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Piggybacking on Jesus' Authority

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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March 24, 2022 8:00 am

Piggybacking on Jesus' Authority

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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March 24, 2022 8:00 am

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G not only spiritual authority Dr. Tony Evans is when we willingly surrender our control to Godů You some of his if you have alignment strength.

This is the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative. God has unlimited power.

We have continuing needs. It literally seems like a match made in heaven so why aren't more believers seeing their needs met. Let's join Dr. Evans for the answer.

When my children were small, one of the things that I often did was give them piggyback rides. It would get on my back in.

I crawled over the dam and give them piggyback rides where they would be sitting there weight on me to carry them Jesus Christ today would like to offer you a piggyback ride.

He wants to offer you the opportunity to piggyback on his authority. Everything about Jesus's life and ministry is special. But Luke chapter 7 verses 1 to 10 is unique. There is a centurion, a centurion was a mid-level officer in the Roman army who oversaw 100 soldiers much like a capital may be a major in Army an assortment who got got sick and was about to die. It says that the centurion heard about Jesus word had gotten out that this Jesus is something else, the blind see, the lame walk dog talk to me that this just this Jesus is is low in folks minds with what he's doing so he sends a couple of Jewish leaders to ask Jesus to come and save his servant, who was about to die. Now that's unusual within itself because the Jews hated the Romans. But this moment was cut in different cloth because the Jewish leaders that he loves our nation and he even went into his pocket to build our synagogue. This this guy is different is a great lesson there. Just don't judge people because they belong to a certain group.

So Jesus is now on his way to the centurion's house, who was made a prayer request say my servants life so far so good, Jesus is on his way is gotten the prayer request looks like the answer is on the way. However, before Jesus gets to the house, the centurion sends the message he says in the end of verse six. I am not worthy for you, the roof don't don't come any further please send some of the his friends and says tell Jesus.

Don't come any closer.

That word is one of the things we need to note is beginning to this is the centurion. He may have had a lot of money that had a lot of trial, but in the presence of Jesus. He was a nobody sound to you get how much money you have, how much clout you accumulate in the presence of Jesus.

You are not worthy. So this highfalutin centurion understood he knew his place in the presence of Jesus. He said don't come to my house. I'm not worthy for you to come but when you just asking you just ask and become Savior servant, but now you're telling them not to come over what you wanted to do. The centurion says I'm not worthy verse seven but just say the word and my servant will be healed. Say what just happened, just talk from a distance and it'll be coming because your words will heal my servant. It's what the centurion says next that is at the heart of our sermon today and that gives you and me a transformation approach to getting God to move in your circumstances and mine key to this whole story is verse eight.

I need to read it again. I also have a man placed under authority with soldiers under me and I say to this one go any goals into another comedy comes into my slave do this and he does it now when Jesus heard this, he marveled when he heard this what this verse eight. I am a man under authority at telephone. What do they do it. I say go they go I think I'll make all I tell my servant what to do this. He goes and does not and when Jesus heard that it shook him up.

It caused him to recoil with marble. You gotta be kidding me was Jesus saying that he wants us to say or think or do that will blow his mind. I am also a man under authority when you use the word. Also, you mean like something else I like something else, or in this case I am like someone else. I also a man under authority well. Who is he talking to and who is he talking about. He's talking about Jesus. He says Jesus like you, I am just like you.

I am a man under authority.

Word has gotten out about Jesus doing all these miracles again, the blind see, the lame walk Boca now talk David folk can be raised from the dead. Jesus is doing some big time stuff on earth, but for centurion says Jesus I know how you doing that you are doing all that stuff you doing because you're under authority. Also, you are also you pulling all this all because there's somebody over you, allowing you to do it.

You are under authority also Jesus Christ in his humanity operated not by virtue of his deity, but by virtue of his submission.

Jesus says in chapter 5 of John, verse 19. These words therefore Jesus answered and said to them, truly, truly, I say to you, the son can do nothing of himself unless it is something he sees the father doing for whatever the father does these things, the son also does. In like manner for the father loves the son and shows him all things that he himself is doing and the father will show him greater works than these so that you may cancel his work more. I just want to know before we go any further. If anybody with guts to shock God to cause Jesus Christ ago everything Jesus did, he did any submission to his father and because of Jesus, God the son was perfectly submitted to his father. He gotten miracles done.

I am also a man underneath authority just like you Jesus tell folk what to do, who are under me do it to Mrs. the reason why I am over is because I'm under the reason why I can tell folk the hundred guys underneath me in my servant what to do this because I got some folks over me telling me what to do under authority. Therefore, I can speak with authority to those underneath me. He uses the word authority so that they give you the principal and then break it down further because this is a principle that will give you access to the miraculous. You cannot exercise authority over what you are supposed to be over on the mass you learn to be under what God has put over you. If you are out of alignment with that which is legitimately supposed to be over you, you lose happens authority to be a little ball situations that supposedly undo you if you rebel against the authority RPM appeared not going help you with your situation down there when a policeman told you over you probably pullover. I hope you do what you feel an obligation to pullover. If the police pull you over because you recognize he has authority that he has the right to pull you over. But right that he has to pull you over if he has a legal system and a Penal Code over him the call of the Penal Code Hydro offices all over him. Give him permission to tell you to stop your cough pullover give you the like to give you their insurance. Why do you obey him.

He just a human being. You okay and you, under him because you know there is a system over him that gives him permission to boss you around. So by recognizing that he is over you because there is a system that gives him the authority over you, to tell you what to do. There is a system of being over or to put it another way, being aligned. Dr. Evans will come back with another example of authority under a higher authority in just a moment. Stay with us makes it clear that you know when God is lying on its father's on the way Tony Evans says that what becomes of the next generation of men depends on what happens with this kind of man can write down with the help of the Tony Evans training centers recourse called demand to see past the boning images of manhood society surrounds us with and become the loving leader and a white family would want. As with all of our courses.

There's an in-depth study material. You can work through your own pace. Lots of exclusive content from Tony tightly focused Q&A videos in an online forum. You can collaborate with other students. It's almost like having a seminary on your smart phone, check out the recourse called kingdom man, and the growing list of other subjects waiting for you is Tony today linked to the Tony Evans training center Tony is also the place to go to request your copy of Tony's current series called igniting kingdom.

Prayer look at how to bring heavenly power to bear on our earthly problems right now we are offering all 12 lessons in this two-volume audio collection is our gift when you make a contribution to help support the ministry of the alternative, get a copy today when you visit Tony or reach out to our resource Center for some in person help at 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222. Let's get back to our teaching time now. Here's Dr. Evans football game the players younger, stronger and faster. The refs are older, slower and fatter players have all the power but the rest have the authority. The refs can blow the whistle.

Throw out the flag. They can shut it down, but not put your hands on the reason why make at least that slow older guys have the right to lease faster, younger, stronger, God is because they have a system over them. The NFL and that system over them gives them authority to overrule Powell. The play is more powerful, but the refs have delegated authority.

They are living in FL, but they know what happens on at the so the players are under them because the refs off the NFL.

The refs are over them because there's somebody over the refs. The centurion says you don't have to come all you have to do is speak the word because I know how authority works.

The point is you cannot have authority over until and unless you are submitted under the Senate again. You cannot have authority over you cannot have authority over until and unless you are submitted under and because most people do not understand this theological principle of authority. Prayers don't get answered victory doesn't get achieve power doesn't get recognized changes are not made in spite of prayer is being prayed because the prayers of being prayed out of alignment alignment is the key to not only answered prayer, but spiritual authority seeing you haven't come down in the history sing. Haven't transform history and putting the devil under your feet, instead of him box in your hand.

So the alignment to Jesus Christ is critical if you want happen to join you in history. This is not alignment the church is not alignment the same grace before meals. This is alignment to his authority where he can overrule you since a lot of the above you, they can overrule you if Jesus can overrule you. You're not under authority.

Much of the confusion we see today of folks out of alignment you go to counseling, you can go to meetings you go to special support and support that. But if you are out of alignment EV that won't work or won't last because the alignment is.

You know what happens when a car gets out of alignment things get shaky tires wear unevenly because things are not aligned properly in Colossians chapter 3, breaks it down into subcategories. Let me review somebody's categories real quick with beginning with verse 17 we read in Colossians 3.

Whatever you do in word or deed, all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the father.

So do it under Jesus's authority. Then he thought break down wives, be subject to your own husbands, as is fitting to the Lord. If you as a wife out of alignment with your husband's legitimate authority keyword legitimate, then you are out of alignment with God.

First Peter three verse seven says husbands treat your wives with equal on so your prayers are not hindered in first Corinthians 11 three every man is to be underpriced authority. You do not get to be a totally independent mail and said let not that man think he will receive anything from the Lord goes on since children be obedient to your parents and all things. This is well pleasing to them.

The reason why you should teach your children to obey is not just because you're the parent of course they should because you're the parent because they want to make God happy when he comes the parents. He says in verse 21 fathers do not exacerbate your children so that they will lose heart. Read license father's by the way, is in the Bible. Men.

Men are supposed to raise the children not the women. I thought about the culture, the Bible Ephesians chapter 6 verse four says, father's, raise your children all the time is the father who raised the chilis that was woman's close to one word help filling the gaps when you can. But God knows you responsible for the home you gave me talk about the king. It is Alice and all you do is sleep. There is one says.

Remember, you have amassed. You are not the final say so is when you come under you now can have authority over with God intervening in the process. If you are unwilling to come under the legitimate authority God places over you that you do not get God's help and what is underneath you in a chapter 7, he says. When Jesus heard this remarkable at him and he turned and said to the crowd.

I say to you, not even in Israel have found such great faith.

I got an uncircumcised Gentiles who got more faith in the church. It says in verse 10, when the onesies came back to the house. The servant is healed. Jesus believes them long distance prayer answers physically go to the house. He just sent the word to the house even though he was absent from the location because if you are in alignment.

You have access to authority, even with the absence of Jesus Christ because he is not here, but his word is his word is powerful and that all you have alignment string 20 will come back in a moment with the final challenge to wrap up our time together today but first I want to let you know that for a limited time, the popular film journey with Jesus, starring Dr. Evans, Crystal Priscilla and Anthony Evans is available to stream online in journey with Jesus. You will travel the streets fields in synagogues where Jesus walked and visit the locations were some of the most powerful events recorded in the Bible took place previously shown nationwide only in theaters.

You can now bring this extraordinary experience right into your living room. Find out more about streaming journey with Jesus Tony as we the learning kingdom. Prayer isn't just any prayer.

It starts with understanding God's comprehensive authority over every area of life.

Would like to send you this two-volume collection of all 12 full-length messages called igniting kingdom. Prayer on CD or digital download as a way of saying thank you, when you make a donation to help continue this listener supported ministry make the arrangements today Tony or call 1-800-800-3222 again that's Tony or by phone at 1-800-800-3222. Our resource team members are available 24 seven so call any time of the day or night.

In its simplest form. Prayer is just talking to God.

But tomorrow Dr. Evans will explain why. From a kingdom perspective it's so much more. Right now though he's back to leave us with an encouraging thought someone challenge you to go for piggyback because Jesus wanted you to ride on this authority, principal Galatians 220 says I am crucified with Christ. My total identity is with him. Nevertheless I live I'm dead but I'm alive and crucified with Christ. But nevertheless I live.

He says, but not I it's Christ who lives in me and then he comes with the thing that's misquoted. He says the life which I now live. I live by faith.

Most people say the son of God, but the text says I live by faith of the son of God is different. Not only have faith. I have the faith of him. In other words, I'm going for piggyback ride. I am going to believe that if I get on Jesus's back and ride this horse because I'm underneath his authority that his faith will cover faith, giving me great faith in the situations I got the deal with in my life so I know you only pay some situations, but here is what you say King Jesus say ride on King Jesus. You want to call him and be aligned under him, so you have the authority over the thing that he has placed so that now you walk with your head up because you want to put you in the alternative, Dr. Tony Evans is brought to you my made possible by the generous contributions from listeners like

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