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Moses: The Choices of Faith

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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September 26, 2021 8:00 am

Moses: The Choices of Faith

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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September 26, 2021 8:00 am

Many people are living between two worlds without even realizing it, but are you one of those people? Tony Evans says we all have the choice between accepting the reality of our faith or conforming to the pressure of the world. In this lesson, learn to make the choice to experience the reward of God that is so much greater than any treasure of man.

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If you want to travel to a foreign country because that passport gives you the right fossil evidence is holding onto the passport of faith in Christ may not be easy but it comes with unimaginable make that choice to see him cannot never see celebrating this is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans offers speaker senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas resident of the urban alternative life is all about making decisions. Some are obvious and easy, others more difficult and costly. Dr. Evans says that faith quite often falls in that second category.

So today you'll offer some biblical motivation to help us make more difficult, but wiser choices let's join him. The greatest leader history of Israel. Just like to make your choices but I think life is made up of a married of choices we make every day.

It will involve choice to believe and obey. Based on that belief you going to make a choice.

That is what we face in Hebrews chapter 11 versus 2328 23 by faith Moses when he was born was hidden for three months by his parents because they saw was a beautiful child. They were not afraid of the king's eating of course talking about the fact that when Moses was born. All that all the male children under two were to be slain, because not want to see the continued proliferation of the Israelites.

Verse 23 by faith we talked about Moses his mother and father made a decision in spite of the law of the land about the killing of the kids that because their child was a beautiful child. We are not going to be afraid of the king and they made their decision about Moses, by faith Moses was born into a home. If you want your children to faith. They need to know didn't show up when his mom and dad went to church with the laws of the land against their family structure except the king may kill all the babies but by because their child was beautifulů They were not terrified by the king. The question is what about the way this child looked beautiful child that made them. The child was beautiful not good you good you beautiful babies were the biggest lie ever told that being nice. The writer of Luke in Luke chapter 7 verse 20 says Logos was born to parents and saw this child would not believe in God's sight accepted 20 something to talk about them being beautiful and not merely talk about what looked like they were talk about God's perception of the child.

He was lovely in God's sight for baby Moses and because it was a family. They said God has a purpose for this child. God thinks highly of this child to one of the reasons were against abortion here at Oakland Bible Fellowship is what God thinks about the baby will not with the mother thinks not with the daddy think the government thinks we want to know. Does God believe that that unborn child is beautiful. Does God have a plan for that child's life shows to believe God's plan for their children in spite of what the culture was saying, doing and legalizing good with the kinky they decided that this is God's child, for which we have responsibility and went on to preserve his life and protect his life in spite of what the government is saying what the government is planning. They chose God's plan for their child over culture's plan for their child and I want you to know parents that the culture and that will have a plan for your children is different than God's plan and maybe even yours because they were committed to God's plan and said we are going to follow God in spite of what the society and say they will think the problem comes when you turn over your child to the culture for their plan because there plan may wipe them out, but it says these parents were committed to God's plan for their children in spite of what the culture was sent to the board in the time of abortion, infanticide, secularism, and they have a way that insight is so bad out here we not have children so badly. I am afraid to bring children that were they said in spite of how bad the culture is God has a plan for this pregnancy is a plan and when I don't be afraid about how bad it is out there, because we know who we believe in here up in the song Moses was born into a safe environment, only three months over there to kiss them goodbye.

Most of us as parents are not babies. Goodbye three months old when they graduate from high school.

You may have to kiss goodbye going to college going in the Army going to a career.

That's why you want to make sure you brand them with the faith before you have to kiss them goodbye. So they put their baby boy. As the book of Exodus opens up and tells us to put the baby boy in a little basket and sent them down the Nile River $fellows gonna start with the Hebrew fellows gonna see the new baby in the basket know we were the Hebrew because the boy was circumcised. Only the Jews circumcised the boy.

The Egyptians and circumcised the sons about the way believe you know the story from Exodus 1st two chapters you the start. Miriam Moses big sister. She ran along the bank. She saw the daughter of Pharaoh picking up and taken. She says to the daughter for nursemaid help you take care of the nightmares they nurse might have taken measures, baby mama federal daughter needs a nurse.

She just picked up my baby brother your son Moses from the river. She goes down apply for the job she's hired by Pharaoh's daughter so she didn't pay the railroad baby because you will not discover what God can do until you do it and he can do it in ways that will blow your mind. When he sees your fate. Verse 24 by faith Moses when he had grown up refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter choosing rather to endure ill treatment with the people of God and to enjoy the passing pleasures of sin, considering the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt, for he was looking to the reward I tell you the second thing. Faith does biblical faith chooses not only God's plan over the cultures plan it chooses God's priorities chooses God's priorities swim will recall, the son of Pharaoh's daughter now acts chapter 7 says this took place when he was 40 years old, but at the age 40. It says he made a choice and he refutes I am going to now identify myself with the Hebrews verse 25.

Choosing rather to endure ill treatment with the people of God, then to enjoy the passing pleasures using word verse 25. Choosing because faith demands a choice he made a choice many of us have not yet made the choice you have not made the choice yourself dancing between two realities.

The reality of the pressure of the world.

So let me give you the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God. Once you make the choice. There will be ill-treatment solvers. He says to suckle ill-treatment that would come to the people of God. If you want to live in a popularity contest.

Then this choice not for you, because Jesus said all those who live godly in Christ Jesus will have negative repercussions that come by way you may no longer be in the in crowd you may no longer get the first observation for the raise. You may not get the promotion, you may not that special recognition that everybody else is getting because your true Christian told there is ill-treatment that come when you identify with treatment because you do a bad job you being disrespectful to be nonproductive ill-treatment because you associate with your faith and your faith governs your decisions so I don't do that because I'm a Christian, I can't because I'm a follower of Christ. That's where I take my stand and I know that may be repercussions. That's why the first word in the next verse is so important because the first word in verse 26 says, considering the reproach of Christ, considering means to think it through carefully. He looked at the pros and cons and when you look at the pros and cons.

He said instead of enjoying buses the pleasures of sin for a season. He said he thought this thing through. And when he thought it through. He discovered more riches in Christ then treasures in Egypt that that's what I said and what he didn't want to miss out on the reward so that was a motivation factor here. One just so spiritual you know he thought this thing through and what he discovered was that Christ is better than the payoff with the world and he calls it a reward. I will wind up Richard, then I will just settle for what the world has to offer me in Egypt. So the question is, what's the reward now you first thought maybe happen in heaven definitely is reward because the Bible says is going to reward us for our faithfulness down but I'm thing is rewarding. Talk about who's raising him. His mouth what is his mother telling him about his circumcision is something that sets them apart. No generations ago our forefathers Abraham. God told him circumcise his son circumcise his son because godly disagreement with him. Disagreement with your forefathers, Abraham said that God is going to build a land emanation and God is going to lead his people into the promised land important to tell you some of the reason why God let you get this education in the secular environment being raised by Egypt learn all this highfalutin stuff you learned is because guess what he wants you to be.

Acts chapter 7 when Stephen is reviewing Moses history says and Moses, knowing that God had called him to deliver Israel.

So when Moses mother was telling him about Moses playing board life and God transferred that the company from Abraham and Isaac to Jacob and we just transferred to you because God got this thing out there. He wants to do to you with you through you and for you and this thing is so big boy you go to be leading a whole nation don't you settle for that junk in Egypt and miss out on the reward of God's promise. You can fall so in love with the world that you miss out on God's plan for your life, you can fall so in love with the secular society that you can die with money in the bank. You can die with your name on up on the big plaque you can die with a big knife wasted life because you never got around to experiencing God's plan for you and I worked in love with Egypt to make the decision that the reward of God is greater than the treasures of myth. Nothing wrong with having the call the house for the job of the money in and of itself, unless you have to give up God to get it unless you had your faith. Under a bushel to get it. He says that he made the decision and he made the decision because he knew that was going to be for, but unless you believe that you will make the decision to hang out with the world because you don't buy the fact that to fully give myself the godly I lose you will be mistreated, but being mistreated while he went. Dr. Evans will be back with more of our message in a moment. You know the Bible tells us without faith it is impossible to please God, but with faith. There's no limit to what God can do through us and that's what Tony's brand-new book is all about kingdom heroes examines the powerful faith journeys that the men and women mentioned in Hebrews 11. These heroes were ordinary people who became some of the most familiar characters in the Bible simply by believing God and staking their lives on the fact that he was telling the truth by studying their lives. We see what it looks like to walk in the assurance of God's love and can be inspired to embrace and demonstrate that same confidence in our lives. Faith didn't go out of style.

In the Old Testament, it still is powerful today as ever and God still honors those who trust him. We'd love for you to be one of the first to receive this new book from Dr. Evans so if you contact us and make a contribution to the ministry right away will send you is our thank you gift Tony's book kingdom heroes. The companion Bible study and all 13 messages from the two-volume audio series.

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That's 1-800-800-3222. Dr. Evans will be back with more of today's lesson right after this was my first time meeting Jesus died on Wednesday after studying bibliology Tony Evans training center by renowned theologian Dr. Tony Evans. These online courses feature controlling and exclusive video and audio teaching class and interactive scripture based curriculum you can access online or through the mobile app sign up now at Tony Evans training Dr. Evans and exploring the kingdom anytime, anywhere.

Tony happens to finally comes to another choice. Verse 27 by faith he left Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king, for he endured as seeing him who is unseen. I need to be verse 27 again, but I think you left Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king, for he endured as seeing him who is unseen. He had faith in choosing God's presence right.

Moses made a graphic mistake. He killed an Egyptian outside of God's will really need to know that is because most of us have made mistakes that is operated outside of God's will, he blew it and operated independently of God and had to run for his life. So on the one hand, he refused.

That was a good side. On the other hand, he was presumptuous of the bad side and a bad thing working both both to do God's milk of the seven acceptance. He thought that folks would look at him as their deliverer, so he's trying to do good wind up doing bad even though he made the commitment. So this is a perfect man, what's this says he saw that which was unseen, he saw that which was unseen. He saw some you can see.

So when you say something you can see at the burning bush because it says he saw him, Casey. So here saw God but God can see God stalking saw the one you can see the watches of the business in verse 27 says he saw him watch this Mr. after he endured so there was a gap between his refusal endlessly and the gap between his refusal to his saying was endurance. How long did he handle 40 years it took him 40 make the decision and he had to go to the process of enduring before he got to see the unseen. Why, because God was getting ready for what he would get racially he didn't get to see the one you can see, until he made a lot of us are waiting for God philosophy Dolly was a God want us to God. When God hadn't seen us make the choice to make the choice of law, but even after you make the choice God's will prepare you for the encounter he had to prepare for the encounter, but was not.

So let's go back to the story in the book of Exodus, Moses leading the sheep and says while he was leaving. She is now no longer need to be run for his life. He believed the sheet and it says is leading the sheep in the mountain of God. So he's leaving his sheet in an environment where God is widely regarded as he looks up and he sees a bushel on fire that's not being consumed that blows is not because the leaves are not burning the length of the branches are fallen off yet but branches and golf with my so he says to himself, so you got the check without using a lot of positive will never see none like this whether bushel.

If I believe the green branch of the Mount Vernon said let me turn aside and see the strange thing, when he turned aside to see the blush that would not burn a voice came from outside of the divorce Moses most take off your shoes. You are on holy ground all about this take on the shoes because right now there is a gap between the Bible and the ground so you to have that one and that what happened, so has got you to elevated right now. Take off your shoes and catch the guard right now.

The creature is in front of the creator. You go all the way down the planet are you now say all you get the personal word from God. If you do it a personal front.

God was the personal word from God. He says I want you go tell Farrell that my people go, now is the time for me to give you a special word it with your name on it because I have a special purpose because you've gone through the process to make yourself available to me that me know when God is ready to talk to you when he creates a situation like that doesn't make sense makes sense that a bush that that does not that's a contradiction would God create something in your life that makes absolutely no sense.

Don't try to figure it out. You're not supposed to get as close to it as you can so you can hear when God starts calling your name.

Even though it makes absolutely no sense. Don't get Excedrin PM trying to figure out why does Bush does not burn you and all that only want to do is come in the midst of this crate so we can say Betty Betty Ruth room bunch Butch Ray Ray George George stick and call your name about the situation you're in the tell you the next steps he has for your life. If you move about the time of the finally verse 20. By faith he kept the Passover and the sprinkling of the blood so that he who destroyed the firstborn would not touch them. This is the Passover. This is the event that they would never forget God said I'm going to kill every firstborn in every home of the Egyptians and every firstborn animal who brought an Egyptian. I'm going to send the death Angel you tell all my people to pray the blood of the lamb on the door and when my death Angel see the blood, I will pass over you. I'm going to skip you. Let's say you a Jewish family and you the oldest child and everybody dines the firstborn in the family. You, the oldest son I will know about you but I got a question for day you have someone that I don't I know you may not care about you Blackie about the police you have some on his door. Watch this what God had asked Moses to get the children of Israel do had never been requested before this was the first. This had no president if you went back and googled it. You wouldn't see Passover, you would see blood on door with you. If you look academically to do this that would be no precedent and it wouldn't make sense to me asking why alcohol, I don't understand it doesn't make sense, kill, and I am put the blood on the door hung up and eat eat and an angel Passover. You may been in the trimmer.

You may be diminished or terrified. The question is not how you feel. The question is you maybe shaky living by faith. You may be wearing flipping by faith.

Marriage may be off living by faith. Just put the blood on the go because God what God says what God says makes absolutely no sense.

And even though it's never been done.

Dr. Evans will be back with the final word, about a step of obedience you can take right away. So stay with us. First, today's lesson is part of Tony's current series called heroes of the faith. Don't forget, for a limited time we are offering the full-length version of all 13 lessons in this two-volume series on CD and digital download along with Tony's brand-new book and Bible study guide kingdom heroes there yours as our way of saying thanks for your contribution to this ministry.

Just visit Tony to get the details.

And while you're there, be sure and sign up for Tony's free weekly email devotional that's Tony or you can call our resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 and let one of our friendly team members, assist with your request.

Again, that's 1-800-800-3222 Tony is back now with a final thought for today when you have a passport that gives you entrance into another country. My passport is the blood of Jesus Christ that gives me entrance into eternal life. You will come to Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and the gift of eternal life your passport to standby of black entrance to heaven is guaranty. So the question today is what you can choose when you choose the risk of faith because faith is risky because often the faith asked for. You've never tried before. Plus risk. The question is, is Jesus Christ were betting you can get answers to your questions about trusting Christ. When you visit Tony and click on the link that simply says Jesus there.

Tony will explain everything you need to know to help you start a new life in Christ. Making choices isn't so bad when you have all the information needed to weigh your options. But when you're pinning your future to nothing more than blind trust.

It's another story. The Bible calls that faith and next time Dr. Evans will talk to us about why it's always a risk worth taking.

I hope you'll join us. The alternative Dr. Tony Evans is brought by urban alternative celebrating 40 years thanks to generous listeners

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