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A World-Class Opera Singer Who Loves Jesus!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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January 29, 2021 11:09 am

A World-Class Opera Singer Who Loves Jesus!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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January 29, 2021 11:09 am

Stu is in a Christian school, joined by world-class opera singer Norman Reinhardt, as they reflect on using your individual gifts to glorify God. Norman shares his testimony and even sings a few lines of a beloved Christian hymn.

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This is Han's trial from the finishing well podcast on finishing well.

We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money. Your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just seconds. Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is good Truth Network I am in a Christian school and I was special guest here and were playing a game whose Norman because Norman Reinhardt.

That's right. How does it not great perfect well how to do that.

Norman is wouldn't tell the students what he was, but you guys at December get a great job. Barnes guessed that he was a firefighter. Rose guessed he was a work to truth. The Truth Network Michael guessed he was a minister agent, a pastor drew work for a church Carter missionary Sam thought he was a doctor to mastiff.

He was an inventor in my guessed he was a police officer and then one of you said he was made of gas of the homeless, which finally was that was a question. Norm did they get it right know who has Norman Reinhardt tell us that I am you mean what do I do or what. Who am I yellow that questions open and it's good with well I am from a green North Carolina and I am an opera singer and I've lived in Europe the last 10 years between Germany, Austria, and those of the boys some of the places and just moved to DC with my wife so then my wife's will is also an opera singer. You both are yes, what do you guys hear her sing sequencing to pledge better than me absolutely, and I have sure I've heard them seen together. In fact, if you got my Instagram page. I've got them singing together and it's it's it's beautiful angelic, but as were doing this I said you know what Norman were to make you sing a song is a first time guest. Yes, that started open some doors to some some years and did get them thinking that what this guy might be were getting closer. Indeed, so a little closer but it victory in Jesus. That's my thing.

And that's a fun one because I don't get to sing that that much, so I haven't some really that many hymns in the last 20 years. I sent a lot of the stuff so was asked the guys did you guys and enjoy your Norman saying let's hear it. And these guys are great audience. A know you had a question real quick and for NASA question is like your you start out by asking him how he learned how to do something that what made you want to learn how to sing. I I like to sing and ice actually started singing when I went to school because I didn't know how to do anything else so I was like well I can saying and so I'll start as a music major and then I'll figure out what I want to do after that and once I started going down that road. It didn't know it didn't stop and it was obvious the Lord had no different path. So yeah, that's kind how that haven't you mentioned the Lord, do you guys want to know about the Lord.

What is God.

How can how can professional, stopper singers, son, all of the world and all in all of the states as well. How could you have. How did God come in your life. How did he become part of your life. What is he done in your life to get to you or your well I mean I became. I became a Christian when I was in the sixth grade and I know that the violent Christian school in Hickory and met the Lord in chapel so that was that was that I was an unusual experience actually lease when I look back at it when it happened.

I don't I don't remember how I reacted to it, but looking back at it. I was in chapel. I was convicted and when I went to go to the altar to meet the Lord for you and I remember walking up and like at the end of the fuse just in front of the altar. For some reason I don't know if it was a lighting thing or just what I saw.

I've no idea it was like glue. There was a line in the lighting made it look like there was a line and I was stepping from darkness into light. It was very unusual and I remember that very vividly and I don't know if that's just how they had the lights turned on that day or or that something I literally just I saw but and I will never forget that that moment in the sixth grade and you guys think about a question you have a question come up come up and ask a question for Norman about his life about opera anything you know you got Pavarotti you got all these famous opera singers in the skies of their singing and the Bible is a verse it says make a joyful noise unto the Lord. I think that someone hundred. I love it at Thanksgiving, all the great 100, you know it's it's a Thanksgiving famous song really for song for all. All of life but we maybe want you to seeing your favorite Christian song force.

Before this is over, just in a just even one the line stanza he no further through the audience for the students but we got him and say your first name young man then asked her question Sam. You like traveling the country traveling by I do like traveling I've traveled.

I started traveling when I was 2025, 26 Versar traveling a lot and and I do enjoy eventually it does get a little because you're always going for work somewhere so people ask you know ask us so how did you find the city and you go. I actually don't know because I was working overtime and so it's not pleasure traveling its you know you're going for.

You know you're going to do a job and so it traveling is great. I like it is not for everybody and deftly not for everybody over a long period of time which I that's basically what I've done, but it's great. I enjoy it. I still enjoy the things of change with this whole virus in everyone's car slowing down or not as many operas and IBM performances. Maybe some outdoor stuff.

How is that affected your faith in your work.

Well, I mean it definitely is farce. Your faith goes, it definitely challenges you because you're going into you going into the unknown and anytime you want to the unknown.

That's their challenging aspects of the unknown and I think you gotta find yourself.

I think that's kind how life is going to unknown things all the time and so this is this is one of those moments and I think it's an unknown. What's unusual about this. Is this an unknown for everybody because we've never we haven't gotten globally especially we've never gone through something like this.

And so it's really a.

Where everybody you know they're asking themselves some form of this question what's going to happen what's coming next.

What do I do and so we do have a unique opportunity because of that I think we have a unique opportunity in this moment to be people who have answers to people's questions. So my guess is Norman Reinhart he's accomplished professional opera singer sings all the world does a became awarded six creating a sweet wife Sulla. They sing together. CCC has used it as prolific a soprano I believe right and God has used him in a mighty way to share the faith, and I was asked you this, these young people are here at this Christmas or comedy school. I I leave.

This advisor overlooks leadership training group every week.

Your special guest and you sanctorum and as soon as you saying they figured out what you do but Norman, what, how do you these guys, I want SMS a question for you guys that I things on your heart. These guys have a heart to do our first meeting, I asked what you want to do so is only an engineers was only a lawyer would be doctoral to be a dentist you know that you you different things. A teacher we got some gifted teacher how you use opera to lift up Jesus and to know to to to express your faith and assure the safety notes and you know just you know and how would you challenge these kids to whatever they end up whatever track independent that's a there missionary disguised as a truck driver wherever God called. How is yeah well I mean part of it is that whenever you have a gift and something because it's from the Lord.

It will speak you not to say anything.

If you are good at something. If you are great at something, then there is an aspect of that were God's is speaking through you because there it there it in in our profession like you can think think of anybody you may like to hear as an entertainer like whoever you like that is a matter if there great singer. There is something about you can be a horrifying person and yet when somebody sings to you somehow that speaks to you that get your attention. You like it. Now why is that why is it that this person's character might be horrible. And yet when I go up to sing. That speaks to you immediately. Why would that be that way.

I thought character and gift were supposed to be aligned, but is not necessarily the case. And so it's because what God gave them just like what God gave you in whatever you want if you want to be an engineer if you want to be a dentist if you want to go be multi trillion air doesn't matter if God has put that in you.

Then when you when those gifts are in operation. He is speaking through that and so it is our job as Christians that when that gift speaks and it gets people's attention, then we correlated to the true source of why were good at it and we connect it to say because we are people who know we put we are people who know why were good at it. We people who know why were excellent at it because God gave us this and he helped us to develop it, and we drive it as far as we can retweet take it to the highest levels that we can and that's because God gives us the power and all you guys. There is power inside of you. Scripture says the kingdom is within you. There is power inside of you, and there's power to do anything any put that down in their and so when you get into your lane, whatever that is.

You get into that zone. The gods put down inside of you that's that's going to come out and it is being a mathematician it's been in technology is being a doctor of his being higher education if his being and an athlete, no matter what it is that thing will kick in and when that thing kicks in. The Lord saw him, and it's actually the real incident thing is a question I had as is a person who, like so many different kinds of singers. Then you read you know I love Frank Sinatra, Frank Sinatra was not the greatest human beings as an individual but he was a genius when he walked on stage absolute genius and so you start to go will that's amazing how does that work and that was that was at least something. I think the Lord showed me about how gifts work in the gifts are given without repentance.

In other words, you all that we all have gifts, whether we find out where that source where it comes from or not those gifts will speak because God gave it and he's good. That's the voice of the gifted one Norman Reinhart him.

His sweet wife Sulla have an amazing gift of seeing guys easiness wheezing one forcing your favorite Christian him song for us as we wrap up with just one stanza guys were here one more about that on the right nearly to the start with this lesson guys and just think about God's putting you in a maze.

Get the gist. You blessed me just there.

I was listen and I even forgot I was doing this interview because God put something in you guys greatness. His glory and how are you use that to bring people to him. The point to Jesus because people need the Lord don't have the peace of God in our world is in in in war and conflict. And that's why we're here to bring in the gunfight sing well enough. Okay. You guys right here exclusively unto thought Norman Reinhart move on to be a personal who can see no will on the hood. Those funds removed from the rule he was a man what he said got a blessing rising up Jesus professional opera singer all the world to interview you and your wife Sulla a while back leave in a couple years and you guys were really cool on the air it off your great friends and share your testimony about Christ. You know, a lot of times and but you you you you live that out through being professional been excellent in all you do and the Chapel speaker this morning. Joseph talk about habits of grace. What am I doing on social media guys was not what am I doing to with the phone with social media with with texting with other things. Habits of grace reading God's word. This young man is a Bible he's got a Bible open an awesome writer, but it's a dictionary, but you know but it kind of you, the office forget we tried to good, it was a good is a good effort all Road that I know where you are going like this is real real uncensored true stock, but the power of the habits of grace guys would have to grace, praying for your wife every day. She's out there okay guys pray for your future wife and intriguing young ladies that you did right now is no know she's someone future wife, knowing be protecting her and protecting being protecting women being men be horrible over endorsing gentlemen reading your word sharing the gospel praying holding a prayer or something like that are very spiritual. This was Norman that are important matrix job discipline is huge for everything any any way that you can discipline your life. Discipline.

Discipline because all it's what's really weird is such a strange thing. Everything is discipline and I say that is a person who has been very undisciplined seriously.

It's hilarious, but you know your prayer life is a discipline studying is a discipline saying the word as it is been studying. Anything else is a discipline reading is a discipline and I think sometimes I don't know what you guys think. I think stuff like this is kind of looked at a somewhat boring in our culture at the moment because wealth were just inundated inundated with so much stuff is so much noise there so much distraction. There is so much going on and there's a summons activity that you gotta find like okay what do laxity to focus on what I actually need to discipline myself in. That's going to help me move forward so it starts with studying a starts with prayer and it starts with studying the word for sure and then you can find out the other things you you know you find out your interests then you you find out what am I good at what do I like as you look at those things because new stuff starts to stir up and study so what your spiritual gift everyone of you have a spiritual gift.

What is it serving as evangelism's administration is it is a compassion. Are you a good going to be a counselor. What is I guess what is your gift guys and and will and how is God so you don't this dishonest or no. I believe Solomon said apply your heart, wisdom, apply. So what are you putting in to this in order to get out of it what you have the opportunity every day is to walk with the creator of the universe. Almighty God, it's a free call. No, no roaming, no data charges.

You can connect with God every day of prayer in in in he talked you every time you open the Bible you text from God and that crazy awesome guys. He's been texting like crazy in there.

Again, there's the open Bible will open dictionary. I'm sorry got messed that up. But this my bottles up here it's open and got springtime to blow you open the Bible, God speaking. Don't say God's been silent in your Bible stay shut right so anyway awesome to have Norman on truth talk here at this correlation with my advisor things are coming into this. Thank you guys are awesome. Now you guys come up here and stand right appear at a safe distance. I would take a little selfie with everyone. Nassau is fine, whatever with everyone in Norman and then when I do this podcast broadcast when it when this heirs you guys are all the sudden are going to be famous wheezing mother Norman. These guys are going to be huge.

We could have Lola we could have the next I don't know what you mean what you like, yeah, the next the next great inventor. The next DL Moody.

The next you know the next matter I Jensen is David Livingstone go and develop some kind of technology that takes us out of the whole group with Zuckerberg and all these guys some fresh way to communicate is not a billionaire number one and also you will have a moral superiority because Endo me on the bed waiting on say when I say that promote the truth and the truth, but everyone of you guys is a gift giftedness and I think what you're Norman Shona Susan.

He's been coming. Thank you for coming in laying your heart out there insurance your journey to Christ and everyone of you guys.

I'm so proud of you and I'm challenging you to go walk with God know him, make him known and find that brilliance. He's putting you and maximizes) to get a picture thank you guys. God bless you and I say thank you is Norman. I think we found out today unto talking advisory awesome. This is the Truth Network. One of our generous sponsors here at the Truth Network has come under fire fire from the enemy fire for standing up for family values. Actually one of the biggest supporters of the movie unplanned.

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