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August 17, 2020 11:02 am

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August 17, 2020 11:02 am

Dr. John H. Munro August 16, 2020 Matthew 8:18-27

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Cultural Christianity convenience Christianity comfortable Christianity. One salvation without sacrifice conversion without commitment, a decision for Jesus without obedience to Jesus wants faith without repentance. And once heaven without help, but we want to be authentic followers of Jesus Christ and being an authentic follower of Jesus means that we not only confess Jesus without… But with our hearts and with our very lives following Jesus involves learning from Jesus listening to Jesus and we be doing that heavenly as we study the Beatitudes in Matthew chapters 5, six and seven, but being an authentic follower of Jesus.

While it involves landing from Jesus. It also involves living for Jesus, and must make a difference as we been reading the Saturn on the mind to know, as we think of the Lord in action. What a joy it is to follow our Savior now in our study of Matthew, we come to Matthew chapter 8 and ask if you have your Bible to turn their Matthew chapter 8 and when looking at this morning at verses 18 through 27 of call this message, follow me, follow me. In a study of Matthew. This is not the first time I've had these words. You may recall back in Matthew chapter 4 Jesus calls the fisherman by the Sea of Galilee. And he says to them, follow me and I will make you fishers of men. And in the passage today. There are three occurrences of this word to follow. We are to follow Jesus.

This is what being a Christian is.

This is authentic Christianity. Following Jesus.

And so if you look at your Bible in verse 19 of Matthew chapter 8 we have this scribe who comes to Jesus and says I will follow you wherever you go and then in verse 22 Jesus says to another man, follow me, and leave the dead to bury their own dead. And then in verse 23 and when he got into the boat.

His disciples followed him. Matthew wants us to know what it means to follow Jesus whether the implications of being a follower of Jesus as a besetting Matthew that over these months have been very encouraged to know that the mission of Calvary church is biblically based. Our mission is to be unmake authentic followers of Jesus Christ and this is what Matthew was saying that you and I would be authentic followers of Jesus Christ and introduce others to this magnificent Savior is over going to study these passages that are three paragraphs.

First of all, will see that following Jesus involves counting the cost that it involves making a choice and finally facing a crisis.

First of all, than counting the cost versus 18, 19 and 20 is a word of God to us if you don't listen to me, that's okay, but to listen to the word of God. Matthew chapter 8 verse 18 when Jesus cried out under he gave orders to go to the other side of the scribe come up to him and said teacher I will follow you wherever you go. Jesus said to them, foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head with a strange response to a man who says he wants to follow Jesus. Whatever he goes hunting the cost.

The call of Jesus to you this morning is follow major herein is calling you follow me and what I learned today that the cost of following Jesus Christ is total know this is not salvation by works, salvation is all of grace accomplished perfectly through our Lord Jesus Christ who died for sins is buried and is raised again, but neither were following Jesus. If this is going to be the radical life that Jesus Christ calls us to. We've got to understand that as we follow Jesus. We are to be 100% committed, is calling you to follow him following Jesus were learning is the very opposite of following our own desires for the people do not culture. They follow the cultural trend. They followed on sinful desires to follow their dreams. They follow what they want to do and so we make ourselves the very center of our world and Jesus said absolutely not to follow me can be a radical change of radical reorientation and no you are going to follow me and as you do that. I guarantee some of you know the cost.

Ancient Greek said be wise. Know yourself ancient Roman said. Be strong. Discipline yourself. Religion says we could conform yourself. Hedonism says be sensuous.

Enjoy yourself. Education says be resourceful expand yourself.

Psychology says be confident, assert yourself. Materialism says be wealthy please yourself. Pride says be superior promote yourself. Asceticism says be lonely suppress yourself. Humanism says be capable believe in yourself. Legalism says be Pius limit yourself New Age thought size. Realize yourself but Jesus says the nine yourself together and Mark, Jesus is asked the question about following him as those who follow me Mark eight verse 34. If anyone would follow me. Is there anyone here today in the sanctuary.

Anyone watching live stream who says I am going to follow Jesus.

Anyone in a few halfhearted hands up. This is a most enthusiastic crowd this morning. Members total commitment not halfhearted if you want to follow Jesus first thing that Jesus says is you must deny self, take up your cross and follow me.

That's costly, isn't it, to deny yourself. What does it mean to deny yourself. That means no to self and yes to Jesus and so he described the passage verse 19 comes to Jesus speaks to Jesus though who describes their very educated teachers of the Old Testament Scripture this one is well educated. He knows his Bible is a scribe educated and he said something on the face of it, which is very impressive teacher. I will follow you wherever you go. Incidentally, he calls Jesus teacher member the leper and the security and what did they call Jesus Lord would correct units teacher. Perhaps we don't want to be too much about this because Jesus knew his heart is again the don't call Jesus. Jesus teacher I will follow you wherever you go is and how that is exactly what Jesus wants is a scribe educated in the Old Testament Scripture or something attractive about Jesus and Mr. scribe comes to Jesus and says that I will follow you wherever you go, would burst into applause and someone said that but know this is a sensor. Isn't it decidedly non-seeker friendly Jesus would make a very good contemporary teacher Woody know because so much about cultural Christianity. We dumb down the message we make it so easy. We nuance the message to carry the hard sayings of Jesus in order to have cards.

Jesus is the opposite. Jesus is not interested in the crowds left the numbers many confessions that you have to Jesus rectified had made a very, very difficult, because over this scribe is that all folio wherever you go.

And Jesus is a well just wait a minute. Hold it right there foxes have holes, the birds of the nests but the Son of Man has reference to himself has nowhere to lay his head. Beautiful Jesus wherever he goes. This Pentecostal bit too quick.

Mr. scribe you need to organize your personal desires. There must be a denial of self. Remember, Jesus is Lord and know we like just a call, Jesus Jesus, but he is out of mind you can. Jesus is the Lord Jesus Christ and if he is Lord.

That means he has all authority over every aspect of life. Matthew the end of the gospel is going to court the Lord Jesus Christ and saying all authority in heaven and on earth is given to me is Lord over the whole universe is God's Lord. Therefore, if you can follow him. You have to obey him to lay aside your own dreams and desires run prejudices on things that you want to do and bring them to the feet of the Lord Jesus. Yes, you may grant you these desires, but you may have plans for you that you have absolutely no idea about follow him. And so the center of your life is not your comfort is not your dreams, not anything that you on the center of your life now is Jesus basic is understand that one of the great stumbling blocks in your life, and following Jesus will tell you what they are there. The same in my life to great stumbling blocks as you and I follow Jesus love of self thought about me what I want what I think my opinion, myself, my comfort level of self and love of sin was love of self is a sin but love of sin, which means you don't want anyone telling you what to do the right thing of following Jesus is as costly as a life of the region. So I ask you today brother and sister who profess the name of Jesus Christ, are you prepared to follow Jesus wherever he leads Nancy to quickly please not asking for assurance masking for you. You prepared to follow him wherever he minute, please. And irrespective of the cost continue cost so we may leave you and Charlotte for the rest of your life good and I as we celebrated our anniversary. The other day I was kind of the number years of being married. I know I monitor very old woman, though I never thought it would be better this, but as we were, incidentally, for service, so will the visa for service that as but she still looks pretty good than what as we were clapped that the main part may not. My wife and I'm giving you theology, Jesus look nice lost my train of thought. As we were talking about our marriage. We realize we have lived here in Charlotte for over 14 years and is the longest place we lived anyplace in my life. That's when is the house that we lived in more than any other house that we were reluctant so we like Charlotte so God's will for me is to say in Charlotte until I die until the Lord comes, I'm happy with that.

I would like Lord the opportunity to visit Scotland. From time to time. I hope the Lord to lead me there so I do have some things out asking about Lord I'm quite happy to stay in Charlotte maybe so you remember the Lord will and the Lord will keep you Charlotte and the rest of your life is a wonderful place to live in the wind and someone else, whether it's Alaska or Timbuktu or Cleveland or go to Cleveland this appointment. Even the animals of homes, permanent homes for the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head. Can't the cost of the scribe had heard about the healing of the leper. Perhaps you heard the Lord was so powerful that he just spoke a word in the centurion's servant was healed. Very exciting to be with us minority. Just touch the hand of Peter's mother-in-law, and should this even if you left it wonderful to be around this this man to follow him. And Jesus and wait your personal desires and ambitions are all subject to me. Been in control of your life dungeon.

I do like to drive. I like to be buying the student will I don't enjoy so much of your passenger like driving the faster the better. Within the speed limits. Of course I enjoy that. I like being in control you like been in control of your life. In fact, some of you want to control other people's lives.

But when you follow Jesus you're handing total control over to him. Your and then sing the right to do things your way that is costly, at least for me it is. I think it is for you to see all of my life is in the hands of the Lord is not going to follow him to do what you want irrespective of where he leads us are number 40 years ago when we came here and he said well this is our last day when I would move anywhere else and choosing somewhat joking when I said well as the spirit merely mean that right I'm happy in Charlotte Jesus led me elsewhere. When you expect me to call you. Happy living here. Whatever it is doing what you doing working. Whatever this but if Jesus led you to do something else.

I hope you would do it, but that is costly, isn't it. Yes, salvation is all of grace yes following Jesus is a life of joy, a life of peace life of blessing after following Jesus for many many years. I would never ever ever exchange it for any other way of life is costly, current, but secondly, there's a making a choice – 21, another of the disciples said to him, Lord, curious, good so far. Lord calling Jesus Lord that's good and that's a good the next few words. Lord, let me first think so don't think you can call Jesus Lord and then say let me first goal and bury my father and Jesus said to him using this is harsh, follow me, and leave the dead to bury their own and following Jesus a decisive choice as needed.

If the scribe is too quick to say he's going to follow Jesus, this man, this disciple, whatever features his discipleship was this man is too slow, but is what he says, Lord, let me first go and bury my father. Yes, I want to follow you, Jesus.

But there's other things I want to do first identify what is meant. Humans going sincere. Follow you, Jesus. But not know something to do well is this month's fathers died. He's going to deal with the general know that's not the point in that culture. When someone died there were betting that day. So the very fact is man is talking Jesus meet his father died at if his father had died that day, he would be the burial. No, what effect they say I'm beautiful you Jesus McPherson good to go home to care for my family.

I've got some family arrangements to take care of, I'll do that and then I'll come and follow you and Jesus says no follow me. Let the dead bury that let the spiritually dead, really be physically dead. I want to follow you identify with us. I want to follow you, Lord, but not know when it comes right down to its is following Jesus. Your first your most important priority you really can't say to Jesus Lord me first, me first is with the little boy says is in the is what the teenager says that's what the older man says I want to be first me first. I'll do I want good things to do, Lord, very sincere, and then I'll come and follow you and is no follow me. The point is no following Jesus of choice is often to be made. Jesus is certainly not advocating dishonoring her parents is the right of the 10 Commandments. He's the interpreter of the 10 Commandments says honor your father and mother, that your days may belong a lot. Absolutely yes we are to do that. There are things in life which are legitimate including our family responsibilities. Yes, that's true. But still, the choice has to be made and is difficult choice is Jesus number one in your life. As he your first love is he your top priority. Yes, when my mother was alive. I loved her and cared for her, but the Bible tells me I might've the first my mother, my wife, my grandkids, possibly my grandkids. There's a lovable my grandfather out of my grandkids. No Umatilla first. You know the answer, Jesus asked the question was the greatest of the commandments and the brothers. What was the Bible all about this is that you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself, your first love. Your first priority.

Nothing can compete with that is your love for God you management you know that right husband's priority is to love his wife. No one else. No other woman is to compete with that. No, is to love his wife is first and that human relationship, but greater than that is your love for Jesus you think that Matthew 10 verse 37 unit is whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me, and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of benefits you always have seemingly good excuses for not following Jesus life is full of choices like a fool is full of opportunities. Make the right choice is following Jesus number one in your life is in any competition with that is you.

More important, your family, how easy it is to make our family our idol to worship our family are to worship your success to worship your on Harvey and passions rather than loving Christ over the years I've had the privilege of meeting with many men and women. Most of them young young men and young women to met with me privately and talk to me about their life and many of them said something like this you know I want to get involved in ministry. I want to serve the Lord. I met Bill in this urban youth ministry wanted to coach a champ. I want to teach Sunday school. I really would like one day to be an elder Pratt Somerset, I want to be a missionary. I might have set up and thinking of going to the seminary. I think I'm going into full-time ministry.

What do you think knowing the vast majority of cases. These men and women are very sincere when they come to me with over the years of notice something that often when you boil it all done for saying I want to serve Jesus. I want to follow Jesus, I want my life to be to make a difference for the kingdom of God. But well finish a degree you know I'm just newly married. I can go to the mission field until my my children learn what were older I've got this to take care of in this business situation. Once I get my business put together once disorganized and then I can serve God once I'm retired children of the home in on him when I'm retired and then on the news of the Lord with a really saying but notes no life quickly goes by the security plan. What I'm saying is all of these things of the related to the feet of Jesus. The question is are you following Jesus.

Now today the devil always want you to wait till tomorrow tomorrow. You can work out what you're going to do tomorrow you can make that decision and Jesus is saying this by no follow me. Let the spiritually dead. The physically dead. There's a choice to be made this a personal choice is a costly choice but follow Jesus Christ don't say in your comfortable cultural convenient Christianity. We signed based on Galatians 220 I have been crucified with Christ but are you… Paul but Christ living in me. This is your top priority.

There can be no competition with anyone or anything.

Jesus is saying in this man is going to live a life of compromise, Lord, me first and Jesus is saying no no I'm Lord I'm dictating I'm the commander in chief of the bus.

Follow me realize that everything you have and are belongs to Jesus counting the cost.

Making the choice third, facing a crisis of faith. And if you face the crisis of faith screws me anyone in the crisis of the moment in your life. Verse 23 Matthew eight when he got into the boat. His disciples followed him. Notice the way that Matthew's writing this process.

Understand that the disciples are following Jesus. He gets into the boat. They follow very important and all that arose a great storm on the sea so that the boat was being swamped by the waves, but he was asleep and they went on will come say save us Lord were perishing. They said to them, why are you afraid or you of little faith that he rose to see it, then he rose and rebuked the winds and the sea and there was a great, on the men marveled, saying, what sort of man is this, that even Whidden's unsealed man, the marvelous story facing a crisis of faith that many of you understand this, but you may not always feel emotionally. And if you rent recent follower of Jesus Christ.

This may come as a bit of a shock to you but here it is following Jesus.

Yes, will be gently following Jesus does not exempt us from crisis don't think that because your following Jesus life is going to be easy.

Don't think if you follow Jesus as Jesus is calling you to do that there's going be no problems in your life.

These disciples of come to because they've made the choice they had to call follow Jesus under following him. He's the one verse 18 who gave orders to go over to the other side some translation says he commanded to go to the other side. Then in the lake of the Galilee in the same upper going to go over to the other side was his idea know there's the commands them. They follow him. He gets into the boat and they get into the book.

Everything is great, doesn't it. No problems because I'm doing exactly what Jesus tells me to do and he's really good. The glasses were good. Have a wonderful sale. Life is absolutely wonderful because were following Jesus notice important point. The disciples I will be gently following Jesus for the going to be in the storm of the life they find themselves in a life threatening crisis given their life is turned upside some of you know very very well with I mean some of your right there today though sometimes crisis come into her life of her disobedient.

We sin we make foolish decisions a minute. The consequences of our own sin. What a man sows, he reaps, but that's not the point. Matthew is making here but is also true. This is difficult for us. It's also true that sometimes Jesus leads us into the store.

You see, why would he do that many many answers to that is fundamentally sometimes we don't know when we got a glimpse of it here but it is clear that Jesus led them into the storm. So here you are faithfully following Jesus and during the crisis of your life. The waves are coming into the boat. Can you picture it. These are season sailors. Certainly some of them are the fishermen used to this.

This is a routine sale across the leg of the many many times. We can heal lepers. Maybe we can cast out demons. What we can handle a boat from one side to another and that Jesus wants us to go will take them over.

We can handle this.

This is just a routine experience of life. Never find that you will order routine life can be changed in a moment of accident. One phone call, a visit to the doctor.

A tough meeting with your boss at work and your whole life in a moment is changed because her disobedient because God is punishing you know of course is not as a God of love, you know that you know you in your theology but you find yourself in the storm. Notice how Mark describes it in the hole that arose a great storm on the sea so that the boat was being swamped by the waves true when following Jesus.

We often find ourselves in a crisis you're not immune from illness tragedies, bereavement, disasters, disappointments, life seems to be going pretty well and then suddenly, unexpectedly, your plunged into the cold cold waters of the store you been there. I've been there many of you been there for choir by me me and we face a crisis of faith but because were disobedient were still following the Lord and in the crisis. What happens to the disciples they are fearful and have little faith, why are you afraid. Afraid. Oh you of little faith. This was no ordinary storm marks describes it.

Verse 24 is a great start. The Greek word there is size moss which we get seismic and the original meaning of size. Moss is a shaking is a quaking, this was just an ordinary storm on the Sea of Galilee and they had they could handle that used to that know this was a great song this was our seismic shaking.

This was a might see a hurricane that see the similar size moss issues. The next chapter 16 member the earthquake problems. I was in prison in Philippi and there's an earthquake. The word earthquake size with similar there's an earthquake and see was a great star and they are being swamped by the waves course not afraid I noticed this experience fishermen though they were.

They are totally unable to handle the situation.

Things right of control they tried over the sales were the owners. I'm sure they work very very hard but there's nothing they can do. The storm is so great.

The boat is filling up with water and that is Jesus fast asleep with them. They think they're going to die and Jesus seems totally unconcerned where perishing and humorously paying large you're the one who gave the orders to go to the other side were just doing what you tell us and in the middle of the storm. They are powerless and they are fearful and when identified in your crisis.

You can change this nation. Freight was going to happen to good and I were in a hurricane. Just a few days ago were going to the beach to the beach with her grandchildren. Her son, his wife and her grandchildren and on the Monday you knew but a hurricane that hit just 8 miles south of us would actually be to hit Oak Island is 8 miles from us in the right five 6 o'clock we hit by this hurricane that icing storms absent placing a lot of rain for them never seen anything like this was category one can imagine what a category two or three the power of the wins*and our son died. We got to experience the size of them experiencing on what you click on the window I can see the ocean and I experience he said no you come outside and try think okay I'm not a wimp.

So take off my T-shirt and egg whites probably foolishly right past the guys and hurricane trying to prove his masculinity with his son. The son I'm in the get advantage over me, even though he's bigger and heavier than I am. So we we like incredible and I did. It felt like frozen needles and against my body. The pilot of the rain and the wind absolutely unbelievable and I said to Chris what I had enough of going inside is I'm enjoying myself. Good. He threw himself into the pool to show. Hopefully she was. So there we were the force of the hurricane, but I'm 1010 30 the light started going in the notes and goodness that I think we should get ready for bed before the power goes off, and so we did. We we we going to bed. Just as we been in bed for a few minutes, the pilot was off by 11 o'clock at night were lying there hitting the wind and the rain and I have this little voice beside me and that might bear the shaking. This is her little granddaughter that return date will the diameter. Okay can I get into bed.

Nice big king-size bed and to bed between Oma and grand that you said you're safe here I'm thinking not really, but I'll tell her that you're safe here general that that powerful house beautiful house strong hearts shaking.

Can you imagine being on the lake in the middle of a hurricane that see what the disciples say save us Lord where perishing when he awakes what does he say to them, why are you afraid oh you of little faith when things are out of control. We do panic, don't commit to note to the situations in life that took live your control but I'm following Jesus of control with Jesus the middle of the hurricane. There's nothing I can do. Jesus is sleeping. He seems totally unconcerned to figure show some sympathy to me after all these on the told us to go to the other side of the lake were obeying him. He seems to have abandoned us. He doesn't care he's asleep God, asleep. I'm praying and there's no answer. I will fill in the crisis of faith your world is shaking your world is turned upside down and your praying and it seems there's no answer. It seems that God has abandoned you and the Lord Jesus comes and says to them freight or you can ask you in the middle of the crisis of the moment why you afraid. Oh you of little faith is God's power diminished is a great dog abandoned you and Jesus with you. Of course, is Jesus is always always in control of the crisis. What does he do well first of all, he speaks to the disciples while you afraid know you little faith and then it says he rose.

Imagine standing on the board how to kick see no you be certain that you be lying, then he stands up with this, but you say he rebuked the winds and the sea. Can you see on the Christ. Can you see the one that were following this we can do. He rebuked the wind and the sea and there was a great calm. He heals a leper. He heals us in children servant from a distance he cast out demons. He heals the sick with the word Matthew was explaining that we must understand that as we follow King Jesus's authority over the demons is authority over the disease and is also authority over all of creation. He calms the storm does he do it by his spoken word, Mark says peace be still power of the word of God. If I preach the Bible because with the Bible speak God speaks the power of the word of God. He speaks Hebrew says impose a whole universe by the word of his power. Psalm 33 verse nine says he speaks of this done the commands and it stands five he speaks please refill and there is no just a come as a great storm there. There is a great calm. I like that Matthew puts that little adjective creates great storm. Great calm. Notice hurricane when we got up on Tuesday and looked out after the hurricane that passed it was it was quite happy to see was still raging was the day to go swimming in fact it wasn't until Friday the or Saturday, the day we left just over a week ago. The sea then became almost perfectly calm after the storm. It takes a long time for the sea to come then not in this case in the minutes you glad you're following this will you glad this is our friends. Glad this is our Savior and you glad that in the crisis of faith. He is with us. Matthew has reminded us that Jesus is a man you well, God with us that God never ever ever abandons his people. Yes, I know you don't always feel his presence. Yes, I know that you pray and sometimes the answer doesn't come. I know you feel sometimes that God has abandoned you, but I tell you in the authority of the word of God, he will never leave you. He will never forsake you. These are magnificent Savior and he has promised his people. I will never leave you. I will never forsake and he is with us. The Old Testament Isaiah 41 verse 10. Fear not for I am with you in freight who has been afraid for her not fly with you.

Be not dismayed why but I'm your God member who God is. I will strengthen you, I will help you I will uphold you with my righteous right hand in the wonderful to know this is our God, but he is with us and for us and then Isaiah 43 but now, thus says the Lord, who created you and Jacob, he who formed you is real.

Fear not. That is what I've redeemed you know this is the Israel but think of the redemption that we have not from Egyptian captivity. We been redeemed by the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ I've called you by name. Yes, he knows your name. He knows your address you knows your Social Security number.

It was everything about you. Your mind when you pass through the waters, will be with you through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you. I love that when you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you. For I am the Lord your God, the holy one of Israel. Your Savior and in the midst of the star. The disciples receive a fresh revelation of the power and majesty of the magnificent Lord Jesus Christ and they marvel. Verse 27 what kind of man is this what manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him.

What kind of person can stand in the middle of a hurricane at CNC. Peace be still and immediately there's a come. Who is this giant survey is no ordinary man is none like him, nor will it ever be anyone like who is this man who rebuked the winds. Who is this man who can reproduce the calm in a split second, as you face your crisis of faith. Remember this my fears telling us. Jesus is the Christ. He's the Messiah he's the king, he is God incarnate, is the one who comes to save his people from their sins. He not only has all authority in his teaching, he not only has all authority over demons and disease. He has authority over every circumstance of life over all of creation. He calms the storm and I can assure you this, my dear brother or sister.

When Jesus is on board as your Savior and Lord. When he's in your ship that is absolutely no possibility of you sinking in your crisis of faith.

We encourage brother sister today you will not sink. He will hold you fast, he will never leave you. He will never forsake you. He is your helper. Therefore, do not be afraid, but keep following Jesus saying keep following Junior his voice. The cost choice crisis. The storms of life and majestic son of God is with you. He still stands supreme over every crisis over every storm overserved every circumstance and whether he immediately comes the storm as he can do, or whether you are in the storm for a long time.

Jesus is in control. He will not abandon you, your loved with an everlasting love because God is always with his people and Paul says of God is followed us is he's with us. He's far as if God is for us who can be against us in here this in following Jesus.

There is no promise of a calm voyage, but that is the magnificent promise of a safe arrival on the other side. But the promise of the gospel that you will not sink that he will hold you there he gives you eternal life, and you shall never perish. Yes, God leads us through some storms that are difficult for us. Sometimes we don't understand them but he is with us. He is for us and will take her safely to the other side for God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have ever lasting life.

Therefore follow Jesus the maker.

Michael puts it this way. I have his call. Come follow but was all my gold grew dim.

My heart went after him. I rose and followed that was all Jesus today is saying to you. Follow up was to do the father in regard to respond with humility. Many here have the crisis brought some addicting the faith but some are anxious, fearful force. Perhaps some have not yet begun to follow Jesus have not yet committed the life to him. I pray for their salvation. Thank you for the beautiful difference in Savior. Help us to love him with all of our hearts to follow him with humble obedience wherever he leads us in Christ

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