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Eric Metaxas

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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October 16, 2020 2:00 am

Eric Metaxas

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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October 16, 2020 2:00 am

Yale educated Eric Metaxas spends some time with Stu Epperson as they both hang out @ The Falkirk Center

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match looked like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network Eric the Texas author Renaissance man loves Jesus talkshow host TV host and longtime friend and I'm standing with them right now you may read his book on Hoffer. You may read Luther. He may read more recent book if you can keep it. Words of Ben Franklin, Eric. It's awesome to be with you here this huge conference and a visit with you. You got some really generous insights that our listeners are really going from it meant why I'm doing great.

You know this every time I see you I get happy because I love you and you love the Lord we have. We just have fun. So I'm doing okay, this is a is a strange season in our history. I think if I did not have faith. I can even imagine navigating this period in history without total faith in Jesus. That's I don't get it. I don't know how he fails to make any sense of it, but I also think that you were in a huge spiritual battle because the dark forces are you nuts, like they know their time is nigh.

This is this is nasty scorched earth battle for the soul of America and you know when you talk about American attack on America. You talk about the West are talking about the that the torch of freedom for the whole world that's the burden of this nation. And so this is a big spiritual battle, so I II want Christians to understand that they must pray for this nation in this run-up to the selection, they must pray every day, just do it. Pray for this president because this is serious. This is an existential crisis like 1776. Like 1860 like this is not you know it's there's no guarantee that it's good to go the right way and everything is writing on it and look. This doesn't mean that Trump is the Messiah, he is not. He's a man, but I really believe that God has been using him in a way that is is necessary for this season.

You know, almost like a turtle. Where did he come from and where. Where would World War II have gone without his unique leadership and skill set that's kind of what where we are right now and I think that you know when I hear about Christians that are registered voters will vote.

I just want to die while crawling to the couch and die because I cannot believe that they don't understand the privilege that God is is calling on us to vote. Don't even don't even vote for yourself. Vote for the poor kid who if if the wrong person gets in office.

That poor kid will have infinitely less opportunity tooth to thrive to get out of poverty to have a better life. I mean we have a responsibility to the next generation is so forget about yourself and your pocketbook and your rights. This is about the future.

This is about principles and I really I every grieved to know that you know over the decades, many times the church is all that that's that's something else that's not for me, and I think your your get the wrong liking you need to live out your faith in every aspect of your life and sometimes that means politics of vision. That's an interesting thing because you and I spent a lot of time in the face or we go speak you speak you preach you fill pulpits and suddenly the name pops up. Donald Trump, and the imitation comes in the mail for Eric protectors to go to the White House to talk to him and to be out of it okay to speak, faith, and so on the one side you're thinking all my Democrat friends vision of a vivid, sellout businesses, the mean guy that's you know it's a sense of not so nice. They tweeted some things on the other hand are thinkable gods give me access to maybe speak some faith. Maybe Trump needs Jesus that that's it. If you hang up. Maybe you say will God said love your enemies, and how it's I mean I would say that the people he did to get this okay just forget about Trump for second if you vote for Trump you not voting for Trump you're voting for cabinet filled with serious Christians, Ben Carson, whom I know Betsy divorce, the secretary of education Mike Pompeo. Hence, the vice president on and on and on.

He has populated his administration with serious Christians only tell you something that is not the case. On the other side.

It's the opposite end again, even if not voting for Trump you think about what administration does Betsy divorce is fighting for school choice.

Let's say you know you live in a poor neighborhood in the city you have. Note that the Democrats don't want you have school choice. This is a big issue to be able to say why can I send my kid to that school and they don't know.

Note, note the teachers union. They give a lot of money to us and you can't do that. That is a huge issue. If you care about the poor were commanded to care about the poor support of the welfare state is actually moving while mistreating black people. That's my point is with it. I think the reckoning has come after 50 years of this I think most black Americans was an okay time is up, you have failed, you take us for granted. You have not helped us you've talked a good game but you haven't done it so so you're telling me I should vote for you when you mean we gotta be real about that since a lot of soundbites about you know the presidents races the birthday you show me what he is doing is it helping black Americans or not you show me who were the people he puts in his administration.

You show me where the judges that that he appoints and you know you could go on and on like when he stands up against China when he stands up against open borders that you want to talk about the black community. Their jobs have been devastated by people coming across our borders, taking really low-paying jobs harms black Americans like why are the Democrats suddenly for open borders.

They didn't used to be so.

There's so many issues and I think that people have to, like, ratchet down the rhetoric and and understand that this is a sober decision that we have to make for the future.

You can't just go like all my I don't like him I don't. I mean, this is about way more than that in the these are very serious issues and I challenge Christians need to use their minds to look at casino." As you said to pray mean this president has a ton of you know, black and Latino Christians around him.

You know, and some whites to sing like he lets them pray for him. He's he's very open to that. And I guess they like his need to do that is need to do that. It seems obvious to me that that he is very very friendly to the to the faith community in a way that I think that in the last 20 or so years that the Democratic party has changed and they have been very hostile to the to serious Christians. I think that that's something. It was 30 years ago different story, different part, Democrat or different party but they've changed and they got so radically left.

You got a deal with that right now our kids are gonna face some some nasty stuff ahead. So yeah, I get for me this is all obviously really serious.

A lot of state elections coming. Let's go on a different little plane and talk about relationships, how to have healthy conversations with family members who have a completely polar opposite words I've seen you have people that are completely, totally don't we talk on mutual friends that are atheist, agnostic know fully Fresnel vote conversation without being faithful. You are Christ. There is, I really see that is what listing article. What you may want. Yeah, you still want to know you love will see, this is the point is to me. I have friends on the outside biblical spectrum and I want them to know I love you and of course we can disagree on some stuff but but you should not break off friendship as a result, that I have had people break off friendship with me. As a result of my political affiliation, and I thought you gotta be kidding me when I have loved you for 30 years as your friend and so I think this is key is is is is that to to to to look at somebody as a human being, not as of vote, not as you know, just a political ally or whatever. But to treat each other as human being is at the heart of everything.

And if we all did that you don't know this politics is matter very much so to me that that is key and so I got my out of my way in my life to love people with whom I disagree and you know what one of the ways to deal with that disagreement is not to talk about it like there's so much else in life.

Talk about sports talk about fishing talk about what food talk to your kids or your central to what we really talk of the gospel talk about your soul you know about your more trouble but but it does reflect the fact that whatever whatever you believe.

If you're putting all the eggs you put all your eggs in the basket of a figure candidate or particular party or put your future, the fact is, King Jesus is coming back to check know when we are given some hope give us some hope on the fact that her hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness.

I take us on whatever/Teresa Alice I'll say this. Yeah when I hear anybody on the left are on the right.

Give me the gloom and doom stuff like it's all gone now that I think take Scripture commands us to rejoice in the Lord always and to praise him and to be to give thanks in all seasons and I think to myself if you really believe in him you're gonna live with that joy is not about circumstances. There are people suffering in prisons for the faith around the world. Those people are praising him a thinker interrelation or try to figure out how pretrip a picture they think a vicious relation so that I mean so, so when I see Christians lacking joy and hope. We are commanded. The reason Lord commands us as casinos, we can choices on to tell you very straight am commanding you rejoice in me always. I'm commanding you be anxious for nothing, but take your problems to me in prayer.

Why would he say that he loves us.

He does not want us to fret to be anxious and I really feel like Christians, we must live that way you can ask software really believe this if you say you do, you're going to live differently than live in the hope of Jesus. He's alive in us is resurrection power is alive in us we will never die to be with him. I mean, we need to live in that barn offer clearly got that and we went to the gallows will not document you can kill me. I'm stepping into the presence of the king. Now and you know God wants us all to live that way. So that's kind good news is good news from Eric my taxes redirect is writing more books that I can chastened out interview about but his book if you can keep his wonder doing what you're the Falkirk service big face on it. That's really cool. Just looking of Christ as it is the faith intersects with culture and all that stuff and you got other ones are working on.

But Erica Your website got you got a radio show. You gotta podcast you got big time talk about ratings not talk. I try to talk about my ratings, but you posted or go so think of what you're doing. We were praying for you as you speak the truth in love. A list of Jesus in a culture the dust we needed a man and you know much I love you and your family.

Thank you, my friend, this is the Truth Network

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