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Looking Back on a Marketplace MIRACLE!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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February 24, 2021 1:00 am

Looking Back on a Marketplace MIRACLE!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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February 24, 2021 1:00 am

Revisiting Stu's conversation with Dr. Richard Hamlet from Global Ministries.  How did this good Doctor grow from a wolf of Wall Street to a lion for the Great Commission? Listen. You'll be encouraged.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match looked like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word. Your chosen Truth Network podcasts of starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network. How could a Wall Street train financial wizard become a preacher, a talkshow host and author of powerful speaker and entrepreneur. All those things and so much more with his own national radio show.

He's a Renaissance man. He's with me right now.

His name is Dr. Hamlet, God bless you certain you can get how do you handle a set up like that, you got you guess the big thing to live up to brother, where we have a big God only going to run errands for Jesus all around the world in our great country the gospel Israel to live Jesus. I want other people to know them. Also as great America is on fire semi bad way someone invokes frustrated so my folks scared to death of being sick.

He got people protesting you got buildings burning you got all kinds of racial tension. But the answer comes down to one thing. This is what Richard Hamlet is passionate about and what I'm so glad Hermann how is your bottom line. This whole thing. The need for cash or announcer will you know America is way through puberty and adolescence and were in maturity after 200 almost 240 years and we have now polarized from the original founders Judeo-Christian principles and emphasis and we have become a post-Christian country. Sadly, student based on the other culture and what what what is going on in the populace is is that it's a sad time but it's an optimistic time. That time because those of us baby boomers like yourself and may actually not your the next even you know in our lifetime we have almost all the wonderful implement of the gospel in Christianity and the blessing among all people watch and now we are faced with with anti-gospel really antichrist of souls by people who no doubt in their own minds mean well their mission and is misdirected and the gospel needs to be proclaimed like never before. So that's what I'm all about ministry in the marketplace outside the church walls. I love everyone you to find this guy's got a awesome show he's had some phenomenal gas than I can imagine I could drop any names here, you know, but he said he's got great gas.

He's got a great show. He's on all over the country. A lot of stations and Taylor Dr. Hamlet, can you give us a little bit of your background, your journey to coming of Christ you have a fascinating story. Not many people's resumes is bespectacled is your is yours. As with all kinds of life experience, education, training connected with Dr. Crawford running cooperators Italian man yet. Will try to be brief here yeah I was the one I was born into a Christian family and mark my great-grandfather actually was a Presbyterian minister of the Presbyterian Church. Learn the catechism in Scripture where six years old. I was going to church and I went to a Billy Graham associate site in the last 10 years old in North Alabama when the housing evangelism statement that night. Does the Holy Spirit prepared me. I heard the gospel clearly and I saw centering on the Savior.

I repented and believed in, ran down the stadium steps in the field had the counseling still have a little booklet Billy Graham BGA sent him a follow-up because they get it right and then from that point on, you know, it's been an incredible journey was a trained as a financier, deacon, Bible study teacher and in the church for many years and then when I was 36. God specifically set me aside for this new kingdom business 23 years now thousand nine Pastor pastoring to churches but then 18 years ago my wife and I found a global ministry foundation with my desire to have a businesses missions type model and operate foundation gospel proclamation training of pastors and having actually businesses where we can reach people with the gospel directly outside the church walls and soul been doing after 18 years in almost 100 countries now preaching the gospel nation. My wife teaches chronological Bible studies effective with so many ethnicities and even our country now so you know I'm the businesses missions guy and that it elects what came from but you know what with my mentor the more nation counsel. He has training center. He remembers that now model ministry purchased five years ago everyone to have an email trying pastors all around the world, and Angeles his son David also does not achieve teacher their own on the campus still difficult proclamation. The Dr. statement said this to an important goal is used.

He said there is no dichotomy between what what the world running the church calls sacred and dense and then secular and he took something from that populace and always water going down. Now we have the church and we have the other worlds like L Sunday go to church in the next six days we know we act like one another world like we have some tennis for spiritual, bipolar, posture, and he's another now.

He set out in the secular mode. That's all of God's general mercy.

That's all God. God is the creator of all that is common grace and we as Christchurch need to take that gospel and integrated like you to weave it like a Fred within whatever were doing whatever our calling being salt and light and is only my quiet impact on me early on as I was training coming from Wall Street guy trying guy in investment real estate over into the pastorate and and is now the pastor of angels all around the world so that's the purpose of ministry marketplace or program is going to bring that out were six-year and thing I like about it. I have some on the program like you you on a few weeks ago about what the hydrating that may be a ministerial exaggeration.

You wanted to get it was not heard iconic elements are like probably five minutes there no less powerful.

I love it in your mail program.

Once at yeah it's a diversified I'm a diversified type bio and been blessed to have good education both high levels boatswain and ministry of theology and then of course in finance and is a financial professional so you know what it is all about doing the father's business was a love term kingdom business. That's what I am Mike Amos, God call me midlife things and it was that he was calling the Ben Cartwright of Israel of any landowner real estate owner had flocked agriculture God should I want to go preach the word of God to the world and into my people below. The crop will drop the left and left the essentials of of of of worshiping me, and following me is my chosen people and so it was midlife and then he took off and not, what happened to me and there's this there's a groundswell of of revival and movement in the marketplace. This kingdom business concept talking about ministry in the marketplace your program with Richard Hamlet which I've been on so many amazing guess you had on over the years. We talk about the need for people out there that we see our our job so often is divorced from her walk with God as dark doctor offered set you on this. Is this biblical pack track of you know sacred secular no divide challenges and at every way how I got only to wake up and when you take it you know, I know we do we exaggerate saying things like while I'm on the company's clocks Augustana my cubicle yeah preach hellfire and brimstone, but the doctor and there's a way to do this in your training people in this as a Wall Street guys. It is a financial is as a guy was run mega businesses and gastric churches your living. This reality all the time right right and so I think it comes down to this for too long. There's been this different patient in the church between what the quote clergy supposed to do with the professional ministers you know it within an church structure ecclesiology talk and then what the laity should do and there's been this divide really is as if moved in a perverted way to where the laity admitted that the regular members of Christ church confessional church late know that that they love God and most of them up. Yellow blue born-again ones are not regular will be become regenerate church members while the gospel one day. But no, they all fail see their pastor and elder Bishop and owner you know preaching and doing the church ministry may give maybe you're tired and I think we know that they'll do all the sharing the gospel great the great commission through the me that you know the initial 11 I was there they were apostles 12 unison that's about it either could be even more unscriptural because when Jesus said in acts one and we are witnessing the was talking about anybody who is all of Christ that we are to be witnesses in our marketplace we are the witnesses. Wherever we are and we are to reach people that the quote clergy would never reach because they're in a different platform allowing a different service which is important. I am a pastor, evangelist, and I am, so the kingdom business man because in my rollout had come together with my special calling not in one like all my program will have doctors, attorneys, teacher, sports figures, media magnets like you. You know your father.

All others to come on and now 11:30 ordinary Joe blow ever here never know that all that interview, you will hear y'all is where how God is uniquely using every Christian and I started every morning we get up and you should pray to God today. About appointment God today. I'm open.

I'm willing to share Christ to track gospel nugget, something that is encouraging things in mind the Scripture. And yes, we need to be faithful to our porch with no Christian fortune ever still time for an athlete as employer out myself. But it is matter of of being able to enter. We enter in a week that gospel conversation as God the Holy Spirit opens their heart, and there is a conversation my started the Q&A. I guess they have asking somebody how you doing I want to pray for you.

It needs to be intentional, so it will not happen. There's two types of evangelism personal evangelism. One is that personal evangelism our intentional evangelism.

I say the others know evangelism will never share Christ to be witnesses and less in our mind will prayerfully asking God to lead us to others appearing away and being ready to activate whenever that time comes so exciting times.

Pray that the God would during this crisis time code 19 may God show every confessional follow Christ is wholly committed to mentor people knelt tittering the totality like never before and the disease is half as easily as your body is in effect to all analytical and tactile things. We all are all separated from God that I had his so he is the way life is some more come back with Dr. Richard Hamlet voice.

I said I'll write back. This is the Truth Network why do so many Christians hate her job because they don't see the howling command of Christ to go into that workplace feels like this man does his name is Dr. Richard Hamlet is a talkshow host of wonderful show called ministry in the market got a ministry called global missions foundation is planting businesses, churches all over the world and over 100 countries.

He's written book sees as measured by one of my favorite preachers, Dr. Steven offered and is willing right now we get suite we get so it's like we we we give up so much ground and we complain about our job in our loss and how he's such a pagan culture. But Dr. Hamlet talk to us about the opportunity every one of us has it work in the paycheck were getting paid by the secular company to leave those people to Jesus. That's why were there.

Time is running out. Hell is hot heaven Israel man Jesus Kelly, can you tell us why this is your passion and why would they listen to your awesome program.

You know they're in here about ministry marketplace start by saying the unbelievably grounded said he would most unreached people group or affinity group in the world market and so and so what were looking at now is a situation where we have multi-ethnicities, multi-demographics, multi-linguistic people are diversified within our country, America would become a melting pot. And yet, with the largest economy in the world. We are the superpower engine with the greatest experiment and in the history of the world civilization in terms of of a free markets and capital flows in and so many things that as far as a private ownership or incentives to work and so here we are in a time where you know so many Christians are confessional Christians, those with such. I think I think they think the big D compartmentalize like compartmentalize like I hate you noted this at the church and activities in serving is one thing but then you know when I go to work and back to that different world and it's almost like a taboo for me to even mention the name of Jesus, or even talk about quote religion and almost things and you know, although there should be always a great respect in the workplace and end with employers and should be never be discrimination. Of course that income from a government agent that came from the Bible. I think Jesus where all the big were all listen all came from one blood we all are safely one blood. The blood of Jesus Christ and so we were when we are in the workplace. As Christians we have a great opportunity to be a missionary for God to be an ambassador of the gospel, and it is not going in and taken Bible and beaten on the head of somebody in trying to use the Bible as a weapon. The Bible is a tool gospel is is a paragon of salvation, but it is the message of the gospel and shared in conversations in testimonies in indifferent of platforms.

It's so different from preaching in the pulpit or teaching them on a podium. There are places for that, within the course the church in preaching and taking the affirmative preaching is what apostolic doctrine teaches us in the gospel of Jesus. But one were in the marketplace. We were in a workplace. We need to respect all employers are not still time from the course and taking 10 minutes often saying I want to go to virtual all you that's a good way to get fired and you should have knowledge about our son Mike doing.

Maybe there's a lunch break. Maybe there's a coffee break. Maybe there's a catch up outside the workplace and employers know. Maybe there's that time where there can be that conversation about Jesus you know that better note it gospel conversations were simple to Mike, that Jesus is a conversation about Jesus and into a three minute you're not, covers the whole book of systematic theology that you're not going to go through all the references like commission but there's a start there's an the conversation must begin this relationship did it in relationship hate that NOS has so powerful you got pastors out there trying to harness the males in their church we say to preachers out there about the first about going deeper in the word because were starved to hear the word exactly expositional preaching which are part of offers anything near Memphis.

She's a standardbearer that yes or yeah what's important is that and how can a pastor get these guys.

I get the people in his church fire to many women in the marketplace get them going to do to win souls and make disciples outside the walls will I have have a unique perspective on mastering because the one hand I was a Wall Street guy real estate investment professional 15 years as a Christian correlated layperson and in and out, and so reaching out the business people met perspective was a very natural thing for me. On the other hand now for 23 years at the Lancaster pastor Trudy number pastor pastor from world training. Many your center and all around the world.

I can see the pastoral side and no I'm unique when you call it you; by vocationally qualified multi-vocational like can't eat. You basically own the 10 companies. If you do the research on him. We come with his with his well in multiplication so we have an ignorance out there about somehow not all pastors are concerned that maybe these business people who have money and in him, who have more control taiga because they been successful in their entrepreneurial business where there if you give them too much slack fast that looking to take over the church, latches the teaching function matches the teaching talking. The pastors need to teach what it means to be under biblical authority and in that context, business people there under the authority of Christ with the under shepherd and the elders. So that's something that that is a teaching that the ignorance problem. The other thing is when you look at what we sometimes you look at pastors but that they get threatened business people and you know, whereas business people hold pastors up to the level and sometimes to control them there. You know they work for them because they paid their tithing about that food and that is an anti-Christ message that the laborers were the higher number spewing here but this is incarnational to me. I think you know the laborers whether her pastors are called the pastors this medical me businessman. Sometimes, in certain people's lives within platinum that is can those can interact. They can connect it's biblical but it must be God's calling. If God called you to be a businessman and not a pastor. Well, maybe you don't preach, but you know you still are witnessing. You need to learn to the other communicate the gospel effectively because you can reach people.

The past will never be able to make more they know, and if you are pastor out there need a note open up the lines of business skills. Understand that you can chew and walk at the same time got to be a pastor not a CEO, but you need to be open to what these business people going through so you can identify with them. You can teach them to disciple them that they are ministers in the marketplace little am not big damn why some people look at it with clergy and laity. We are all ministers in the marketplace.

According to Ephesians 4 that's the text go Christ gave his church, apostles and prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelist to do the work of ministry to equip the body of Christ and claim the gospel is what really comes under that okay warriors and their customers that come right back.

Dr. Richard, how can you minister in the marketplace power set by Christ come back and talk. This is the Truth Network, this is David Jeremiah was turning point and you're listening to talk Stu Epperson happy Independence Day and I love that verse in Galatians is the freedom that we have been set free and the good thing is like. Jesus said who the son sets free is free indeed been set free by Christ are always messing gospel is always true. This pertains to our country were free country were a fallen country got all kinds of problems and our country needs Christ desperately.

There's a lot of parallels with the freedom we have in our in America and the price paid for us that freedom by our founders and by so many that are faithfully fighting force right now. Parallels between that and the parallels of the price paid for our salvation, which by the way is incomparable. What Jesus paid the greatest price for Craig sinners like me and like our guest, Dr. Richard Hamlet is is unbelievable.

Dr. Hamlet does it not break your heart. The thought of someone growing up in a free country like America free to work free to worship free to come and go free, get an education free to learn a language or any language you want, but free to hear the gospel known as being thrown in prison for their faith. Yet in America, but someone could grow up in this fine wonderful country that's got a lot of biblical founding of the 10 Commandments. The Decalogue is the theme of our old Supreme Court, etc. so to grow up in a free country like this, but spend eternity in hell because they never met the son Jesus Christ and his concerns me a lot of friends of mine. They've got a ride on the marriage issue an abortion or pro-life. They got it right or a there's there's solid on the Judeo-Christian yet ethic the conservative values but they don't know Christ and they're going to be a just like the those moralistic Pharisees in the Bible that rejected Jesus, and Jesus said look I am right here. He says you search the Scriptures in them.

There you can you can find light would either talk about me and so man is aware here freely in this is why Dr. Richard Hamlet you're doing this awesome radio program ministry in the marketplace with Richard Hamlet will give you the website by the way, before we close.

It's an awesome program just Google Dr. Hamlet ministry in the marketplace and if you want to write this down if you have a place to write. It's literally the abbreviation of his name is ministry MI TM, which stands for ministry in the marketplace radio and then but Dr. Hamlet you know talk about that were free country. But a disclosure American don't not make you a Christian and we gospel other talk about that that that tragedy that that dichotomy yeah member D. James Kennedy said I was of teenage Christian number watching his program was the love Dr. Kennedy now in heaven, but he said just just because your garage doesn't make you a call just because you're in church doesn't make you a Christian while I'm in any form of evangelism explosion from that first year ministry, which platform or sharing the gospel in the marketplace is continues today to churches that equip using at the it's an amazing thing.

We live in a free country. Acts 17 Baltimore seals that it's God the one to determine T predetermines generation and country the sovereignty and the culture we all aborted in that something God never makes mistakes like the sovereignty of God, where America in our generation. Now we had over 200 years of first awakening a second by awakening may not call the 1850 Jeremiah Laimbeer for awakening vital lost reform street like another start awakening which are the businessman waking many people safely businessman plain and sharing the gospel in the marketplace so that's why I do now, so the freedom we have is unbelievable student and you know God does all things well and you know just like churches have a life for me. You will find the seven churches Apollo to anywhere around them and I died. Churches live and die over generations. That's what we have church planning. That's why Rick got my churches, but nations are the same way and you know I don't find American the Bible so that's got my shocks and listeners bit about the kingdom of God is from Ebola is from everlasting to everlasting USA has a time God's given us and we as Christians are organ be accountable for the stewardship that God has given us his confessional Christian Christchurch that will what do we do with the gospel in earthen vessels.

What we are. What did we do with that Monday through Saturday. Not just Sunday morning, Sunday will be gathered. What did did we scatter out during the week with an intentional message of the gospel reaching others at the May it's an amazing time. I love to share a couple stores least that would be awesome and ended to piggyback on what you said we want to be very careful with these God and country rallies in its very important. By the way, to recognize our veterans are active-duty to raise the colors to salute the different branch, the military want to be very careful not to communicate the message that just because you're born an American yes just want to have the greatest country in God's green earth like we say it doesn't admit doesn't make you a Christian then it doesn't notice so so we gotta be careful that doesn't turn into a worship.

America service, but rather we are giving great gratitude to Almighty God, but were also praying yes and Chris. I Chronicles you know that we will call by it will always they were to repent that we needed. We repent our Supreme Court justice on their nose to the court of Almighty God and in a Psalms chapter 2 verse four says God, last of the nations will because laughing at our Supreme Court because the Supreme Court of heaven is, it is always right, our Supreme Court just past the lie they just blew it. They got royally messed up. Redefining marriage redefines sexuality in direct violation of the creator who said no male and female he created, they, them, and he defies six or so.

There is an example of our freedoms are slipping away. This country needs a call back to God.

But you're also calling individuals back to God. The church easily called by God. Peter said judgment begins now the Lord right Hamlet that's exactly right. I mean, we need to be thankful that within America during this time of freedom in a Republic when a democracy work with public that we that we will speak out and and use these these wonderful no rights that we have it as as believers as Christians as believers and as believers who are you who are American, you know, America has over 300 million people.

Only God knows how many people living today on the blood of Christ one again with inheritance and head into the righteous of Christ given an empty bauxite or those who are outside of Christ. Those are even church members.

Religious people who trust in their own networks, yet surrounded by the affinities of the gospel and gospel proclamation. So I tell you we must go forward, and now as the as the church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We must be on the offensive.

Regardless what happens in this culture, which again we can only be salt and light of this is a wonderful democracy Republic skews me, one Republican everyone has equal rights and you know what goes if you believe in Jesus or Buddha, Mohammed allows you welcome in this kind of lawful and and you have a freedom of worship and freedom speak your freedom gather and many Christians around the world do not have that today the country that I have been to many of them all culturally closed. Even though it's legal to be a Christian, a great person cares a lot more. Chris is related today than ever before to tell a story of lots done to your gospel with his brother real quick is a wrap up well I tell you it's amazing but I want to share a story or you know we have business mission modeling the real estate gather your Wall Street guy and so in our ministry. We were approved by the IRS. This actually set up a company that are under our charitable purpose that for affordable housing for low moderate income housing to reach out to them. With that Jeremiah is a religious organization primarily because of that special work of helping those who are low moderate income with Manson. No affordable rents and social services for the rental so we we took advantage of that would not. My background only. We have been involved in that space and had no close to $500 million in value of cash one time over 11,000 that we had years ago we sold many of them now. The new plan, but only as example we had a property in Miami, Florida. There was an elderly property and I was a high-rise there and it's called Little Havana because it is in English as a second language. There is Spanish.

The main language, but I would love panic ministry that now your own proclamation train, but there was a church that was planted there voluntary church plant known to man, but they started going to Bible study and you know somebody will stop know about properties.

If I want to have some place on Friday that writer.

You know, their glare got on Friday or Saturday or Sunday there.

Welcome to America, but there we had Bobby start a Bible study with chaplain local chaplain came into that apartment community we own and within a year there were 50 residents and others it came to to worship. Many follow Jesus might commit our lives to Christ.

But there was a lady elicited. She was a 75-year-old lady and she was a prostitute. She was in drugs and she was involved in lived in the housing property in one day.

When that pastor there proclaim the gospel call for the response was listed.

This lady came up to walk down and confess Christ and repented a person and that lady became a flaming evangelist sharing the cream of the golf all around my not get is ours and that's what it's about and that's what you're doing your marketplace ministry. Yes, you're in business and you got you got the memo from God.

In spite of all the genetic Christian culture that hey you need to be share in Christ and in let your light shine you'll stop being a witness based on a radiography or the topography or the real you know that we are located at the church are not in so I appreciate that is also pastor learn more about this Renaissance man is a Wall Street guy loves Jesus.

He loves business but he's using that as a tool everything you do. Paul said I'll be all things to all men dancing to reach my neighbor noticed him carry a tennis racket out the door that I will pick up tennis, some will go hit some balls adolescent will play just one day. Believe in Jesus. I love playing basketball.

I can hardly get the court anymore so banged up is to provide trick shots if you go to my Instagram or my face. I love you and I put you up but just to try to share Jesus Richard God bless you, thank you for being on the show give us the best way to reach you want people to really do support your ministry to yet yeah the global ministries foundation of jamming or and it GMA have and then administering the marketplace in the course of what a hosted radio program national, many Salem stations and all about.

Now all live stream and then read that website to my radio.thanks so much. What a blessing should be not. This is the Truth Network welcome to experience. The last segment of truth on the weekend where we journey through the word of God with Stu Epperson and special guests from their weekly men's Wednesday in the word check out the entire message on Stu and be sure to follow Stu on Twitter and and now open your Bible and join us as we continue our study of the gospel on experience. Living is always self in the Hasse Raleigh redescription for storage upright in these questions I ask him teacher.

But when will all these things be what sign will there be when these things are about to take place and he said, take heed that you not be deceived for many will come in my name, saying, I am he, and the time is drawing near.

Therefore, do not go after them.

When you hear of wars and commotions.

Do not be terrified for these things must come to pass first, but the end will not come immediately. Then he said that that nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom and they will be great earthquakes in various places in famines and pestilences, and there will be fearful signs and great signs from heaven but before all these things they will lay their hands on you and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues and prisons. You'll be brought before kings and rulers for my namesake, but it will turn out for you as an occasion for testimony therefore selling your hearts, not to meditate beforehand on what you will answer for. I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries will not be able to contradict or resist. You will be betrayed even by parents and brothers and relatives and friends and they will put some of you to death and you be hated.

I offer my namesake, but not a hair on your head shall be lost by your patience possess your souls.

That's the word of God, powerful Raleigh read the first question when you jump right into this in the context what's going on in Luke's gospel that you would compete. Let this discussion, that's the well that's a great question if you really start you journey with us on this awesome journey through the gospel of Luke.

The longest book by the way, in the New Testament nearly 1/5 of all of the Bible deals with the last days and the second return of Christ.

There are giant chunks giant passages like Matthew 24, Mark 13 the deal with the end times.

I encourage you to check those passions out up and against what starting here in Luke chapter 24. This week he spent so much time on this work is going to go verse by verse.

Maybe touch on it more. A little bit next time. But you gotta see the context it's Wednesday of holy week. Christ is moved moved from his teaching in the temple during the day to teaching and spending time in prayer with the disciples in the evenings in the Mount of olives.

This scripture is considered his famous Olivet discourse where he is literally intimately disciples like work, went to solvent at your talk about a king in a kingdom and coming back in and you also talk about us facing some pretty tough times. How is this all can happen when you have an they've seen them come in Miley in Jerusalem on that that little that donkey as the king coming in to to bring peace, not a sword, they seen him stand down the Herodian's the Sadducees and the Pharisees and belief seen him go toe to toe with the greatest religious minds on the planet right there in God's capital of God's city, the holy city of Jerusalem, the city of peace and so we've also seen him, you say hey this Tim was going to go down and they've heard them talk about all this is all ministry not just here at holy week so a lot is precipitated this this disciples questions so they want to win their nesting thing by way after his resurrection will get into the book of acts.

A win are you coming in your key whistles can happen if you says is not for you know, times and seasons, but you will receive power and some these things. By the way, happen right away and ask because the disciples were actually arrested in acts chapter 4. After these great miracles after 5000 folks got saved boom. The same people that were combative with Jesus final week of life. The Trident mercilessly had a murdered and crucified, they would be on the attack against the disciples very early in the book of acts managed. It's rough to Robbie. Great question. That's what's going on and here's a good question here that follow set up and really related to the temple because when the greatest religious place of worship in the role of the temple lately. Reread this question here and let's just jump in.

So I would the disciples want to know when the temple would be destroyed while and that's the question you know will these things be a what sign would be when these things are about to take place and Jesus says, take heed that you do not be deceived. Verse eight for many will come in my name, saying, I am he. The time is drawing near.

Therefore, do not come after go after them, which is fascinating because at the temples were all these these rising, religious, false prophets and others would come to to make their claim to claim their stake on truth to say I'm the Messiah I Messiah clear Jesus Christ is his in the in these temple in Psalms calling other places preaching sharing and talking about the end times and saying that this Temple will be destroyed not one stone we left uncovered so naturally they were no witnesses can happen in course we know is to have an 87 in Christ prophecy will be fulfilled in but we also know there's some more apocalyptic instruction coming which the book of Revelation talks about is really a twofold thing because we know Christ in his first coming came to bring salvation, but in his second coming.

He's going to bring judgment.

So here we go.

Whenever there's judgment. There's a lot of bad people to come in under the guise of of goodness in his and why would such a large proliferation of false prophets come in the last days yeah so and this is the call.

Jesus says do not be deceived and one of the signs that were getting closer the end times is all the deception and so you have what you say in verse eight, he said, many will come in my name, saying, I am he, and the time is drawing near.

Lots of attached versus a note. Lots of Scripture throughout the Bible talk about these false prophets.

Jesus is harder.

By the way of false prophets, and anyone he is the most direct and the most emphatically judicially condemning a false prophets as our the read the book of Jude and read first and second Peter and the biggest problem with the false prophets. One of their largest avenues of deceit is in the end times. Say always get back here is another's entire false religion.

The abbreviation is the JW's are all believe is is is bankrupt because Dave Proctor, religious authority, the watchtower, which is equal to God's speaks. A map of God, even though it contradicts Deuteronomy 24 because they've had about 40 different prophecies that never came true, so they should know so that the prophet Sharon Stone according to Deuteronomy standards, but false prophets, the first thing usually pick some dates deliver the false prophet, was it said 88 reasons why just come back in 1988. Robbie don't think that happened but will come but still be dressed in sheep's clothing. So W wolves dressed in sheep's clothing.

You know so what who were sheep's clothing.

By the way, this is a great point here that did, I didn't learn to later on as a leader, shepherds, what shepherds with Walt when they do they should have a sheep short and then they made coats and they made jackets, sweaters, vested in a wolf that whatever I really had sort of expected runs but you know maybe it was a bright big alliterative figures have had help my wife does not like it when our sweater vest. Jesus takes it to all yeah but I'm you know me I'm a sweater vest guy, but especially there's a Truth Network will have done so. But so they had. They should shepherds or sheep's clothing. So you said you were of wolves come sheep's clothing, wolves were disguised as sheep. They were there to leave the sheep over the cliff. They were they were there to devour and sit and shed the blood of sheep.

They were disguised as shepherds, false prophet so that so they will be more and more proliferated in available and spreading their evil in the dark last days in 20 people away from the true Jesus saying things like well there's a bunch of different ways that lead so what which is why Jesus is trying to bolster the disciples believe him and build them stronger. But they always attack.

They always are focused on the dates, false dates and they always attack the person in nature of Jesus and then thoroughly attack the source of salvation saying will is not grace alone you go do some things to add.

So let's keep moving here to these questions so are things going to get better or worse for believers for Christ's return will you when you read Christ works here. It looks like they're going to get worse for me this idea being Dragon from the synagogue and try doing this language here is pretty pretty stark in our nation will rise against nation, there's this idea of warfare kingdom against kingdom earthquakes in various places famines, pestilences, our hear a lot about that disease widespread disease and new viruses taken place fearful sites great signs from heaven but before all these things they will lay their hands on you and pursue the Greek later, Handy literally means crabby work or overseas.

You Is this is not lay your hands on a little buddy and tap on the shoulder in a like we would pray over some of her hands on her shoulder on her head or whatnot. This is a an aggressive, almost militant move of someone reaching on grandma's one person to you, delivering you up to synagogues and prisons you hear your Jewish Uranus synagogue or in the temple and yet the very people that you're a part of heritage wise ethnically are trying to kill you and put you in prison and it gets worse. Newly brought before kings and rulers for my name's sake. And that's a very important distinction when you're suffering you have a rough time.

Ask yourself, are you suffering for his namesake. Are you getting grieved you not agree for you and Martha Regan laughed at because of his name or because of the stupid things you're doing stupid things you're saying you know being too politically active and not spiritually active.

That's a very important thing and so you ask yourself if you're facing persecution, hallelujah, especially if it's for his namesake to things I look like they're going to get a lot worse, but also the power of God and the grace the Holy Spirit he will show you. He says I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries will not be able to contradict or resist that. Seven. What a powerful statement so idiotic he has got it in so I believers hated by the words that excuse me wire believers hated by the word, even by family is the end times approach yes of the world's gonna hate us is a version that's a good word yes I heard.

Let's just edit that because I was seven wrong three times where believers hated by the world is the actual? Believers hated by the world, even by family is the end times approach, no excellent so believers there. There is a hate in Jesus says it many times different ways we says look they hate you, but they really hate me and one of badge of honor for Christian that and I also understand his the person that's hating on you because your Christian that may have fired you from your job because you love Christ because you're trying to devotions at work because you are doing illegally try to do things to be a blessing and to lift up him. They're not the enemy. There, under the control thereunder. They have been captured there in bondage. The enemy and so were praying that their soul be saved and were not angry and targeting them with us. I was arrested in the plot sword and try to fight it. Late they went. They took their meeting, and they proclaim Christ if you got saved the Philippian jailer got say with Paul and Silas with her singing in the dungeon and so is really interesting the direction of the misdirection of the hate how we think about it.

And what's truly the case, and this goes back to my name's sake.

Verse 13 is a great verse, but it will turn out for you as a occasion protest. What a powerful turnaround time for the segment Robbie. We come back next time to wrap up the end times of Jesus were asked the question when is he coming back. We are in fact can do that more and more to talk about what is it like darker repressive right here next time on experience through this is the Truth Network. One of our generous sponsors here. The Truth Network has come under fire fire from the enemy fire for standing up for family values.

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