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The Power of the Kingdom, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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June 30, 2021 8:00 am

The Power of the Kingdom, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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June 30, 2021 8:00 am

No matter how much desire we have to be a kingdom Christian, none of us has the power to actually do it unless we get it from God. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he tells us how that can happen as he explains how to stop being a "filling station" Christian.

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Instead he did nothing change because there is no Dr. Tony Evans talked about what life is like when we really connect with God and his strength everything celebrating 40 years of faithfulness.

This is the alternative Dr. Tony author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the alternative, no matter how much we desire to be a kingdom. Christian none of us has the power to actually do it unless we get it from God's joy Dr. Evans as he tells us how that can happen in churches is Paul that will what is missing is Paul one with his followers with him years they have seen is my, my goodness seen people rise from the Jesus Christ's Jews would make commencing pranks. Let me see the nail prints in his with one day will walk right through the Jesus is exactly I could do exactly what he said he could do a study with things concerning the kingdom of God when talking about God and his role he gave his apostles orders the instructions the governance guidelines rate underneath his butt. He throws a curveball to study articles, after all the things that they saw 40 days by the risen Christ not doing anything until they receive 40 days anywhere. Don't do anything you you receive comes from one source. The Holy Spirit verse eight, upon you and the Holy Spirit. With making sure we know we the spirit of the Trinity, that is God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit.

The Bible says is only one God, but one God is composed of three coequal person, God sent Jesus into the world to give a manifestation of what God is like when the Holy Spirit into the world to carry on doing that. It says in verse three things concerning the kingdom of God. God was supposed to work through his people to come through this that I'm going to send John 14 John 16 you are not one of the same, he will be just like me have the same ability to have the same problem will represent me just represented the physically during my 33 represent me experience Jesus today is the Holy Spirit in your life. You do not experience Jesus apart from the spirit of Christ is the Holy Spirit. The spirit means that all of a spiritual perspective on things.

That is God's way of thinking dominates you feel full of God's way of thinking and reacting you for bringing God's perspective to bear the spiritual perspective on everything. Most Christians visit the spirit that not all of the spirit based the spirit okay social drinkers every now and then clicking drink so much of the spirit is where the victory of the spirit that is a long way.

The problem is not spiritual, that when spiritual people based on biblical thinking that we might think that makes Jesus spiritual people want to place you on everything you do will know there's no problem. You will see changes you will see the supernatural breakthrough in your life you will see God overcome things for you. You will be adding program, just because you're not the spirit to express his but you shall receive comes upon you, and so what we wind up doing is dependent on the flesh, the flesh of our human ability to spirit, but we need to solve this problem deal with this issue. Fix this and you'll do the best we can.

We call our friends and help me do the best we doing the best we can get flash met with a chainsaw chainsaw chop down trees chainsaw to track down trees and warm up so we went on the chainsaw. He came back 10 hours lately with this thing couldn't even get 1 Free Shot Ct. pulled the cowboy noise chainsaw was shopping and sweat sweat.

That's why you can study and read and study and read nothing change because there was no is how this works.

He told wait for the spirit to kick.

We don't want to do that we don't want to wait for the spirit to kick in.

We want to go. I know you go to the gas station and you say fill 'er up what you get out to many full-service stations around anymore so but the same you go when you get the nozzle put in so you stand and wait wait wait wait wait speak as if you if you want you wait long. I confess I drive all fumes I wake the last possible second. Go to the gas station okay so step of the quarter time gone she going to the gas station wait long because I've let it get that low, drive off as soon as I drive off burning the filling, moving the filling charge so you so will know you're going to want you going to do next Sunday is going to need to know all the words your relationship with the Holy Spirit has to be ongoing regular and daily weekly. Dr. Evans will tell us about how to get the right kind of filling at the filling station continues her message just a moment or so, today's the last day to take advantage of our special offer on Tony's current teaching series. The kingdom life. It'll give you a fresh vision and change the way you think about the impact you can make and the blessings you experience when you put God's power to work in your life for just a few more hours were offering the kingdom life series is our gift when you make a contribution to help support Tony's ministry here on the radio and around the world along with it will include his popular booklet the grace of God which will help you understand the large greatest gift and why we literally can't live without it.

Visit us right or give us a call, day or night at 1-800-800-3222 and let one of our resource team members help you. That's 1-800-800-3222 repeat that information for you later on after part two of today's lesson. Here's Tony's station, you can give it what you call will accept anything you will most regulating and take on some demands on diesel, when his dad's because your engine won't receive give God what God can't receive 1 pound and what we bump in along with the law because we have given the Holy Spirit something you can use. That's why when you go before God. You have to go before God and allow him to tell you what he will accept what you want if you can accept is really is a great verse. This is a great verse is Luke chapter 11 verse 13 says this is if you mean evil, know how to give good gifts to your children. If US senators still could be kind and nice and give good gifts to your children will not only father the Holy Spirit to last for people to give good things to Holy Spirit to those West Point words.

This is not you will begin to guess what you want to look at yourself. You have to go jump I will give you the Holy Spirit to accept God's presence and make but you can only get the call with the complex couple days ago I was at the going through the magnetometer.

I'm waiting for my bank. One of the gentlemen came and said, so we need to look in your bank okay took the bag open, dug around in my bag irritating thing to get all just to go around your bag.

He pulled out a small scissor anything that they got them. I gave it to me real tiny scissor you can travel with this. We cannot allow him to go further with this, you will have to throw this away if you expect to catch a flight with the fact is nothing to do with the side. Do what it was made up.

It was metal anything you can carry this through the x-ray machine would look down through all my externals down through all the stuff that didn't matter and went down the road and on the one thing that was unacceptable but the one thing that was acceptable x-ray machine could not know the tricks want to go somewhere with freedom to ask should be able to take only two legs to show nothing. You are asking kingdom would be the everyone will ask what happens.

Verse eight. In closing he says you received following those birds come upon you, and you shall be my witnesses and you shall be my witnesses saying you shall do witnessing that you will be witnesses. That's going behind your role. You don't have to tell people to talk about the cowboy's you have to push in their sports fan and they live in Dallas will talk about it when you don't want to hear. You know why because they been baptized in the been baptized, that they been immersed in it. And so it just comes out because that's what they're thinking about. That's what they're talking about. You have to come up with.

You have to schedule a cowboy talking time you have to make an appointment to talk about things because that's how you will if you will, sports fan and you live in this area.

He says you will be met with what in acts chapter 2 it says that they begin to speak in other languages says everybody spoke a different language that they had not learned all the people heard it in their own language and can the Christ.

So in this case tongs is a language that somebody can speak is not this thing that only you and God knows if you have a private prayer language that you and God use God speaks to you that way. God bless you. That's just not for public consumption because what was public consumption. Folk understood not just you understood the point is though language is not the point. The point is, they could do something they couldn't do before. The point was right. This is not what God would send the spirit you will create will kill Jesus rose from the dead. You must now accept the Lord and Christ will be forgiven for the same people kill Jesus something because you will now do things he could do before you control time driven will be right back with the final word for those who might be a little skeptical about what he had to say today sure to stay with us for the today's message the power of the kingdom was the final installment in our current series, the kingdom life. Remember if you contact us by the end of the day and make a contribution to help us keep Tony's teaching on the station will send you six full-length lessons in the kingdom life audio collection on CD or digital download.

Along with this booklet, the grace of God all is her way of saying thanks again. The details are or give us a call at 1-800-800-3222 before time runs out our resource Center never closes, so there's no need to wait again, dial 1-800-800-3222. You know when you're reading a mystery you don't want anyone telling you in advance how the story comes out.

But when you're living through tough times, knowing there's a happy ending ahead can make all the difference.

So be sure to join Dr. Evans tomorrow. She kicks off a powerful series on prophecy right now though his back with this final thought for today. Take my word for this just because this makes Jesus because we want you to try and simple step of asking God to fill you go to the filling station daily fill me with your Holy Spirit today.

Give me your perspective on every decision I make today revealed to me when it's not you, when there's something in me that's blocking you so that I can respond to it so that I don't burn up the alternative with Dr. Tony celebrating 40 years of generous contribution. Listeners like you

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