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Seven Signs of an Abusive Leader

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 7, 2024 4:00 pm

Seven Signs of an Abusive Leader

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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So is it antisemitic to criticize Israel at all? Here's your host, Dr. Michael Brown. Welcome, welcome to the Line of Fires. We start our week together. Michael Brown, blessed and delighted to be here with you and here to infuse you with faith and truth and courage to help you stand strong on the front lines. All of us today living in America around the world, followers of Jesus, we are in the Line of Fires.

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All right, here's number to call 866-344-866-348-7884. You can respond to anything that I'm talking about today having to do with Israel. We can talk about the state of America, upcoming elections, where things stand regarding Israel as well or general questions. We may take some of those or things you want to challenge me at, tell me why I'm so wrong. Phone lines are wide open. We're not going to restrict topics.

It's just going to be a matter of time of what we get to 866-348-7884. Is it anti-Semitic to criticize Israel at all? Of course not.

Absolutely not. In fact, some of Israel's staunchest critics are Jews. Some of Israel's staunchest critics are Israelis living in Israel. It is not anti-Semitic to criticize Israel, to differ with Israel, to think that Israel does certain things wrong. That's not anti-Semitic to do that. It's not anti-Semitic to differ with individual things Jewish people do or some things that some Jewish people do. There's nothing anti-Semitic about that. Natan Sharansky, who is the Soviet Jewish dissident, imprisoned for his dissidence and then ultimately made his way to Israel where he became a political leader, he gave a three-fold definition of when it is anti-Semitic to criticize Israel. And I agree with his three-fold definition.

It's convenient to use. It is anti-Semitic to demonize the nation of Israel. In other words, to paint a picture of the nation of Israel as if it is this ugly, demonic, horrific entity. You say, well, I believe it is. Well, you're free to believe that. I'm saying it is anti-Semitic to believe that.

But you're free to believe that, right? Just like if you said all whites are rapists or all blacks are murderers. Well, those would be racist comments.

You can believe them if you want, but those would be racist comments. So when you demonize the nation as a whole, that's anti-Semitic. When you delegitimize Israel and say that Israel has no right to exist, then that is anti-Semitic. And when you use double standards, that you hold Israel to standards different than any other nation on the planet and therefore single them out for criticism in certain ways, that is anti-Semitic. But to say, for example, I don't like Netanyahu.

I think he's doing a terrible job as prime minister. That's not anti-Semitic. If you say, I think this right-wing government is downright dangerous, and you get some racists among them, you do. That's not anti-Semitic. If you say, I don't agree with Israel's policy in the West Bank, and I think they should pull out of their settlements, that's not anti-Semitic to say that. Yeah, Israel has a right to defend itself, but they've gone way too far in the war to Gaza, and they're causing way too many civilian casualties. Nothing anti-Semitic about that.

Nothing whatsoever. You can hold to those views, and many within Israel hold to those views as well. You can say, you know, Jewish people I went to school with, they were like uppity. Okay, as long as you don't think all Jews are uppity. Well, you know, I don't know, the Jews I work with in business, they're like really cutthroat and really tough with money.

Okay, that's the ones you work with. Just don't make a generalization about Jews in general. That's when things become anti-Semitic, when you make a generalization about the people as a whole. The same with any other group, all right?

The same with any other group. You can have an issue with Americans without being anti-American, but if you demonize the nation as a whole, if you delegitimize our right to exist, if you paint broad caricatured strokes about all Americans, then that becomes anti-American, becomes biased in its attitude and speech. It's the same with Israel. So, it always, I can't say it boggles my mind after all these decades, but it's still jarring to see how I can take issue with Israel on various points. I can say how there's no salvation for the Jewish people outside of Jesus Yeshua, and yet people say well you're just siding, you're just, all you do is side with your people, or side with my race as if being Jewish was just a race, interestingly. So, it's always, oh so we can't criticize Israel? No one's saying you can't criticize, you can do whatever you want to do, but the question is when does it become anti-Semitic? So, I'm explaining when it becomes anti-Semitic.

So, again you may hold to those views, but I just say then you hold to anti-Semitic views. Now, today is Holocaust Remembrance Day, and it's extraordinary that at this time in Israel when this especially remembered siren sound, people just stop, you know traffic stops, people get out of the cars just for a couple of minutes, this constant remembrance that Israel even as of the last 24 hours, 48 hours, has been bombed from the north and from the south, Hamas bombing again. Yeah, in the midst of everything going on, bombing again, and Israel of course now carrying out retaliatory strikes in Rafah and doing its best to move forward. America has said we do not support the current initiative in Rafah as it stands, we don't support the current offensive, there's too much danger to civilians. Israel said all right here's a map, go to Mawasi, go to this region here, because we're coming in for Hamas, this is the last Hamas stronghold, and we're coming in, and we have to do it, so evacuate. The UN saying it's not humanitarian to have them evacuate again, we've got a million people holed up there. All kinds of complex difficult issues for sure that are being worked out, but in the midst of this Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israel in an existential battle for its own survival with hostile forces surrounding it with Iran, fighting the battle through its proxies, Hamas and Hezbollah to try to wipe out Israel. An extraordinary time, an extraordinary season in the midst of this now, Hamas has said that they accept the new Qatari proposal, ceasefire proposal. Israel has said they're examining it because this is different than what they agreed to, and there's only one reason Hamas is doing this, just like they agreed to free hostages in the first place, it's because Israel devastatingly took out their strongholds in the northern part of Gaza very very quickly, and the devastation was so quick, so overwhelming, they really had no choice but to say okay we're going to negotiate. As much as they talk about martyrdom and all this when it's still now fighting for their lives and survival at the end, they're holed up in tunnels and using hostages as we understand as human shields, so obviously they're fearing Israel coming in and exerting pressure and seeking to take out their lost strongholds in Rafah. I was interacting with a brother a few months ago, I wouldn't call him anti-Zionist, but he's so strongly pro-Palestinian, he has extreme suspicion towards Israel and what they do and believes the worst narratives, I mean we really clashed in our views, but he was saying look what about the teaching of Jesus, turn the other cheek, what about the teaching of Jesus that you bless those who curse you, etc.

Well that's an interpersonal relationship, that is not talking about if some rapist and serial killer breaks into your home that you say oh my wife's down the hallway there, the kids are down there, and God bless you as you go, no that's not saying, you call the police instantly and if you can subdue that person you subdue that person, and if the only way to save your family was to take that person out that would be a righteous thing to do. The same way when we are invaded, if we were being invaded by foreign armies and we were having tens of thousands of our people slaughtered to just with numbers come up to what it would be, the equivalent of multiple 9-11s one day after another after another after another or multiple the same day to to compute with what Israel suffered on October 7th, we'd be in all-out war with these with these enemies and doing everything we knew to take them out. The way to overcome Hitler was not to turn the other cheek, so we're talking about war being enacted here, it must be, Hamas must be taken out of power. The question is what then replaces them something worse than Hamas as you chop the head of the snake and now you get 10 snakes instead? Is there a way to reach out to the people and say look you can have a a peaceful life you can have a prosperous life you can raise your kids without fear if you'll just acknowledge that Israel is here to stay because remember Hamas says we will do October 7th over and over again until there is no more Israel. Hamas has said this is not a conflict of 70 something years this is a conflict going back well before that well before a century meaning that Israel the Jewish people should not be there in the land at all there is no two-state solution with Hamas there is no two-state proposal there is no dwelling side by side with Israel in the land even with with 1967 borders there is none of that or pre-1967 borders there is none of that with Hamas it is the annihilation of Israel the extermination of Israel the end of Israel period that's all that Hamas stands for they are islamists all right they they're not primarily nationalists they're primarily islamists that is their viewpoint is there a way to appeal to the people to appeal to to the mothers and to the children that remain to to appeal to the fathers that are still alive and to say we're here we're not going anywhere there is not going to be some massive return of millions and millions of ex-palestinians that are around the world that's not going to happen so accept the reality here and dwell side by side in peace and prosperity that's the dream scenario right will help your economy will help your school systems will help your infrastructure will help with technology you know israel saying this just live in peace side by side with us it can happen of course there are extremists within israel that don't want that to happen and say no we just have to repopulate gaza and take it over again and the same thing with take over judaea samaria completely and and no palestinians there no arabs there etc there are some extremists that say it but the the vast majority of the people would be happy to live side by side they've lost hope of it now after the massacre they've lost hope but this is where we stand today friends to take issue with how israel conducts itself to take issue with israeli policy on and on and on that's not anti-semitic but if you demonize the nation as a whole if you did deal generalize israel's right to exist 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really check out the products see if they work for you the money back guarantee but hey here's the deal worst case scenario you made a donation to get us on more stations expanding the line of fire but best case you find that these wellness products really work for you as they do for me i i use them every day so great supplements 800-771-5584 to find out more okay to get on the air with me that's 866-344-TRUTH uh i okay tell you what i'm gonna go to some calls and talk about what's happening in israel and we've got some other calls under the subjects will get you as well uh but a little bit later in the broadcast i'm going to play a clip for you from one of the lead protesters at columbia university and to contrast the spirit of real revolutionaries with the spirit of the pampered protesters as i said last week i don't believe for a split second that's suddenly all over america students have a bleeding heart for the palestinian people and they really care about the suffering of the palestinians now some do the vast majority that's not the issue at all it's just the latest rage against the machine you know give it to push back against the man and i'm i'm watching one video and a lady look white to me she's telling us we don't we don't like you because you're white we don't like white people that's what we're protesting about we're like white people this is just the latest variation of stand-up protests down with the colonizers down with the oppressors and that's the zionists and the whites and on and on just the latest manifestation just rebel against the system we'll get into that bit more all right let me let me grab a couple of israel-related calls we'll start in fort worth texas joseph welcome to the line of fire all right dr brown thank you for taking my call sure thing yeah i have a question um so i lived in the middle east uh for a couple years been able to do some uh missions over there my wife she uh from palestinian backgrounds and so arrows are really dear to my heart and i really got to see uh the community in the christian community that's there um and understand what it's like my concern is that uh the evangelical movement today overlooks the suffering of the palestinian people and uh solely uh focuses on just praying for israel praying for its success which is good we need to be praying to israel but i also believe that many christians are overlooking the the plight of the palestinian people including christian brothers and sisters there and so um i guess you know i hear on your program that you don't like to use unequal weights and balances and i and i do kind of see that with how we're addressing the palestinian people because yes amass needs to be taken out but at the same time uh we're the way that israel conducting its war they need to be using a surgical uh tool in order to extract the moth and said they're using a sledgehammer and so for me i just wanted to get your opinion about this is um you know i your opinion about this is i think the way they're conducting the war is they're actually doing more harm than good in the long run because they can actually be promoting more rhythm yeah i agree with much of what you're saying uh number one especially with the older generation the younger generation of of believers of evangelicals is really much more confused when it comes to israel and doesn't understand god's purposes for israel the same way as the older generation but with the older generation you're 100% right we often forget about the suffering the palestinian people we forget about about the christians among them we forget to pray for their salvation i was actually part of a meeting saturday night in vermont and a local pastor was asked to come up and pray for israel at the end and he did but didn't say a but didn't say a word about palestinians when he finished i said let's pray for the palestinians uh they're precious in god's sight as well and i've said like a broken record on the show that palestinian blood is just as precious in god's sight as israeli blood the very first day of of the massacre uh in fact i was speaking the next day october 8th in fort worth and brought a message on god's pain for israel but i said listen uh the nature of the war the nature of how hamas as has entrenched itself in the midst of civilian communities there are going to be more palestinians who die than israelis we need to be praying for the palestinians and even wrote an article early on called sympathy for the palestinians so i i do agree with you there that we often overlook that or we demonize that people as a whole as if they're all hamas i know many are hamas supporters and they they have rejoiced with hamas's victories i look at them as victims of brainwashing and indoctrination and the situation in which they've been raised but certainly we often overlook prayer for them or concern for them or think that their blood is not as precious as as israeli blood so i agree with you on on that point 100 percent as far as my emphasis i i have stated those things over and over and over and over uh anyone that's watched the broadcast over the or listened over the months will know that at the same time i'm constantly confronting issues having to do with jew hatred with the demonization of israel as a whole the campus protest now the rising tide of anti-semitism so i'm going to talk about those things more but when we talk about the actual war on the ground always going to mention the other side of things the last point i i would say that it's a bit of an overstatement to say that israel needs surgical precision and they're using a sledgehammer they're doing their best to use surgical precision in the mid and take out hamas but hamas has set itself up by by design to take that the only way you can get to hamas is by killing civilians it's just the that's the only possible way you can do it they they've set it up in that way and they welcome it they're on record saying we'll lose hundreds of thousands of lives it's a victory for us so could israel do even better yes would i make as blunt a distinction as you no now is there a problem ultimately that what israel does is going to lead to more problems yes absolutely it's a very very difficult situation here that's why i put out my my dream scenario so i i agree with almost everything you said but i i believe the sledgehammer versus surgical precision is an overstatement and in light of the reality of the war there and the degree to which the people are willingly working with hamas standing with hamas there's we even know october 7th there's civilians that joined in the massacre the civilians that were housing hostages and as and and you see the crowds when i saw the footage myself you know shown that the the idf has put together the 47 minutes of footage i i saw the the celebration as bodies were brought in and paraded through the streets and the crowds were celebrating and taking pictures on their cell phones so it's it's a tragic difficult situation but i agree with almost everything you said almost everything you said the way you said it except one point i would nuance a little all right okay yes thank you much thank you thank you so much for the call and for raising these issues it's very important and and i i just want to i just want to second what what joseph had said don't forget about the suffering of palestinian people right now yes yes israel is is under siege yes living in israel is incredibly intense with the world coming against you yes jew hatred is rising around the world we need to call it out confront it at the same time don't forget about the palestinians suffering greatly in in horrific conditions there is there is shortage of food supplies water supplies things that israel sends its people to the streets of israel because things that israel sends in as well hamas tries to take for themselves that's another issue and problem disease real problems and then of course all those who've been killed thousands who've died we know the exact numbers because hamas has given the numbers and they don't even tell you which were their own combatants and which were civilians and numbers are only inflated by hamas in in any case there's doubtless great suffering and there are christians among them as well the christians greatest enemy though it's not israel is hamas let that not be forgotten in the middle east and may god intervene in his mercy eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four a whole lot more to go on the broadcast today thanks for standing with us thanks for helping us push back against the darkness together we are making a difference friends michael brown here my delight to serve as your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity we are living in such urgent times today friends that all of us are in the line of fire there's a target on your back there's a target on my back if you simply seek to live by biblical values or just conservative moral values you could be cancelled you could be cast out you could be put down you could be silenced i'm here to say friends that i am not about to be silenced and i don't believe you are either it is time for us to stand up it is time for us to say enough is enough it is time for us to push back in jesus name not fighting the way the world fights no overcoming evil with good overcoming hatred with love overcoming the flesh with the power of the spirit overcoming lies with truth and that's what we're here to do on the line of fire broadcast and friends it's not just a broadcast it is a movement of people around the world god's people standing up saying enough is enough and saying lord here we are send us use us i want to urge you today to join our support team because we are on the front lines together and we are literally touching people around the world in america in the nations in israel and together with your help we're going to amplify this voice and spread this 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university she was one of the protest leaders with the encampment there and uh they're asking for supplies to be brought in i i want you to hear this dialogue it's it's really quite telling why should the university be obligated to provide food to people who've taken over a building uh well for first of all we're saying that they're obligated to provide food to students who pay for a meal plan here but you mentioned that there was a request that food and water be brought in to allow it to be brought in i mean well i guess it's ultimately a question of what kind of community and obligation columbia feels it has to its students um do you want students to die of dehydration and starvation or get severely ill even if they disagree with you if the answer is no then you should allow basic i mean it's crazy to say because we're on an ivy league campus but this is like basic humanitarian aid we're asking for like could people please have a glass of water but they did put themselves in that very deliberately in that situation and in that position so it seems like you're sort of saying we want to be revolutionaries we want to take up this building now would you please bring us water nobody's asking them to bring anything everything we're we're asking them to not violently stop us from bringing in basic humanitarian aid they're stopping the delivery of food i we are looking for a commitment from them that they will not stop it but i haven't stopped it well i don't i'm not i don't know to what extent it has been attempted but we're looking for a commitment may god bring this young woman to a saving knowledge of her son and give her a purpose in life beyond this pseudo-revolutionary nonsense by the way her doctoral thesis quote i'm particularly interested in theories of the imagination and poetry as interpreted through a marxian oh carl marks what do you know a marxian lens in order to update and propose an alternative to historicist ideological critiques of the romantic imagination ah it's clear right she said prior to joining columbia i worked as a political strategist this is her bio at columbia university for leftist and progressive causes and remained active in the higher education labor movement notice it's just the latest revolutionary marxist cause uh what's so extraordinarily ironic is okay you have the people in gaza are really suffering potential dehydration starvation severe illness because the conditions in which they're living and here you've got these pampered protesters saying we want you know we want our food water supplies like oh hang on the campus dining hall is open you've got a meal plan the campus dining hall is open but we've taken over a building we'll send some of the people out to get food bring it in hey tell you what or go online and order get your cell phone out and order food well we want to make sure it's not violently stopped nobody stopped anything nobody stopped anything i mean picture this you you got you got a delivery you whenever a service use grubhub or whoever it is right and you say i'd like guarantee that that no one is going to try to stop uh violently stop the delivery it's like who's stopping any deliveries where's anything stop you're the ones threatening violence right where what's happening here so this whole mythical thing that we're you know we see hey tell you what just just go out and just just walk outside and go ahead and and get what you want and go back in or call a friend say hey could you bring me a bottle of water or maybe next time before you take a building bring a few extra bottles of water with you this is this is remarkable okay uh let's see over at ecla protesters said we will not leave we'll remain here until our demands are met but they had some urgent needs though hot food for lunch this we are we are revolutionaries yeah i've been writing about revolutionaries and and revolutionary themes for many years now and the basic mentality of revolutionaries life as it is it's not worth living but the cause is worth dying for right that's that's how revolutionary often thinks so bill bright in this book revolution now quotes the words of nichayev marxist who died in prison for his role in the assassination of zar alexander second the second quote so this is a marxist revolutionary said the revolutionary man is a consecrated man he has neither his own interests nor concerns nor feelings nor attachment nor property not even a name all for him is absorbed in the single exclusive interest in the one thought in the one passion revolution trick of ara invite his old friend julia el gaucho castro to join him in cube and he said this experience of ours is really worth taking a couple of bullets for if you do come don't think of returning the revolution won't wait well these protesters don't seem to be willing to take forget about taking a bullet how about a cold lunch no one's got hot food for lunch i'm looking at demands important all caps i mean how could they protest effectively without a nice hot lunch and also on their list vegan food gluten-free food and then quite emphatically no packaged food no coffee no bagels no bananas no nuts on with the revolution and they had urgent needs all capitals urgent headlamps a soft goggles skater helmets wood for barrier and we have to construct a barrier when you please bring us the wood for our revolutionary barrier rain ponchos umbrellas and super fright bright flashlights strobe charged yeah the flashlights make sure they're super bright and make sure they're charged what kind of revolutionaries will be be without super bright strobe flashlights fully charged over at the university of chicago the protesters made a series of supply requests for its medical tent including plan b also knows the morning after pill okay so the revolutionaries get to doing some other extracurricular activity make sure you have the plan b pill hiv tests and dental dams if you don't know what dental dams are that's just fine those who do yeah this this is on with the revolution what kind of nonsense is this this is what a pampered privilege protest looks like this is not based on principle that's what it looks like all right back to the phones let's go to daton ohio carl you're on the line of fire and your name is your your your your dr brown right that's last time i checked yes sir okay i don't have much to say i'm just sick of these ignorant people they don't really know what's going on these are just uh descendants of uh philistines and edamites and that's all they are and uh i'm a black guy who was granted into uh you know and into the kingdom and um i just see these ignorant people they like in daton i was out one time and it was a wednesday this is when it's just getting started i see all these people marching and i and i was playing dumb and ignorant i'm like so what's going on here and i was talking to a guy handsome guy he was uh he was arab or something he was telling me what's going on which it didn't make any sense but i see these people walking in line like a zombie and they don't know if they would allow these people to take over this country these women who are marking in line right probably medical students going to be lords whatever they wouldn't be going to school they'd be wearing burkas up to their eyeballs you know they would get no respect and they're marking for these people it's like queers queers for palestine right i'm sorry it's like the the queers for palestine movement it's like you you can do that you can do that in israel you can have a gay pride march in israel sad to say but go ahead have your gay pride march in the west bank or worse still in gaza and see what happens to you see what happens to you to your trans feminism yeah see what happens to you exactly exactly they're but they're actually marking for people that hate them hate them yeah and it's just a paradox to me and um i just really don't what i but i guess it's just ignorance you know and um well yeah here here's yeah here's here's what it is carl there are a few things there are people look there there are jews against the war in gaza right now because they feel israel's going too far and it's bringing great suffering on palestinian people so there are those who are generally compassionate and you're going to have muslims who historically have issues with israel and are more pro-palestinian so they're they're going to have some knowledge but your average protester yeah first when people say from the river tennessee palestine will be free you say excuse me which river and which sea they can't answer that then you show them a map and show them okay the jordan river and the mediterranean sea and say well what nation is there right now oh that's called israel as soon as you're saying no more israel oh we didn't realize we were saying that you know that's another thing and that okay well where do the jewish people go you just what's the kamah solution exterminate them exterminate them or expel them that's that's that's that's the hamas solution and you are standing with hamas uh and it's but but there are two things one sir is the irrational nature of anti-semitism that it just just people can they get angry at the jews conspiring against the jews evil israel evil jews and the other thing is like i said it's part of the the latest protest thing look i do not believe that around the world suddenly in 2020 there was tremendous sympathy for black americans i do not believe that i do not believe that suddenly all around the world everybody care all europe everybody cared about police brutality against african-americans i don't believe that for a split second it was just another anti-american anti-oppressor thing i don't believe it was true solidarity or true compassion or true anything in that regard so this is the the latest manifestation of that and it is irrational and then a lot of the younger generation tick-tock they're educated in such such a way that kamas they're the great freedom fighters you know islam bin laden's manifesto against america or against against the west that when that was that went viral on tick-tock recently people like yes yes he's got it right it's like you you realize who that is you realize who that is you realize that that man wants you dead that you're part of the problem in his eyes so tremendous ignorance tremendous demonic deception and that's the scary thing to see this many people drink the kool-aid to think you know columbia's just said they're setting down their commencement ceremonies this is a big thing graduation shut down because these protesters other schools doing the same going to complete remote classes now yeah thank you sir for the call i appreciate it hey guys let's let's grab some of those slides um when i debunk the myths that today's jews were actually descended of the hussars this this myth ashkenazi jews white jews yeah just among many comments we get zionism is satan's army on earth we have those slides guys yeah there's one of them zionism is satan's army on earth and then as as i talk about how our universities are cultivating anti-semitism one of the replies he's just on youtube the u.s is finally waking up to the fact that it is zionist occupied those evil zionist jews trying to take over the world oh yeah that's that's the rhetoric out there we'll be right back george i'm gonna get you your call shortly have you had a setback from an injury accident or surgery that left you feeling weaker and a loss of strength or are you feeling the effects of aging and just don't feel like you have the stamina or energy you used to then myo health might be an answer to your prayers backed by 24 human clinical studies and over 20 million dollars in government-funded research myo health contains a perfect balance of all nine essential amino acids with myo health you can rebuild your strength improve your balance and mobility have more energy while 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triveda introductory offer use promo code brown25 and receive a 25% discount on the products of your choice call 1-800-771-5584 800-771-5584 it's the line of fire with your host dr michael brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34 truth here again is dr michael brown welcome back to the line of fire michael brown blessed and delighted to be with you again make sure you're getting our front line equipping newsletter go to the line of and click subscribe it'll be coming your way we'll send you last month's immediately and then get you in our welcome tour as well that's the line of fire dot org if you're watching on youtube and you're not a subscriber make sure you click subscribe and then the bell so be notified when we go live with new shows so last week i talked about the bill passed by the house we still have to go to full senate but passed by the house for uh a bill outlawing outlawing certain anti-semitic speech etc and i just focused on the mistaken notion that the definition of the international holocaust remembrance alliance would forbid someone from saying that in the new testament times that jewish leaders gave jesus over to be crucified it it would say it is anti-semitic if you say all jews of all time are responsible or israel today is responsible for the death of jesus that would be anti-semitic so i just explained it whether the bill was a good bill or not another question whether it was strictly freedom of speech or not another question i suddenly dealt with that reality and almost saying jewish people need jesus to be saved like everybody else so some of the responses to that here's here's one guy strange how talmudic zionists can actually control the pitos jesuits and satanists and congress and this is the sicko stuff that's out there um as they explain in their wicked beliefs we the lower level people goyim are to serve zionists so this is this is the crazy stuff that people believe um someone was pointing out to tucker carlson a friendly reminder of the new that new testament authors were jewish the same guy just quoted a moment ago says ah no hebrew zionists are not jews they're wicked satanic talmudic devils this is the sick stuff that's out there when i just set the record straight about what the bill actually says or what the i h r a definition actually has been a definition around for some years and and widely used in jewish circles to define anti-semitism and saying jews need jesus like everybody else here's some of the responses we get dr brown showing his loyalty to israel over christ and then uh so if it's illegal to say that the jews killed jesus then it should be illegal to say that germans killed jews unreal and notice the jews but just germans extraordinary extraordinary this is the mindset the rhetoric and friends which after realize this is not just fringe these crazy jew hating attitudes are becoming more and more mainstream and you'll see more and more of them within the church mark my words with that we'll go back to the phones uh over in texas george are you still there yes sir great thank you for holding welcome to the line of fire well thank you dr brown for having me uh i want to talk a little bit you know uh it's in reference to this doctrine about the pre-trip which uh i believe is little anti-semit anti-semite as well but uh you know when we read in revelations 20 where it talks about you know blessed and holy is he who has part in the first resurrection second has no part of them but this this doctrine this teaching uh says that you know uh when the lord comes at that the rapture he will come for the church but not knowing that uh the church you know as it started with jews and it's comprised of jews and gentiles and also the when paul writes in ephesians chapter 2 verse 15 where uh out of the two people he made one so we should not be separating what god has united just like in a marriage right do not separate work do not put us under what god has right so so let me ask this one let me ask this one question to clarify and then we'll open this up together so a jewish person outside of jesus is not part of the ecclesia not part of the church would you agree with that and in other words the church has saved jews and saved gentiles so i'm a saved jew you're a saved gentile we're part of the same spiritual family we're one in the messiah but gentiles who don't believe in jesus and jews who don't believe in jesus are not part of the ecclesia would you agree with that uh yes okay so that's not anti-semitic to say that you're saying that because dispensationalism the pre-tip teaching makes puts up makes them two complete separate entities the church and then israel that's what makes it anti-semitic i just want to make sure i understand well no where where i was leading with that is for example they say uh in other words jews are not going uh in the as they say the rapture but uh they will have to go through the great tribulation in other words you're gonna have to suffer if you want to go to heaven this is what you know you're gonna go through god i believe that the lord will come at the end yes as it's written you know uh throughout scripture uh in matthew 24 you know at the end where after the tribulation of those days yeah yes and when you know lazarus dies that mark you know he will rise again yeah i know that in the last day he will rise yes so so george yeah i'm i'm with you on that that i understand that the second coming is one event at the end of the age there's not a second coming in the third coming so at the after the tribulation of those days that he will appear for the entire world to see and that we will look to him yeah it will be caught up together with him and and descend to the earth so here's here's the interesting thing about dispensationalism the pre-trib rapture idea on the one hand it's been strongly pro-israel for decades that that these authors were expecting the jewish people to come back to the land long before it happened they were talking about it they were believing for it they were praying for it and they would be on the front lines of those recognizing modern israel today as fulfillment of prophecy which is you know our ongoing fulfillment of prophecy which is wonderful and scriptural they would be on the front line standing with israel today and standing for israel's right to defend itself which is all good and positive and they would be believing that that that america should have its capital in jerusalem and that we should recognize jerusalem as the capital all those are good positive things that would be philo-semitic right pro jewish pro israel the negative is what you're saying which is that the scenario is when all hell breaks loose on earth that the church is taken out but israel remains and that while we all feast in heaven the jews are getting slaughtered on the earth with something maybe even worse than a holocaust and we're praying for the return of the jewish people back to the land what to be slaughtered so that's that's where on the one hand pre-tribbers dispensationalists historically they've been pro-israel standing with israel supporters of the nation etc but the problem is that the end time scenario is one where when it gets really bad that the church is out of here because god couldn't let his beloved church suffer like that but the jews suffer and then have to go through tribulation and maybe some horrific suffering in order to be saved as opposed to simply being saved by faith so yeah there are some real problems with it and and again sir the the average pre-trip person you meet is going to be pro-israel believing that god's restored the jewish people back to the land but there are some aspects of it that really are very unpleasant to the jewish people that raise concern so i appreciate the call thank you sir thank you sir have a blessed one you too now look friends the way you evaluate a doctrine is just what does scripture say right and and we recognize that just as the disciples didn't understand messing prophecy about jesus until after he died and rose so those events had to happen then they opened their eyes we don't we don't want to be so arrogant to think that we alone have the full revelation of the end or that we have every detail in place the only we uh have have the right eschatology and everybody else is in such error that they're not even saved or they're deeply deceived we don't want to fall into that mentality but i i just want to throw this out to you all right i want to throw something out to you let's say you're calvinist reform you believe in the sovereignty of god or just in general you believe in the sovereignty of god so that if there's a world war ultimately god caused it or willed it so if there is the rebirth of the modern state of israel after two thousand years and and in terms of full sovereignty well over two thousand years there's the rebirth of israel out of the ashes of the holocaust who did it who did it how did it happen who was behind it was it just people was it the devil does anyone have the power to undo god's edict because god scattered our people my people in judgment we don't have the power to regather ourselves you and can't regather us satan can't do it only only god could do it so here the bible talks about god preserving us and bringing us back into the land despite our sin in numerous prophetic passages he brings us back so here we are back in the land the bible talks about jesus coming back to jerusalem and jerusalem being a city of controversy for the whole world and and here we see the world controversy around jerusalem we we see a growing number of jewish believers in the land now several tens of thousands we see the rising religious opposition it's just like new testament times unfolding again in so many ways is it so striking to to believe that hey the bible sits really coming to pass i'm not a dispensationalist i'm not pre-trib but i do believe that god keeps his word i do do believe when he speaks plainly we should take him plainly and therefore as i see these things unfold i clearly see the hand of god may god intervene may he bring his jewish people may he bring the muslim people to himself there and may his mercy and may his mercy be poured out on all those suffering in the middle east right now back with you tomorrow
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