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The White Throne Judgement, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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July 20, 2021 8:00 am

The White Throne Judgement, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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July 20, 2021 8:00 am

Cartoonists, moviemakers, even Facebook friends it seems like everybody has an idea of what judgment day will look like. But in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans will explain what the Bible says people can expect when they face the great white throne. It’s an important look at how to prepare for the most pivotal moment in any human life.

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Dr. Tony Evans says we are ambassadors of Christ. Mother share the good news with friends and neighbors unknowingly on their way to disaster celebrating faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the alternative everybody from cartoonist moviemakers, even to her friends on Facebook is an idea of what Judgment Day will look like today. Dr. Evans explains what the Bible says people can expect when they face the great white throne told in verse 720 that Satan will be released from his prison to see the nations. Let me explain again. Only believers built into the millennium, but those believers who in their human bodies are going to procreate over a thousand years millions of people will be born in the millennial kingdom. People will be born Christ, but they won't be able to express because Jesus will rule with a rod of iron.

He will be the righteous and no rebellion will be allowed in the millennial kingdom. And so the tribulation God will release Satan to allow people who have rejected him to express the rejection based on how long they've been born during that period of time and now they will be free to release it because Satan having been released from prison. Satan will not, he will reveal what's already there when the rebellion occurs comes down from heaven destroys all the rebels would join Satan and his final battle. Satan will join the false prophet and the beast, the Christ, and he will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

We have now come to the end of history. As you now know the real kingdom is finished and now it's time for the transfer to the eternal state.

Heaven and hell. But before the occurrence there will be eight transfer event that eBay is called the white throne judgment is the last courtroom in history.

The darkest moment in time. John says in verse 11.

A great white throne comes down I saw a great white throne. It was so great it was white purity.

It was a throne settlement.

King sits on the throne shows up happen. Please rolling back of creation and creation. As you know the universe as you understand it will evaporate and you will be back now in the creation because now when no longer dealing with time now where in the process of transitioning to eternity. This is courtroom scene, the judges sitting on the throne. The gamblers head."

Ray Christiansen in history is going to be some and you will show up to make sure you show up, God is going to create an glorified eternal body to how your soul that has been in a holding tank on scrap but in the moment for this Judgment Day. It says all will be called will show up when they come to meet the judge says that are books and a book uses books plural a book exploring it says on their deeds done during that time when they were alive activity, they did what they did. They thought activities all manner of action while they were alive have been recorded in this book, and that will be a personal review with each one from the judges perspective, the purpose of this judgment is to determine your eternal destiny. If you are this judgment your eternal death that he is already been determined. The purpose of this judgment is only to determine the degree of judgment, not judgment was created and he seemed when he said in the Bible says that Satan was passed down to the whole human race so everybody was born is born in sin and shaped in iniquity, all sin, because we all carry the Adamic nature that includes sin, which is why you want to teach people how to sin not to teach kids how to be selfish not to teach them how to live.

It's built in and transferred from parent to child and from Adam to the human race to the world is born in sin, but the Bible says Jesus died for the sins of the world be on the foundation of the Lord before Jesus and the earth.

God took into account and take that into account the original sin of Adam, because Romans chapter 5 verse 18 says it all, but in Christ all, let me explain.

When God initiated creation of every man, woman, boy and girl was written in the book of life. Every person why because first John 22 says he not only died for our sins to God with us in so even before Jesus got to the cross, God took an account the cross so that even the mind of God would cover damage transferred to the human rights sense original sin was covered by God in his mind before it was created because God knew Adam would sin God covered the human race, and that is why when a woman constantly.

Or a man or a family who had lost their baby in a childbirth situation where the baby didn't live or the baby was young and hit by a car and asked me where is my child, I can with tell them your baby is in heaven. Because the death of Christ has already judge the sin of Adam that you, the parent transferred to them by the then if that's the case why does anyone because while the death of Christ covers Original Sin. It does not cover personal sin where rejection of Christ is involved in other words, it Original Sin saving you from Adam's condemnation, but sin gets covered when you accept Christ so Original Sin is covered. Therefore, babies are covered until the age of accountability.

What's the age of accountability is when you can understand that you are assuming that you have sinned and you have the capacity to respond.

Once you hit that age of accountability, which varies from person to person, based on where they live, what they been exposed to what you hit that age of accountability, the death of Christ has made you savable but you must accept him to be safe from your personal sin so you can't blame your spiritual condition. Jesus, that your spiritual condition have to do with your personal decision to respond or reject the good news of the gospel. Dr. Evans will tell us what happens.

God's accounting department. When we reject Jesus Christ's gift of salvation when he returns after this 40 year reflection on the roots of his ministry through the local church and the urban alternative. I was taking a course from Jean gets caught sharpening the focus of the church about making the church relevant in the new world that we were in at that time. At the same time Ruben Connor who was head of the organization that was church planting challenge me to start a church in light of some of the ideas I had about doing some things differently with church in a predominantly African-American context.

All this is hitting at the same time. That's when Jean gets who was that the professor was also pastor said if you want to start a church church will support you and select the prayer and thought we decided to start Oakwood Bible Fellowship while I was working my doctoral degree at Dallas seminary. So June 6, 1976 we took a Bible study that we were having in our home that was 10 people in the house would begin Oakwood Bible Fellowship with the idea of having a biblically centered church that was relevantly addressing the issues of the day and in the community.

One lasting hallmark of the ministry.

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You get a brand-new luxury addition special cover that looks and feels like leather along with another bonus all 12 lessons and Tony's current two-volume series, prophecy, and our world. Get the before this limited time offer runs out. That's Tony or call 1-800-800-3222 11 or contact information for you again a little later. Right now though, here's Dr. Evans with more of our message reject Jesus Christ is erased from the book of life that Jesus Christ gets in a minute. But if there is the rejection of Jesus Christ. Your name is erased so that will be at this judgment and millions of people will be looking for a name that's not because they never responded to Jesus Christ for personal forgiveness. This world is been cursed by sin and God must get rid of it. So he's going to say that there is no sin again and Hades will be thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death, the lake of fire. God is an eternal being. Sin is an eternal crime against an eternal being.

When we sin, we can sell an eternal being and therefore the crime is that the punishment second Thessalonians 1 verse nine says they will pay the penalty of eternal destruction, away from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of his the simple definition of hell is that there is no enjoyment of God. You are separated from everything you enjoy on is because of God directly or indirectly, anything legitimate that you enjoy on earth has to do with God is God's goodness missing is when you must pay close attention every non-Christian your brother, your mom, your sister, your friends, your coworkers who have not come to faith in Jesus Christ will be at this judgment, you will not be able to bring anybody an amount for you will not be able to bring the witnesses in itself reading between you and God will be all that your name is not math that validates eternal destiny. He looks at the bank to determine that no second chances no parole. It is eternal in nature.

Jesus Christ died so that you won't have to be something that is. That's why God God, knowing that the required to be accepted by him is perfection came up with a plan is a credit plan across God took the sins of the whole world and credited to Jesus Christ, which is why Jesus asked by the Greek phrase meaning paid in full. God get payment for the sin of every body work couple and God.

The Bible says my credit because he had most of God says every man, woman, boy and girl if you will. At this age of understanding except my son as your substitute credit to you. Who knew no sin became sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in him. Jesus Christ has righteousness when God judges Jesus Christ and to accept Jesus Christ. He takes the perfect action of Jesus Christ and credited to the state's account when God accepts Christ the town righteousness before God as though you've never said because of your credit school price has been transferred to your account, which is why when God judges you at the judgment seat of Christian has to do with no room deal with your sin, only righteousness has been credited the issue of sin is not your legal standing before the God you have to buy back. He won't let you buy any won't let you by grace are ye saved through the south is the gift of God not according to Mark so that nobody can brag about. We made it didn't. It's by grace and grace is always free. So here it is, unless you plead guilty in this life and seek forgiveness at the cross, you will be guilty in the you can't play with this because losing is a lot different than losing in Las Vegas monopoly is a lot different than losing at a blackjack take because you don't lose it matters a lot because this is not real and that is real menu sitting because it's been defined by the inerrant word of God. What do if you want to court because of the situation and you know the sentence could be rough.

What you ought to do with possible settlement. Since I have explained to you this judgment you all a subtle article to be part of this judgment you want to be part of this be part of this time. You do not play Russian roulette with eternity and after you die, it's too late. Hebrews 927 is the point man once to die, that the judgment some of you been raising religions a say woman is another chance after death. Please call purgatory is a place called Haiti holding self to you get this judgment after you got it. If you know you will about 20 years from now maybe you got some time but since nobody knows any sense. You may be late for a lot of things we don't like what you will be on time for this is supported on the man. Once the God best interest to make your calling and election sure that you have come to faith alone in Christ alone for the gift of salvation that gives away come to him for it also should mean something else. It should mean if you are saying you want to be the most grateful person will say that I shouldn't have to beg you to praise it because I said Dr. Tony Evans will wrap up today's message with a very important closing thought returned to just a moment. So stay with us. In the meantime, don't forget about that special offer. I mentioned earlier as a way of saying thanks for your contribution to help us keep Tony's teaching on the station will send you all 12 full-length messages in his current two-volume sermon series, prophecy, and our world along with his book prayers for victory in spiritual warfare you get the keepsake addition this hundred thousand copy bestseller with a special binding that looks and feels like leather but only if we hear from you before this special offer runs out at the end of the week make the arrangements by calling our resource request line there knighted 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222 or visit us Some people say life's too short to be religious tomorrow. Dr. Evans will explain why eternity is too long not to be as he takes a look at what happens when we die right now though he's back with this closing thought houses all five. Please don't talk to me like everything is okay if you know my house is burning down say something to me this become too scared to talk to me you don't feel like talking to me.

Not sure what to say if you taught me something now Jesus Christ ambassadors for Christ, I am not ashamed of the gospel. Now like claim salvation in the name of Jesus Christ, the opportunity of the gospel to talk about the cowboy maverick that started this show is the alternative Tony celebrating 40 years of thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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