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A Tale of Two Men

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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March 8, 2022 7:00 am

A Tale of Two Men

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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March 8, 2022 7:00 am

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Writing from the foundation on which everything else can stand. Dr. Tony Evans talked about the importance of building your life on the bed rock of God's values, not the world foundation determines the future foundation is the word of God apply the word of God study. This is the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas and president of the urban alternative. Every choice we make shapes us in some way. Dr. Evans is there some basic bottom-line decisions that all the others depend on today tell us about what happened to two men in the Bible who picked two very different options. Let's join him will explain that the reason that God created Adam first was that Adam was supposed to be the foundation for the family. What you have to be the foundation for the culture, so we want to talk today about foundations focusing on the bed but not limiting it to the man because Jesus says when he starts the story in Matthew seven verse 24 that this applies to everyone, even though it applies to everyone. He focuses on two men that don't have a vision. Both want to build a house that don't have the word of God because there listening to these words of mine and they both have some struggles, storms, but that's where the comparison ends and the contrast begin. It says in verse 24 the wise man built his house on a rock. It says the foolish man built his house on the desk talking about what they built a house that you would your foundation your foundation is what you put your structure and it always where you start reporting foundation first built on sand best will be quick to pick a lot of time to put put sand put a Sandcastle given beach if you billow rock.

This will take some time except the wise man. Verse 24 heard these words of mine and on fold heard these words of mind and did not on if you want to build a life a whole ministry society house.

It must be resting on the right foundation and the foundation is not merely information that difference between the wise man and the full was their willingness or willingness to all what Jesus had taught or put another way, only when the word is apply. Does the word work. The word of God's word does not work. Just because you hear it preached God's word does not work. Just because you were excited about what you heard or read God's word doesn't work, just as you said a man to what was say they were listening to God's word. Both of them, but only one did something with what he heard and therefore only one experience what was needed to be experienced based on what is taught. So one man is called a wise man and the other is called a fool. So let me define the two with the Bible is the ability and responsibility of applying God's truth to life's realities, it is the responsibility tied to the ability to apply spiritual, true to life decision-making.

The full and the Bible book of Proverbs distinguishes between the wise men in the pool throughout the whole book of Proverbs the full and the Bible is the person who has the inability refusal to apply spiritual truth to life decision-making so you only know your wives or your old bad decisions you make by the action you take, not private information. You can quote so close the Bible rehearsing the Bible say in biblical things speaking. Chris will ease all that means absolutely nothing unless that was the decision to take the spiritual and digital something with it. In this scenario with the Bible is always practical because of always try to life's choice when you choose God by action, not simply by talking big you ever debated divine programming from the word into your life situation. Now what a lot of Christians try to do is mix rock consent what they want is that they know they need God rock but they also have the old way of doing things, saying what I wanted to send Iraq execute sand is human wisdom is man's point of view. The way you want to do something the way your parents taught you what you want to do something when your friend say you want to do something way the media says you want to do something, that's saying rock is God's point of view. What a lot of Christians though they think they know they want and need rock but they use the same but I try to mix them together to help you with the send Iraq mixture Matthew 15 verse six says you do nullify the word of God with your traditions. So when children man's point of view to God when it contradicts God's point of view.

Matthew 15 six says you cancel out God saw a lot of us will actually cancel out the very thing where one team by bringing an antithesis following point of view into the equation. The Bible says let God be true and every man a liar. So when God says a and you may be. God says don't bring be open to my letter true and let every man, including you, be a liar. So when you disagree with God, you need to have a conversation led to you to tell your cell cell you lie to me right now because God says this and selfless saying that God said, let God be true self and everybody else be online when they contradict God when you want send Iraq what you are doing is being double-blind in James chapter 1 verse five says let the double minded man know he will receive nothing from the Lord.

So if you try to bring human wisdom to divine revelation. What you need to know what God says don't think you will get anything. Once you marry the two with double-blind God cancel the whole thing so a lot of us are canceling out our prayers we pray for one thing in human wisdom into it which cancel the whole.

He says you cannot have both.

Dr. Evans will come back in a moment with more about building the kind of faith that can last matter what comes along. Stay with us. Join Tony Evans in urban alternative. August 1613 unforgettable journey to Alaska's unspoiled paradise from its majestic mountain peaks to the mighty forest green metals teeming with wildlife to the spectacular ice flows. This unique cruise opportunity will also give you the chance to hear Frank changing teaching from Dr. Evans on the gifted teachers as well as worship with some of today's most talented artist join us August 6013 spots are filling up quick book your room of choice. Today Tony punishment talking today about a tale of two men as we been learning the future of our families and our society depends on stepping up to God's expectations for us, but that takes power and perseverance in kingdom and rising. Dr. Evans addresses the cultural consequences of male passivity and shatters stereotypes painting a real-life picture of manhood.

At its best teaching men to keep promises instead of secrets to rebuild lives and not just engines to follow Jesus more closely than the stock market or a favorite sports team, and right now we want you to have a copy of this powerful book is our gift.

Just visit Tony before time runs out. Make a contribution toward Tony's ministry and will say thanks by sending the book your way, along with all 12 full-length audio lessons. In his current series kingdom men rising again that's Tony or call one 800 832, 22, where resource team members are standing by around-the-clock all have that information for you again after part two of today's lesson here stone it become apparent who the fool was and who the wise man was, until the storm came so close. It was sunny outside. Both houses look good. Both men look great. Both families will contact both ministries. To be silent, the nation seem to be on track.

That is until the storm came, it was the storm that revealed what the real deal was.

Look at the storm says the rain came, the flood came, the wind blew so happy you have rain coming down flood coming up in the wind. It cannot go houses called Herrick American is not a rain shower is a hierarchy and in your life you going to run in a hurricane season. Casey Mina tries when all hell breaks lose in your life as we know well shuts down when you swim with everything that could go wrong does go wrong is that bad prognosis from the doctor.

It's not something that devastates you overwhelmed you with Casey's and if you're alive.

You're going to run into that season or that Satan is going fine. He says that when the rain came flood came when the wise man's house stood and the fool's house fell because they didn't start at the same place. The houses man looked wonderful on the outside but the storm always reveals what your mystical, you can fix a foundation or poor foundation before school you can repair foundation after storm what you can do is fix it instant see a lot of what God in a store all the data import foundation before storm so that one were wanting what a fallen apart because ideas import foundation first you set this thing in motion. First, many couples want to get a divorce when another party foundation, wonder when the storm comes, it blows the marriage of poor biblical foundation or single biblical foundational or any time financially biblically found that whatever the issue, if you have a poor God foundation. You wonder why you being blown over by the circumstances that take place in a love story in Mark chapter 4 where Jesus is teaching is teaching on the seashore see a gallery and then tells his disciples. Let's get in the boat go to the other side to see government to Galilee is about 8 miles across the sea of Galilee is surrounded by hills and mountains with large hills that surrounded and sometimes the wind will enter into a funnel down into the sea of Galilee, and that's called a lilac windstorm and it disrupts the water a tumultuous sleep. So while the disciples across the sea of Galilee and Mark for the Bible says they encountered a lilac windstorm that like a mini tornado that was whipping up the water and be the professional fisherman so so they use rough seas, but this one scared to death, they became afraid for their lives while vamp bailing out Warner trying to survive.

They look and see Jesus asleep in the stern fellow of the Bible says he was asleep on the cushion cushion as a pillow.

If you asleep on the cushion on a pillow you meant to go to sleep so they are in the stall Jesus Lori shame the devil.

Have you ever felt like God is going to sleep on your whole world is falling apart, you called on the line is busy. Jesus is not doing anything is nowhere to be found. That was the best sentiment in the Bible says they had to around him, which means he was sound asleep there to shake him to get him up. He was so sleep in the asleep in the storm they wake up and then they asked the question that we all asked when God disappoints us.

Do you not care that we perish care what I'm going through that you can see my tears look to see how afraid I am.

Don't you care about me because sometimes when you install it looks like God is nowhere to be found exploring on you sleep when you visit in your world is falling apart. United Jesus Christ when they wake him up.

He gets up and his first words why are you so timid overview of little faith. Excuse me, all you people say maybe because were getting ready to die. Someone why would Jesus asked them that give them a bad situation because when Jesus was on the shore teaching and they were saying. Amen. How do you praise the Lord and God. Good God is good all the time all the time God is good is Rosa Sharon bright morning star balm in Gilead so I can get over you so low you can get on so I can get around all these awesome present God's laws to make certain Jesus concluded the sermon on the seashore with let us go to the other side I can hear Manson side of the side of inside Jesus said we going to be on the side see what happened was what had happened was the storm caused them to forget the word God will allow us to see whether you knew what you were saying when you said a man. The point is simply this foundation determines the future and your foundation is the word of God apply the word of God studied her know until application, you will not see the intervention of God. So while you are waiting on God. Waiting on God is waiting on us.

He is waiting on the to take their rightful place to begin the dream dreams that I have visions that begin to apply in the same like Joshua. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord is waiting for men to applaud the foundation on which everything else can stand.

But that is waiting on all believers to apply God's truth to them live, whether they be male or female to see God intervene, so don't get me wrong I am not suggesting to follow God means to avoid storms sometimes until you really follow it you haven't seen it rain yet. I am say with the word of God is apply without being mixed with human wisdom that contradicts his authoritative word. You have now NJ. The programming of his word to work in you will watch him even the business of the wise man still had a hurricane game he just withstood didn't succumb to it because he was wrestling with the right foundation. I was a boy growing up in Baltimore.

One Christmas my father bought me a balloon punching bag balloon punching. It hit the floor.

Pam bounced back together go down. I am a bit of a bounce back one time I kicked it at the wall at the ceiling came back home. No matter what I did to it. It kept coming back just because it had a weight at the bottom that was heavier than air at the top. So whatever I did to it appear that determine whether things wound up. I wish I could send you in the way and say when you live in a day, not to bother you about. I would be lying, but I can tell you that he made no bones, you may go back him.

But if you got the right foundation, that God will go you may go down on the right foundation, back, and sometimes when all hell breaks loose and I wish it didn't happen. But sometimes the God that when it dive you make. Although well below the 0000 Dr. Tony Evans will come back in just a moment with the final story to ramp up today's lesson as he finishes up this message from his current teaching series kingdom men rising this 12 lesson collection offers practical, clear directions for men who want to make a difference for the Lord and as I mentioned earlier, we are offering a special package that includes all the lessons on CD or digital download as well as a copy of Tony's powerful book by the same name kingdom men rising. Remember, they're all yours is a thank you gift, you make a donation to help support Tony's ministry. This special double offer won't be around for long, and we don't want you to miss out. So make the arrangements today by calling our resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 anytime of the day or night.

That's 1-800-800-3222 or visit Tony you can also sign up for Tony's free weekly email devotional again that's Tony Dr. Evans believes there's a desperate need to reclaim civility in our culture today in light of that, he encourages each of us to find ways to demonstrate kindness to everyone we encounter through the course of our day are acts of kindness change the atmosphere of our communities for good and for God. When our lives are over.

It's up to her children to carry on our name. Dr. Evans says they should be carrying on something else as well tell us about that tomorrow. Right now though his back with his final illustration for today is a government. Italy and little town called Pisa. So if you ever go to at least get Pisa involve a piece there's only one thing in peace. What is leaning Tower of Pisa back to the two things and present as a leaning top. Even the people inside the road selling replicas of the leaning tower as if nothing around the world to look at a building lean is not that big hundred and 76 feet is not that big ball around the world, so he wanted to complete Islamic ropes around the base of the building, leaning 1/20 of an inch every year. So is going to fall and that's something was taking care of one 2011 inch every year.

Well, a lot of people don't know why the leaning Tower of Pisa liens politically while the leaning Tower up easily. The leaning Tower of Pisa liens is located in because Pisa means marshy city was built on a solid foundation is been leaning ever since and want to start leaning you know what you do when it make a tourist attraction because you can't do anything with some of us are tired of being tourist attractions. God has a purpose for you really want you to fulfill. But in order for that to happen, it must be resting on this foundation which means his true apply not just no studying memorized all that is the alternative with Dr. Tony. You made possible by the generous contributions of listeners like

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