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Around The GLOBE With The Gospel

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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December 2, 2020 1:00 am

Around The GLOBE With The Gospel

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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December 2, 2020 1:00 am

From East to West, people are sharing the Good News Of Jesus Christ!

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Enjoy sure, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network Stu Epperson here.

What a treat to sit down with two titans of Christian broadcasting these two men a been a great influence on my Christian radio broadcast career and I want to just say thank you to all of you who listen who subscribe to our podcast all of you who have supported Christian radio. All the many stations that carry this program they can't do what they're doing. They can't carry programs like mine without your amazing gracious support. I heard Dr. Jeremiah say recently Thanksgiving is external it's expressed gratitude can be on the inside crowd. You can be a deep feeling in a good feeling but Thanksgiving is action. So I want to take the action right now of verbally thinking you for being a part of this broadcast relisting and thanking all of those who have influenced me and mentored me to be the Christian radio talkshow host I am today. All that I do the Truth Network is because godly men like my dad.

Big Stuart others have ported me guys like Lauren and Jim who were interviewing on this segment of truth talk. So we look for opportunities this week on this wonderful week of Thanksgiving leading in the Christmas to not just say thank you but to express thanks maybe sharing something or someone buying someone a cup of coffee feeding someone who doesn't have food. There's all kinds of ways we can do it, but real important call that person. It's made a difference in your life is discipled you that led to the Lord and thank them for pouring into you because you are today the result of what other dear saints and mentors have put into you and be thinking about that person you are going to mentor and set in the right direction yourself by God's amazing grace. Jesus is you is in his heart is for the nation's going discipled the nations go reach the people of the world and you have a passion Jim, you have that passion can you give us a little wake-up call to get in the game. Somehow, someway to reach so many people out there that have not heard glorious news of the Savior. They came to die for sinners like me to live a friend used to make the statement. One of these days, God's going to park the curtains were going to see what happened as a result of our investment with her time with the money, whether treasure whatever it happens to be in God will do that and so the question is when God parks the curtains and were finally home. Lord, how many people were there.

As a result of that now you know mission start next door. Our neighbors do they know will work.

We talk to them due to expose them about Jesus and then beyond that you can talk to millions of people through media. But if we don't do that. I mean, I think I think the Lord energizes high know the energizes because on our digital sites.

We have a 60% increase in just the last five months of traffic 20,000 people a day or on their consuming content. Not only that, but then on the air.

People I have increased during: so it's an opportunity and let me just tell you I do think Churchill US has become rather isolationist and we tend to look inward, when in reality Jesus said listen rules out there. We will give it to you when you think of Psalms 28 ask of me and I will make the nations your heritage and the ends of the earth your possession.

That's a promise you we really believe it is for Libby transfer radio TW writer Said that a lifetime support what they're doing just wonderful partners with all kinds of Christian radio ministries like myself, like like Jim Jim take us home with the challenge to be intentional about the gospel and I think about ideas.

Lauren saved out in a fraternity house Kansas State.

Deep down in the radio.

I think about your test your of your amenity and I guess that means from Memphis, Eaton, you know, the corgis leans in and rips right in the in the in and in the home of the King Elvis and all that you are planning your spending records and age did you ever think you'd be producing content that would go out all of the world through the Billy Graham organization to receive with the gospel here in 2020. Never in my wildest imagination, even as recently and I say this is an encouragement even as recently as may be the year and 1/2 to 2 years before the Lord called me into this work. That's why feel so passionate about the fact that if you will earnestly ask and see his lead and how he will use you the will use you. Stay tuned. Stay available because I actually I cannot underscore enough it was. Not even one of those wonder what it would be like to.

It was not even anywhere in the radar site may, you may hear these words and go how the world can the Lord use me that that's a statement that will elicit a laugh out of any one of us can and he will and you know we were given the gift of grace and eternal life, and that is wonderful and he asks nothing in return other than to glorify him, and there is no higher calling than to glorify him and we in the great commission are called to go forth and make disciples and to introduce people to Christ, so yes we could sit in a pew or be comfortable and were given this unspeakable gift.

That alone is pretty powerful motivation to this is Peter said give an account for the home that is in you when encouraging talk about the guys Jim Kirkman with VGA and my good friend Lauren Libby with transfer radio Lauren I went with had a crush on you.

The end. The tombstone question. There's a tombstone late for all of us now should Lord come back to the gospel reach everybody and he come back and take his own way when he returns right which upset the sound of a man and he found right but should Lord Terrien should he take you home. You know what is more, Libby, one on his temp tombstone in terms of legacy, what is that what is at Harding message megaphone you want to say to the world and in terms of your legacy and impact Christ follower of Jesus Christ servant of him. I like it laser focused spot on and starting to cost a lot to engrave that either United scattered. Keep it simple just medically visible. Stay right alone at law really think you guys hate what why did God call you this glorious light. Tali the same reason he gave you the gift he gave you the same reason he put you in a relationship and the job in the skill and craft these given you so that you so you get all that to you to give all of that through you to support these kind of awesome ministries that are out on the front lines regularly gospel to go or to give or to pray but were not to tell you that when I could tell you exactly specifically how to share with your officemate tomorrow who's just lost a relative and you can now speak the gospel in her life like never before. Tell you where and challenge you to do what Jesus told his disciples pray pray the Lord of the harvest, who was standing right there with right, the fields are white with harvest here come the Samaritans write a whole lot of them emptied out as this woman who never been a Bible college, but she envied old town because he said coming. Amanda told me everything that ever did.

So they want to see who could do could straighten her out because they want to meet him too and it was the Lord Jesus Christ. But he said pray the Lord of the harvest will send out harvesters.

You praying you ask God today tonight before you go to bed when everything is Ascot Lord, how can you use me in everything you've given me everything you put any every every family member does to some reason is because the Sinemet as arrows to change world pray Lord lead me, show me intentionally how I can leave my mark to market Jesus Christ on this planet before you take me home will operate at a gathering man what you guys, this is the Truth Network

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