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Believing in the Resurrection

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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January 28, 2022 7:00 am

Believing in the Resurrection

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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January 28, 2022 7:00 am

Every person who’s ever lived has eventually crossed over into death. Only one has ever crossed back. Dr. Tony Evans will talk about why Jesus’ resurrection is the centerpiece of history and the pivot point between eternal life and death.

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We will worship when things on wealth Dr. Tony Evans says it's important to recognize God is in control integration is blessing only way this is true with the sovereignty of this is the alternative Dr. Tony Potter speaker senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative Jesus resurrection is the centerpiece of history and the pivot point between eternal life and death today. Dr. Evans explores the validity, value and victory of the Lord's resurrection examines how we can experience God's comfort when we acknowledge his complete power and sovereignty. Let's join them as he begins to talk with me to avert the story.

John 11 and we all know the story of Martha Mary and Lazarus, Martha and Mary have come to Jesus. This brother was sick and you love in any state.

Verse 36 Jesus gave him a promise of sickness is not in, but for the glory of God.

Now the first thing you've got to know is that God uses sickness since this sickness is for the glory of God, so God does you sickness and allows a problem occurs in that Lazarus would say yes, but notice what Jesus does in verse 11. He said he's fallen asleep. You want to give them a different view of death.

Therefore, what you heard that Jesus was coming, went to medium but Mary stayed home because Mary not talking to Jesus. She's upset she called on Jesus and Jesus did absolutely nothing if you tell the truth. Many of us get upset because we been called called him, but he was nowhere to be found in verse 21 then said Jesus, Lord, if you would've been here, my brother would not translation is your fault. Jesus said there your brother will rise again. Martha said to him know that he will rise again in the resurrection on the last day of the prophecy conferences and I know that one day in the Swede by-and-by we cross over to Chile Jordan River. He will rise again.

Verse 25 Jesus said to her, I am the resurrection and the life.

Whoever believes in me will live, even if you guys, and everyone lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this is what will talk about for a few minutes I will answer your question, do you believe this next question.

Jesus says your brother will rise again. She says what I know he will rise again in the resurrection Jesus raises the question, do you believe I am the resurrection, that's a different belief see many of us believe about Jesus who don't believe in the Jesus we believe about was we believe the data we need more data we need to experience the God who gave the data we already know Jesus says I am the resurrection. Please note, if he makes it personal not merely doctrinal.

And he makes it present tense not to dance. I know what is he he is the resurrection what needs resurrection, something that had died.

Why does God allow something in your world to die so that you can experience resurrection, because once you experience resurrection.

You have a personal experience with God and not merely an informational study about God so God let Lazarus die because he wanted them to see that he was the resurrection. So suppose right now what God is letting you and me go through his own purpose not know you plan to get out of it. You pray to be delivered from it to print like I got something wrong really could be your prayer by letting what was sick get worse and do you believe this, do you believe him personal M present.

Do you believe that I am present right now in the bed dying situation. Do you believe this soul. She says yes she says yes I believe it will. Jesus tells in verse 39 remove the stone from the two model of the system's ascending Lord. By this time there will be a stench for he has been dead for day juices move the stone.

She gives electric mortuary science should have Jesus do you believe in the resurrection.

What yeah okay remove the stone would you censor I think is a little ticked off because you consider did not save you probably rolled his neck on that you believe you would see the glory of God. Okay, please note that if you believe you would see that if you see you believe and how would we know she believed by the moving of the stone, not by the discussion of the theology is a question must always ask in a dying situation when you look to Christ to be the resurrection. What stone do you want me remove what ridiculous thing.

Do you want me to do the Holy Spirit have to reveal that different strokes for different folks. But, but what is it that you want me to do as to demonstrate my faith, and not simply to recite it. What's my point of action. What is not action point. What thing do you want me to do and it may not make sense. The Bible is full of God asking people to do what with appear to be ridiculous things that didn't make sense but is what got to test their faith so they remove the stone verse 41, Jesus raised his eyes and said the most part were in verse 21 is been my faith in their meeting. Not until she removed the stone.

Then Jesus raises to father, thank you that you heard me.

I know that you always hear me because of the people standing around like I said it so that they may believe that you sent me when you think these things, he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, when she moved the stone demonstrating the faith in the person and not merely in the theology, Jesus prayed it which will you just don't want you to pray. You want Jesus to pray everything. Why would just pray because Jesus said when he prayed. You always answer the problem is always answer, but he is Jesus. So the question is how do I get Jesus to pray when I'm praying I'm praying Lazarus is healed. I need Jesus to preregister sealed because I know Jesus prays disco breakthrough. That means I need to get Jesus by getting his attention. Remove the stone was removing the stone say I believe Jesus unfortunately many of us a practical test with theologically sound but when it comes to life decisions with a list because Jesus been trying to get us to move some stones for years things that he's one of us to shift that we want to shift. We think that we needed to shift the one-woman ownership would make sense to shift to the fact I wait let me know when you ready that operate and notice what Jesus said Lazarus come forth that had Mr. Lazzaro for just a couple of everybody gravely got up and we would've been zombie land someplace but notice that Jesus's answer was specific to the situation click on them about the brother name so Jesus directly addressed the situation Academy two days ago review this passage the little that I know I would get a phone call today from assisting the church who asked me to pray about a situation in her life that neither reversal, but there was no Shuman way that a reversal could be seen in this particular situation was no human way and the reversal with elbows virtually happy happy so that was that was the size of the problem. The reversal of the timing of the problem. It had to teach it had turned on, and so that was so the question what should be the response to the situation. What should be responses 20 so we discussed it and am discussed back-and-forth situation and we came to a a faith response. Moving the stone kind of response in the reply, moving the stone, response is because the response was not the preference the response that we agreed on was not the preference we agreed on the opposite to what was wanted. So we prayed we came to be an agreement that that's what the Bible talks about two or three agreeing them and that's why that agreement. This is important so that was an agreement so we agreed it was an impossible situation is a big issue was a timing issue and the decision was opposite to what was wanted. But it was the best decision to make, even though it was what was wanted and I get a phone call the day telling me God intervened and I think it completely 180 and everything without the person having to do otherwise nothing had to be done.

Nothing was done by the person to change the scenario God just get down into that thing and twisted it and tweaked it and turned it after the decision was made. A lot of us are waiting for God to move so we can make the decision.

God is waiting for us to make a decision so we can move. Dr. Evans will come back with more powerful insights about God and our relationship with him when he continues her message just a moment. Stay with us. Life is painful everyone story comes with unique challenges and difficulties that leave us lasting drowning in their way to be a financial disaster. The effects of a global pandemic is a broken relationship by the last seven left-wing Dr. Tony Evans best-selling on an open Bible Fellowship understands life's hardships firsthand in a span of less than two years last seven family member, including his precious wife in the wake of this pain at the deepest level truancy has increased about God for more than 40 and comforting.

Dr. Evans gives you practical spiritual principles based on the life of his shows that there is a lot of happiness on the other side of town you will learn how to block her enjoy.

There is his name. Go to Tony to find out more and request your help for the hurting in celebration of the release of this new book from Dr. Evans would like to send you one of the first copies is our gift in return for your donation toward keeping this powerful teaching coming your way. Each day, and for just a few more days along with Tony's hope for the hurting book will also include all 20 messages tan on CD and tennis digital downloads from the audio series you're listening to today called coming to the comforter. This collection offers a healthy perspective on the pain and trials. We all go through I can help you find the strength you need to hold on during tough times, allowing you to discover the healing and wholeness. God has in store for you request this special package of resources right away. Tony you can also find a companion hope for the hurting Bible study DVD and study guide. Again, go to Tony for all the details or let one of our resource team members help you by phone, day or night at 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222 right now Dr. Evans is back to help us get a handle on the complete sovereignty of God as he begins part two of today's message book of Job is the quintessential expression of suffering, nothing compares to it in terms of understanding the nature of the struggle of suffering and not being able to locate God in your pain. There's no place where you can better understand God in terms of suffering. The book of Joel because that is its context. When introduced to Job as a righteous man. So when talking about a man who was deeply committed to God that's in the first chapter were also talking about a successful television in verse three of chapter 1 all that he possessed. Therefore, it is possible to be godly and successful to have achieved or accomplished a lot in life you have yet accomplished a prize if you will, was also a family man with 10 children and so he was committed to God.

He had overwhelming wealth and he had a family. This is this is Job. The problem occurs when something happens in heaven that Job is unaware of on earth. There is a meeting in heaven between God and the devil that Job didn't know any thing about but the meeting is about. So Job is getting ready to suffer any history because of the discussion in eternity sums going on up there.

But think about and in fact will never know anything about when the bookends he still don't know that this meeting took place between God and the devil which was going to situational the Lord.

Verse seven says to Satan, from where you come then Satan answered the Lord and says from roaming about all the earth and walking around. The Lord said to Satan well in your travels.

Have you considered my servant Job, for there is no one like him on earth, a blameless and upright man, fearing God and turning away from evil. Then Satan says doesn't show fear God for what Satan says about Job is you get all of his love, Joe is because of how much he blessed about what he did it for the blessed event upon the blessed people praise you because the body of company people praise you because it helped us praise you convince families and to praise you because everything is going so perfect in this man's life who would follow God believe you, but not for nothing he saw something God says Job is committed to me and is not committed to me just because I blessed he's committed to me because it committed to me same challenges that and says well let me touch it. Let me take all the goodies away and see how much he is committed to you. Then the Lord said to Satan, behold all in your power only. Do not put forth on him so Satan departed from the presence of the Lord Satan only got the touch Job by permission.

So there's one thing you need to know about the devil and that even of the devil. He's got in other words, when it comes to God's children, particularly because we're talking about now. Satan have to get permission to touch, particularly if you're up right in your pursuit of God in your pursuit of God is authentic God will for his own sovereign purposes. Choose to demonstrate to the spiritual realm.

The commitment of those who are authentically his, and who are committed to. So Satan is allowed to test Job and Job is about the interim beginning in verse 13 the worst day of his life. His world will come crumbling down. He loses his children.

He loses his servants, he loses his business. He loses his wealth. He loses his health, she loses everything on time.

Verse 20, Job arose and toys roll and shaved his head, that's a position of despair. He fell to the ground and worship them.

If there's any day that you don't feel like going to church. You don't feel like exalting him extolling God is the day the question on the floor is will you worship God when things are not going well for you if you worship God when it's all flowing went over the monies right relationships the right circumstances right when there is no pain, no problem. Only way to survive life, particularly when is doing. You will, is to remember the sovereignty of God. The main reason why God allows us even in our righteousness to go through painful and sometimes prolonged situation is to give us a fresh vision of I want to challenge you to become a worshiper and ask God to let you have a view of him.

Unlike you have ever had before.

Verse 10 the Lord restored the fortunes of Job when he prayed for his friends in the Lord, increase all the Job had two full so God gave back Job thing that he lost. We like that is righteous, he loses everything.

You don't understand why but I guess this fresh view of God's response to the front room God to get back the stuff what went well is I lost. Give me back. I will what the enemy has for me know. I wanted back. I woke about the stuff, what stuff, but only when he got the vision because the purpose of the pain was to give him a new view of God.

Unlike he had before. We thought it would call you thought of the flesh in the store. This will irritate you to death.

You will experience a level that you did not forget so he says in chapter 13 verse 15 though he slay me, don't trust him to see him in a way I have never ever ever ever never never never ever seen him before and when you respond now about stuff will get the stuff what God is getting fresh view.

Dr. Tony Evans with an encouraging reminder that God is present and wants us to draw close to him even in the midst of pain and trials of today's lesson on the resurrection and the sovereignty of God was actually drawn from two separate sermons and we only had time to share about half of the material.

Dr. Evans originally presented. If you'd like to explore the complete messages there included as a part of the comprehensive 20 part series I mentioned earlier coming to the comforter as a special bonus along with the coming to the comforter series will also send you Tony's newest book hope for the hurting, this powerful resource package is yours with our thanks when you make a contribution in support of the ministry of the urban alternative. But this special offer is only good through Monday, so visit Tony right away to get the details and make the arrangements. And while you're there, check out the companion hope for the hurting Bible study DVD and study guide as well. Again that's Tony or that one of our friendly resource team members, assist with your request at 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222. Trusting God isn't hard when your life seems to be sailing along just fine. But when the clouds roll in and everything goes dark. It's much more difficult to hold on to hope on Monday. Dr. Evans will talk about what it takes to embrace hope when all the signs point to disaster. Be sure to join us for the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans is brought to you by the made possible by the generous contributions listeners like

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