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Washington Prayer March 2020 with Franklin Graham

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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September 19, 2020 5:00 am

Washington Prayer March 2020 with Franklin Graham

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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September 19, 2020 5:00 am

Stu Epperson talks to Evangelist Franklin Graham about his upcoming Prayer March in Washington DC on Saturday, September 26.

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The cuticle offer the devil's worst nightmare with the and out podcast where we talk to real men who have real stories who realize it is time to man up your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds in joy at Sherritt but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network.

Our next guest is going to Washington DC. He's inviting you to come with him and he is participating in something that's more powerful than the most powerful nuclear weapon. It is prayer and he is leading a prayer march in the nation's capital, and it's coming up on September 26. He is Franklin Graham in Rev. Franklin Graham. This is quite an undertaking.

My friend and I hats off to you for doing this.

Why prayer why Washington DC but let me ask you a really easy question, but please let your heart on this road bike with you are our country is in trouble and of all to fix it only got convicted.

I think the most important election on my lifetime. Our country is at a crossroads and other number politicians that wanted to take our nation under socialism. And so, so scary to think of as the what's around the corner in America better wake up and so we were going to start washing on the 26 Saturday afternoon at the Lincoln Memorial and were going to go all the way down to the capital. I'm asking people to come and join them on a plate. Every step that we take little to play for that city. The politicians, the president of the leaders of this nation that God would just shake this country and we cannot I just feel very strongly that only God can do this in so if there's a little book unique about March is that everyone comes participates some people to walk faster than others.

Some are going to go down the mall a different path and bubble all end up at the same place and will be for some people will focus on certain aspects of the government for the country apart, but we all are there together and were doing this together and and everybody's prayer is just as important for standing next to you all know I believe that we can prepare we go directly to the throne of God and we go directly into his presence so we can take our record right into him directly and I've just feel that this is the only hope our company overtake us to get God up. I would take them out of our schools that the teacher unions have taken all all references to God, almost out of our schools and then look aware of how we have chaos in our country we have anarchy in many parts of our country and the politicians that are wanting to take this under socialism and then look at what the socialist did in Eastern Europe and in Russia and the church's workload stuck in some places passes were imprisoned and we look at the fight of John MacArthur, our California health of the governments trying to stop him and threatening him with fines and so forth by God but we have pastors that are willing to stand up and and exercise our rights by First Amendment rights which are in the Constitution and there there are those that want to strip the Constitution take the Constitution away rewrite of the Constitution and take away the first and second amendment. So for I think is most important election in open church wakes up and that they vote and some people think well I'm not on the bottom boat but if this country goes the wrong direction know so well… Too bad it was not too bad we should've we should've voted and I just encourage Christians the boat and prayed before you vote the stone below them voted not bring about pride and that God would directed to you should vote for because we we focus a lot on the president of the national election, but the person that runs the school board you all portable boards are and most people have no clue run for school board and we we need to get Christians on the school board's really good Christians of the Mayor, city Council and County commissioners. We need to get Christians involved in politics and get them to run and when we go vote no who you voted for him to get more and help how relevant your face is in how you vote and how those two are separate issues and why we should divorce so stupid. I got Franklin Graham, whose doing something big. It's called the Washington prayer March 2020, no, no, with all due respect, Franklin Graham, I mean people go to wash and do all kinds of marches and they do all kinds of people get mad people go with bricks and firing they get upset and they attack people. They gotta bring out security and your taking a bunch of people up to pray what what you say to your critics outfitters. They will have our executive house. I can affect anything. You know what we gotta get it.

We gotta get some.

Gotta get some loudspeakers and yell some people down in India do some cussing at me there so much vitriol and hate and anger in our culture. We got we got a full throw fuel the fire. But what about the fire of prayer. What what what you say to those attractors out there. Well first of all, we are on God's and of my prayers that God will watch and protect everyone that comes and there there may be some demonstration, but I doubt it because the system be so many of amicably tens and tens of thousands of people in the name of Jesus Christ out there on the mall and walking the streets of Washington, and I think of as a few protesters or whatever. I think they're gonna just be quiet. I remember when we were in California in 2016.

On whatever state Delta of a prayer rally on the capital steps of every state capital in California and all our lives at 12 in the sum of an artist and others have a meeting at 11 in their want to meet 11 of income try to disrupt our meeting up early but their meeting at 11 o'clock have about three people I think. By 1130. They may have had 50 people and our meeting at 12 noon. We had about the 10,000 and sold small group of protesters that will bombard you with no reply and I think that will happen.

They were just on our numbers on the bedroom. There is a we also have to remember we got we got God on our side we stand there were standard in the name of his son Jesus Christ were not standing up there in the name of the Republican Party of the Democratic Party or anybody else standing there in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and I just believe that he got his angels and God figures.

Since he's got whatever means it takes to protect us, but we're going to go up there in the name of Jesus, and I will pray for this nation because God tells us to do that were supposed to pray for those of our rulers. Those that are not part of that we might have a quiet peaceful life. And then that's what we need to do. We need to pray for them and the staff that God would intervene. These anarchy is that want to destroy our country that want to see mayhem in the streets of these governors that allow the stuff to take place about these matters. We just need to pray that God would give us mayors and governors that will give us a peaceful life and will be fair and honest and do the right thing and that if we play God will answer our prayers. Okay well so there carrying the flag in Washington DC Saturday, September 26 for the prayer March 2020 with Franklin Graham is her special guest right now they're not curing a Republican or Democrat flag or or a particular party there carrying the flag Christian flag. The flag of prayer. The most powerful one bring people together so I guess anybody can, you got busloads of folks coming from many states I got one of our awesome Truth Network are partners that carries the show that's listening for probably right now this is eared Russ and in his teams of his folks from Utah they're going to be there with you brother Franklin took to pray with you so you can is it just cannot come one, come all, anyone just wants to pray everybody we went with our members but we all know people from Alaska will be better people are coming from all over the country and their people that are just that, but like myself feel that this is the only hope our country and without God we were not going to make no election again. The most important election of my lifetime okay and I just reminder this prayer thing. This is a just to verify what you sure this is a this is a free call. There's not a Chargers on a roaming fee took two to pray needed to seek the Almighty writers were going, you're going to God's presence and is just can't come as you are in and I also know entertainment. There's no speaker, no entertainment will have groups playing or anything like that. I'm asking people to come and pray okay over there wonderful and so it so anyone can go in when Wilson everyone to use that.

He's also the president of the Billy Graham evangelistic Association or leadership, their speech, all the world and I want to thank you. By the way, and just commend you for always sharing the gospel. I love it when you're on all these outlets in your being interviewed and they hit you with a hot potato political question and you jump right in with inviting people to Christ. Will you just tell us why it's so important to invite people to Jesus because no matter who our president is or who are elected officials are yes absolutely we should vote. That's a stewardship issue for believers no question. And yes, we need to pray and be a part of this but Franklin Graham, why is it important that we be vigilant about sharing the gospel. Even with our enemies and and in proclaiming the truth of Christ, who came to save us. The only hope that we have in this world this world in this world comes to an analyte will come to an end. Both our soul or spirit lives for eternity in heaven are going to be of help and we have an opportunity while we are on this earth to make a decision and a decision is to confess our sins past, God's forgiveness and to put our faith and trust in his son Jesus Christ. Because Jesus said on the way from the truth on the life no man comes to the father but by me. There's not many roads to God is only one path that goes through the cross because Jesus Christ died and shed his blood for our sins. It was very far spent on Thursday, God raised him the light never willing to accept that by faith.

Just believe it and invite Christ into our heart and life. God will forgive us of our sins and we can have that hope of eternal life. We can have that hope knowing that our soul will be secure in God's plan for eternity and when this life is over for us.

We know it will be right in the presence of Almighty God through Christ and him alone. There's not many roads to God only one left Jesus Christ out.

That's the most important message that we can share with anybody in this life. A man well is Franklin Graham and he's invite you to come take a March the powerful march of prayer that seeking God and seeking God's mercy really far country, and he'll be there. It's in Washington DC on September 26 it says so providential in 1952, your dad stood on the steps of the same capital and call for national day of prayer in here you know.

Decades later, the sun is going up in and out. We were excited were pulling for you were pray for Tele listeners will quick up Franklin Graham how we can all pray for you and pray for this, the special event brought it will be faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ and everything that we do and I invite everyone Well we got this all started about that. Do I know, but that this is the future of our country and I'm just asking to come join me and let's hold hands and let's March and let's let Washington know that the and all were claiming that city and that ground out on that day to be holy ground and every step that we take on that let Mauldin on a claim of the Lord Jesus Christ and so come and be a part of it illicitly what God does a man.

God bless you brother Graham Franklin Graham with this year on truth talk. We are praying for you were excited. Everyone get out there is Maisy can and get out and vote is a stewardship God's given you that opportunity in this free country and so you can't sit you can't sit back and complain about how things are.

A few bucks from now Franklin Graham if you're a believer you don't go vote right absolutely boat that the most important thing we can do right now is that exercise we know we are free in this country we have freedom and we have the freedom to choose our leader. Most countries you don't have that but we have that and let's exercise that freedom. We have outlets on the boat okay JJs exercise or drop in here today Franklin Graham on truth talk and we will talk to you again soon. I hope to bump into here in our home state of North Carolina law these days to look for… Thank you thank you God bless always a special thank you to one of the partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well.

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