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Experience TRUTH - #10

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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December 6, 2020 1:00 am

Experience TRUTH - #10

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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December 6, 2020 1:00 am

Stu & Robby wrap up their discussion of Luke 19: 1-10, sharing their final thoughts on Zacchaeus, the tax-collector in Jericho.


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Enjoy it Sharon but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network Rob you hear that song you think about all kinds of stuff is a little bit will guide you to do the hand motions everything up.

It was government okay stop was Georgia but yet you tall talking about doing this thing we been didn't talk talk and apologetic jobs are likely but he stood up and he said to the Lord while Lord look, Lord, I give half of my goods to the poor.

If I've taken anything from anyone by false accusation, I restore fourfold so this is radical repentance. This is game on is urging that repentance is is built into things are and that repentance if you notice first is a magnanimous giving to people who can't help me and who can do nothing for me so that's it.

That's called grace run okay so there's a there's a there's a repentance that involves in faith that involves just egg and abundance of giving. When God gives grace to a man, woman, child, grace close to that person suddenly flows through something that persons giving all to bring you to him on to tell you only give you. He's given me only give you right so there's a giving but the second part that repentance is a restitution. This goes into bitterness. This goes into forgiveness disclosing that tough the tough stuff. We want talk to that relative who did us wrong. Who hates us, you know, we don't want to deal with that.

He says if I've taken anything for anyone by false accusation, I restore fourfold that he that's a lot more than the Hebrew law to go back in Leviticus, we will go into all that, but Levitical all required you restore more than what you took but fourfold is weighing over the limit.

So here you say not to go back everyone I did wrong and I do not just say hey I'm sorry for taking your money. God's forgiven me, will you forgive me. I'll forgive you know he saying hey here's your money here's your $10,000. Oh, here's $40,000. You that's really that's God doing something someone like that. This radical that's what Jesus does mean that's we could say radical we could see that's normal when Christ changes a man, it hits him everywhere including his pocketbook. He was very rich but here now, all of a sudden he shares in equinox Robbie now it's beautiful, absolutely. So read this final question here.

We got there we were at a time when does it mean to seek and to save who are the lost giving a sentence for first seek think chase after pursue. Think of this is what God did for you how I got seek you out a God save you notes is seeking and saving are two different things God chases after he sees what one of the one the great Puritan said God is the hound of heaven that go how he pursues you discover unrelenting grace on legal grace in any saves you every season saves only one kind of person can be saved only want our personal plantings. If someone is lost if you don't realize you lost like that recent ruler likely like the lights of tactical growing older brother. The purple finals on you cannot be saved. You will not be saved. That is a tragedy in it that some folks are lost and relays are lost so this is the final question right here. Not only do we ask how to God, seek to save you but finally Robbie this this great question variant okay.

Who are you seeking to bring to Jesus. So God seeks and saves us just like this illegal man's ideas, but the question is who now am I going just to seek and to save to bring the current course, you can save anyone know by well I say that all I can say they want will. Who are you introducing the Jesus because he's the one only one that can save one) and so for that's that's that's why we're here and that's why God saves us to bring us to him to restore us and so the one who was named pure of heart, tell us how that full circle. Have Robbie. Now he's his name. Suddenly he's changed how he became who he was named originally a way to edit this so that it can say oh he became you know his true identity that which he was named original birth and so it's interesting and what's fasting as it is take us three experienced truths to get this is where were were at this point in time where I got to share with you the third stanza of the song. You know, no one knows their stance is accuses middleman now and in fact not know when I talked to Rob he knows this young St. now I don't know. I didn't know it until I read the lyrics going out way there's 1/3 stanza. So here's the third stanza of this. This guy was a liar, a cheater, a traitor. This guy was a rip off artist. He was very wealthy. He was in a despicable like a mob boss literally means textbook chief taxes have you killed Braylon Hannity's essay that you pay them in and so he encounters Jesus and the song goes that way. It says exec uses a legal manner. We lament as he climbed up in a sycamore tree 40 1C were read these words and not seeing them. Robbie, for the sake of our listeners like you people list and experienced truths has long as possible and as a Savior pass that way. He looked up in the tree and he said you know this right. Sit with me. Zach yes you come down from traveling to your house today. I'm coming to your house today so those are the first two stanzas. Here's the last answer here country. Zaki is was a wee little man, but a happy man.

Was he, for he had seen the Lord that day and a happy man.

Was he in a very happy man. Was he Michael and his presence is fullness of John. That's it. So he he joyfully received Christ he he went from being miserable all his money could buy him was a bunch of enemies and a bunch of misery and a bunch of problems. He went from bad to being full of joy to being a happy man because Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ said by the way, but listen to what you said. He said verse nine, Robbie today. That's chemical that means like right now it's present tense today synchronous chapter 6 verse one says now is the day of salvation. Build out their salvation. So use Christ himself says by the psyche save or not let us Jesus right was of the Lacrosse event was asked Jesus Remi.

He answered those questions very explicitly in the Scriptures you said him today salvation has come to this house so he says salvation is happened today because he also is a son of Abraham.

Now Robbie that last statement would have been the that would've been the greatest blasphemy in the ears of any of the religious people and that here's the call this scalawag who had fluid you know betrayed his family betrayed his name, betrayed his own people to call him a son of Abraham, the greatest patriarch in Israel's history. Abraham would've been a great affront to the religious leaders but it was the truth. It was the truth and he was a son of Abraham and sadly, here's what's tragic ready for this, known as religious guys there.

The rich young ruler.

They want son of Abraham's yet they were born that Abraham's bloodline, but they were not. Some of some of his faith right Abraham believed God was imputed righteousness. You also are the sons of Abraham. Galatians chapter 2, three and four Romans chapter 3, four, five, that faith this man had that faith and then Jesus says climatically for the Son of Man has come to seek and save that which was lost.

He said this is what I've come for guys just like this. The hot littler ones are hard to find you to stop it so anyway the challenge. Re: unless you become like Zaki is now he's dizzy unless you become like a little child don't even start on Georgia.

But Jesus bed that you back in little children come to him.

There were something Zaki is who was of a child's height and stature right. His heart became of a child's heart childlike faith and he believed God, and Jesus Christ said today salvation has come to this man's house because Jesus came to seek, which he did see it started when Zakia study had a plan to see Jesus on the CM is gonna be a quick hit and run a drive-by CMM drive-bys Jesus paparazzi moment and I'm getting out of here right he's in that tree, Jesus Christ as a hold of the plan for him and he sees him and says you're gonna come to my home to come to your house today. I want to be your houseguest was by the way, you don't normally invite yourself. He was house number one number two you don't like yourself to house of someone of ill repute were all prostitutes and all the sinners and all the other tax collectors and scalawags and plunderers and bad people hung out) and number three you're in your imposing yourself on their hospitality here and eat their food and been five and partake of their wine in their and their culture so suddenly Jesus you know. But he says I come to your house, and suddenly we find out what we all found out some point Robbie, when did you find out that you are part of God's plan in your life, what amount was that our now that was a big to do that for car salesman. I felt like a textbook Christian car guy was a big tall man in a big 12 NYSE you have to climb a tree is resting that I did have to get on my knees that is halibut at a low you had to get down and out.

It's really fascinates you when you go to Bethlehem to this day I've heard is told in a row.

This Christmas book 1st words of Jesus. So I I'm pretty familiar with this when you go to Bethlehem today and you go into the the actual place with a think the cave they think Jesus Christ was born. The door like Zaki is maybe the mufti said it's a little tiny entry you have to bow down almost on your knees to get to the store to get into little manger little cave word they say Jesus was born fasting.

Isn't that how we are the only way to come to Christ right now is to bowel down. Blessed are the poor in spirit.

Unless you become like a little child as you humble yourself. Humble yourself and them under the mighty hand of God, he will exalt you in this man humbled himself, he starts up in a tree ends up on his knees and he knows it is the last time we hear about a guy in a tree was Jesus on the Faneuil earlier on in the axon.

He said I saw you under the tree will here Jesus sees Zaki is in a tree and God use all that to choreograph this man's salvation and said this great state has God said the statement of your life out there listening salvation has come to this house as he said that about you have you realize your need for the Savior isn't rocket science.

It's all about just receiving the Lord bring them in, bring them into your house, bring them into those hard painful using Zaki's had pain to get father was Robbie gets up yet. Shane financed all that stuff and the Lord entered he saw the Lord that day the Lord saw him and everything changed for the wee little man we know as Zaki is, and who knows how he contributed we know he restored.

We know but we who knows how God used his wealth is a great wealth to many people. Robbie, thanks for being on experience truth with my friend your office hours.

Blessed Rita word study the word share the word of 19 1 to 10 this week.

Next week will move onto the next part of Luke's investing parables. As we get closer to Christ encounter with a cross in the resurrection later in the book of Luke, the work in the for in his final weeks on the earth and were so glad you're with us on experience. Truth. This is the Truth Network

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