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Calling Kingdom Disciples

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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May 19, 2022 8:00 am

Calling Kingdom Disciples

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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May 19, 2022 8:00 am

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Trust in Jesus Christ as your personal sin against your sins and gives you the freedom like Dr. Tony Evans shares his authority is not just in heaven. It's available to us, right here right now is no question we face now was the Lord of heaven and earth.

This is the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative, God has created a wonderful process that turns ordinary people into steadfast saints. The Bible calls it discipleship today. Dr. Evans explores this topic as it kicks off a brand-new series. He calls bold belief. Let's join him as he begins those who know our ministry worldview and philosophy known as the kingdom agenda, the visible demonstration and manifestation of the comprehensive will of God over every area of life and all that we are facing today.

There is a clarion call from heaven. The history from eternity into time and that is a call for Christians to become kingdom disciples not just churchgoers, not just religious people carry their Bibles kingdom disciples. These are not part-time Christians. These are full-time saints who apply all of life to the rule of God as they pursue an intimate relationship with you. I will often use the illustration of a football field where there are competing teams who bring different worldviews different playbooks to the game and you spend time in conflict with one another were saying that all around us today whistling the teams line up with finger Republican team in the Democratic team clash.

The white team in the black team clash. The police team in the community team clash within the poor team of the rich team clash with seeing the conflict not ending just like in a football game where the class keeps on going for the extent of the game everybody trying to win but in the midst of the clash of a football game is a 13 that's the team of officials. This officiating crew does not belong to either team that's in conflict on the field. They belong to the NFL.

They belong to another order they represent the NFL in New York on the conflict where they have been placed to represent on the field of play. They don't know the uniforms of either team because they have their own black and white identity of the jerseys that they wear.

They are distinct each of been handed a book. That book governs all decisions made on the field of play their personal opinions must be subject to that book that preferences must be subject to that book they know sometimes I go to be blue. They know sometimes I go to be cheered, but popularity is not the first concern is obedience to the book in the middle of the conflict that matters.

You will often see this team of officials gathered in a circle so that there is a unified call regarding the play because they understand that they are to be wanted the call. No matter which team they're calling for because they represent the kingdom of New York and the chaos on the field of play. Unfortunately today, God has officiating crew that's joined the teams that are more Democrat than Christian or more Republican than Christian more black than Christian been no more white than Christian. More part of siding with this group versus that group than Christian and instead of bringing order to the field of play, they are adding to the chaos on the field of play that is because far too many Christians are too many Christian leaders thought too many churches don't understand that we belong to another kingdom, one by another king who has his own playbook and until there is the decision to operate on earth by the playbook that comes from the kingdom inhabited by the executive rules that kingdom rather than bringing order to the chaos.

We will find ourselves part of the chaos and even contributing to the chaos Jesus called a meeting of his officiating crew in Matthew 28. Three groups attend the meeting. It says in verse 16. The 11 disciples that is minus Judas attended the meeting.

First Corinthians 15 says more than 500 brethren attended the meeting and then it says that Jesus concluded the meeting by saying that he is going to be with us till the end of the age, but we haven't come to the end of the age yet so guess what you and I have been invited to the meeting so the 16 the 500 and everybody else who names the name of Jesus Christ, has been invited to the meeting. So why don't we mosey on up to the hill that was designated.

That is the mountain in Galilee where Jesus called the meeting to find out what this meeting is about. Find out what this call is about where Jesus is looking for some kingdom disciples not cultural Christians, not even first American Christians kingdom, Christians who in the culture part of the nation but who are not defined by the says when they saw him, verse 17, they worshiped. They sang their songs they prayed, their prayers, they celebrated the resurrected Christ as worship as always when you start worship is the recognition of God for who he is what he is done and what you are trusting him to do it is giving God is kudos is giving God the praise that his name deserves and they did it through the worship of Jesus Christ because Jesus Christ is our point of access to the father in heaven.

You skip him. You miss the father so bad, that worship service but we told that some were doubtful they were. They were there, there? Even though they were doubtful they were still there. Let the adults keep them home then let the belt to bring about.

So even if you have some questions when you see the chaos of the world are the article drive you to retreat article drive you to draw near, they at least let the questions bring Amelia and they worshiped after they worshiped in the top of cirque Jesus Christ steps up to the podium because he's the puppeteer for the day. Jesus Christ lets out a blow your mind kind distinct says all authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth translations. I'm in charge of bear and I'm in charge down here I'm in charge in the suite by-and-by, but I'm also running things in the nasty here and now I'm in charge of brethren on the charge now. I run both shows the Greek word authority is the Greek word ecu senior, the number of Greek words for power and authority of the New Testament one noted Moses Dumas like we get our English word dynamite from its explosive power. But that's not the word he uses wanted to see has to do with authority and legitimate hands asked do with the legitimate right to exercise power go back to football the play as a younger, stronger and faster than the officiating crew baby lift the way statement running they betrayed and they been working out so they've got Dumas Buckley officiating crew has acoustic because they got a whistle and a yellow flag that outnumbered on the field of play got 11 on offense 11 would be fenced for younger, stronger, best officiating crew was all the slower and fatter show their man when it comes to power, but not when it comes to authority because they can blow the whistle and stop the show they can throw the flag and penalize you because even though you outnumber them. When you got more Dumas you don't have more ecu senior because they got the badge of authority just with Jesus.

It I'm in charge now not only up there. Heaven and earth, I'm in charge down here I'm running the show what Jesus is claiming is that he has been designated by the father to operate on his behalf in history.

He wants to call the shots for history.

He wants to call the slot not only for your life. It was to call the shots for your family wants to call the shots for your business wants to call the shots for your church wants to call the shots for your politicians want to call the shots for your leaders.

We would merely have this mass at this level if Jesus was allowed to be in charge and am not talk about some ethereal charges out there and never never land, presumably said heaven and earth eternity and time, but then he clumsily explains why this matters if we want to fix this madness solve this mess about the issues of injustice and the payment and the history of the circumstances that keep it going generationally or the issue of righteousness, the right response based on God's word regarding put these twin towers together sense from God's throne again so meeting on 14 comes righteousness and justice. These are not seesaws to go up and down is the twins who are joined at the hip. Don't skip injustice and call for righteousness. No skip righteousness in the name of injustice know you got a go for both Jesus as I'm running the show now so I should call the shots.

Based on my book. Dr. Evans will talk more about the transformative power of discipleship when he returns with part two of today's message in just a moment, one of the things that sets Christianity apart from all other faiths is that it didn't begin with us seeking God. It began with God seeking us. He wants to meet your eternal needs sweetheart at work to prepare you for the future because the Lord uses all your past and present experiences to build upon Dr. Evans as God can turn your yesterday's matter what they look like and the better tomorrow's God is up to something great. And that's the title of an uplifting book is written that explores other positives and negatives in your life, all that up to an encouraging future would like to send it to you as a way of saying thanks when you make a contribution to help support Tony's work. You're on the air, and around the world and as an added bonus for limited time will bundle the God is up to something.

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Just visit to get the details on the special double offer and make the arrangements before time runs out. Again, that's Tony or call our 24 hour resource request line at 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222 repeat that contact information for you after part two of today's message and this how do you share the gospel with confidence. Once God's plan for our communities.

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That's Tony Evans He says I is what I want you to do want to make disciples that this passage gets warded down because it gets warded down to me make Christians that don't get me wrong, you need to become a Christian. It is going to be a disciple but is talking about more than getting a passport to heaven, trusting Jesus Christ as your personal sin bear forgives you of your sins and give you the free gift of eternal life. For heaven, but his authority is not just in heaven on earth. He says I need some folk who will follow me in history, a kingdom disciple is a person who reflects the values of heaven and the decisions that have to be made on earth. He says there are three things you gotta do. If you're serious about becoming a disciple is as go, baptize and teach domains go, it means don't stay. It means publicly represent me and back to show up in your decisions you walk that you talk your life not your lip movement that your mouth, secondly he says is I want you to baptize them. That doesn't mean just getting wet. Our commitment to Christ must be defined by the blood must be defined by our unified commitment to him. He is our identity. That's what it means to be baptized as to do with your classification and you must be Christian first Christian first, then you have consulted Christ. Yes, keep your humanity. God is not calling all of us to be the same is calling us with a beautiful without losing the uniqueness that is given each of us in the spheres about influence this time for the church of Jesus Christ.

When the same beautiful publicly not just privately insured where there the other teams that they you are to be defined by your faith, not by your feelings.

If mother was wrong. Level was wrong that it was wrong that it was wrong with my races wrong.

The race was wrong.

The community is wrong is wrong. Politicians wrong sponsors wrong please. Wrong is wrong. What because I wear one uniform. As defined in my decision-making by Jesus Christ. I'm calling it like he calls it on every level of life.

He says no you to be baptize you put on this. This uniform then he says teach them, teach them to observe whatever I command you know your teaching doctrine. Fusion withheld ecclesiology eschatology quality anthropology to small allergies but the whole point of the ologies is to observe mother was teaching how to live not just work and we got a lot a man's praise the Lord hallelujah you know we get a lot of learning.

But Jesus doesn't just give authority to learners gives authority to observers, that is, people who are ready to implement his truth, not just discuss it. Pontification's are everywhere, everybody is a thought. Everybody has an idea. Let me explain some there are two answers to every question God's answer and everybody else's and everybody else is wrong when they disagree with him. God has spoken and he has not started. He spoke about racism. He spoke about injustice. He spoke about classism.

She spoke about cultural doesn't.

He spoke about politics he spoken about freedom he spoken about all the systemic injustices as well as injustices that come from our personal hearts God and spoke about all the subjects were what we do.

Unfortunately his pick and choose.

We don't deal with the whole counsel of God.

He said no you teach them to observe it and not only a church but in the workplace and the political sleeves. That's what you do.

We don't have enough disciples who observe all that is commanded not just the parts that they like us would sit. He closes with a statement he says I will be with you always, even until the end of the age. Not in the Greek text.

We call this the goal on the construction. The word I is written twice. If you would read it literally.

It was a I, even I will be with you, but they didn't like the word, I twice they just intensify the word.

I and low 70s show, not me. I will hang out with you. If you are this not in your Christian if you disciple a person growing a relationship with to me for simultaneously submitted to my role in every category and do it publicly, not just private. They put another way, Jesus does not relate to all Christians equally, the medical College of culture you know of them say John chapter 2 verses 23 to 25. The statement says.

Many believed in him. Many became Christians. The Greek phrase for Stu life always means to become a Christian. Many believed in him, got saved, got converted the baby goes on the say, but he would not commit himself to them because he knew what was in will they got say he wouldn't trust himself. He wouldn't commit himself.

Why because they were committed yet they were on their way to heaven, but he could use them on earth they had believed in him for eternal life. One ready to impart his authority to them because they were all in yet. The reason why witnessing prayers answered. The reason why we're not seeing calm in the middle about storms socially, politically and economically, racially and even medically is because you don't have enough full-time commitment.

We have the ability to change God's mind in God's mind.

Trust is the one we need to change but we will not change his mind. Until we change the comprehensive nature of our commitment, we have watered down Christianity to be heavenly and not historically implemented says I will be with you always, even until the end of the high notes that kind of Christian that kind of church that kind of pastor that kind of family who live it out publicly in all areas of life, so that is a call, a clarion call is a call for kingdom disciples men and women pursuing an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ while submitting to his authority, even when they don't prefer what the rulebook says when he sees that and the broader he sees that especially coming out about churches video. He's comfortable sharing his ankles because he knows were producing disciples, not just church members were producing people who are already not just there for the program. This is a serious meeting Jesus called because this is serious authority. He came to office is a call now for kingdom disciples.

There's no issue we face now, which the Lord of heaven and earth, none have an answer. Dr. Tony Evans with an encouraging look at the power filled call for believers in Christ now a full-length version of today's lesson calling kingdom disciples is available from us to help you more deeply explore this powerful topic, including many elements we didn't have time to share in the year. It's also part of the brand-new collection of messages.

Tony began today called bold belief. The Bible has a lot to say about boldness and in this engaging series. Dr. Evans unpacks those biblical truths helping you learn how to respond to God's call be filled with his peace and power and live a life free from fear empowered by his spirit living inside you. As I mentioned earlier were making available a special double offer that includes this entire 10 lesson bold belief series on CD or digital download along with a copy of Tony's uplifting book God is up to something great. This bundle is our gift to you and thanks for your donation to help support the ministry of the alternative.

It's our way of showing appreciation for the continued support of listeners like you who make this program possible.

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Had Tony again that's Tony or you can call her 24 hour resource request line at 1-800-800-3222 and let one of our team members help you. That's 1-800-800-3222.

The most common model in scouting is be prepared. That's good advice for when you're planning a trek into the wilderness but is also something you should practice in your interactions with God tomorrow.

Dr. Evans will lay out what we should be doing in preparation for receiving answers to our prayers. Be sure to join us for that and in the meantime, do like the scouts and do a good turn daily to look for ways to spread kindness to those you meet the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans brought to you fighting made possible by the generous contributions of listeners like

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