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Tearing Down Family Strongholds

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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February 3, 2022 7:00 am

Tearing Down Family Strongholds

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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February 3, 2022 7:00 am

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Only spiritual things. Dr. Tony Evans says the problems facing married couples are too serious to be so wisdom of this world, following up on this is the alternative with Dr. Tony have another speaker, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative as far back as the Garden of Eden. Satan's been using family conflict as a weapon against us today.driven shows how to tear down the strongholds. The enemy set up in your home must join them to learn how family that is falling apart. Whether it's a husband and wife relationship that has become paralyzed.

Whether it's children who are living rebelliously. It's a generational curse that you are under so you want to throw in the towel you want to go to the divorce court you want to give up because you just don't see how the world you will be released from escrow.

The principle is clear only spiritual weapons can defeat spiritual strongholds. Often, we applied spiritual weapons last night.

First call first of all the calls of family strongholds in Genesis chapter 3 the deterioration of the family was caused or initiated by an angel. Satan is an angel. The first family and cause spiritual deterioration which led to relational deterioration relationships.

First, that went bad between a human being. That was relationship with God. Because Satan premiums all next to the store and you the dysfunction of your family thing. Satan's methodology to bring a stronghold in the first family every stronghold of the flip over to their children for painkilling just a one time argument became the foundation of siblings all become an angel battle that took place where the first family left God up because of whole site infiltration Satan or one of his minions trach the family through the flash or through the world through your past flow through any number of things that he exacerbates evil already present one of the vehicles would Satan opportunity to bring a stronghold of the always unresolved anger. Look with me at Ephesians chapter 4 verse 25 therefore magnify falsehood, speak truth, each one of you with his neighbor, for we are members of one another.

Be angry and do not send the sun go down on your anger and do not give the devil an opportunity for long buildup of anger that provides the steering wheel for Satan to turn up the mental stronghold because he said in verse 27 fourth Satan become what an opportunity to use another thing to destroy families and bring them in stronghold uses rebellion to go against God's authorized order of authority second Peter has some strong words about rebellion. Look at what he says in second Peter chapter 2 verse four point God did not spare angels when they sin, but cast them into hell and committed in the pits of darkness, reserved for judgment.

Spare the ancient world. We didn't spare angels and he didn't spare the ancient world. We know it's time and if he condemned verse six Domingo Morrow reducing the actions rescuing verse seven committee comes in verse 10, he said, especially those with God in the flesh in its corrupt desires and despise authority. Darren South will not tremble when they revile angelic majesties, whereas angels log] light and power.

Verse 11 says do not bring a rebelling judgment against them before the Lord is like unreeling animals, born as creatures of instinct to be captured and killed reviling where they have no knowledge in the structuring of those creatures also be destroyed no respect for Pablo and therefore they place themselves on the judgment of God. The point is simply this. Where ever there is rebellion against God. Legitimate chain of command, there is God's judgment and not God's help. Mr. if you are rebelling against Christ over your life and all we all don't blame God of your family falling apart. If you bought into the filling of them live if you bought into the women's Lib, equal pay for equal work. I'm talking about not respecting God's chain of command in the family because God must always operate by virtue of its chain. If you're going to get help to break the stronghold.

God said in Exodus chapter 20 that down to the third and fourth nation could be asked by the parent application don't reverse it themselves become the what parents can handle the children and family not only nothing up with an already ruined our grandchildren because we set a series of events at work in our rebellion against God's authority that will show up in an example of the first group in the 11's concern is the role of women in the church when he lays out up principle here in talking about that that illustrates my points.

First Corinthians 11 says in verse three, but I want you to understand that Christ is the head of every man, the man at the head of a woman in God is the head of Christ. So this even applies to Jesus is under the authority of the father every mail every Christian mail is under the authority of Christ in every wife is under the authority of her husband. Please notice verse 10 that all the women to have a symbol of authority on her head because of the angels. That's interesting talking about a woman doing something publicly in the service and he talked about having a covering overhead.

But the reason he gives is because of the angels questions.

What in the world woman having a covering have to do with angels.

Everything is what it is this woman in this particular church was reflecting a rebellious heart or against the male leadership of the church and so she broke up in the independent speech arrived in order to assert her independence as illustrated by the removal often times a woman walked headdress and they would take off for covering as a way of refusing to submit to God and authorities that not only in Paul's mind that she rebel against all the male leadership should rebound in the midst of angels because the Bible says will become the worship we joined angels he burst up to 12 consultant angels with a big deal when you insult angels because you show them you are rebelling against authority that what you can buy on is that God will not supply you, lady.

Any angelic assistance in dealing with that man that you have to deal with when a woman rebelled against legitimate authority, she rebel against angelic assistance because angels are one of the primary way that God calms and he provides to his children. So in this case, a rebellious woman who in front of the angels rebel there in the context of worship, then put themselves in a position where God will not provide angelic assistance to the needs in their lives. Another thing that will produce a stronghold in chapter 7 of first Corinthians is selfishness. He says in verse three that the husband fulfill his duty to his wife. Wife also to her husband and he said stop depriving one another except by agreement for times that you may devote yourselves to prayer and come together again, that Satan tempt you because of your lack of self-control. For the third thing selfishness they thought about the area of sexual intimacy.

But the point of bringing up selfishness.

The father was so thoughtless she would meet the needs of his wife and wife.

If she would meet the needs of her husband went beyond the physical things that lead up to the physical relationship that should eventuate in the physical and he says stop verse five.

The private one except both agree that's it become a vehicle for the devil someone husband. The wise go days and weeks and months without talking, you didn't just go on one another. You said Satan you're now welcome into my own because the devil is looking for an opportunity to open the door for the devil himself infiltrated far too many families thought too many times lost want to get a divorce before we got the spiritual problem you want to get ready to make you drunk.

Selfishness you want to get rid of you when you're not submitted as the charges submit the Christ you want to raise me like this mother didn't really read you was wrong. If your daddy didn't raise you in concert with what God said was wrong with the father then our relationship, either directly or indirectly, thereby because they want to tell about fluency. So we've undergone thing about rebellion, about selfishness, say think agreement stronghold in the home. So then what's the children.

The cure for the family stronghold because if angelic intervention in the family. The conditions unresolved anger, rebellion, selfishness, all the vehicles in which he comes and what is the cure. I know what some of you say that I hear all the time trying the Manchester tribe woman says try and say where trying to get say try try the question is not, are you trying the question is what are you trying are you trying spiritual weapons are you just using a little secular method. Sprinkle Jesus onto what you try. Dr. Evans will come back in a moment to continue today's lesson ever so don't miss your chance to get a great bundle of resources.

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Once God's plan for our communities.

Why does the Old Testament matter to your faith today.

Those are just a few of the questions you get answered when you enrolled in the Tony Evans training center and interactive online study experience with Dr. Tony Evans you can grow in your knowledge of God's word and learn to advance his kingdom agenda in your life. Visit Tony Evans to get started today. That's Tony Avenue and Colossians 3 says very quickly. What we need to do since first of all, everybody must first have in verse 16. The word of Christ, wanting in you richly, you got the word of Christ just can't be Sunday morning.

It's gotta be a rich thing in your life. It is gotta be the basis of your decisions. First of all wives be in subjection to your husbands as fitting to the Lord. Or put another way on your husband headship on her husband headship you will even have to like him to do this you don't like your bosses but you are not there. This has to do with recognizing divinely ordered position agree with everything he does agree with everything he says it means to honor him.

Like Sarah, who called Lord say what's the big deal to me and I like his person's point, the Bible says so on the web itself again.she got a miracle after she got that one baby when I think is, she called law and check out America not intervened in her life and she got a miracle if you want God to change your main menu. You don't like his person, right man told you been out back. That's what first Peter three says it says when a woman operates this way it is precious in the sight of God and some of you women need to apologize for your rebellious attitudes toward your husband for that position because a man is head of the home position supposed even if he doing a bad job when a president is not bad he still is the president and you must save Mr. Pres., you may not like it. You may not vote for next office. He present it is his's and that's why even Michael doesn't bring a railing judgment against the devil you think Michael likes the devil when he knows his position. Secondly, husbands, love your wives and do not be embedded against them. Some of us men have attitudes, men love your wives, you know why simple what are you sacrificing for computer love like Christ loved the church that was sent by: he put another way, make sure at the end of the day you made more deposits and withdrawals in their life the day when you look at the balance sheet. We got all we want to know what should go out now we want to know and share all if you would know why, don't be upset.

Nothing in the bank at night.

Let me leave that alone. We ought to make withdrawals in the most we got when we wake up what in my mate account today and you will find out if you make regular deposits.

The account will grow with interest. But if you make regular withdrawals. The account will come empty children of parents honoring your parents is a mighty thing because it is the first commandment with promise and the best thing a child can do with their parents.

If you live in the all might want my daughter. I just remember this the other day ticked me off and I remember the attitude that attitude wanted she would like some instructional remember specific and so crystal know you going to my will not let you sleep as long as sleep and no rooms will honor them, honor them and parents first. 21. Do not exasperate your children that they may not lose heart and carried your children don't disparage, don't tell me nothing to never be anything telling what the possibilities on the God correct the potential is on the God when we simple things we can make people lawfully married a granddaughter all the other day go to said network wives reason why when working needed batteries and no matter how much you try to picture marriage unless the batteries of God's power operating in your life you will fly you will.

So how do we get going. When you Michael for things despite some of us have gone to war. We tried but we have before using God's to you if you will fight using God's weapons. You can save a home that you don't like the sound Dr. Tony Evans with some practical principles that can release your family from Satan's grip as we began working her way through Tony's current series on marriage there's already been a lot of material we haven't had time to present on the year.

So if you'd like to get Dr. Evans complete look at this important subject. Just get in touch with us for details on the special marriage matters package including the two volume 14 message audio collection on CD or downloadable MP3s as well as the popular three booklet bundle marriage matters for married men.

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Throughout history, there are certain things that haven't changed one of those is that people still need the Lord today is much as ever.

Dr. Evans believes when we share kindness with one another were doing both a good thing and a godly thing that helps point those around us to God's kingdom, we encourage you to look for opportunities to be his ambassador for your deliberate acts of kindness each day connecting with the incredible power God has given us requires a clear understanding of who we are and who we aren't tomorrow. Dr. Evans will tell us about both explain how to keep them in balance. I hope you'll join us. The alternatives with Dr. Tony have brought you fighting made possible by the generous contributions of listeners like

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