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Til Debt Do US Part

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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February 7, 2022 7:00 am

Til Debt Do US Part

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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February 7, 2022 7:00 am

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The Urban Alternative
Tony Evans, PhD
The Urban Alternative
Tony Evans, PhD
The Urban Alternative
Tony Evans, PhD
The Urban Alternative
Tony Evans, PhD
The Urban Alternative
Tony Evans, PhD

You know Dr. Tony Evans shows there are consequences when we fail to give back to God by management. God this is the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans speaker, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas and president of the government alternative if you want to experience God's financial meshing. Dr. Evan says you have to follow God's financial instructions. Let's join him as he talks about how to break out of dead and develop a godly reproach to money management. There is no greater problem facing family jewels today.

The problem of someone is said that there are three kinds of three categories of people that have the have-nots and have not paid for what they have and I'm certain that in our audience today we have more than our share of the third category. People who are in debt up to the is and see no way out.

I'm here to tell you that if abnormal for the Christian that to be weighted down is a sign of lack of spirituality you can camouflage it anyway you want to but God told his people in Deuteronomy 28 verses one verse 12. But if you would do things my way, a lender and not a borrower shall be one of the things that he addressed that Christians do not want to respond to is the issue of debt that I do not mean north of the Bible mean you do not have financial obligations doesn't mean that you've never borrowed anything that's not the Bible to find this because one of four things.

Number one because you're biblically ignorant of God's rules. One reason that many of us are in debt that we don't know what God said and so we don't know what we can do it.

We don't know what we can do it. We wind up doing the thing and we wind up in bondage.

Second thing that can breed that is greed. Indulgence impulse being all no matter whether the more you want to have.

You can the Bible calls that greed greed is decision-making simply because you want to have more and I am sure that many of us are in debt because of greed that not only because of greed or because of ignorance you are or maybe also in debt because of poor planning. Because the plan was for the process was poor or there was no plan at all. It's amazing how many couples I talk to when I asked them why not talking what is your financial plan. They can get a habit and when there is no plan. There is a plan to fail is another reason that you could be and that is when you may not be able to help better the catastrophe, something that happened that was beyond your control. The first three are within your control event may be beyond your control.

Now the problem is going to believe because everybody has a plan. Everybody has a consolidation program every body have a new advertisement of thing that you have Bob must have need to get in. The question is will you going to believe my appeal to you is that you might try beginning the data believe God.

If you follow these three things I want to share with you at the moment, I can assure you from some particular lesson that God may bring upon you for your sovereign program I can exempt them from your financial situation will change, but whether you decide to believe God will not will determine whether that runs you, you run debt you going to believe there are three things you need to know to reverse your financial situation much more could be set on each one of them that I'm going today but if you grab these three you will have enough to be transformed. First of all, you must plan subtly of all, you must plan, you must prioritize those three words can transform your life plant plan and prioritize. First of all, you must plan by planting. I mean, you must switch that will give you the greatest C4 return or to put it another way, you must establish divine ownership.

God said in Matthew chapter 22 something very important that will be the basis of this plant. No, I have a crop which is not first plant seed and to the patient because they know that planting upfront brings greater return later on. Most people in debt want to look at what the crops going to be the question what planting are they going to do. God says that you have to absolutely nonnegotiable planting your responsibilities says in Matthew 22 verse 17 tell us therefore, what do you think lawful to give a poll tax.

The fever will not perceive them out of nothing made you hypocrites calling use for the poll tax and they bought him at the Marriott city Center them like this and inscription of the users. Many sad been rendered to see the things that are seen God the things that are God's. You don't pay your taxes and you are audited. Read what you have, the state of the state will not only make you pay them back. You must pay them back. Now, with interest because you have a feeling of legitimate charge which legitimately belongs to the state. We are much more conscious about what we are what we give God you are robbing God.

Don't expect help from God with any of your other bills.

If you are robbing God. Don't bother to pray about your indebtedness. If you are robbing God. Don't bother to pray about your lack of financial income robbing God. Don't bother to pray about your promotion robbing God. The Bible says you are under a curse from God know God to get him to release comes from God when it was your God that put you in the place in the first place. When God God is because God says that God blesses those who honor him.

What happens when you prioritize God, the very encouraging verse for those of you are in debt. He says offered to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving and pay your vows to the most high, and call upon me in the day of trouble and I shall rescue you and you will honor me if you get me what's mine is six then when you call upon me about the problem with what is yours because you brought me into the equation. Honoring of me, I will hear you when you have need of me.

Many of you are not getting help from God because God knows you don't trust him and trust God, trusting God is never an intangible. Trusting God is always planting a seed. Cannot say I trust will have good weather. Another plan to see St. say I trust God to supply the situation that I'm in and never give to him. If you are serious about getting your debt transform. If you are serious about getting out of the financial mentoring and you are robbing God you are under a tarts and that person being the God closes the windows of heaven and has requested if you were living next you believe that the next door neighbor was a thief, you would leave your Windows lot because there please. You don't want them having access to the good in your house God says because people are please lock the windows of heaven so that they can have access to his blessing. If you are robbing God day after day week after week, month after month, year after year. I have bad news for you. The prayer meeting can help you.

But calling on the preacher can help you and the bike won't even be able to help you, because any extra money you get, God will put in a pocket full of holes that is able to get a raise to get a bike alone, because your under the covers, wash machines don't break down slowly because going to shatter because on the cars you to enjoy the extra work and some of us have been working to get out of bed. And the more we make the worse off we thought it was just you did not have the money to be part of it, but the other part of it is because your undercurrents when you're on the times it really doesn't matter what you on the other hand, when a man honors God. Which of the Bible met the minimum that is the least he would give the God would be 10% of his income. God then unlocks the window and opened what I think he gives you access to him now, severe well cattle on a thousand hills access to all the wealth necessary to fix your debt problem, but you must first if you are serious must be the tangible demonstration of your seriousness both in your taxes and your times render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, but just like the government doesn't want you to get your money back money and paying your house note with it that money and paying the Cardinal with it money and buying your food with it that money to buy new clothes with that same attitude that we give the government must be given to God and if it is not his robbery and when God audits you interest price tag of high Dr. Evans will have more force on godly money management when he continues her lesson just a moment but first, today's teaching is part of 2014 message compilation marriage matters taking an in-depth look at God's blueprint for families. These lessons will help you build better relationships with your spouse, your family and attorn with God.

You learn how to understand your mate better how to create a peaceful atmosphere in your home how to get a handle on your finances and much more. All steps leading to a healthier, happier, holier household because this information is so vital for maintaining strong marriages and homes were making both volumes of the complete collection available is our gift and appreciation for your contribution toward Tony's ministry and for limited time we have a special bonus along with the marriage matters audio series will also send you a little paperback by the same name as well as two companion booklets for married men only and for married women only just visit Tony right away to take advantage of this special offer, make all the arrangements. Again, that's Tony or you can let one of our resource team members help when you call a stair night at 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222.

I'll have her contact information for you again after part two of today's message and this apprentice Dr. Tony Evans says Christians have a habit of using overlooking our most valuable spiritual resource connection with the Lord through art in a course on kingdom. Prayer Tony Evans training center you'll discover how God has wired the world to work like prayer and experience for yourself how it connects heaven with her time with not only gain a new understanding and appreciation for prayer you'll actually pray in transporting wage never experienced before. The course is intense work through it at your own pace and get all the help online form and course this custom content from Tony not available warehouse connect with the Tony Evans training center and Tony It's like having your seminary on your smart phone or other device.

Start today Tony Evans PA plan that is the proper management of God resources your hearing in Luke chapter 19 noblemen leaves his resources to be managed by historians what his servants, which is what God is done in a given lifetime. God gives you lots of dollars, which we are responsible to manage. He says in verse 12 we left for distant country call 10 slaves. Verse 13 said this until I come. Remember Blanche noble man but he was letting his storage manager and it came about when he returned. Verse 15 about the way verse 14, but hated him and sent a delegation after him saying we do not want this man to reign over a very important verse was important. It means doing business God's way of doing business man's way are two different ways of doing business is very important. If you have funds like everybody else. Don't be surprised that you and the method everybody else is one of the reasons were in such financial mess of his family and of individuals is that the world has set our agenda the rest of us have set our program.

So God is not able to bless us according to his approach. If you take the world you get the world to help you in the Bible is one of the ways you know that the world is in charge of you is that you will become a slave to the lender. The Bible says the borrower is a slave to the lender and if you are a slave to the banks. If you are a slave to your debt. Some of us need to have plastic surgery. We need to cut off those credit cards because we are enslaved to. We are all by them. They can claim our lives on hold because because we are in slavery. The Bible says that a man is to know well and that will mean that you want to do business differently than the rest of the world and the other citizens man comes back and he says I want to know what you did with my resources.

The first man said. Why hadn't I invested them. I have 10 more. The other one says I have in verse 18. I have five more minute was the third guy didn't have a plan.

Now the program didn't have anything.

I just gotta live day by the Lord says the least you could have done. Verse 23 with the put my money in the bank and I would've collected it with some interest. He said the bystander take the meta away from him and give it to the one with 10 minutes he said Master you have already I tell you, everyone who have will be given but the one that does not have even that which he has shall be taken away. Put another way why management pleases God.

Poor management does not and when you don't have a plan to God, you, you not only won't get the full benefit of what you have till take away what you have because you're messing over what he gave every job in your home was given to you by God. There is not a sacred dominant secular dime of God. Time in a world that it all belongs to God only a portion directly ghostly storehouse the local church. All of it is to be managed for his glory.

Proverbs 21 verse five says this the plans of the diligent lead surely to advantage, but everyone with hasty, surely the poverty he says that you must have a plan and that plan must be one that honors God that leads to the third thing in a very critical thing about me on this one.

Now you must prioritize the put another way, you must take care. First things first, which means that you must know the difference between need, want and desires always take care needs first know what you need any lead of life, without which you could not live, survive and function first. Chapter 6 puts it this way again. All of this is in the Bible and if we have food and covering with these we shall be content you commit out in your plan to meeting you. Members leave once because 419 says my God shall supply all your needs without leave to go to the fire just skipping God's priority needs first watch her taking care of me once no one wants wants our choices about the quality of need other words, your name is met.

If you have an apartment want maybe a house may be met in a three bedroom house you want. Maybe maybe maybe a car that runs you want maybe a new car that runs a lot is a quality of lead you mess with your plan and jump want if you don't have enough to meet me start with the first leads to desire what is desire on your wish list that should be covered in surplus desires you got have a surplus.

Now the Bible says prioritize expenditures.

Proverbs 2117 he who loves pleasure will become a poor man. He loves wine and oil will not become rich other words, if you spend on pleasures your desires that you will take care.

First things first, God will help you and you won't have any money.

That's what the Scriptures say when Dr. Tony Evans comes back in a moment to describe a very practical first step you can take toward putting today's lesson into action. And as we are examining ways to strengthen our marriages and households.

One characteristic we should always demonstrate is being kind to one another and that's a trait that should extend beyond our loved ones and out to all those we meet with her virtually or in our community.

When believers show an act of kindness to others that not only represents God but also helps make our society a better place now before Dr. Evans returns with his closing challenge. Let me remind you about the 14 lesson audio compilation that contains the full-length version of today's message including material we didn't have time to present on the year is called marriage matters. And when you make a contribution in support of Tony's teaching here on the station will send you both volumes of the shed is her way of saying thank you and for a limited time will even include a three booklet bundle as an added bonus, marriage matters for married men only and for married women only just reach out get all the details. You can also call our 24 hour resource request line at 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222, regardless of whether we're married or single, the need for love is hardwired into our DNA.

That's the way God made us but is also given a specific way she wants us to seek and express our romantic side. That's what Dr. Evans will cover tomorrow. Right now though he's back with a practical action plan for your family finances. All the take all of your bills with your family on the kitchen table getting whatever you need a plan and given the money that comes in.

This is the best we can do these bills before you plan before you.

I will attach them and I will place you this and I'm going to trust the preacher become yet Scripture to back up what he said I'm going to lay this bill before you financial maps before you lay this all between my wife and now money before you lay this home is being repossessed before you can applaud before you before you believe what you did and second Kings. I'm the lead before you. I want to challenge you to try not because of who he is in the believe that if you honor God by planting planning and prioritizing you the only thing I ask is when he does you don't keep it to yourself what you let somebody else know what God can do, because God's spirit have to do with the alternative with Dr. Tony have brought you made possible by the generous contributions listeners like

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