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The Sacredness of Human Life

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland
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February 4, 2019 8:28 am

The Sacredness of Human Life

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland

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February 4, 2019 8:28 am

01-27-19 The Sacredness of Human Life by Truth for a New Generation

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Best-selling author, speaker and advocate for Christian apologetics Dr. Alex McFarland, best-selling author and apologist Dylan Burroughs together bringing you the truth for a new generation. This is TMG radio created my inmost being in my mother's womb. When I was woven together in the death of the earth your eyes saw my unformed body that are well-known beloved Scripture from Psalm 139 welcome you to today's edition of TMG radio tree for a new generation Alex here. Dylan Burroughs and you know Dylan. One thing I love about the new year. It's exciting but it's also very special to me because January is sanctity of human life and where our ministries helping sponsor a major pro-life event in South Carolina this month but all around the world. Really, the church seems to emphasize in January. The sacredness of life, and I thought we would take some some programs this month to talk about the fact that human life is sacred in all contexts. Yes, many people wonder why we would even continue to talk about the pro-life topic, but in case you are uninformed on the issue.

The most recent report in 2016 from Planned Parenthood shows that they committed 321,000 abortions, and one year as an average of 881 babies every single day. So is this important to talk about still, I think for those children, the answer is yes is a father of three children. I see what it looks like to watch the sonogram of your child as they develop in the womb and to see how special that is what a creation of God that is in the importance of protecting life in the womb, so we're excited to talk about this and help equip you to do something that makes a difference where you are in your community. Absolutely, you know, I believe if there are two things that hold back revival that hinder the great move of God that he wants to give to our nation. I mean God is more willing to send her an awakening than were even willing to pray for NASA for it, but I think the two obstacles to national revival, and frankly, the saving of our nation. One is disunity and fragmentation within the body of Christ, but the other thing is this our killing of the unborn. I mean how can God bless this nation. Frankly, I'm amazed that we are as blessed as we are given the fact that, as you said 800 unborn babies a day at least are being aborted Springs subsidized and sanctioned by the US government. By the way Dylan this month in Billy Graham's magazine decision magazine is my article on natural law and morality, and how the nation really with the implementation of no-fault divorce and with the implementation legally of abortion on demand. We began 45 years ago plus to cut ourselves away from God and moral truth now since Roe versus Wade in 1973.

How many babies have died will if you want to put it in perspective, it would be roughly the number of of people killed by adults Hitler times around 15. Some ethicists say may be more like adults. Hitler times 20 to equal the number of human lives that have been snuffed out since review Wade and I have to believe God cares about that and Dylan. Frankly, it's a mystery to me. 920 the 21st-century. The makeup of the church and the spiritual depth in the biblical literacy of the church is different than it was in 1973, but really how the US Supreme Court could not only violate known moral truth. The clear dictates of God's word. But frankly, even the Declaration of Independence, which says that all people are guaranteed life, liberty and The Pursuit of Happyness. Here's the thing. Liberty and The Pursuit of Happyness. These things mean nothing if they're not first predicated on the constitutionally protected right to life, and so here we are now 46 years into Roe versus Wade and why the hundred million evangelical adults in America haven't en masse stood up to defend human life.

I don't know but I do know the outcome and the result of it is that I believe the hand of God is incrementally being withdrawn from this country and we've got to rediscover an ethic of life. If we want to survive as a nation. Despite all of the struggles and all of the negatives you just shared. There is hope. It is encouraging to me to see change taking place at the city local the state level in our nation.

For example, the city of Nashville recently became the largest city in the United States without an abortion provider which is a very big deal in the state where I live in Tennessee and their encouraging signs. When you look the statistics from one year to the next and decrease in abortions, and it's also exciting to see the changes in attitude among younger Americans when they are surveyed regarding the pro-life issue more and more you see the value of life in the womb versus the past generation.

So there are some encouraging signs it can take place in your local community. When you get involved and we want to talk about some of the reasons you should get involved in that today, so Alex get started.

If you would on some of these reasons for supporting the pro-life issue. What the Bible says about it and what we should know about this issue but you know I remember when George W. Bush in 2001, said human life is a sacred gift from our Creator. Oh my goodness, the firestorm of pushback. First of all human life is distinct from animal life, people reacted to that sacred gift. In other words, life being holy and life being a precious thing entrusted to us by a creator new people that are of a secular mindset.

They don't like that kind of talk, but our founding fathers that the framers of the Constitution.

They believed in life, they believed in God they believed in objective morality. I do want to mention that Dylan and I have a book coming out later this spring about life and moral truth, but let me just say this going into this and I want to quote my former boss James Dobson who reported great heroes of the faith and champion of life.

Dr. Dobson is speaking of the unborn and and the embryonic life that is at mortal risk unless you know the mother courageously takes the baby to term.

Dr. Dobson said were talking about life here not quote little black dots like some people in Congress are referring to them. The bottom one.

Here are these little human embryos tiny as they are people or property. I was going to create a class of human beings just for research, experimentation, harvesting and destruction or are we going to view them as life friends think about it at the moment of conception. He's got the four criteria necessary for life. For unique DNA footprint, metabolism, cell growth in response to stimuli those of the four criteria for life. They are present from the instant of conception and will be throughout life.

The unborn are human beings. It's sacred gift from God, and they should be protected, as we take a break, let me tell you about 310 three books that will answer questions that come your way from others or even yourself about the Christian faith.

Number 110 answers for skeptics today. Skeptics are looking for authenticity, integrity, and straightforward faith in this book you will learn how to answer intimidating questions. Identify the roof issues behind those questions and dismantled the spiritual bombshell dropped by nonbelievers. Those usually end up just being a puff of smoke, number 210 answers for atheists were Alex looks at the philosophical assumptions at the root of atheism and agnosticism exposing logical historical and conceptual fallacy. Alex shares clear explanations of beliefs and biblical answers to those questions that often leave you stumped, but no more in number three. The 10 most common objections to Christianity and how to answer the know many Christians hear these objections and have a crisis of faith, but Alex and Dylan have been around. They visited many places and talked with many people through the years and could offer straight answers that will give you confidence and understanding about your beliefs, so the 310s once again 10 answers for skeptics 10 answers for atheists and the 10 most common objections to Christianity and how to answer find them wherever Christian books are sold for Alex when caring about not afraid to ask hard questions we care about a lot of things. We are engage online group of millennial's, brought together by a common goal to share truth apply Scripture and to get involved in are lost and hurting engage host discussions that help you apply biblical worldview to your daily life engage and will and will come back to our new generation radio I'm Dylan Brister and Alex Farland were talking about the importance of human life from conception forward in this month is the time of the year when many people in churches across America talk about the importance of personhood for the child that is still in the womb and were talking about it here as well. I know that Proverbs 31, eight tells us to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. And we believe this applies to the pre-born child in the womb as well and Alex, I want you to share a little bit about the ministry and bring us back to our topic today. Were we talk about the sanctity of human life will thanks Dylan and thanks to everyone listening and thank you for all the prayers, correspondence and support.

You can find us online at truth for a new generation that's truth, for truth, for a new and we have an app that's compatible with all mobile devices. You can find us at the app store. We got articles in the schedule of the events were doing around the country. One of which is at the Cove. March 22 23 and 24.

I will be in western North Carolina, the Billy Graham training center at the Cove and will be doing Bible prophecy going through Daniel and Revelation and we would love to have you join us, we would encourage you if you've never been to the Cove on my goodness, it is undoubtedly the finest Christian retreat in North America and so we would love to see you there at the Cove. When we do Bible prophecy. March 22-24. Dylan, I do want to also say how much we appreciate Liberty University helping us do our conferences around the country and I would encourage you if you're bring about a Christian university or starting or finishing your degree, either in residence or online events.

We do all around the nation. Liberty helps us with those in their website is We appreciate that great partner in the ministries of transferring Nguyen want back to the subject of human life as January is sanctity of human life, might Dylan I want to go over some convictions that will elevate one's view of human life. I often say that we want the church to have a high ethic of life really the first and most important conviction on this would be the Bible that the Bible is God's word and it's a book shown to be divinely inspired by many compelling lines of evidence and the Bible declares that God is Creator. And so that alone would lead us to be pro life. Life is not ours to take because God is the creator God is the giver of life and therefore God is the owner's he is only want to be clear that we talk about God as creator of human beings that this is much different than God creating the rocks and the trees in the mountains and the seas God created humans in his image. Scripture tells us, so we are unique from all other aspects of creation and therefore in greater need of standing up for those who cannot speak up for themselves when it comes to human life still within the womb will exactly you know the Bible is very clear that God is the maker of heaven and earth. Isaiah 4518 and John one verse three John one says there's nothing made that Christ didn't make Colossians reiterates that in your part of the impetus for abortion on demand has been humanism, secularism, the idea that man is the measure in humanity we call all the shots that's humanism secularism.

There is no God of justice. Physical material world but acts 424 says all that exists has been made by God and that includes human beings.

II begin the program was someone 39 and Job says it is well Job chapter 10 verse 11 that we have been wonderfully formed by God in our mother's womb and every life is valuable want to say to everyone listening you know you're not just an evolutionary accident.

Your life is not just happenstance or purposeless you are valuable in the eyes of God. God loves you. And while we sin and our sin must be addressed. Christ on the cross paid for our sins.

The fact is, God loves you and God loves every person in every human life is valuable to God Dylan. I've often thought about this in the abortions that are taking place daily by the hundreds man is taking something that is not his.

We want to proclaim that life matters human life is sacred in the eyes of God and all people should be pro life. Certainly, the church should be Dylan. I want to say this, that one of the paradoxes of those that are pro-abortion. Even the most ardent pro-abortionist is glad for at least one person that happened to of been pro-life.

Their mother, so it's a contradictory position, yes. And as we look at these convictions and elevate our view of human life, you're very clear Alex at the Bible declares God is creator that leads us into the second conviction that as our Creator God is also the owner of all things is not this attitude that is my body.

I can do what I want with it. If you're considering an abortion or even other life choices that can be harming to you or to others, we have to consider that God is not only creator but owner of all things, talk a little bit about what that means for us today will you know Dylan, I was some in Louisville Kentucky at a medical school to speak and I do a presentation about a month ago and will be back there actually in 2019 to host a debate with the famed apologist John Lennox but one of the students came up and said you know how dare you make a claim on my body. My body is my body know the person can say what a woman has to do with her body and there.

There are number of things to say about that. Not the least of which is that the baby and the mother's womb has a separate DNA blueprint than the mother and so abortion is not about the mother's body.

Primarily it's about the body of the human being that she is carrying but also let me say this. Were talking about natural law were talking about moral truth and just because the baby is in the mother's womb does not give the mother the right to suspend moral obligation and terminate the life of another person. Abortion is the termination of a life other than the mother's life even though it does endanger the mother's life. God is the owner and God is also, as we said the ground of moral truth and just because I made a decision and there are physical repercussions and consequences for the choice people make to go to bed with somebody because I don't like the outcome of the choices I made. That does not give me the right to suspend objective morality to do something that I might assume for the moment give me a solution to the dilemma that I'm in. We we have to realize that moral truths are not ours to been to break that's so important Alex and we encourage you to stick with us will talk more about this in our final segment right Christians don't necessarily agree with one another when it comes to questions of religious pluralism of homosexuality. The role of government abortion and war. Too often, we manage these disagreements by ignoring them, yet were called to engage the world for the sake of Christ. How can we be effective if we avoid society's most pressing questions in 10 issues that divide Christians Alex McFarlane challenges us to drill down to the biblical core of 10 current issues such as social justice evil and suffering, photography, and environmentalism as he echoes the biblical invitation come let us reason together only by engaging the Scriptures deeply thinking clearly and speaking truthfully can we, in God's family address our differences and discover the peace that comes with unity of purpose. 10 issues that divide Christians find this book and many If you're a Christian parent. You of course want to instill a biblical view of life in the hearts of your children, your pastor, you want to offer ministry that draws young families to your church.

This is Alex McFarlane encouraging you to check out my new book and video curriculum. The 21 toughest questions your kids will ask about Christianity. I interviewed hundreds of children ages 5 to 12 and we address actual questions from actual children.

The spiritual issues that are on the minds of your kids the book and video lessons are great for groups of any size and was produced with the goal of equipping kids to stand strong for Christ in any situation. The 21 toughest questions your kids will ask the book study guide and video series. You'll find that AFA back to TNG radio were talking about human life sacred in all contexts.

Talking about some convictions that elevates one sphere of human life. And when the Bible is the word of God and it declares that God is creator and as creator God is the owner of all things, are our lives our time are our physical body. That's why we are not to abuse our bodies and that's why were not to harm ourselves because God is the owner, but Dylan, I want to hone in on this that conviction that really will will reshape all of our our perspectives, our priorities if we would take this to heart that God creates human lives for a purpose in a way back in the book of Genesis is says that God made man in his image in a I think about this, even when maybe somebody cuts you off in traffic or you get aggravated with somebody think about all of your fellow human beings, even once it get on your nerves or rub you the wrong way and let's be honest, we all think things we get angry we think things that are just not even repeatable.

If if the inner thoughts and motives of our hearts were exposed.

I think most of us would be horrified but think about this. All people there made in God's image. There are a sinner, for whom Christ died.

If there are Christian there a person that is my brother or sister in Christ live got inherent worth and value and purpose and dignity, and the definition of purpose from God's perspective is independent of our definition for purpose know what what is your life's purpose. For centuries people of kind of had a variation of the thought of eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. Nowadays people say party on you know hate life is not just to party or to get intoxicated or to buy stuff or be a materialist or a good little consumer or socialist, no life is is purposeful from God's perspective that you can know your creator that you can be conformed to the image of Christ. Ultimately, Dylan, God's purpose in life.

This this world it it's a workshop for the making of saints. God wants to turn us into holy people, and God wants to make us saints whereby we can enjoy his presence and the glories of heaven and the rewards of eternity for ever and we don't humanly we don't think that way, but the purpose of life is as the catechism says to know God and enjoy him forever and it's a good way to put it to Alexander. I think of the saying that God has created us on purpose and for a purpose and one of the top verses in Scripture about this concept of being created on purpose, for God is found in Jeremiah chapter 1 verse five the word of the Lord came to him, telling him before I formed you in the womb I knew you before you were born I set you apart, Inc. about that for a moment. How powerful is that the before you were formed in the womb. God knew you were coming at before you were born while you are still in the womb, God set you apart for special plans for a special purpose in this world that he is designed for use of your heart is still beating and there is still air in your lungs. God has a reason for you to be here. Whether you're young, whether you're old or somewhere in between. There is a purpose for your life and we must remember that not just our own lives. But for those who have yet to live their lives outside of the women that's why were talking so much about this important topic of the sacredness of human life exactly into the Bible says whatever you do, do it under the glory of God. So think about this. It's not hard to imagine that you know somebody doing some grandiose thing has a purposeful life. But Dylan and I believe that the two greatest gifts God ever gave the human race.

Number one is salvation, but number two is family and in onus out there and I believe this to the core of my soul. If you're walking with Christ and loving your family then if you're serving your wife and being a faithful spouse and a good provider and you're raising your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. And as as the Old Testament says. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord if your loving God and serving your family. That is a holy calling and mom changing that diaper and raising those children and loving them to Jesus and pouring the third glass of spilled milk at breakfast this morning and in cleaning up the dirt and the mass yet again that his service as unto the Lord, really. Sometimes people are at a point that they feel like their purpose is finished and and I would disagree Dylan.

Even if your on your back in a hospital bed, you can still pray. You can still be an intercessor. In fact, Dylan, it might be that some of the most vital valiant work being done by the people of God are being done by people that physically very limited, but in their heart in their mind and in their soul. They are mighty for God and and we could give more examples, but I want to say whoever you are, whatever your age. Whatever your station in life right now.

You matter to God and your life has great worth.

Christ laid down his life for you and what you do in this life. In time, can count for all of eternity.

So to say these things will get to come back to them. Listen to these thoughts, folks, we as a Christian and I hope you're a believer you need to advance an understanding of the humanity of the unborn, the inherent sacredness of human life, you need to remind people that our Constitution recognizes the legal protection that the unborn is due. I think we need to oppose the anti-life pro-death assumptions that currently permeate our culture and then through our words and our deeds.

And yes, our vote, we need to promote the message of of life. John 1010 abundant life here eternal life hereafter which is through Jesus Christ and then finally we need to pray pray and pray and I really don't have a lot of hope for our country unless we recover an ethic of life and that's gotta begin in the hearts of Christians and in the life and the influence of the church. Amen Alex and James 516 tells the prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective. You can begin there today by praying that God would do something powerful in your life in your community and across our nation. Regarding the sacred value of human life, but let us encourage you as well to step up and do something locally to participate with those ministries and those organizations and those local churches that stand for life and you can begin where you are and see where God takes you and making a difference in our culture. Thank you for being with us and join us next time. For part two on this topic at truth for a new generation radio truth for a new association with Alex McFarland evangelistic ministries exists to equip Christians with the biblical worldview through conferences and camps for information about upcoming events visit for a new or give us a call at 877 yes God one that's 877 yes, God in the number one TMG radio is made possible by the friends of Alex McFarland evangelistic ministries PO Box 10231, Borough, NC 27404.

That's PO Box 10231, North Carolina 27404. Give or truth for a new Thanks for listening and join us again next time. As we bring you more true for a new generation on TMG radio

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