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The Agency of Authority

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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April 18, 2022 8:00 am

The Agency of Authority

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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April 18, 2022 8:00 am

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The community of believers. You can worship the Lord without going to church Dr. Tony Evans says that reasoning leads to a common mistake you like. This is the alternative with Dr. Tony ever authored speaker, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative, they say, thinking your success is the first step toward becoming one of today. Dr. Evans explains that when Christians do that is more than just our imagination at work. Let's join him as he explains, I want to introduce you to call the city of afar. The church is controlled by heaven angels agreement.

We went to the angelic realm that we control the earthly realm that we do not influence the world that we do not control the Same with Beth because he was chopped ham but God is turning the world over to him.

Christ gives his children the cycles of prophecy points today because what I want to say today could change your life. First of all, the church has been allocated spiritual authority by Christ again another way the church and only the church has been delegated spiritual authority by Christ Jesus and ask will you say that I am well. Some say you're John the Baptist to preach to do miracles say that your job because you you have a passion for the welfare of you because you predict the future but then he turned to his leader and say that I am like the crowd talks it may be complementary to put your name next to all the great leaders that have ever been around that and insult why because the class all by himself and I am the mouth spoke some of the living God.

We discussed this with the word you say that I am we have discussed this and let me tell you what we have concluded you the Messiah you are Christ living God. Jesus tells Simon flesh and blood you this this came from. Have a better day to do with it and here we go versus 18 to 19.

I say to you that you are Peter controls in the Greek peach in the Greek, I will build my church and the gates of Hades shall not power at the first occurrence of the word church with a word you simply Greek citizens gathered together to make government decisions in the city or district the congregation for religious purposes in Israel declare something, something would be stoppable wouldn't stop building program that Jesus Christ was getting ready to person you the stone means so you are the one who was going to speak, but I am not going to build my church preacher. I am not going to build my church talk and pontificate well build my church's peach rock classical Greek word pretrial met a group of stones that had become a rocky slab.

It had to do with the coming of the stone when they were in proximity to one another attached. They made bigger boulders build my program that I will come back around Rachel would describe this he said in first Peter chapter 2 Christians you living stone come together to form one spiritual house, in the words God was going to build a community of believers going to call this community of believers.

The sea or the church called one rated labor in such a way with some spiritual side spiritual side spiritual walk that would not be able to stop it. Let's make some quick observations. Verse 18 G that I am building my church so totally hoping for a minute your building, your church, my name my church saying that will be able stop now is Christ church is not a building that's not a program that's a community of believers who cross racial, cultural and class live.

Ephesians 2 said that, like the compassion of Peter that Jesus Christ is the Lord that is not community. That is what you are a part of it.

You are not a part of call this building what you wish, but it is not a church because it have to be his church. And it must be that sets the agenda must be the authority must be the one to determine how the church functions not charge you will knowledge my church okay stop you want to know why church that is not only belonging to that community of believers, we belong to a community that can stop now. If you church means that you are not in a position where Jesus Christ can help you stop living your life will build my community and what today we have the problem. Christians want to live in isolated Christian lives and not understand that community of Saints that God has ordained to be able to stop now.

That's why when you can't break from God on your own if you are part of the community and help you break through to God with one another.

Sometimes it's hard to break. No sometimes happens. But you said I will build my church and the gates of hell can't stop me that you need to observe something else and that is Jesus Christ is not a defense.

I think that we are Christians, that is, we are trying to keep out all buybacks. We are trying to stop all, and doing what I have done what will not charge and how.

The building program of God. In other words, the defendant, not the church. When you leave here as part of the charge scattered all come to a place of defeat. Task and having that when you read three God building the charge and three because not charge me the gates of hell. Gates would use the symbol of authority. The elders met the gates that will City Hall make decisions. It was where the authoritative gatherings were to set laws for the community. Jesus Christ says that he'll have plural and authoritative Empire that sets the agenda for your life. Got up this morning and decided by that authority was going to be bad agenda for you this week already planned out. They plan something you you make some of the illegal use your children you use your balls your circumstances leading and it's called anything. The six day that it went lately, and your name is on the table and I decide to disparage our strategy to extricate our strategy to defeat our strategy to split up our strategy in a row without a strategy to plan to start now. What described obligates the gates belong to LeBlanc, Hades, notice what he says in verse 19. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, whatever you loose on her shall be loosed in heaven. That is a nice way of saying authority keys in the Bible always meant authority at their 22 verses 15 in verse 22 keys meant to open or unlocked or to enter or to come out. 1152 reiterates this again please met access to authority why people simple gates for every how is the corresponding heavenly key will give you the key to the kingdom would be to keep looking binding and loosing me permitting or forbidding access access charge of Jesus Christ as a duly constituted was reliable. The kingdom of God access happened so that whatever the child agreed with the kingdom of God has already been determined in heaven, and the word backup anything that's in concert with the kingdom of God. If you are doing kingdom are a kingdom Christian living, a kingdom life you can have kingdom victory. So while we not having kingdom victory. We gave up on kingdom people talking the people and don't know where the keys on stream with Dr. Evans will point out where to look for those keys. Just a moment first so I want to let you know about a couple of great resources were recommending his way to follow up on today study 20 books victory in spiritual warfare and prayers for victory in spiritual warfare. As we been learning many of life's problems are symptoms of the invisible spiritual battle going on around us. In either of these books, coupled with the two-volume 12 lesson audio series spiritual warfare can help you find ways to work through those problems using God's tools, tactics and power. It doesn't matter whether the everyday challenges we all face or the more serious attacks that show up in the form of substance abuse strongholds, sexual or emotional problems or relational issues we want you to get your own copy of the messages in the spiritual warfare series and your choice of one of the two companion books is her gift. Just visit Tony before time runs out. Make a contribution and will say thanks by sending these powerful resources your way again that's Tony or call 1-800-800-3222 where resource team members are standing by around-the-clock to assist with your request.

I'll have the contact information for you again after part two of today's lesson and this is God's great masterpieces Alaska this coming I fixed you can experience this very nice Tony Evans anywhere in an alternate, an extremely simple pantry, serious economies, life experiences, and creativity unfold from Dr. Evans and either get this teacher I think because rinsing filling reserve your spot followed.

I don't have a lot of time with this is a lot here to the cross. Matthew chapter 16 verse 23. Get me behind me Satan called the devil why because Peter was trying to stop him from doing the agenda of God. She felt that the universe 23 you gently do not own God's agenda and a lot of us the keys operating on health agenda. We got good motives and we think having good healing problem, but you may need to make sure you're feeling good about the right thing you need to make sure that you are on a kingdom program and how you will be told in verse 24 if any man which is to come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me to put it another way, the kingdom agenda. You must give up rights to your life problem. We have too many Christians will still two In Charge of their lives. Interview and charge you like you can be part of his kingdom.

If you are running your own existence.

You can have God's victory in your life you can have answer prayer. If you are slow Sunday morning only. If you are not daughter if you want these people are Christian of the name tag and have a Bible on the but you do not die daily to come across in such a way that you give up rights to yourself. As Paul put it, I died with Christ else.

I live it is not. I it's Christ lives in me right now. I live by faith of the son of God: not me and gave himself for me. I give up my rights with Christians talk about what they want to do and what you want to do with power in the keys to the kingdom already planned already in your goals and have no authority to terminate your thinking I'm doing to get going through Christian, you already in the kingdom of man, the kingdom stops the gates of hell that means you must die to yourself first $0.25 which is the savings like with too many people enslaving their own life living their own life doing it their own way, you're not dead yet and if you're not dead yet God can help you because you're going to do it with your own strength in your own life.

Another thing I want to know about keys before we move on, God will give you the keys. Notice what I heard already, hear the man's responsibility to get back to building heaven all.

If you are going responsibility if you don't expect already God to do it all time.

Okay God to keep treating us like a baby that we might take responsibility. What I mean you turn Exodus chapter 14 version 13 but Moses said to the people, not fear.

Stand by and see the salvation of the Lord.

So far so good.

Which it will accomplish for you today.

The words miracles going to happen to you. You saying the day you will again have a long I for you. How you keep silent.

Not it sounds good. It sounds Egyptian on my back and read 15 then the Lord said to Moses: Stretch out on me on what you are willing to expect. I'm thankful three into a gray fray and become a man get up and start walking toward the sea because the water had parted yet that's what takes me. God wants to see you believe in Dr. 2011 talking about trusting what we know instead of what we feel now if you'd like to get a full-length copy of this message. Check with us for details on the lesson called the agency of authority. Better yet, get it is a part of Tony's two-volume series on spiritual warfare.

As I mentioned earlier, when you make a contribution to support the ministry of the urban alternative will say thanks by sending you this powerful 12 lesson series on CD or digital download along with your choice of one of Tony's two books victory in spiritual warfare or prayers for victory in spiritual warfare. Just contact our resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 to get the details.

That's 1-800-800-3222 or visit us and while you're there, be sure to discover how to screen the popular film journey with Jesus show last year to sold-out audiences and over 800 theaters around the nation journey with Jesus brings the New Testament Gospels to life as Dr. Evans and his adult children visit the locations of Jesus earthly ministry. Give us background to help us understand their significance today. Let this be a follow-up to your Easter experience.

This is a limited time opportunity that ends later this week, so visit Tony heaven' right away to take advantage of you.

A journey with Jesus. While there's still time. You wouldn't think of leaving home without your clothes on. But many believers go out into the world, spiritually naked on a daily basis. Join Dr. Evans tomorrow as he explains how to suit up for a showdown with Satan right now though he's back with these final words of encouragement circus you'll see it's standing out in the parking lot. The elephants will be out of the parking lot.

These two powerful beast, but they don't go anywhere I and move a lot because I got a chain around one of the lakes a little. Chain with a little peg in the ground beef to rip out any old time they feel like they got but they don't bunch you know what they were taught ever since they were little baby elephants that when you feel this chain you have from the time they were born. When you feel this chain when you link that means you are not you nobody and you don't because you're not here to demonstrate your power, you hit a powerful and we got a lot of Christians want here to demonstrate the power to hit up a phone and so you come to church on Sunday and you perform what you don't have any power Dragon church with the chain on delay, I'm coming to worship God and find common people all book educator around circus and that you will be like you bring them walk like it like three. The alternative, you made possible by the generous country fusion listeners like

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