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The Hamilton Corner featuring Alex McFarland and Karen N Ellison on Abortion

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland
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February 3, 2020 3:00 pm

The Hamilton Corner featuring Alex McFarland and Karen N Ellison on Abortion

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland

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February 3, 2020 3:00 pm

01/27/2020 - The Hamilton Corner featuring Alex McFarland and Karen N Ellison on Abortion by Truth for a New Generation

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4th occupies the space vacated by the this is the hallowed one on American family radio should be uncomfortable for believers to live as a delivery out of the bondage of mainstream media and philosophies of the goddess called his ambassador is dark moment moment." Welcome to this edition of the Hamilton corner on the American family radio network, my name is Alex Garland very very honored to be with you this evening very humbled and honored to be sitting in for my friend Abe Hamilton who is doing some work for AFA.

He is on the road he's actually in India within the apartments. That's a ministry that we do a lot with throughout the year, but I welcome you to the program. I feel it's a great honor to be sitting in for a tonight will give the number because later on in the show will get to some live calls in there. There's a lot in the news. Plus you have a very exciting friend of the ministry. Guess that I want to judiciary to just a moment, but said the number is 888 589-8040 AAA eight 589-8840 and out. Some of you that recognize my voice or maybe my name know me from exploring the word which comes on two hours prior to dish out exploring the word is is a Bible teaching show that certain everyday on the American family radio network.

We just began the book of Genesis today, and so on. You can hear all of the archived programs of all the shows you know from Abe Hamilton, Sandy Rios, today's issues and exploring the word, and so many so many great shows, but couple of things in the news. Of course everybody's talking about the passing of Kobe Bryant very very tragic. The helicopter accident that took the lives of nine people. Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter and certainly our condolences are with them and everybody touched by that and that's big in the news. Also, let me just say this, I want to mention somebody that was in the news as having passed over the weekend got got a very positive right up in the New York Times, of all things, but I know you know this name folks Dr. Jack Van Impe that he was a prophecy preacher and he was on TV and.he was known for his just extensive memorization of Scripture and the funny thing two weeks ago two weeks ago I sat in for Abe Hamilton and I was unit working on some show prep and getting some guest together and there was a lot going on in the Middle East and everybody was asking does Iran have nukes, you know how many road you know regimes out there in the Middle East.

Islamic regimes actual nations that we interface with, but he's got nuclear capabilities.

And I thought you know what I've interviewed so many people it's been my privilege to interview. I mean like every body you've ever heard often a few you have it affect ongoing interview Dr. Jack Van Impe because he's on TV he's always about the end of time, Bible prophecy and you know the funny thing a man that was really kind of my mentor in theology Amanda Dr. Norman Geisler and Geisler went to be of the Lord last summer and Geisler was just an amazing apologetics you know voice Geisler had gone to college with Jack Van Impe decades ago.

I knew several people who knew him. Dr. Harrell Wilmington in different ones at liberty so two weeks ago I email Jack Van Impe ministries I go on their website and I said hey my name is Alex McFarland I'm on the American family radio network and Jenna on a fan. I've known who Dr. Van Impe is a light interview them about Bible prophecy so I can email back and they said hey thanks for your request will get back to you shortly and I never heard anything.

Well, apparently Dr. Van Impe took ill and he went to be with the Lord and I say that because you know what I mean regardless of where you are on eschatology pre-millennial mid-trip. Whatever you know. From everything I've read about him. It was a life well lived. He finished well in first John 228 folks.

First John 228 in a first onto very famously says some love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the father is not in them. And so put away all these things the world the flesh and the devil that says continuing him that when he appears we may be unashamed before him at his coming. I was thinking about that verse. First John 228 to live as a Christian, unashamed, prioritize Jesus and put the Lord first and if you've received the gift of salvation also shoulder the obligation of discipleship. And let's be the Christians that God calls us to be whether by death or by the rapture whenever we see Jesus will meet him confident, unashamed, and as CS Lewis said so artfully and beautifully says Lewis said let us be at our post when the inspection comes with somebody who I believe is doing that and by the way, had the privilege of being in the AFA Journal. The January issue of the American family. Journal. I read an article about morality well another article that's in there is is an article by the person that I want you to me right now and her name is Karen Ellison and she's with deeper still and she's coming to us from Knoxville, Tennessee, and she's got an incredible ministry. Karen Ellison is the founder and president. Deeper still, she was executive director of a pregnancy center in Virginia Beach, a national trainer for CareNet and it's a ministry to people that have experienced abortion, and in this month were were so much talking about the issue of life in the sanctity of human life and standing against the the Holocaust of abortion in our culture. Karen is doing great work and I wanted to have Ron sit Karen. Thanks, rolling and welcome to the AFR network, cannot find out well on is Tennessee your home originally claim on your now and I got a burlap bag and drinking at night like in California that I found are down here Kenneth Lovett eight well great aunt jumped so it just by Providence were both in the same issue of the AFA Journal and dumped your article there which I'm sure everybody can find online. What was the gist of the article you wrote for the Journal now and what about my story and then I'll tell you how out of my own healing and my journey of knowledge that entail arm with breaks for what deeper way that we can really get into our issue that people are not going to be able to get on your element they need help and encouragement to get there found living like that about seven year journey for me at writing retreat and working with people lining and get to work and help people get the type of adhering boats great ministry folks the website and in working to get into this and I'm so honored that Karen would be on the program, but it's go deeper still Geo DEP ER STI LL go deeper Lucier something and then I'd like your thoughts on it either as an evangelist and speaker been all of the country. 2000 churches in Karen. It's, you know, I've done an altar call in hundreds of locations it if I wish I could put a number on it.

How many people, women and men have come to the altar weeping in prayer and they were saved and there were believers, but they were shouldering a heavy burden of guilt and pain. Abortion and women that were praying for freedom and then eat men to that may be decades prior had you know pressure to woman and having an abortion. In light of that, the people that really do carry behind the smiles, they inside the carry a lot of pain and I've seen this in the hundreds of altar calls. What what what you say about that. Especially to those the pro-choice people that would say well know, there isn't emotional baggage that goes with it it it. There's no lasting lingering pain what what you have decided that I now throw out any now at claim that they did recently make plain that there's really no point to regret their abortion letter that I never talk about, but apparently they are women and that the way they talk about it again.

I like the whole population like spell you are out there you're feeling badly about that you have regret something wrong with you or your your very much in the minority that should not and that's just not the case. Now I I didn't like live in Everett that night.

Katie and I have literally documented. Hundred when narrative over the year and I think that are unique and very currently that not the not planning that the age category when men that I get high a category their contract retreat I went in the next 60 in the neck eight category about the 4070 30. Help me on the delayed reaction a lot in your abortion wounded heart how I like to describe abortion wounded heart block time people view abortion is a typical surgical procedure or tenant have to think a a blood clot like no one talked about how it affects your heart abortion is as much not any the taking of that child hide your heart. It was boarded and every area of your life when you are ducking down and you're just trying to cope you, trying to move on my eye and for years, but it is going to email her later.

It is only 50. I think I Like sunlight for their being very reflective. The children empty-nesters at that point they may be grandparents. At that point really, but looking back on my running like what they had, think differently, but what are they still carrying older people get, they start thinking about when they going to die. And when people think about when they're going to die.

They fell what do I not want to take great think that what that burden on your heart with never told anybody at the family closet what it somehow. You know that when you die Ito to be technically great with you or you don't want to be needing your maker like that on your carton on your content ready pain like that one came out a couple weeks now. It really maybe five years after woman had an abortion. In denial and you're still running from your pain and you're still justifying yourself hear your heart hear your heart you know what I say. I remember when it came out Karen and yet I didn't like it was representative at least your eyes a pastor and evangelist. I knew it was not representative of people that I've spoken with throughout all 50 states but but the study basically said if you had an abortion and you don't feel any regret.

Let us hear from you.

So it really didn't seem to pull those that that legitimately do you feel regret and and pain. I end up working hard when you're working hard to try to hike up at your question like that like or how to get feel about it like that like about it online so I had unique about abortion, like sexual abuse or other kind that had been used for when you are your woman or man had an abortion. You have not only were you in my degree or another. You hold that thought we got to take a quick breakfast. She was in the corner. Karen Olson of go deeper still to talk about recovery from the pain of an abortion and so states and more with Karen Ellison on this edition of the Hamilton corner on the American family radio network Alex McFarlane sitting in for a stated talk about this very important subject back after the spring break away president defends religious freedom. Again, my AMEX statement with frames called the Department of HHS is proposing a rule that ensures that religious organizations are treated in healthcare and human service proposal would eliminate current regulations enacted by Pres. Obama that discriminate against religious providers of social services proposed rule also allows faith-based groups to apply for awards on the same basis as any other organization and when HHS selects award recipients. They will not discriminate based on an organization's religious character present drop recognizes that Americans of faith play an essential role in providing healthcare and human services. Many vulnerable people and our founders sacrificed everything so that we have this priceless possession. We must not allow it to be taken away. Stay informed counsel's website.

LC.the loss of the child through an abortion makes the emotional helping families feelings of anger, sadness and regret can be overwhelming. But there is hope and healing in the aftermath, call the international helpline. It 866482 life talk with someone who's been where you are healed to help others.

Your call is confidential, 866482 life for on the radio two. American family radio. We know that many people find their audio entertainment, and other places than the radio so our programming is available with the AFR app on Apple and android devices is on Alexa is now available on Roku to American family radio screener podcast now available wherever you are and you Ryan Fisher here with a life of liberty minute Pres. Trump is far from perfect. But in one way to get Abilify with Christ, both of them subjected to unjust and grossly unfair trials. Pilot three times an ounce. I find no guilt in this man in a similar way the president is on trial with no evidence that he committed any crime at all, just as the trial of Jesus was built on manufactured evidence, so the impeachment of the president is based on a twisted and mangled version of his actions. The trial of Mr. Trump is driven by a raw see the hatred of the president in reaction to his defense of religious liberty of the sanctity of life and Israel. Jesus said if they hated me they will hate you.

The president now knows how true that is my God because the truth to come to light may justice be done in May. This persecution, the president, Trump brought him closer to God, catch Brian Fisher on focal point we did afternoons at 105 Central American family radio like this is the Hamilton family radio back to the Hamilton corner Alex with Rowan sitting in frame Hamilton unit were talk about the, the issue of life and recovering from the pain of abortion and let me just say this before we bring our guest back on very honored to have Karen Ellison with us. You know the Bible says that Jesus Christ loves and forget and and I love Isaiah 1 verse 18 and this verse ministered to me when I was a college student was going to a Monday night Bible study and I was a church member but you know I was so not. I didn't know the Lord. I joined the church and I was 13 was not a believer yet and I was playing in bands and partying in, you know, living the life of an unsafe college student and Isaiah 118 said, now, let us reason together, saith the Lord.

Though your sins be as scarlet, they can be as white as snow.

Though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool and whoever you are in one of your past might've involved. Notice that Jesus Christ loves you and there's nothing you've done that causes him to stop loving you. He doesn't want to come into your life and wash your sins away and not only save your soul but heal your emotions and Jesus can do that. My guest is helping the world understand that in a great way deeper still and the website is go deeper still. Karen Ellison and welcome back the program.

Karen I want to thank you for taking some time to be expert when you read a verse like that like your sins may have been like scarlet, but Christ will wash them white as snow. What is a verse like that say to you as a person in ministry helping hurting people often and I guess what I I thought a God that can be lighted when you have an appointment at heart. If you're being honest with yourself on your own heart when I think that you're really aware that your caring bladder. You can and what is strong enough to take that like a ocular hand off your heart and off your mind, how you yourself Isaiah about things I say about how abortion affected me.

I felt like it actually needs my identity, it became for me not to abortion. What I did but it became polite. I separate myself from it then whole kind became a stamp on me that I had an abortion. My identity now and want to get that right bargaining here all the way. Thank you.

The enemy had so much act, your mind and how to accuse you how to how you get to walk around expecting judgment all the way to get tangled and all the areas of your life and really only the blood of Jesus and is able to wash things from you and when you talked earlier about the love of God. Now I yeah I retreat that we do beautiful on every level were very intentional about how we do everything in our retreat. I will say the people that don't purely treat, even though they were touched and healed and all kinds of light that the one consistent thing that people say that they had never felt the love of God might think out it at week God, thank you that if an answer you need forgiveness. We need to forgive other. When we encounter God, the love that Jesus Christ and found that God had nothing like that feels like about God describe what are your retreats where they take place. What's what's the structure of the human what would people expect to experience one of these well you know and I I I think network we are training other group of people up to date is retreat right now. We had about chapter 98 and there are different levels of development but I think what I can find out 80 where the chapter 30, and one way to find out about you now here in NR trick-or-treat charge of our all in favor all nonprofit we really on to help Oxford are free of charge on anything you like it people optical network.people doing their healing and one optical is if anything money they feel like they have the money. Thank you. Like really, you know, in the South okay well laid out. I had to clean up, free of charge.

He can come and then the other thing that the work that you like about life and how people understand my great even on my great great car.

My great great white he want them to know that you can't buy lot you can't buy healing like the great tree trimming really bad and it God not yet free of charge people to have any obstacle but one thing that we are in our retreat at very important.

Like if you're going to invite Mike here have you know you want them to have a very homey experience so you know, and he is so important to people are coming back and they don't know you and I don't know what's about to happen that would make her walk in the door to make The first thing you and you have a bunch of people that are accommodating here and showing the hospitality giveaway ending creating an environment where equal playing field. We have a lot of time to get establishing that the faceplate looking at the confidential play and networking to be praying that people crying over time, and then went and it began to come heart if you like were making eight and comfortable and beautiful possibly be creative faith and really In your life. The word of these retreats take place.

Since you another question of God is, what about shame I mean people almost feel like the guilt they carry is something they just have to and it's just for having participated in abortion. This is part of what the outcome is in and to face it square on and try to get healing and move on that they feel too much shame to start that process yet. I can barely retreat in one form or another carrying thing and it came out on myself and how on sacred God that come to our retreat will say I know unforgiven at the people kinda read the manual and forget me, I would forget me but it is amazing to me how much the bank people practically lived that out. They don't necessarily feel that really totally true until I got tickled when they're behaving and going good and got forgiven that if they're stumbling or falling or you're not going to allow Ben because I got withdrawn. We live and we start talking now that you think you open the door to our shame on you, but for everyone, but I'm okay now. Give an example of one of our island bar membership on anything and when he came to our retreat or sunglasses at unusual when you're driving somewhere and it runs out and all that think anything about art, but after we kinda got him settled and we started our first group anywhere altogether inside. He still had got on like a little unusual that needy children and in the morning retreat rent on until we reach the point in the retreat and the hope that all the we take a drink or something but the Lord broke someplace in his heart where that saying what's broken off to him and after that time, he took a class sunglasses off and I think I can't think he really realized that we sent content like you I really kind of young getting with him a little bit and Monica, I'm not afraid to look in your eye. One way that we can be walking.

Shame and not even know carrying that real down I feel that that lie in thinking you get this ministry came and administered that help you to renounce that and get that off of your life for this is tuning and will talk with Karen Ellison of deeper still and if you are suffering from the pain of of an abortion or you participated in encouraging somebody to have one, love this slogan on your website, freeing the abortion wounded heart is if unsure Troy or people in the community wanted to host one of these retreats work. Maybe some listening wants to find one and go to one of the retreats are one of your chapters for the steps to doing that I got our website and that thought. I got many of our annual retreat on retreat and that will open up the different third they're huge like retreat, retreat and fall retreat.

I think we have a schedule on different chapter and then click on the one that'll put you in touch with that particular chapter. You know the way to give the summary somebody might have a question for Karen on the number is 88 589-8840 and up you will him if you want to call in with a question folks you can do that because the way it works with.

I don't have in front of the call screener software, but the engineer can let me know, so if you got a call if you want to ask your question folks and about the pain of surviving an abortion and and really the freedom that comes through Jesus Christ.

AAA 589-8840. That's the number but I'm sorry interrupted you Karen you're going to say what I mean a burden. Not only half. Three.

Later Andy abortion and heart but also how can they help build a bridge like how can we build a bridge from the abortion rate in the pulpit, the abortion wounded and I have written about that in the book that I Britain as well, and I could have such a burden for I think a lot. Don't know how exactly what I had many pastors day even though they have my conviction about the thank you teaching online like they talk about it like strongly on the pulpit only gonna hurt people work together to make people more and so they can back off of it because they're not sure what I can learn though.

My encouragement and I guarantee you there are all kinds of people in your congregation who abortion wounded by the death of woman directly, or the man that was fathered children or family members. Whatever I wanted to think we thank abortion is not your glory. The story of someone you love right. We all know people and left people who have abortion when the culture we need to not have it happily subject. No one talks about your friend.

If you bring it up once someone starts crying when I get to do then you know that we cut ourselves out of even talking about that you can bring it or not sure what's gonna happen while the Lord that he for anything because she wants to do what he wants to get people away. He wants them to know that there's a pathway for their healing 100 encouragement for church. It not only do you need to develop a culture of life where you talk about like the value of life and how are all created.but your uncle to cultivate a culture of healing, meaning church is here and fear your attitude your action with healing. Thank client for people to bring their hidden shameful secret into the light and begin bringing it to light what you can help so many people are afraid that if they bring their story the right if they're going to be a bit knowing what the defendant cannot, you know, walk away sure sucks the number toll-free nationwide listen this AAA 589-8840 AAA 589-8840 and you can ask your in your question and she's an expert on undo this and I just want to say thank you for addressing this.

You're right in the hundreds and hundreds of churches that I've been in the speaker you know attend. I've never ever heard. This addressed in church by helping people minister and I'm thinking of a verse here on a share in a minute but Karen yes you this on a Sunday morning in a church of 210 congregants in a most churches are anywhere from about 150 to 225 attendees marriage church couple hundred people. How many people out there have been impacted by abortion while you know I like playing likely publishing. They had actually did daddy I think of backing out and now they really interesting results that they think they interviewed a lot of churchgoing black Christian and you know it was really alarming, I don't have it right now.

That was really aligning what they did average in that many people that had had abortions were attending church at the time that they have their portion referred to it as the church is not have not influenced on heard making so and saw Karen forgive me.

I've got a break. Can you hang on as we got calls coming in. This is the Hamilton court with Karen Ellison recovering from the wounds. The trauma of abortion said to me that I was sitting in for a back with your calls and more caring after this AAA founder Truett Cathy once said, you can tell if a person needs encouragement. Just check to see if the reading one Don Hawkins here to tell you about encouragement today. A half-hour of strong weekend radio encouragement back with fascinating just practical biblical insights to help you face like Jell-O. Went to join us for encouragement today, Saturday, at 8:05 PM central time on American family rate.big football fan.

I could not flag stands for. That is, thank God it like that you will but I still love Erica Julie Biggs at Central American family radio, same-sex attracted Christian, this is David Wheaton, host of the Christian worldview is right for a professing Christian to accept homosexual desires is hope who I am, even if not engaging in the physical act. This idea is advancing evangelical church, as evidenced by the re-voice conference which seeks to quote support and encourage gay, lesbian, bisexual another. Same-sex attracted Christian Bible says consider the members of your earthly body is dead to immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, Christian should never accept sinful desires through the truth of God's word and the power of the Holy Spirit always strived hear more about this debate in the southern Baptist convention. The Christian and tuning this weekend for the top.

Listen to the Christian worldview with David. We 70 morning sitting central American family radio hello Americans I'm Todd Stearns with views and commentary hi this is Todd Starnes and Pope Liberty University believes a private Christian education should be affordable to everyone.

That's right, right. It doesn't matter if you're from California or Maine or anywhere in between. You may qualify for up to $20,780 over four years through liberties middle America scholarship. For more information, text MAS to the number 839858 today. Again that's MAS to the number 839858 Colin Tabernacle disgraced ex-Annabelle quarterback published an anti-American screed on Twitter the other day accusing the military applauding terrorist attacks against black and brown people whose words not mine Was a national spokesman for Nike sub United States is using her military power as a weapon to enforce the policing and plundering of the nonwhite world again. His words, his comments came just days after US forces took out a radio general responsible for killing hundreds of American troops and quite frankly, thousands of black and brown people. It's hard to believe that American citizens would make such horrible with dishonest accusations against the brave men and women who wear the uniform of this nation.

If America is truly as bad as Mr. Says it is.

Maybe he would be more at home in Tehran. I understand they have an opening of the military usually got my all new talk as podcast is a free one coming to reserve your foot back to the Hamilton report on American family radio Karen Ellison is still the website is go deeper three, abortion would part and I want to thank Karen for hanging on his captor longer than we initially said we would. This is important stuff in Mississippi right now on with Karen. Karen, thanks for holding welcome to the Hamilton corner Alex McFarlane to with our guest Karen Ellison and in your question for Karen. Please hi Karen for Mississippi either Karen for Mississippi yes yes your own home. Not much of a question she was talking about, you know people that had known a loved one are someone I know who it had an abortion and I retired and my mother passed away 1988 she was in her 70s and she had an abortion when she was young with her first husband who beat and abused her.

I just wish there would've been something like this organization because Chennault was on the thing that abortion should be like on totally against abortion but she had a back alley abortion and I wanted to say was even up to the last few months before she passed away. She was telling me that she still had nightmares of hearing the voice of what she thought was a baby girl crying in the darkness.

Karen, thank you for your call and I wish I could say that I never heard Lori like that, but I heard that multiple time specially when a man that had come to our retreat that are in their 70 that was that was a common story you know unfortunately during that era. In many ways the church was really violent.

They really were not prepared for the onslaught of what abort near the woundedness that abortion was going to break our country and one of the reasons that continues to be a burden because if you think about Roe V Wade in 1973. Most of those women and men had abortion. They are still living there still among 70s and 80s, but they are here and now I can't think like it there too old. There is no help for them out there and they silently suffer, but that does not have to be now and I think at our church leaders and the invitation would be given likely and it no matter what your age or whatever you are in my new hat and if you are still tormented by where inviting you to bring the light not have to build your grade will something that that got you free from right now not right and so I get my rally call for the church to wake up and know the condition of your flock noted there people that still need to hear and Encouraging Word and forgiveness and healing and being separate at One time that the local pastor.

We had here and he said he would have to go to half lady who was dying and he didn't exactly know what she wanted to talk about her and the local hospital here not in the moment condition. I don't know she had a stroke or what she couldn't talk.

He literally could not verbally cocked and when the pastor came, he asked for a piece of paper that she could write something down on and she simply wrote down. I had an abortion and show that after and he was so shocked my he was like woman on her deathbed. I know she had a church home.

I wanted to send her a pastor dying and before she got she wanted to bring the light like you want someone to get her help telling our hair and people that need to talk about it when they need a little bit into them and what are sure do know the Bible says that we the church.

The Christians God has entrusted to us the ministry of reconciliation (reconciled to God. Get reconciled with her past payout reader from Illinois.

I want to bring read on and ask if you just tuning in, this is the ever network the Hamilton corner Alex McFarlane sitting in for a been our very special guest Karen Ellison. Her website is go deeper still reader from Illinois are you there thank you for holding and welcome to the conversation with Karen Ellison on I'm very glad that people like you are out there and I'm very afraid of fire. Being connected to letting everybody know the reality as abortion and out here and in the church and everywhere and fighting and fighting against it personal experience that having an abortion. I knew it was wrong. I did not I have a couple on the phone. We already had four very young children going and it went didn't think any way related to that on hold and be able to keep paint go and finish in and do what he was in school for that we we had an abortion and I killed one person at the time that because after I have been traveling out to see her where she lived and so we decided he needed to know and she sent then evidently told that none of my knowing nobody else know I got between Christ and myself. I have eventually made peace and actually have two more children. But I'm a if somebody says they know they are suffering from having abortion that they still haven't dealt with it. The clothing of the reality of what they did that day.

Your comment yeah, thank you for sharing that and I do want to say I think I hear from Illinois who had a chapter in no way we have a chapter and baking marvelous retreat and I would encourage you to make it on a website and find them and I know they would love to have will be taking up one of the reasons why we call our ministry. Deeper still, I only feel like it invitation like the Lord always know which account again and meet him in and receive some level of freedom and healing well on our own. Or maybe I but the Lord of all the invitation, like he always had the deeper right and a lot of time when were still carrying baggage unnecessary. I don't feel like you have to stop because you already like a lot of people think why knowing forget and and so yeah I think I'm good night and I think we retreat and find out what help guide you, for you know he wants to so far beyond where abbreviated think you need to go and so I encourage you to do that now. I think there is a difference between forgiveness and healing forgiveness always like first email because then rightly out washed clean and that abortion and damaged your heart and it damn how you mother or how you father your relationship. You are your other factor every area of your life.

You might not be forgiven, in the sense that hey there can be quite a healing journey until you are absolutely walking in freedom and victory in living out the decking got half you that I always want to encourage people go deeper now. The board only had more for you and it's not right you know Karen I think about this to. I would imagine it impacts the health of of marriage. I'm in a husband-wife relationship. When that baggage, especially you know the more it's been suppressed and buried. It's got to be positive for marriages to do with that. Hey listen tongue flicks what I want to get to Sally. If we can and outfox fruit again. The website Karen a give your website because of not go L.orc Sally, thanks for holding. I'm so glad with time to get your call in and welcome the conversation with Karen Ellison wanted to thank Karen for what they went on 66 years old now and I had an abortion when I was 19 and then before James Dobson was on radio and you know he got talking about abortion and all that and my mom was fixing to remarry sheet we had. My dad was an alcoholic, though she was looking for to be happy and after that I divorced and pressure only. But I don't remember anything about it because they gave me something to knock me out and then now still out of it. When we got back home. Of course it was illegal land and we had to go to Alabama and but for years after that I just blocked it out of my mind. You know, but I knew something was wrong and inside I was holding it inside and I realize that I was. I was angry and I was hurt and I was guilty and I went to camp on and I got into counseling about it and that helped me tremendously because I also had an abusive father and anyway make a long story short, I ended up when I went to work for our work here for like 30 years and a gold buyer happened to be part of Michael's vineyard and and she gave me a pamphlet or she yes you Put them out for our and I talked to her and she talked me into going and it was it was a wonderful weekend mean it was such a healing way can, it was done by the Catholic Church and you know the priest was there and different scenarios healing and everything. We had a ceremony at the E and and and help me so much now that the main still doesn't bother me. You know, especially now that everything going on about abortion and publicizing everything but my belt was to get out there and help help others. God bless you.

God bless you Sally hey Lily, I'm so did this was with got Lynn from Arkansas holding abortion and willing to let her give it quickly if you would Lynn sure your here in the last minute or so that we have on the show to give response but unwelcome thinking I'm going to think what I was going to vary your and the pastor was giving a sermon spoke about abortion being a Henry. He didn't say anything about the Lord will forgive you if you repent and I think after you know, not in front of people or anything like that that it was uncomfortable because he didn't say anything now and again in another church and I didn't say anything that time because I didn't I didn't yell I said it in a confrontational way I did it with this. I knew there could be someone in that congregation were godless. What is it about the importance of including the message of forgiveness and restoration you can't talk about abortion that Lester Bennett talk about healing evaporation.

Like any and anything that you have to like he can't get the reduction forget that again that God's heart long as we have breath on our heart is to restore and to heal and bring people how Ehrenfeld might know what might happen. Find out about what what is it? Heart you need to find out what is working that the babies are just one victim of abortion mothers and fathers they are of their own 28 and that we want to help our shepherds understand what the congregation what is needed and how can we build a bridge you can you can create a culture of healing and tied on that bring the light.

Karen, thanks for being on the program. This is been the Hamilton corner eligible for OLB with you Tuesday and Wednesdays will straighten will be back with more Hamilton. The views and opinions expressed in this broadcast may not necessarily reflect those of the American family Association for American family radio

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