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A Profile of Marriage

The Verdict / John Munro
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May 13, 2019 11:32 am

A Profile of Marriage

The Verdict / John Munro

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This morning I want us to think of a profile of a marriage and that we have in Scripture Reading of inspiring example of a very good marriage. I'm sure this manager were looking at was not a perfect marriage but it is an example of an authentic biblical manager referring to the marriage of Priscilla and Aquila, as described in the New Testament. I think you'll find along with me that there is much that we can learn about this couple's webmaster.

Determine your Bibles to Romans chapter 16 were jumping ahead a little bit in our study of Romans. Last week we concluded with Romans 15 verse 13 and that will pick up verse 14 of chapter 50 next Sunday, but let's jump at a little bit as we look at Romans 16, verses three through five.

For some of the components of the strong lasting loving biblical matters not. I think this is a very simple message but it is an example of how the gospel transforms our relationships with learned from the book of Romans that when God talks about salvation is not just the forgiveness of our sins.

That is a glorious truth and essential truth, but also it impacts all of life including our relationships in the church and society relearned and also in the home. This is a message for those of you who are married is also a message for those of you who are single as you pray for those of us who are married and if you're single. The kind of marriage that you should be praying for. If in God's will. You're married in the future. So let me read with you then. First of all, Romans 16 verse three Paul writes great Prescott sometimes is called Priscilla sometimes prescribed great Prescott." My fellow workers in Christ Jesus, who risk their necks for my life, to whom not only I give thanks, but all the churches of the Gentiles. Give thanks as well. Greed also the church in their homes. I want us to learn first of all, that in marriage to say the obvious we are to be loyal to each other in marriage. We are to be loyal to each other and certainly as read about this couple Prescott and Aquila.

Clearly they were raw loyal to each other.

The Scripture always refers to them as a couple. There are six references in the New Testament to Priscilla and Tukwila and that are always mentioned together.

They operated as a team. Clearly this is a marriage of where they work closely together and where they are loyal to one another of the six occasions Priscilla is mentioned first let me surprise you but four times.

Priscilla is mentioned first and twice.

Tukwila is mentioned first customary in the UK United States and when describing a couple we often disprove the man's name.

At first I did that today, as I images the couples but where my wife comes I was quite surprised. We were newly married and we received a letter from the federal islands and it was a from the federal islands to ask and it was addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Goodman, a Monroe my fellow minute. What kind of protocol is this, but in the Scriptures, Priscilla is mentioned first of the four times were not quite sure why that is the case, she may have been the stronger believer in Christ, she may have been the first convert, perhaps even lather her husband add to the Lord and perhaps our ministry in the church was more prominent than husbands, but what ever it was, they operated as a team that is essential for marriage. Turn with me to the first book in the Bible to Genesis chapter 2 where we will see that the Lord God created Eve from the life of Adam to be his corresponding partner Genesis 2 and I'm going to read from verse 18 is the creation account. The Lord God said it is not good that the man should be alone I will make him a helper fit for him is the English standard version, but the footnote says I will make him a helper.

If you've got the ESV little footnote at the bottom to notice that this is corresponding to him.

Some translations say helper corresponding to him or the NIV and the new American Standard translated suitable to him here as Adam is on is on large size is not good for you to be alone.

Adam and I'm going to create someone for you Eve who is going to correspond to you who's going to be fit for you. Who's going to be a helper to you who's going to be suitable to you.

Let's read on verse 20 the man gave names to all livestock and to the birds of the heavens and to every beast of the field, but for Adam there was not fines helper fit for him.

If your best friends a dog you got problems I helper notice. It fits 40 suitable for him.

So the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and while he slept at one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh and the rib that the Lord God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man. Then the man said this at last is one of my bones and flesh of my flesh, she shall be called woman, because she was taken out of man.

Therefore, notices.

Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and going.

James Cleave, ESV, and hold fast hold fast to his wife be loyal to his wife, and they shall become one flesh in the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed. So clearly right from the beginning God's intention is that man is not to be alone and that a husband and wife are created for each other. Now this doesn't mean that everyone should be married. I we know from the New Testament that some are called to be single and that is very very important that we acknowledge that, but it does mean that if you have chosen to be marriage that you are to be loyal to that person. Why is that because marriage is ordained by God.

It is God who instituted marriage, and I think this is wonderful for followers of Jesus Christ that we recognize that it is God who puts together one man and one woman in what we call holy matrimony that God has joined us together.

Yes, we have our preferences. Yes, there are people that we find attractive. There are people that we think we could never possibly live with but as were following Christ and I would say this to those of you are single.

Make sure that you are praying for someone that God brings into your life that God is going to joined to you and then you are going to hold fast to the personal testimony that it was a single man relatively happy, but praying for the Christian life had been brought up in a Christian home, where we were told important it was that when you're married, you married a fellow Christian, not just one in name but one who really love Jesus Christ and so I was praying for wife things a good prayer is the is the yes of course it is. We sleep this morning. Of course, is a good prayer and this deadly good prayer for a young single man living in a little bachelor pad, trying to survive in life and that I was praying I admit I don't know how many women in my life. There wasn't one that I thought this is a woman I want to marry and then all of a sudden from the federal islands on the ship comes a team from Pharaoh to evangelize the pagans. God's. And there I was, and I saw this young lady who didn't speak much English in the ship and I thought I wonder if she's the one that was just something about her that I thought she was 100. Just when I saw her very beautiful but I wasn't that silly just to think, is because someone is beautiful, you're going to marry them. But as I got to know her very quickly.

It became very clear that this was the woman that God had brought to me.

I firmly believe that goodness that it should known I was going to be a pastor should never with you married me. I don't think she really believes that the think she still finds me irresistible. But the main budget when you marry someone you got no idea who your Jim are young you have no idea what lies ahead, where the Lord is going to use you want circumstances. How wonderful to know that when God is in the picture member. Jesus said what God has joined together, let not man put asunder. How important it is, then, that we understand this principle because in Scripture the husband and wife relationship is the first and the most important relationship in the family. There is no dog in my mind, having met all of these couples that they love their children.

Of course they do with the most important relationship in their life is not parent-child but husband-wife and if that is right. Children will grow up in a home of security and love for the see the love of God exemplified as their parents love God, love each other and love then so marriage please hear this is not just a piece of paper. People say that to me all the time. All we don't need to get married.

We just love each other that's important. Marriage is not just a piece of paper is not just the contract yes it is a contract with it is more than that. It is a holy covenant because we believe certainly in the Christian faith. We believe that God brings us together and because of that it is a holy covenant and please hear me a binding contract and this is why in the 10 Commandments repeated throughout Scripture. We saw that as we as I've been studying Romans as Paul talks about the commandments. He reminds us of the commandment, that shall not commit adultery. Why is that so important because no third party should come in and intrude into this relationship.

This unique relationship. This most important was delightful of all human relationships between a man and a wife whom God has put together. Therefore, the commandment that said in the 10 Commandments repeated in the New Testament.

You shall not commit adultery. Someone here thinking of committing adultery, someone involved in some affair. Are you and that and that God's way. There must be loyal today to each other, husband so you loyal to your wife.

Wives are you loyal to your husband is your husband trust you completely man, do your wife's trust you completely. I realize you're not married to a perfect person but don't embrace the common philosophy that if in your marriage. You feel misunderstood, unfulfilled, unappreciated, unhappy that then you can terminate the marriage. That's the way of the world but is not the way of those whom God has put together this is not God's way is a picture of Florida.

She is an H week old German Shepherd mine says I bought her flora as a surprise for my wife but it turns out she's allergic to dogs. So were not looking to find her new home. She is 62 years old and attractive, and caring women who's a great coach and kicks a clean house that is not being loyal to your wife if you love your dog more than your wife you got problems.

That's not it is a well done. I understand this. Can I say what sign self-evident spend time together seems to me there's an increasing tendency in our society for men and woman to do the wrong thing. Men of nothing to share them nothing to talk about.

I read the other day that 69% of divorces today are said to be initiated by woman and surprise me. 69% of divorces today initiated by woman who say they need more emotional connection from their husbands within the main emotional connection remains often do not spend the kind to each other not talking to each other.

Are you say. Well, my wife, my husband got all these problems. I understand that don't just focus on the weaknesses of your husband-wife encourage their strengths complement them again.

I read recently that divorces don't normally happen when conflict increases. But when the number of positive things decrease is going to be conflict, arguments, disagreements in marriage, yes to both of your alive and can speak. That's what happened closer. There is when a perfect different ones. A man once will really get things different perspective. Some of us mighty people from different cultures.

There's all kinds of reasons why we look at things differently. That's okay, but of conflict, but of this agreement, that's not going to end the marriage. But the writer is saying when the number of positive things decrease. I don't mean just some fiery talk but you focusing on the positive things in your marriage. I understand there's negatives are you spending time together, deepening your relationship very interesting Peter in the New Testament in first Peter three when he talks about husbands and wives. One of the interesting things he says to man husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way.

One is under live with my wife not separate thought was dangerous when a husband and wife separate.

I realize there are times when they should. If one is being abusive and set an exact exceptional circumstances but we are to live together man in an understanding way you say I don't understand what I don't understand my wife all the time.

I was raised with five bars, so I've never really understood woman going on this late, and even being married for over 40 years or so that some things about my wife that I don't understand what I am to try to understand her, and that means spend time together. You will never understand your husband, your wife perfectly but try to get to know each other and you be surprised how that relationship deepens David Brooks during a recent book called the second Moncton interesting book good writer.

He says that the ground-level marriage means offering love, respect and safety, but day to day that are never-ending small gestures of tact and consideration in which you show you understand her moods. You cherish his presence that this other person is the center of your world, man. Your wife needs to know that you have total loyalty to her that she is the most important person in the world. Meaningful communication were told by the experts and marriages is is tragically brief and superficial.

I had a one couple recently who drove all the way from Canada to Florida and never spoke you stairwells been arguing. I must assure I'm not so sure. Can you imagine that no communication. Even the floor. The dog was in your car you speak to the dog when Job talk to each other. Don't sulk something so sensitive, childish, don't take offense so easily. Peter says love covers a multitude of sins. Yes, your spouse, your husband, your wife will avenger though say something they'll do something automatic should that really Eric should be so sensitive love them understand them.

You're not married to a perfect person and sadly when it comes to communication. Even in the same house more and more couples are texting each other. We can you believe this, but unless you're living in a huge castle on that most of us do so at my suggestion house is absolutely huge.

Could you imagine trying to solve a problem or an issue with your spouse and you don't have the integrity they do have a face-to-face conversation and you're texting yourself and when you go home don't burn yourself in your iPhone. Here is a little cartoon of a husband-and-wife sink in your play with them for a while.

His battery died. This is the kind of this is the modern family husband want husband in his iPhone.

The wife and her iPhone checking up her face book page to see what the latest coffee someone is drunk and I know and here's here's a little baby easily guys I fourth and we laughably think now is as tragic as were losing the ability to talk face to face. Learn to ask the right questions. What sort of debut had you feeling can I help you in some way. And if you're very, very brave, but be careful. Really very brave. Ask how you can improve as a husband or wife. I asked that question too frequently, but is a good question to ask, how can I do plan I'm very thankful that even after over 40 years of marriage, my wife and I still enjoy being together getting to know each other, spending time with each other laughing together over laugh with your wife or husband laughter. Life is life is crazy isn't it. What I'm saying is this in the profile of a marriage loyalty to each other is important is essential.

Jesus says what God has joined together, let not man separate brothers, a second one in marriage be loyal to the word of God turn with me to ask chapter 18 where we see Priscilla and Aquila, who were committed to God's word. I love this about this couple. Ask chapter 18.

Some of us in the 334 weeks or so were going to go on the journeys of Paul and that were going to be in Corinth and the Lord willing, and emphasis of looking forward to it.

And here we are asked 18 verse one after this Paul left Athens beginner trip and went to Corinth and he found a Jew named Tukwila, a native of Pontus recently come from a delay with his wife Priscilla because Claudius is the importer had commanded all of the Jews to leave the room and he went to see them, and because he was of the same trait. He stayed with them and work for.

They were tentmakers by trade. Incidentally, Paul the apostle wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty. Interesting isn't it. Verse 18. After this, Paul said many days longer and then took leave of the brothers and set sail for Syria and with him Priscilla and Tukwila there with Paul on the ship at Taqueria he had cut his hair. 40 was under a vote verse 24 that would you call the policy native of Alexandria, came to Ephesus.

He was an eloquent man competent in the Scriptures. He'd been instructed in the way of the Lord and being fervent in spirit, he spoke and taught accurately the things concerning Jesus, though he knew only the baptism of John, he began to speak boldly in the synagogue. But when Priscilla and Tukwila had him, they took him and explained to him the way of God more accurately a policy is a brilliant orator knows the word of God. But as he got it all right. And this couple, Priscilla and Tukwila obviously knew the holy Scriptures and they had learned the Scriptures from Paul.

Also, I'm sure in part from Apollo's and they take him aside.

Jody didn't make a spectacle out of it to come aside privately and taught him the word of God accurately. Yes, there's an example of a woman teaching a man made you think you can learn and link from a woman. The first church I pastored there were five elders and that we learned I learned very quickly that there was a woman in the church. We called her the mother superior because she knew her Bible better than most of the elders and that we learned if we were wise we listened her name was Betty Fran McNally.

We called her affectionately.

The mother superior and she often talks on us. The word accurately in the life than of Priscilla and Tukwila.

The word of God wasn't peripheral. It was sensual to them. Central to the relationship is not just a couple with the church for an hour and Sunday and then get on with her life. Their whole life is involved in understanding and obeying the word of God. Again, I have to say the obvious families that were to God must be central in your home is it just going to have the Lord Jesus in your home, you must first have the Lord Jesus in your heart is saps.

It starts with user starts with the mother.

The father your God must first be in your heart living Christ must first be in your heart before he's in your home struggling in your marriage may be that you don't know Christ personally may be that you never received Christ in your heart you got this.this article is a big desire to be Christian home and you're sad. I'm not sure where to begin. It begins with your commitment to Jesus Christ by receiving Christ as your Savior and when problems come into your mind, H. Don't focus on the failures of your husband or your wife you will find them. They're not perfect but get on your knees and examine first your personal commitment to Jesus Christ.

When a husband-and-wife are loyal to God's word, they will teach that word to their family. Proverbs 1 verse eight here, my son, your father's instruction, and forsake not your mother's teaching again noticed in the family. Mother and father are both teaching the Scriptures, they may do differently where I was raised by dad that it more formally. He led us toward the family devotion, but my mother also taught as informally as you were sugar Bible open in the kitchen and so we are both both my mother and my father and communicating the word of God to me was about to mythic second Timothy three verse 14 Paul says of Timothy from a child you have known the holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise unto salvation through faith in Jesus Christ who taught to mythic grasp all that. I understand that but before Paul ever taught Timothy. Timothy had learned the Scriptures as a child like these baby babies in arms that we dedicated from infancy. What is Brad Foss refers even to John the Baptist when he said his mother's womb.

That is, from the earliest moment you teach your children the holy Scriptures. Timothy learned from his mother and grandmother. Grandparents are teacher grandchildren Scripture from infancy and the primary responsibility of teaching children is not me is the pastor's office on this go to church on the want a leader is not a youth pastor at you as parents we as a church at Calvary church.

We are very very committed and with a lot of resources into children's ministry student ministry because we are committed that we will have strong family strong marriages, children who are being taught the word of God. Students are being taught the word of God, but the primary responsibility is not Calvary church which you as a parent we want to come alongside you and help you in your marriage and help you as you bring up your children in the ways of the Lord. Parents of you never gone to our wardroom gallery. If you're new here without wonderful wardroom I dropped in this morning and looked at some of the resources we got a lot of resources for parents children's Bibles children storybooks. We got devotions for a couple perhaps your relatively recently married and is a how do I go about hoots at learning the Scriptures and deepening this relationship while it can get up a book devotional guide for a couple by little storybook.

When I looked at this morning a five-year-old could read it. Talking about the importance of faith in God just McDowell says research shows that parents have 300% greater influence on the child's spiritual or theological belief than their pastor or youth pastor you've got much, much more influence and impact on the life of your child than the Sunday school teacher than the youth pastor myself. Learn from Priscilla and Tukwila.

The word of God was obviously opened in the home. Put Christ first in your home loyalty to each other.

Loyalty to the word of God. Third, in marriage be loyal to the work of God. Look back at Romans 16 that we read verses three through five. It's clear that this couple were loyal to the work of God.

Paul says here there.

My fellow workers. Verse three of chapter 60 great Priscilla and Tukwila. My fellow workers, not just companions.

They were his commandments, not just friends but workers in Christ Jesus who risked their necks for my life. We don't know what that was.

Perhaps we know that Paul was shipwrecked three times we don't know what it was but they risk their necks for my life. No wonder he says we give thanks. I just asked with all of the churches of the Gentiles. They were fellow workers in Christ Jesus. As the apostle Paul, with all the responsibility he had. This was a couple he could There Were Loyal to Each Other to the Word of God and to the Work of God, Not Just Serving God When It Was Convenient Even Shambled with a Mass Loyalty That's a Commitment to the Advancement of the Gospel Is a Well We Can Do That. That Was Exceptionally Nice Work at Differently in All of Our Lives, but the Principle Is This the Couple in a Christian Marriage Are Loyal to Each Other to the Word of God and Are Going to Be Serving the Lord Together to below Commitment to Serving a Calvary Church and beyond. Can You Be Relied on. I Think This Is One of the Greatest Blessings of Marriage.

Christian Marriage, the Husband and Wife Are Serving the Lord Together.

Much of What I Do. My Wife Is Not at My Side in My Capacity As Pastor of Calvary Church, but There Are Many Examples of Things Which We Do Together for the Membership Class Yesterday Morning, Good.

It Was There Visiting People Having People into Our Home with a Tremendous Difference at the End of the Class Yesterday Membership Class. People Clapped Good Nipping That in Clapped Me I Did All of the Work for Them in Their Cuffing Her Was Applying. They Appreciated Her Presence. They Appreciated the Different Atmosphere That Is Created When a Wife Is There Serving with Her Husband and I Can Tell You Is Your Pastor, I Would Not Be Nearly As Effective As Your Pastor, and I'm Sure I Speak for All of Our Pastors Here If It Were Not That My Wife and the Wives of My Fellow Pastors Were Loyal to the Work of God. Northern Unpaid the Nonstaff but They Are Serving the Lord in This Wonderful Partnership. You Saw Vicki up Here Singing at Them Side That's Often Our Pastors. We Do This Not Because We Just Pastors, but Because How Important It Isn't Misty and Many of You Do This, Don't You. You Have Ministries and That Ministries Enhance When You As a Couple Public Commitment to It, nor Does It Mean to Say That the Husband and Wife Always of the Same Ministry, but He Doesn't Preach. Argie Doesn't Give the Leadership of the Church. The Way That I Do, but She Is There, behind Me, Loyal to the Work of God, Not Lest I Be Misunderstood. Let Me Say Again, There Are No Perfect Managers. My Marriage Is Not Perfect. If Someone Claims of a Perfect Marriage to Be a Midget Dismiss Them Either to Their Living in Cloud Cuckoo Land or They Are Just Lying so If You're a Single Person. Remember This. Remember That There Is No Perfect Husbands, No Perfect Life out There Just Waiting for You to Come. I Heard about the Store You Started. So for the New York City That Sells Husbands Women Go There to Choose a Husband but Single Women May Visit the Store Only Once.

The Six Floors and Attributes of the Man Increases the Shopper Ascends the Floors. There Is However, a Catch. A Woman May Choose Any Man from a Particular Floor, or She May Choose to Go up a Floor but She Cannot Go Back down to the Floor except to Exit the Building so Woman Goes to This Husband Store in New York City to Find a Husband on the First Floor. The Siding on the Door Rates Floor One. These Men Have Jobs and Love the Lord When Things Are Good, Was the Second Floor. These Men Have Jobs, Love the Lord and Love Kids and Better, but She Continues to the Third Floor. These Men Have Jobs, Love the Lord Love Kids and Their Extremely Good-Looking Many of Us Had That All of That While She Thinks but She Feels Compelled to Keep Going to Go to the Fifth Floor Sign Reads These Men Have Jobs, Love the Lord Love Kids, Are Dropdead Good Looking and Help with the Housework. That's What I Back off All She Exclaims. I Can Hardly Stand It. But She Goes to the Fifth Floor to Believe It for Floor. These Men Have Jobs, Love the Lord Love Kids Are Dropping Dead Gorgeous Help with the Housework and of a Strong Romantic Streak. She Strongly Tempted to Stay, but She Goes to the Six Final Floor Sign Reads Forsakes Your Visitor Number 4,000,363 and 12 to This Floor. There Are No Men on This Floor. This Floor Exists Only to Prove That Some Women Are Impossible to Please Halasz. So No Perfect Managers Remember That Would Pray That the Lord, and He Can Do It in Then an Instant Testify That in an Instant. He Can Bring the Right Person to Severe, Single, Don't Panic. Committed to the Lord Loyal to Each Other Loyal to the Word of God, Loyal to the Work of God. Quite Often, I'm Asked This Question Died. The Work of God. I Had of My Family, My Answer Is I Serve God I Serve Calvary Church I Serve My Family. I Don't Need to Put Them in an Order of Priority. Why Would You Do That All of Them Put Together in an Act of Worship to the Lord God Called Me to Calvary Church God Called Me to Be a Husband. God Called Me to Be a Father, God Called Me to Be a Grandfather but God Has Called Me First and Foremost to Seek First the Kingdom of God and Jesus Says If You Seek the Kingdom of God.

All of the Other Things Will Be Added to That Is, Here's the Important Principle That If We Seek God First You Put God First You for the Kingdom of God First and These Other Things Will Fall into Place. Don't Allow People to Say Well You're Spending Too Much Time in This and That All of It Is an Act of Worship to the Lord, Don't Make That False Dichotomy and Please Don't Make an Idol of Your Family First Commandment. Only One God. Know Your Family Love You Family about Responsibility. Did Your Family but Don't Make an Item under Your Family. That Is the Other Extreme and Don't Use Your Family As an Excuse Not to Enthusiastically Serve the Lord. That's a Complex Priscilla and Tukwila Were Loyal to the Church Of God It We Read Here in Verse Five. Also, the Church in Their Hearts. First Corinthians 16 Verse 19 the Churches of Asia Pulse.

I Send You Greetings and Tukwila Is Mentioned First Note Tukwila and Frisco, Together with the Church in Their House.

Paul Is Commending This Couple and Is Thankful for the Church Which Met in the House. So Perhaps Priscilla Was a Wealthy Woman. Perhaps the House Was Bigger Than Normal Average and They Use That Not for Us in a Self-Indulgent Way by the Use That for the Spread of the Gospel so the Church Met in the House That Will Be a Great Home to Go to Woodland or Couple Were Loyal to Each Other Were Committed to the Work of God Were Going to Teach the Word of God Together Loyal to the Church Asking You Long to Calvary Church Speaking to Members in Speaking to Those of You Look on This Is Your Spiritual Home Is a Loyalty Here. You Is Your Family Loyal to Calvary Church. The Only Come to Calvary Church When You Feel like It Is Too Hot. Student Needs to This to That Stay up so Late on Saturday Night That Your Tired on on Sunday and You Can't Come to Church. I Hear People Saying This I Was Tired, Unbelievable, You're so Tired on a Sunday Morning That You Can Get up and Worship at 9:45 AM Need to Be Ashamed of Yourself and Honestly Matt Is Absolutely Ridiculous Is That Strong Enough but I Hear Could You Imagine Standing before the Judgment Seat of Christ, like Him.

Sometimes It's Kind of Tired Singles Men, 25, 26, 27 Usual Stop Playing the Video Games to 4 O'clock in the Morning and Start Being Mature Is Called Growing up. It's Called Being Responsible and Is Called Seeking First the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and I Don't Know Any Christian Young Woman That One so That Kinda Guy Is a Husband. If You Want That Kind of Guys a Husband. You're on the Wrong Track, Look for Someone Who Shares a Passion for Christ. Your Service for the Lord in the Old Testament of the Religious Festivals.

The Children Were with the Parents in Matthew Chapter 1.

Jesus Goes into the Temple. He Drives on the Moneychangers Says My House Shall Be Called a House of Prayer, but You Made It a Den of Robbers Verse 14 and the Blind and the Lame Came to Him in the Temple and Healed Them.

But When the Chief Priests and the Scribes Saw the Wonderful Things That He Did.

I Don't Notice This and the Children Crying out in the Temple.

I Don't Mind Winched Children Cry Biblical Right, the Children Crying out in the Temple. Hosanna to the Son of David, They Were Indignant and They Said to Him, Do You Hear What They're Saying. And Jesus Said to Them, Yes. Have You Never Read, Out Of the Mouths of Infants and Nursing Babes You Have Prepared Praise and I Want to Commend Our Many Many Many Couples Who Come to Calvary Church with Your Children Is That Sometimes Difficult Get Them Already. Yes, It Is Really Understand All of the Service. No I Don't and I'm the Preacher Billy Sometimes Find It Tough to Sit in the See-Through Service. Yes, I Understand That but Here Is a Biblical One Old Testament and New Testament, but the Very Children They Maybe Didn't Understand It All, but There Crying out. Hosanna in the Very Stones Would Cry out, and How Important It Is That We As Christian Families with a Tremendous Priority on Corporate Worship and Praising the Lord. How Wonderful to See All of the Children of the Students Last Week Standing and Praising the Lord by Gasket As We Close. All of This Profile. In March Loyal to Your Spouse Loyal to Christ, Your Christ, Loyal to Family Loyal and Serving the Lord Loyal to the Church Of God. We Can Never Do This in Our Own Strength. Some Hundred and 27 Unless the Lord Builds the House, They Labor in Vain Who Build It Any of Us Who Are Married Any of Us Are Trying to Raise Children Know We Need the Lord's Help We Need to Get on Her Knees and Cried out to God to Help Us but I Would Be a Husband Who Loves My Wife That You Would Be a Father Who Is Teaching Your Children That You Would Be a Wife Was Encouraging and Partnering Your Husband That Your Children Are Raised Not in a Perfect Home for the Home for Jesus Christ Is on the in the Genesis Account. The Goodness of God Is Emphasized As God Creates a State Is That It Is Good. It Is Good. It Is Good but It's Not Good for the Man to Be Alone. The More We Are Loyal and Loving Your Spouse, the Greater Your Joy If You're Married Stopping so Much on Your Own. Learn to Develop a Deep Partnership a Godly Partnership with Your Wife. True Joy Is Not Found in Your Possessions. True Joy Is Not Found in Your Career.

True Joy Is Not Find in Pleasing Yourself. Its Findings in the True Relationship with God through Our Lord Jesus Christ. And When God Gives You a Husband, a Wife, the Joy of That Relationship Will Increase in Direct Proportion to How Much You Enjoy the Lord with Spray but Spray Her Father and Her Daughter. Pray for Husbands and Wives Here. All of Us Fail As We Hear the Scriptures.

I Can Hear Many People Saying Well I Can I Come Short of Blown Its but We Thank You for Your Grace. We Thank You for Your Forgiveness and the Pray Even Know Father That Many Husbands and Wives Will Be Drawing Close to You Close to One Another, Asking Your Help. I Pray for Those Who Are Recovering from Broken Marriages Were There's Been Failure. We Thank You That You're a Forgiving God.

We Pray That It Will Be Free from Guilt and Shame, but As They Look to You That You Will Continue to Guide Them in the Paths of Righteousness.

I Pray for All of Her Children at Calvary Children and Their Students That They Will Continue to Walk in Your Path Blesses Father Protected Marriages to Take Her Home. We Ask in Christ Name

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