go to Israel and I can get people around and so and that but one of the other huge elements of of my study life, and so on and and teaching and preaching is the life of Jesus and again Christians are so advantaged to come to grips with the life that Jesus lived not just the incident stores are important, but in many quarters, the balance of the store told the day that well you know for whatever set of of illegitimate reasons for my money.

It's just a you really can't build a life of Jesus.

Just look at the individual per Rick appeases a call. The individual incidents and and and and and episodes is like what you're not going to get a little you can't you can't live your life. That way you could just random order. You couldn't trade Tuesday from Wednesday and it would come out the same and on. So I think it's so important to actually study the land that means taking the four Gospels leading them as it were, one on top of each other, finding the syncretism's higher harmonizing and coming to his full incoherent a concept of the life Jesus lived and and it's there. What a way to read the gospel practically fruit listeners out there that there really is about to do a study the book of Luke. What's a good way. Very interesting point. Look us to because of just left, but no ads at that very important point because on the one hand, they are individual books and they deserve and demand to be read, and if you don't mind, exegete it, which is means were trying to get the author's meaning out of the deck as individual books, then the next step is to is to read them and this takes some work and there are a lot of helps out there, but to to read the Gospels in a harmonized fashion where you you you try and trace the life of Jesus and and here's the things Jesus lived a real life and the life. Now here we get into the whole issue of the person of Jesus and honoring what the Bible says about the fact that he took upon himself genuine humanity right a Minutemen. He wasn't always say that a lot of Christians can witness Lee embrace what I call the Clark Kent approached the life of Jesus you know there was a clerk and I was Superman pretending and and sometimes people think that Jesus was just God, pretending to be manned by all know he took upon himself genuine unfallen humanity and with the and it means it's a bottomless, a significant is that he lived a life stunningly like ours and and thus he can be because he took a nonexempt genuine immunity number one.

He can be our Redeemer because he is our kinsman, but number two when you've spent a lot of time with this year's substitute, but number two.

He can be a high priest who is priest was genuinely touched with the feeling of our infirmities is a process in it and it was because of his humanity. So to study his humanity and and from from nativity through boyhood and this is a lot of what we do when word is seen taking people to the steps of Jesus and the Sea of Galilee tuk-tuk your hero quick. Now how many times you've been there. I could, and probably about 4045 five times Israel okay so listeners that have never been. We got 60 seconds left in the segment give us the 62nd fire to a real quicker. Just tell us in 60 seconds.

Why just take his life great. The picture created cribbage for stroke. Well Israel. Here's the thing.

Israel is stunning in so many ways. Number one God is contrived throughout history to make Israel the center and it is today. Everybody worries about Israel and states the epicenter of of the world but but it in a course. It was the stage upon which so much of the biblical history was played out and it's so tiny it's so public and so private. The reasons are so distinct this is the thing. It's not just an issue. Here's what I would encourage people all right there may be some value some virtue in going and just doing sort of pilgrimage in standing in a given place in contemplating the fact that this is what happened in this place. Beyond that, what makes it rich is to study the land study.

The geography the claimant that agriculture the cycle of the years, the geology for heaven sake and understand what it is about this place where you're standing that plays into the biblical drama and take you to Jesus. Ultimately the centuries, the King of Kings writing this where you live this way… So you are walking now is a lot more readable testaments to deal with, and even more but but Emily just say this that the last week of Jesus life you know who this 40% of each of the four Gospels is given over to the last week of his life so that means that we can reconstruct that life is that that we can remarkable detail. I think it also means that God wants us to know that week and to walk through. You can stand at the blaze. I swear where Jesus was tried by pilot tend to sit there and work your way through that marvelous marvelous drama in John 1819 there and every kid that your kids student accounts to shepherds theological seminary in Cary Northline gets a trip paid as part of education to spend with you a couple weeks in Israel a year. What you once in their four years here. God bless you Dr. Buckley. Thanks for being a great mentor, friend, teacher, I'm still here. Many Apple stocks you try to get that out and see us to look less and less yes or truth will make this podcast available you to may need to go to Israel but most of all don't miss Jesus Christ.

He can't go there you can go to the word and read and go there and go to him and find in him life everlasting.

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