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Respecting Your Man

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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February 15, 2022 7:00 am

Respecting Your Man

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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February 15, 2022 7:00 am

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Mission agreement with Dr. Tony Evans says even though a man should earn his wife's respect and godly obedience is the reason she should give you among this is the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative, a man self-confident can be amazingly powerful and surprisingly fragile today. Dr. Evans reveals how a caring wife can use that understanding to help her husband moved down the road to success. Let's join him when roles operating history chain of command that chain of command for us and I'll read it to you in person for the Chapter 11, where it says in verse three.

I want you to understand that Christ is the head of every man. The man is the head of woman God and of Christ that text that's what the Bible sings in history.

Chain of command and also in eternity. For example, God and of Christ.

Now Christ is God's Christ is not equal to God in function difference that you and I must understand that there is a different between option essence absence of equal function everybody medical. There must be functions if a job is to be carried out to see this in your employment in your employment. There is no then there see all the personal management and middle level management member of the more generic personnel… But if the CEO directed at them LOL they have no business to be employed.

One of those levels, and essential part of a job unless they chain of command that everything the grant that the CEO job done great damage to call the Christ.

Many women make it exceedingly difficult to also be their God-given responsibility is for reference. Let's look at first Peter three, before I get more trouble so that you know God is speaking the same way why you're not, you develop a mindset or marriage.

With this in mind, missive to your own husbands, so that if any of them are obedient to the word not living like you may be wrong with the word, by the behavior of their well let's not ultimately with your job that you must respect you because of John. You don't like respect option. The Bible said not living to responsibility you are obligated, unless he calls you to do something against two and the brightest way that women respond when their tone is you say you say you say in your life that the respect and when you talk to somebody in society.

You do not like respect you control your cell job and see where it gets you what you do not like you and me against him on the ticket. That way you'll find… Not to be tolerated or children. Mothers and children instruction like well okay what you say and not the real problem would most certainly go to God you you your children that you should agree with your point agreement that point you may not agree with the point where it without word or phrase without word. How long have you been your husband about things in your marriage since they got married.

You can imagine the same things to you by now, you need a new strategy you now not responded to, because what you got it deflated his God-given ego. I haven't defeated the go. Anyone what you better go get some sleep get back up because it say that you should not get you.

You should not get tied up respecting him because just like you TLC me that William and acclamation of respect say them with word another way, what you do will go farther than what you say that you not doing anything, given double trouble to change and respectful behavior become gentle and respectful behavior that is respect to be demonstrated that you based on your recognize you are God's appointed leader hello everyone on the ball on your job. Your job if you are on your job by job. Okay don't really know you have a problem because most men are passive do not want supervisors the lives that is what three guys really cramp your style. You be merely external rating the hair wearing gold jewelry and putting on addresses but personal. The hot will be a punishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in the sight of God. Don't let your doing merely be extra now you ladies be looking good and I know the reason you look good is because you make a major investment in the looking good, but you make a major investment of time to look good that major investment in your shopping shop. I can't wait to get the mirrors you with one big enough to marry in the house call on the driver side. In case you haven't been on the passenger side. You get to where you go you know that Sean is long gone, is very… Except the will of God as appealing as possible. It shouldn't be let go. You have a big problem fixed up your public and not getting fixed the problem with going through all Shabbat God that the problem. Dr. Evans will share some specific insight into why men who were supposed to be leaders won't lead when he returned shortly to continue today's message first so don't miss one of your last chances to get a great bundle of resources. We recommend to dig deeper into today's study. It starts with the two-volume 14 part audio series we been listening to called marriage matters available on both CD and downloadable MP3s. This collection of messages covers how a marriage built according to God's blueprint can be one of the biggest blessings in your life, along with the full-length audio messages. We also including three of Tony's popular booklets and for married men. Only he talks man-to-man with husbands about what it really means to provide spiritual leadership in your home. The sacrifice for your wife to meet her needs for married women only focuses on submitting to your husband spiritual leadership, cultivating a gentle spirit, and experiencing God's protection and peace when your husband fall short, and in marriage matters. He examines the scriptural foundation that causes a marriage to blossom and flourish. You can get this complete marriage matters package is our gift and thanks for your contribution to help support the ministry of Dr. Evans and the urban alternative. Just visit us before time runs to request this resource bundle or call us at 1-800-800-3222 were team members are standing by to assist.

That's 1-800-800-3222 20 will come back with more today's lesson right after this when you're facing a decision or dilemma it's like to ask what would Jesus do, but first you have to know what Jesus did and what God has to say about the situation you face well building your biblical foundation is your goal to help you need is as close as your computer or mobile device. Thanks to Tony Evans training center is packed with online courses covering core concepts of faith and in that scripture studies you can work through anytime you want and anyplace you want along the way you'll explore key teachings and learn how to apply them in real world situations. There's lots of exclusive content interested and motivated in an online forum where you can ask questions and answers and collaborate with other students. It's almost like having a seminary on your smart phone. Tony today and connect with Tony Evans training center we can explore the kingdom anytime, anywhere. All showings but without a father dictating all be like when children get married women the right battery to get this thing started early because we were being beaten by circumstances that not every man was created to become the kind begs him not recognizing it one by.

I'm so glad I can tell my girlfriend you on Monday 15.

Being married to you one honey please leave me I'm dying the following Intel you will you ask him before you go ahead and ask you to make sure it's in keeping with the direction you're taking a moment now what you want to come back so you you miss what sorry bro but I sure wish I was married to a man statements is God you'll frame of reference.

Nowhere around Bible said.

New verse by this way all the time the holy women also hope in God used themselves being submissive to their own husband. Now please get the key.

Trying to change the husband. They were hoping in God.

Disrespect your husband your work against God and God how much you pray you will get. God help the change of God. That means you must obey God. You cannot help God by doing what your girlfriend the women were like this. They are doing themselves a good look at.

Actually, they were good-looking internally that will she's good-looking by her character illustrates that Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him Lord with all children without being frightened by anything Nancy call him Lord, landlord wants to look at when Abraham Sarah called Abraham Lord.

Genesis chapter 18 verse nine said to him why Sarah your wife and he said, behold, I will surely return to you at this time next year and be all wife shall have a son & I was living at the door which was my Sarah were all advanced in a Sarah was past childbearing. Sarah laughed to herself saying I have become show pleasure, my law being also said Abraham, Sarah shall bear a child when I am so anything too difficult. God's baby so what all can have the baby and she again with my little baby that my law situation, right married to impossible ramps such Sarah called all what was said.

Now the Bible said that same God that and say my low play and make sure all that you do everything they can to make America don't change you haven't changed a little leadership all agreements with you. You you wrong and I want to begin a ship and all my little me. I am saying that while we do have a male leadership concern in our culture. One of the major contributors to it being as bad as the failure of women on Dr. Tony Evans talking about how women can inspire their husbands to do the job God gave them what were almost done with Tony's current series on marriage and there's been a lot of material we haven't had time to present on the year.

So if you'd like to get Dr. Evans complete look at this important subject. Get in touch with us right away. For details on the special marriage matters package including the two-volume 14 message audio collection on CD or downloadable MP3s as well as the popular three booklet bundle marriage matters for married men only and for married women only will send you this complete package as a thank you gift when you make a contribution to help us keep Tony's teaching on the station. Don't miss out the special offer is only available through tomorrow so make your contribution or let one of our team members help you when you call 1-800-800-3222 that resource request line is always open, so there's no need to wait again that's 1-800-800-3222. It's not enough for a man to love his wife.

He has to love her with the right kind of love. Dr. Evans will reveal how you can do that in the positive changes that take place when you do, I hope you'll join us for the final message in this marriage series tomorrow and the children looking for opportunities to show kindness to those you meet benefit of our culture or community, and the glory of God the alternative with Dr. Tony ever brought you fighting made possible by the generous contributions listeners like

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