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Abel: The Worship of Faith, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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September 10, 2021 8:00 am

Abel: The Worship of Faith, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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September 10, 2021 8:00 am

Two men, each seeking God’s approval through worship. One gets it; the other doesn’tand the consequences are deadly. This is why Dr. Tony Evans will explain in this lesson what made the difference and what the Bible teaches us about the link between faith and worship.

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God deserves great is Dr. Tony Evans talks about the consequences of not giving the Lord kind of warship he really wants you celebrating faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, senior pastor of Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban two men each seeking God's approval through worship. One gets it. The other doesn't.

And the consequences are deadly. What made the difference and what is it to Joss about the link between faith and worship will find out as Dr. Evans brings us to today's lesson. Let's join him at all. My personality that wants to teach you about why God is to be trusted, which you should trust him and how you express that trust. In practical terms of what I call the Hall of Fame Museum of the heroes and find out the lesson we start with 11 verse four. The first personality given to us, becoming the first man who had to live fully by faith because he was the first man born in sin by Abel offered to God a better sacrifice than Cain, which he obtained the testimony that he was righteous, God testifying about his gifts and through though he is still speaks. We now want to talk about the fate of April and just today what it means to worship Buffy the Old Testament story of Cain and Abel is found in Genesis chapter 4 is the first man of faith because his mother and father Adam and Eve to live in a perfect environment and see God face because initially had not entered the world, and I will remove the presence of God in chapter 4 verse one that she gave birth to the son, and his name was again verse two to his brother Abel was a keeper of Cain ground verse three. So it came about in the course of time that the Lord of the fruit of the ground and their portions regard for Abel and his offering he had no regard worship this week.worship desire for their presence will be accepted by God for a moment to talk with visit because of the problem run into what's this and that is wanting to worship God our own way, what worship God like not like you expect me to offering to the Lord from around the streets first for Abel on his part brought the flock and their fat portions regarded as offering regard Cain's offering something was wrong with what they brought me told Eve and therefore throw them Cain and Abel, my presence, you must deal with and deal with sin is through sacrifice your mom and your dad will sacrifice to deal with sin you bring to me from you worship me when I sent you want to come without dealing with your rebellion in your life that keep you explain for me just one shot soon and wanted me to be happy with Jesus because of our sin and our need for atonement without atonement and your worship is not regarded. That is why we sent to our worship on Jesus Christ because he is not saying that they did not do that once worship God in a way that knives the reality of sin and forgiveness in order to be accepted by a holy God says Abel brought the firstlings of the flock there.

He didn't give God jump and leftovers. Firstlings map of the hit one chief. One of the flock. The fact that he found some juicy down somewhat allowed blowmolded to offer up to God. One of the reason the God project so much about worship of covered leftover on something together leftover beliefs on the case. I just brought what was good stuff is the first best worship is the best when it comes time for you to sing the God you shout to the Lord. Psalm 100 with a loud voice give glory to his name. Are you mumbling about not singing it off the state you feel like it right now. Please give them worship K shall not worship was rejected because it was not a worship that was based on faith and faith is your feet not fulfill what not know what God expected. If he has a great name you are to be given praise and not be ashamed to give him recognition you want to prioritize his place in your life is a greater God, as you say we have a generation of God jump for God's law to be happy with a great God deserves great worship deserves all the snow you got.

Once this is the this is the first five books for teens and for his offering.

Why because your offering is never detached from you, the king and his offering of God and seeing your seriousness by what you display with your time, talent and treasures so came here to Mrs. Funk verse five says in Genesis 4, but Cain became very angry, and his countenance fell. Cain became extremely angry very angry and took off, and his countenance fell.

He became angry and depressed emotions gone so II we mad all the time depressed all the time all the time all the time to get along with jazz want to know you all all all making you your emotional comeback. They give them some odd job way was rejected because you gave him jump.

Give him what a great God deserves and the reason you didn't give it is because you don't believe you believe in him, but you don't believe you don't believe what Zechariah says this is when they worship the range worship brings rain brings God's involvement in your life. Verse six. Genesis 4 then the Lord said to Cain goshawk McCain contains emotionally why are you so angry white man last okay verse seven if you do well, will not be left and right right will not want to write emotions to begin to dominate him and got one exit until James's work and do not do well if you don't change what you're doing is crouching at the door and it is for you but you must master it all know you didn't go he says sin is crouching at the door. That means that the picture of an animal didn't really know okay walk with a cane worship your emotional state you depressed and we know, ready to pounce on you that the door is called because like an animal because of the personality. He says and calls his already soon when you worship what you sin against me. When you worship the image of worship. But I'm talking about a personality conflict and right you, but this animal has a pattern that Dr. Evans will be back to tell us how to beat it in a moment. First, I'm excited to tell you about our current featured resource. It's Tony's brand-new book kingdom heroes and it dovetails with the two-volume 13 part audio series we been listening to today called heroes of the faith. These two resources explore what it's like to live out the conviction that God can be trusted as we make the discovery that real faith is more than a matter of just what we believe and if you contact us right away will send you this extended series on CDs and MP3s along with one of the first copies of Dr. Evans latest book as our gift when you help us keep Tony's teaching on this station with your generous contribution will also include, as a bonus, the addition of the kingdom heroes Bible study to help you dig even deeper into the stories and their important concepts. Don't miss out. Call us today at 1-800-800-3222 so we can make the arrangements to send you all three of these kingdom heroes resources. Again, that's 1-800-800-3222 or visit Tony I'll repeat that information later after part two of today's teaching and this are you hungry for more and more wisdom than you need to God's word with explicit teaching from Dr. Tony active online study experience allows you to explore theology and biblical history application anytime Tony Evans training to get started next to Evans training before you jump, you become the divorce now becomes an addiction you created with you and now you are under the control of sin, controlling you you you now can control your emotions control your violence can control your constant morality as well because you work it was off. It all started because you got from a God could use the junkie with an God says I'm not going to change it until you change change what I do have the power to change no change worship, the stranger, worship will receive your offering so that you can control your emotions so that you can know. He goes on, and he says in Hebrews verse four that no dead he speaks, people speaks the cane is picked off in Genesis chapter 4 and he finds his brother and killed in virtually another words bad worship will becomes a murder because when sin is crouching at the door. It'll make you do things you didn't think you'd ever do a bad worship but becomes a killer take it out on God's will you take all another person because he's mad at God because God and accept his offering control of emotion. Sin takes over dominates him and that he didn't simply becomes a first-degree murder. But it says even though people speaks ON Washington even though people speaks so talk he still alive, so he died 11 talking have to say. God says the cane where's your brother verse nine.

God says that became immersed in the voice of your brother's blood is crying to me from the ground. Your brother have talk you not tell me where you already have a conversation about location. He is having a conversation with God wants us to live from that point on, would become a lifetime of misery because you're going to one let nobody kill you, let you rest your life from telling you actually live in a living hell living in the living hell.

All because your workable he says this is much Hebrews says the numbers for this cable still speaks but that's in the New Testament is you and me. So what is he trying to tell you and me talk a next-to-last New Testament book June Jude only has one chapter the one chapter in Jude Rovers 11 talks about the way of Cain way of Cain and Abel still speaks. Hebrews 11 for June way of Cain created a chain reaction is chain reaction. This false religion religion is coming.

God like you clean not liking requires all people don't go to heaven going to hell, the church now nobody in the Pachuca becoming the church were not going to happen. That's because using your own way to get God prescribed that there is no foundation in Jesus Christ you work your way and trying to make heaven your home to be doing is when you wash it was rejected because no man is saying by their works. They only saved by the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross, God through Christ not being a better, nicer, so if you go all the way okay you gonna wind up wondering that is the biblical definition of hell definition of hell is to live forever unfulfilled reality without God, but Abel still speaks and what is he saying that you would need a woman saying to me and to you and us today. You come to God by revelation not by human reason mismanaging his messages only way God will accept you coming to him is by what he reveals, not what you think how you arrange what your mama say what your daddy said what your friend said that with the media sales unless what is what you want to make your decisions by revelation about what you can conjure up and conjure up in my mind, because the conjure up in my mind is what my mind can put human reason, but what God is saying things that because God what I said not what consistent with what he's revealed is Dr. Evans will be back in the moment with a final illustration about the problems we run into when our worship starts to resemble a popular breakfast cereal first though today's lesson was part of Tony's current two-volume series called heroes of the faith.

As I mentioned earlier, it explores the lives of biblical characters who took God's word and went on to see him change their lives and change the world. Don't forget if you can help us out right now with a contribution to keep this program coming your way we'd like to say thanks by sending you all 13 messages in this series on CD and MP3 and in addition to the audio messages will also include Tony's just-released companion book kingdom heroes along with the comprehensive Bible study that accompanies it.

This special heroes of the faith offer won't last long, so be sure to make the arrangements right that's Tony or let one of our team members assist you when you call us at 1-800-800-3222 our resource center is always open, so there's never a reason to wait. Again, that's 1-800-800-3222 as we been learning real Christianity isn't just something you believe it's something that you are something that's expressed in every aspect of your life. Dr. Evans will paint a picture of what that looks like next time. Right now he's back with this final challenge for today. Are you giving God the time the talent and yes the treasure that is asked for and are you giving it to them first. Are you throwing in some fruit loops with leftover about away from loops on a bunch of different colors but they all tend is the fruit loops all say because they made the same stuff God's way what color it is not what he requires all Texas. It is acceptable to God blessed close by reversing the worship he requires your emotions stay intact. Sin has to stay behind the door because they don't have emotions to piggyback on and you won't wind up because God will have the alternative, finding alternative celebrating Thanksgiving dinners, listeners

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