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Jesus, the Savior

The Verdict / John Munro
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December 26, 2021 9:14 am

Jesus, the Savior

The Verdict / John Munro

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December 26, 2021 9:14 am

Dr. John H. Munro December 24, 2021 Luke 2:11

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What comes to your mind when I say the name Jesus. What do you think is the greatest accomplishment of Jesus.

Some of his medicals is outstanding teaching is example of the golden rule is unconditional love what you think less of the name Jesus.

What do you think will before the angel before Jesus was born.

The angel said to Joseph, she made it a meeting for Matthew one she will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus there. This you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.

And then as we heard they come from Luke on that first Christmas day, when the angel of the Lord appeared to the shepherds. The message was fear not for behold I bring you good news of great joy which shall be for all people front to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior that it is Savior Christ the Lord is clear, then the Jesus comes into our world's the Savior's name name Jesus means Savior over this Christmas season. Calvin would be thinking of different titles and names given to our Lord. We thought of Jesus as the King of the Messiah as Emmanuelle God with us on Sunday, Lord willing, will think of Jesus as the light of the world this Christmas Eve want us to think of Jesus as the Savior in our Christmas celebration.

Let's not miss the reason why he came very purpose of his birth is called this wonderful name Savior will call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins or one of the central ways. One of the main ways we think of Jesus is as Savior. He comes to savings described in the Bible in the Gospels and in verse John as the Savior of the world. That's good news is that so we don't just celebrated Christmas.

The birth of our Savior, we consider why God in his grace, sent his son into this world. Jesus is the Savior's name points to salvation. How does he accomplish salvation. He accomplishes it through the cross. He saves us through his soul very quickly want us to think of four aspects of because first of all, the cross is a place of meaning. How and where do we find God. I trust you think of that God is Paul Johnson in his book a quest for God writes if God does exist, and if in consequence, were called to another life when this one ends a momentous set of consequences follows. We should affect every day, every moment almost of our earthly existence on life than becomes a mere preparation for eternity and must be conducted throughout with her future review.

If on the other hand, God does not exist. Another momentous set of consequences follows in our search for God, where do we find God. Well, I believe there is a God, a God who created us and eternal God, the God who created us in his image, and a God who and great love sends his son Jesus as our Savior. He comes to save and we make and many do a monumental mistake. If we think we can work out on way to God. We tend to think that that we can do something to get to God that we can do something to find God. The answers to the big questions of life, the meaning of life, life and death. Human existence why we are here on this planet are fine, not by looking within us, not by even discussing it with others, but by looking from us away from us to a Savior toward God the eternal God and love sees our predicament and sends his son. We need a Savior and we meet God at the cross you're driving along and you see a sign with a cross. It indicates an intersection in the road it enter it indicates a meeting between two rows of point of meeting. And while today we suddenly celebrate the birth of Jesus in the manger. We meet Jesus across is your path in life ever met. Lord Jesus, the cross the intersection of your life and God's remember his name is Jesus, for he saves his people from his from our sins. So we come to the cross. I trust your life has come to the cross in humility and repentance. I'm saying we meet Jesus the Savior of the cross. The cross as a point to be.

The second way the cross is a place of confession in many cases where we see are not an acts are cross it means that something is wrong. We messed up. Remember this but 14 or 15 during a mathematics exam. Mathematics was not my best subject that only absorbs the class and I went to this is an all boys school.

There were 30 boys in the class and the we had this exam in quadratic equations.

Students are required by the equation is and that we to solve these and as were doing these with a certain time.

I'm hurrying and I realize I'm not doing a very well and I made a terrible mess of the paper.

I did as best as I can when I handed then I knew that was not my best accomplishment, and in those days, without the smiley faces at school and the headmaster was teaching us is a very good teacher. I like them and that he was sought to bring a broad in the papers and you start with a Best Buy member that boy that was always good mathematics he could do the very steps in his head when the trip is about the 30 minutes he could do it in five seconds, he got his paper almost perfect and he's returned with a smug smile as these individuals. The and so the teacher worked on and I thought you not tell me the bottom of the worst that mathematics surely in quadratic equation, but I thought would be by the middle the middle came dying and dying in the eventually came to the bottom and the teacher.

He was Irish. Nothing is Irish people, but he was Irish and I will mimic his accent, but he held it up and he said finally, we come to Monroe. It's and he said it looks as if the Loch Ness monster has gone all over, and he threw it to me looking at it and it was covered in Exodus wrong, you failed Monroe you did not pass the exam. I next means wrong, you failed the cross reminds us that we are not right with God.

When we come to the cross, we are confronted with our own failure. We sign only nights I wonderful song but the problem is we are not holy.

We are on holy we mess up. We have failed in the cross reminds us that the standard is not other people's standards is God and God is a holy standard in God's perfect in this. I come to the cross. I am reminded that I have failed and therefore the cross is a place of confession of sin. One word for that is repentance a biblical word of repentance and interdependence. I'm determined from my sin on to acknowledge that I've done wrong on the cross, then reminds us cross which is a very symbol of Christianity, reminds us of the seriousness of sin and reminds us how God loops on us when I say that is some people regard to talk about setting is negative. Some churches have eliminated sin he wants to hear about sin and failure negativity must be positive people.

Another huge mistake. Of course, is a grudge on your being judgmental if you say that I have sinned, will look at it this way when you go to your doctor and she diagnoses an illness do you say she's judgmental. She's not judging you, she's not condemning you, but rather as a professional is finding.

I that you have a problem you have a physical problem, but there is a cure but if you don't acknowledge a problem. You in fact are condemning yourself.

The problem is going to in is going to get worse and worse. It is not address and before you can take that you are with the operation or the medication that has to be acknowledgment that I knew that I had to face the reality of my illness.

Then the doctor points me to mature at the cross we learn our spiritual diagnosis is difficult to hear. Who wants to hear. The doctor given Deborah diagnoses that there's something wrong with us. Listen to the diagnoses of God. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

We have a spiritual illness and it can only be remedied at the cross of Christ. He is the Savior.

That's a good news.

But before receiving the cure.

I have to humble myself and acknowledge that I John Monroe Synod. I have failed. I have come short of messed up my life cross is a place of confession, the place of meeting place of confession. Thirdly, the cross is a place of love, you send the text you send a letter you send the card and you put an X with that main it means I love. As we come to the cross.

It is true we see the seriousness of her sin without the cross there is this magnificent declaration from God. I love will want to be loved isn't the way love gives great meaning to life, to love someone and to be loved the most exhilarating experiences of human existence.

As I come to the cross. I see there the dog looks at me.

Yes, a single person, but declares his love for me. In fact, the Bible tells us John that I thought of love says that when Jesus came when God sent his son as were celebrating Christmas when God sent his son from the glory of heaven into this world. He did not send his son to condemn the world, that's good news and but that through him might be saved.

But Jesus is the Savior. The cross is a place of love because tells me that Jesus loves me.

As the apostle Paul once a persecutor of the church once hated Jesus Christ one wanted all once he wanted all Christians died and then he's gloriously converted to the Lord Jesus Christ and he writes that God commands his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us wonderful.

They also say, the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me.

I went there to give himself for me at the cross, Jesus comes as the Savior but God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have ever lasting life when Jesus comes into the world is a demonstration of the love of God, and I see that in all of his magnificence. Nowhere do I understand the love and the data and the extent of the love of God as the cross become a place of meeting place of confession, a place of love. Finally, the cross is a place for decision and acts on the voting ballot means that you have decided you made up your mind. Look to various options.

Various candidates said finally.

It's time to make a decision and you go and you put a cross against the certain candidates you've made up your mind.

You've made a decision. Do you know that the cross. The cross is a place you make a decision you made that decision, the cross we see Jesus Christ as Savior dying persons.

The Bible tells us he was then buried and on the third day he rose again. He is a God who is alive a God to his punker dad a God who in Jesus Christ offers us eternal life has done it all for this to be received by us as a gift.

My search for God. I then come to that place of meeting of the cross at the cross. I confess my sin. I repent of my sin on the cross.

I see the wonder of the lovable dogs that he loved me the cheapest of sailor mother.

I deserve it but because God is a God of love and commands his love for us, but now there must be yes. Must be a personal response to the Bible says you must believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. You must receive Christ. You must personally place your faith in Jesus Christ. The cross calls us to trust Jesus Christ, not just as the Savior, but as my Savior because calls me for the decision to understand that Saul of God's grace, the Christian message is not a call for you to look better.

The Christian message. The gospel is not a call for you to turn over a new leaf is aware, the Christian gospel is that all of it has been done. There's nothing for you to do. We come to the cross with empty hands. I we come not sing louder than when it do better messed up.

I do a new program and will really be a better person is not the gospel to all the gospel is that you can do nothing for your salvation, but the wonder of the grace of God is that it's all been done and must be received messaging you have you done that giving you an opportunity this evening this afternoon to make that decision to say I will trust Jesus for some of you including myself this year has been a difficult year.

Some of you have experienced great isolation pipes, job loss, financial pressure, personal problems, failure, loss of a loved one you feel you've had enough of the wonderful news that Jesus is the Savior that he comes and you forgive your sins, but does much more than that. He is a Savior who never leaves us his presence is always with us every that I made this year my Lord Jesus Christ be with me. Not only are we assured of his presence would assured of his power. All I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

This is the hope of the gospel.

No human experience. No philosopher, no political system. Nothing in this universe can give you that whole eternal presence and eternal power find purely in the magnificent Lord who is the Savior of the world believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.

I'm going to pray and I will ask if you have never done it to simply pray Lord, you come to the cross. Come and save me Lord, I believe you are the son of God. I confess my sin. I come from it, and save me use the guards who died in his risen again from and save if you're a follower of Jesus Christ. When you recommit your life to to love him more to tell others about the thank for his eternal presence, or Jesus, we come. Even though some will be placing the faith, the living Christ the Savior of the world Boy Some Young Woman. Some Older Person Saying I Will Trust the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You for Your Grace. Many Here Are Followers of Christ. We Tend to Get off Course. May We Once Again Focus on Our Magnificent Lord Jesus the Savior of the World That We Will Love Him with All of Our Hearts. His Name We Pray

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