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The Power of Blessing

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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January 22, 2021 1:00 am

The Power of Blessing

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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January 22, 2021 1:00 am

How do we speak life and empower the people we love? Stu finds out as he chats with Pastor Alan Wright of Reynolda Church (EPC) in Winston-Salem, NC, to discuss his latest book "The Power to Bless."

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This is Rodney from the masculine journey podcast. We explored manhood within Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds.

Sit back and enjoy it, share it, most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network blessing when you hear the word blessing, or bless what comes to mind.

Maybe seller says God bless you. Maybe someone just writes like I often do they sent email blessings in their name. Maybe it's bless you because you just sneeze and blew the roof off with one of those master sneezes well I'm sitting where the man of God who is an author. He's a pastor many of you know him because you hear him on a lot of same analogy or hearing me right now to interview him as an honorary interview pastor Allen Wright outright ministries and he has written a book all about blessing and I'm telling you I was skeptical. That's right.

I picked this book up the power to bless and I thought okay what is going to be about is going to be another little psychological journey of pablum and happiness. It went deep in it hit my soul pastor write the power to bless the subtitle how to speak life and empower the people you love and you take people to the ultimate blessing found in Jesus Christ. First of all thank you for this gift.

This book, the power to bless thank you thank you Steve, thank you so very much you know it was like you all these different possible titles and at one point, I assume it was just gone beyond hashtag. Bless you as I like hey I just got a great meal is hashtag letter is something a lot deeper than that. Stephen you really go deep in the Scripture way that will test only get into this book and I want people to know this book is in the preorder phase right now in universal play this this program a lot because we needed I needed personally selfishly found the listings. Right now I'm in your study and I'm interviewing you about this than praise the Lord, because you have been a blessing to me and not to say that because a lot of folks and endorsed the book yesterday. I know that you have to because it still sells a moment.

It was built.

I know it will be a blessing in I want to ask you about this simple question is my favorite question as my guest. Especially, you asked so many times you posted. I shall pass right. Who is Alan right, child of God, we are with Christ and husband of 35 years to an who is you know is a force of nature and delight and joy and fantastic Bible teacher and dad to Bennett, who is married to Amy, who invented just become a lawyer and to Abby who is finishing up her schooling universal Caroline Chapel Hill and then pastoring a church 24 years. Same spot multisite church in this region of the Piedmont and Carolina and serving as president of outright ministries and writing books and so life is good and God is good and I felt like you will enjoy your visit with us but he try what were trying to word out because God is good and he's formed the world to be a place of blessing? I really a lot of time sharing the gospel describing the need for Christ. We start with a curse, but really it all. There is a curse.

There is said is just open your eyes was overhears yes but the creation starts with a blessing me ask you this is the start you start with good news. God made us. Yes, he made us in his image, yes.

And so, in this whole story of redemption, which attract for your blog, the power to bless your you're taking your time take a whole narrative. It is given is arguably the theme of Scripture is think of this. The very first act of God with human beings was to bless them.

He blessed them and they said be fruitful and multiply and have dominion in their S2 idea if Alyssa got nothing else except this point right here though order is everything for most my life, lived the opposite, that I thought if I am fruitful and multiply. If I do a good job, perform well for God, then I'll be blessed. That's not the gospel in what God is, he blesses in order to empower our productivity, so blessing is not the reward for productivity is the fuel for if you want to flourish and if you know someone in your life you want to flourish, then let's take a lesson from God. Right from the beginning. The last which is a positive vision spoken in faith affirming identity and attaching destiny to it and it's is something that anyone can learn to do and that's been part reason are in the book, but I think you're right, this is this program try to show his blessing from the very opening page of the Scripture all the way through until Jesus is hanging on the cross and becoming a curse for us so that we might receive the blessing. This individual is reserved for him that's woven all the story.

It is powerful. It's mystical, but is not magic, but it is God's way of change and that right there really really puts a slamdunk or or slams the door in the face of the prosperity gospel, which in a very real sense, is just another indulgence, or just another way to please God will fight if I perform enough.

I believe enough if I speak and I think God like me and what you're doing is taking blessing to a whole deeper level, the very source the very solution to the curse yes is, Christ became a curse rest the cross. Yes, which is so the formal Christian gospel message.

Sadly, there is no cross and there is no there is no there is no work of Jesus that you would not have said that your cheerleading and that in your book, which really blessed me, as a lens for understanding blessing. In general, I became fascinated for at least 10 years now with what is definitely the most important family blessing in the Old Testament, and arguably the most family most important family blessing in the Bible and certainly the most prevalent in the history of the Jewish faith. It's in Genesis chapter 48 were Jake up is called upon by Joseph to bless Joseph, sons Ephraim and and this blessing is so important to God that he threw Jacob mandated that this blessing would be spoken so for 3700 years, every Sabbath, Jewish dads have been blessed their blessing may not make you dizzy from Manasseh. And here's the interesting thing nobody seems to know why I studied all the rabbis that allow the rabbis that well maybe because he got along and in other siblings. The Bible seem to get along, but if you bless your children to be like some great people when you say be like Elijah and Elisha are Moses and Joshua or Abraham and Isaac.

But Ephraim and Manasseh, and so I unveiled this because I think this is where God show me something about how in the end, and maybe we'll have time today to talk about the picture of the gospel picture of the cross picture of the great exchanges it's it's beautiful and marvelous while that right there is why I kept reading this book because I want to know the answers. What those names mean the etymology there's a lot of depth in their the book is the power to bless the author who's our guest today. I too thought is pastor Alan right who made you heard on the radio for years he's been preaching the word of God with his programs outright ministries and he is written this book, the power to bless past regular break here but somehow this book is woven into your spiritual DNA and I want to talk fast you over the beginnings program who is already a journal to write your testimony how you met Christ.

When I get into that in the next record time in the next that I want to get into how this book is you connected to really your identity and are doing our duty as believers. Yes, and the great spiritual blessings that treasure trove effusion one really enunciate quick question going into the great folks that want to get the book. Yes, one of the web getting get a bunch of copies even if the organization or offering a free audiobook. Yes, Baker books is offering if you will preorder the book then from a house on you.

You will then receive and release a free audiobook as well, which is a great value and so please preorder the book now help launch this message of blessing. Tell everybody you know about it. Get copies for others.

I would appreciate it so much because this is God's power to change lives and I promise you that once you learn about how to bless someone's life. You will be a believer and practice it for the rest your life you will change someone's life in circle.

The book is the power to bless.

I guess they just find out all places books are sold or sold as her nasty website that you sent people to fear your minister. All of our other resources in everything along with us pastor out pastor out out work and you can hear him preaching errors messages and look of all his other books were to come back with pastor Alan and were talking more about what it really means to be a blessing on a deeper level.

How this is changed this church and really catapult his ministry to hold a level and how he why he wants to share this with all these other people why he's written a book about it. So stay tuned.

More untruth talk with our special guest Alan right we come right back. Hang on. Have you ever been cursed.

Have you ever heard any bad news, and government criticized made fun of wealth with me to counter this in the brain is all about it. We always listen we need some good news.

We need to bless you.

Love is everybody always of the might appreciate this question. Are you ready for some good news and he's got my attention by then. He is pastor author Alan right without rightness trees and I'm actually with him in the study and his church were property of an old church right here across the street from historical Gardens Winston-Salem, North Carolina. But all over the world of hurt them online. It's in his ministry, Pascal and he's read this book. Analysis in this book is really a crowning message of your heart, your ministry dominates say something that you're not expecting Pastor Mike, my sister Karen, my brother-in-law taught my awesome nieces don't come to lunch early early January or the shop to do our lunch after church and is January's New Year's and they will just be on another level, it will just be so anointed will be so excited. Like why are you guys so excited you were to try to have family lunch. Can get down to business and of course we talk about what God taught us, or to the church as well face it this week was the blessing service and so you're actually estimating encouraging people to be a blessing and to verbally blessing your church takes literally life-and-death. Or the power of the time you read a book called the power to bless and exactly it's a life message from East to an attendee.

Our church for over 20 years. Instead of exhorting people in the new year to try harder make new more New Year's resolutions. We study show everybody fails by the second week I sent for my 8% succeed they don't work is noble as they are and its value to set goals, but what we say is really how does God empowers for change.

He blessed Adam and Eve and then release and be fruitful and multiply, and you see the threat begin with the Hebrew patriarchs where this idea of blessing, like when Isaac maybe some listeners know the story of Isaac blesses inadvertently the wrong son Jacob connive's and deceives and steals easels blessing the blessing that should've been reserved at firstborn son at the first time I really study that story, I thought Isaac will just say let's bless the wrong top.

That's not what Texas instead. He said I am blessed in and indeed you be blessed as if he trembled violently when he realized he blessed the wrong son, you see what that saying is in the Hebrew mindset, the understood issue since two words are not worth Fall into to the ground work can be stuff back down the map and what is blessing. It has an irrevocable power. So this is something we should pay attention to how is it that we could learn to craft blessing uniquely for people we love and learn to recite blessing. All of this is the lens on the fantastic blessing in the Bible blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh, okay, let's talk about how pastor outright life was changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ, which really is the anchor point to all blessing us out of it always does is take us to maybe a little bit about your testimony and how this power blessing is counted and woven into your DNA to go out is why I submit a burning passion for everyone to know this blessing because it's what I miss and most the people I know Mr. to some some degree and some have missed it severely and have only had cursed so that I left home was in the fourth grade and not too terribly long after that my mom got on her knees.

One night she was the daughter of a Methodist minister, but she really was walking the Lord is Johnny's one night she said not as if you really exist that I need your help because I'm singing down and I go down probably take these reports with sausages crying out about him. Well I think was within a couple weeks not really a neighbor about a couple miles away and not and said Mary and I was awakened in the middle the night in your own heart and I am youngish on the heart of this one comes are some that you need in a mother said yes areas and told her about my dad leaving about how much was on her and that one dilemma mom to the Lord and they then later talked about in the night that the lady was awakened in the middle and I was not there. My mom wants us to work on something. Testimony is just so real and not long after that my mom told me and my two brothers about Jesus and it really was and we got invited to a fantastic event of the church begin a life with God.

I love my father and I struggle with alcohol was was life he was a well-known news man on TV exceptionally gifted in a very sweet man 11th peewee football team. He is a fantastic communicator and author and artist and I wanted so much from him back on my life and you know that I was in the generation of July. Listeners can identify where father didn't tell the kids very much help probably more of them. I remember a couple moments in the last one was when I was in college my first year, and boy it was lower in high school I studied really hard for semester and analyze 11 and recently a card and is really proud of you reason about that is my love is only part of it out like that from materials and I hold onto.

Years later when dad was doing better and an opportunity with my brothers is counseling make up for lost time in the counseling session is another summerlike ally for you to bless me. He didn't know what was in the Council that was the kind of blessing that Hebrew patron spoke of their children, the way in which Jesus when he was on earth.

People were bringing their children to them as they were in the blessing, something that has not a positive vision about something you really confirm my life and what you see in me that is a real value really be blessed by that.

If he could do that okay get back to the next counseling session and had a couple cards one for each of my brothers and for me is out of the cart. It was a momentous.

It was an awesome was a poetic pages. It wasn't really biblical but he just said when I came home from the hospital was the baby of the family.

I my brother Mark said what we have to get him and he just said it is low card means that on our lives because we would need you is just a morsel but I gobbled it up like starting person. I think that people all think of them listen to me right now that was acting on time and I think the girls and did you give anything agonize blessing you do anything just because you realize there's something you're missing. And without that blessing I will like Jacob talk about the book your life can fall into drift.

Shame pretense if you not affirmed the always looking for it. If you're insecure.

That's a form of basically anxiety that leads to most of our problem.

Why don't we drift no real direction in our life there so much purposeless nests in the generation maybe spoken blessing into them to send you a future and a hope way in which we could see our lives. Moving toward something and what I would've given ahead for my dad to have him be able to affirm that you know is interesting. My dad start out as his career in radio and they have a news man for the life is a pioneer in TV news and ending and then became radioman have thought about that. I have a good news man and I will write when the radio is well. I remember the day. By this time that a little later, my dad, the years of of of of of living have brought a lot of pain that he had some series of strokes and neurological bonds and skilled care facility the day that we started radioman's room 10 years ago I went to visit a mountain and wheelchair in his assumption, and most days he went very communicative.

By that point in his life but this dialect of the data start radio ministry as they were on five different stations with networking in three different states and any info for what I usually think of his head and he just smile really is great moment like that meant something to me, but what I really want to be a resident of his wheelchair, while behind me laid his hands on my shoulders. I am proud to say I started my life in radio and now you got even bigger: regular bless that radio ministry that generates hundreds of thousands of people. I was just blessed affirm that maybe could.

It was too late, but is not too late for us we can bless one another. If you haven't received that blessing you still can. You can receive it for someone else in your life and if you haven't been giving that blessing to someone listening you can still learn to do this is not to like it's never too late and see the book as step-by-step instructions to show biblically how you can learn to do this and craft a meaningful blessing. The book is the power to bless I am spellbound to hear this man share his destiny.

Thanks for going deeper with this were to come back and find out where the power comes from to bless and how people listening can reverse the curse of the grace of God in your life with pastor out right. We offer the book the power to bless of it will write out all stores on preorder and get it and you will be blessed. We'll talk more about that we come back.

So what is a blessing and where does the power to bless come from this word blessing is was thrown around so much from someone who sneezes that is trivial is that to just God bless you, you see cards without only using common signatures or epitaphs things like that you wrote a whole book about how can you write a whole book about blessing pastor out right. You sure your test. We just craning your father just love you I love you because I bless you, because of so many kids dad never said I love you sweet daughters father daughter. I selfishly interviewing you so I can be a black a real blessing to my sweet daughters to my wife, will you please help us get there but power is is is is I was a mystical magical because blessing is spoken in court with God's word to the best the best way to bless someone is to think about what God has to say about their life, but it also is this what the book teaches. We can learn to see uniquely in one another's life. I look at this place is like almost everybody you know there's some virtue of quality are positive attribute about that person that you see more clearly than they did even in our own family. You don't like what NSO my kids growing up I would see a value in them that they didn't see yet and so I called for simple this tell the story.

The book one day when Ben and play golf. He was maybe 10 years old as many years ago he started I had a battle is good to offer you an agent is good enough and he is a double or triple about universal and any bite-size golf you know you feel so bad is going to despond around and and he was a very very controlled him, but I could see his face grew red and he wanted to get mad anything is going around about all that he did instead he pulled together and have a good round. We had a good time and I will ride home on the way home as I said, you know, I noticed today that that you had that that whole and is frustrated and I was like, be frustrated, but I noticed something you put together their and instead let me get you down and get you to angry you played really well and really good round of golf. I said you know what the Bible has a phrase for that is called self-control as a girly 10 years old and already see self-control within you, and that's a from the spirit and I believe you grow into a young man with lots of self-control and in my experience, men who have left self-control go far in this world.

Well, that's a blessing. What do their what I did was I recognized something in his life that was in accord with the Scripture.

Something that needs to be affirmed and something that was unique to him that I saw at work in him wasn't recognizing that he never even thought of it that pointed out to and then I did more. I attached it to a characteristic of his own identity because blessing is instilling identity.

If you want people to live better lives.

Let's don't tell them what they ought to do. Let's give them their identity and the live out and not only denied still in identity and that little little 30 seconds, one minute, but I attached future productivity benefit fruitfulness and success to that so that's what blessing and that's where does biblically, and I always like to tell a little story like that because it's simple and you do not have to be super spiritual and yet can you imagine the power of that and honestly Bennett who just graduated from Duke Law school last year and is clerking this year and the real lawyer.

He is love school. His whole life and part of it is he's got a lot of self-control when the other kids are out goofing off. He said I want to focus on my studies and it actually has led to a lot of success was all because that one statement number that's part because once someone gets a positive vision over their life, they tend to live up to, but if someone painted negative forecast and we believe it will live up to the negative forecast connectors is really believing and someone for who they are for convenience is seeing the God-given genius in all of us and connecting back to the gospel. Yes, connecting that to yes I hear a lot in your ministry about who you are in Jesus, yes, you're a king's kid yes and in you and in using language to build people up to edify sax doesn't mean you dismiss senators and you'll correct is meaner work, discipline, opportunity, those are all recognizing that who Jesus is and who what he's done in you can do through you exactly and I believe that when we instill identity through the power of blessing that then transformation is just taking place right you think of any transformation in Scripture and in some way or another is linked identity with the prodigal son decided to go back home. Was he say in my father's house. They have a better than I do. He remembered have a father and son. That little identity drew back home I find it when people think that there worthless. They do worthless things when they think their life is of infinite value. They orient themselves in that direction to tell her what you just wonder if this is a Stu Epperson to talk with my special guest pastor out right who's written his new book, the power to bless it and preorder now and you can order it for all the world books are sold. Take us to the power behind the power blessing that blood you want CalPERS so that you know as soon as when Joseph had these two signs and then eventually reunited with his brothers and his father in this glorious story that recorded from Genesis 37 through Genesis 50 when he learns it is that Jacobs is is time Jacob lived his whole life is a deceiver of until nearly the very end Jacob who always thought you had to struggle in order to be blessed didn't understand it until the end of his life.

Joseph rushes over with his two sons Ephraim and Manasseh Manasses, the firstborn from the second he says that I wanted to bless us and Jacob does something absolutely mystified.

So what happens if it's hard it's hard to picture this is getting your mind's eye. Joseph brings his firstborn, who is the one entitled in that culture to get the stronger blessing get a double portion of the inheritance in that symbolized by the right hand and he brings Manasseh, and he puts the older Manasseh under the right hand of Jacob is and he brings the younger even put them under Jacobs left so this the proper order and in a strange moment Jacob crosses his arms and he takes the right hand any puts it on Ephraim's hand and puts his left hand on and Joseph try to be respectful to his father is very respectful culture says that her father no. No, he is just as upset by this because he is violating the customer progenitor he's like not all the culture cultural customs. He takes his father writing is a note that this one right hand goes on Manasses at the firstborn in the Texas Jacob said he crossed his arms again is I know my son I don't like in the Bible said they thus sit and thus he put Ephraim the younger ahead of Manasseh, and thus it is that every week for 3700 years Jewish fathers of been saying in God make you with Ephraim and Manasseh, and nobody seems to know why it only makes sense in light of the gospel because they hear the gospel, here's the gospel.

The father had assigned the firstborn of all creation.

His name was Jesus. He lived a sinless life, a perfect life that warranted nothing but the father's blessing you know what Jesus warranted. He merited only the right hand of God's blessing on the cross, the unthinkable happened. Father figuratively crossed his arms. He took his right hand a blessing off of his firstborn and he took that right hand and crossed over in an unimaginable exchange and the offer the right hand blessing to the second call the Jacobs all the deceivers all the centers to make to you to anyone who would receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Where the second were the ones that are the ones that didn't deserve the right hand of blessing and instead were given. This is what it means. It means that he who knew no sin became our sin took our cars so that we didn't deserve any blessing instead got a share of the blessing that should've been reserved just for Jesus and till you see that you can understand what Paul means when he says we've been blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ you can understand what it means to be a call where do you see God's arms crossed and they have a place in the blood of Jesus paying for your sin and the unreserved unmerited favor of God.

Now put upon the believer's life simply because God in a sense crossed his hands on one of the Angels and archangels didn't save for father you guys and I know what I'm doing him when he's always centers get a call 10,000 and instead, this time not by accident, correct deception, or any Luke, but by God's purpose. That's what he did for us and that and nothing less than that is the depth of the power of blessing at work in the world. We as believers are called evangelicals. We evangelize where to take this message aggressively and viciously to the ends of the earth is from the blessing.

Yes, of God in Christ that were this is the compelling message of the great commission and the last. Well, how how fast or how can I needs I noticed my love.

They need to change. What can I do for them.

You can control and you can't manipulative you could shame them, but that's what the devil does so how are you good help him change.

This is it is the power of blessing God has authorized us speaking in accordance with the Scripture in accordance with faith basically is faith work for others the power of God's word speaking God's word and the power of the cross and ask what he did for me, as opposed to what I'm doing for him if he accomplished his finisher is finished and we are sowing seeds will be blessed were sewing you'll never read in a way that you didn't so you never so in our city and and you'll never so purse and get blessing to come back so blessing that is well power to blessed the book the author is with me.

What a blessing you been to me in this this interview after our right and Stu Epperson. This is true, thought old a little picture here so people can kinda see into this school study studio and the subtitles how to speak life and power the people you love how you really feel blessing and the only one who was a true 100% blessing 1% time.

Yes kids, you know, conceived by the Holy Spirit woman. Mary is the Lord Jesus Christ yet so we are in him were grafted and were we. We are in Christ for new creators creation in Christ segues our 17 so that Sargon him. Yes, there is a now blessing flowing out of us and your siblings and let's split that just let's just throw that up all over everyone everywhere where all the nations, and what here is that Christ comes back exactly and wondering.

Well if I bless people into just another hand and I get lazy no no no, that's not the way that's not what it was all grace actually empowers us for change and identity fuels, a new way of living and anyone stew anyone anyone can bless. You don't have to be the spiritual elite. You don't have to be flowery in your talk. Anyone can learn to do this and that's I wrote the book. It'll bless you and you will be able to discover the power to bless you and there's a lot more in the book and really had time to go to all the chapters but the book is the power to bless author Pastor Al Wright takes is the hole deeper level to the level which is level at the foot of the cross and thank you for taking is there a protagonist of the gospel on a radio show in all your books, lover of my soul some wonderful books that have been a real blessing. Pastor, our right. Learn is your website the community. There, but also get this book when I ordered a bunch of them. If you go to Amazon order then Baker books is going to give you a free audiobook to you both and is a great value. So that's a great way if you preorder your behemoths will be the first to get the book and you also get free audiobook. You'll help this message get well this will be on radio.

Those of you that you also write you all are already affiliates that carried his for you to cure your program to and so you can also just make a podcast of your unsubscribe. The truth talk podcast subscribe share it with it. Where when you go and just be a blessing when you're sharing Jesus Christ, you are sure if this blessing and a zillion worlds full of cars, as do others want to say going to listers how much I love you how much I appreciate you what what a privilege it just so happens that we live in the same area and we get to see each other but if we didn't we live on the side of the world would still be dear friends and I just can't say how thankful and proud I am of the Truth Network and all of your work because you are a blessing and your change in the world through it and what an honor for which it is part of the true family and to be with you today will got much faster. All right, very gracious words, there the book the power to bless. So multiply that blessing and must not keep, it was not high dark you are.

Land came under a bushel. Know I'm gonna let it shine. That's what you did this delight is so were were pumped and there could be a better time in history that is Jesus Christ combat the how many people take that. So let's let's get active. The about the Lord's business and take the word of God to bless you.

Thank you pastor our right when I say God bless you. Now I got departed and God bless you. This is the Truth Network

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