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The Power of the Kingdom, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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June 29, 2021 8:00 am

The Power of the Kingdom, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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June 29, 2021 8:00 am

It wouldn't make sense for God to give us a job to do and forget to equip us to get it done. That’s why in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans talks about how the Lord empowers his people and the dangers of charging out into battle unprepared.

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This is so nice, long, long time with Dr. Tony Evans encourages shallow water Christians dive in all got to be celebrating faithfulness.

This is the alternative Dr. Tony Abbott, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the urban alternative.

Meekness is a godly quality weakness isn't today. Dr. Evans reveals ways we can connect with and use the strength God wants to give us.

Let's join them about the power of the kingdom. It is one of those messages that has the potential of changing everything is having words with his followers with him for three years they have seen is line spacing is what my goodness, they've seen people rise from the dead, that you can't be a seminary degree to have three years with Jesus as your private teacher, no mistakes, no arrows. The greatest illustration. The greatest use of the Bible that had three intensity of Jesus Christ. But Peter denied him three times for talking on the Jews work somehow seeing all those miracles, then hearing all those words then getting all those illustrations and listening to all sermons didn't work when crunch time because they ran for their lives.

Jesus now three days later from the dead. Again with old Shep the one when Jesus rose from the 40 days.

Verse three says he presented himself to many convincing proofs I can see the nail prints in his bankruptcy of the Bible says he ate with them one day the door was closed and he walked right through the door. The door shot the two disciples on how to burn within them.

The risen Christ share the word of God with them along the way banks all come alive. Jesus is exactly who he said he was and could do exactly what he said he could do that gap between his resurrection from the dead, and his ascension up in heaven there are 40 days.

During those 40 days study with talking things concerning the kingdom of God when talking about God weight under his rule.

He gave his apostles orders the instructions the governance guidelines operate underneath his.

So now I've got the Christ died, Christ rose proving himself to be the Christ Bible study because he talking things concerning the kingdom of God. But then he throws a curveball to study articles, after all, things that based off of those 40 days by the risen Christ, tell them not to do anything until they receive Bible study would not be enough. Believing that Jesus died and would not be enough miracles. Those three is not enough because you have the best Bible teaching the best Bible study.

The best charge program and believe in Jesus all you want but no, what was lacking today. Personally churches his pile was serious about Jesus Christ walking around denying his life that his burial is resurrection then saying the Bible is wrong or incorrect for serious Christians, but something is missing something is missing that were falling apart like we are something of nothing that with Molly the cow like we are.

Something is missing that instead of being because we live as victims. Something is missing. What is missing is Paul, but what is not enough to think if we increase program will increase power units will more maybe my go to church more Bible more maybe about increased programming programming. Jesus says these 40 days. Don't go anywhere.

Don't do anything you'll stay right here on out you receive power if we need as many programs every have more power we would need as many sessions, we would leave to go to official means when Christians empower comes from one source.

The Holy Spirit verse eight when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, who is the Holy Spirit. With making sure we know who he is. The Holy Spirit is the mysterious member of the Trinity because he's a spirit of the Trinity that God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit.

The Bible says is only one God, but is one God is composed of three coequal person.

The father is not the son. The son is not the spirit but together they make the one Godhead like a pretzel with three holes. The first call is not the second oldest is not the whole but they're all tied together by one piece of dough that is the divine nature ties the father to the son to the Holy Spirit, God sent Jesus into the world to give a manifestation of God is what God is like when you sent the Holy Spirit into the world on during his absence. It says in verse three things concerning the kingdom of God: God was supposed to work through his people buddies that will come through this that I'm going to send John 14 and John 16 something you are not able one of the same, he will be just like me have the same ability that I have had the same problem that I have, but he will represent me just as I represented the physically during my 33 years of my represent me words you experience Jesus is the Holy Spirit in your life. You do not experience Jesus apart from the spirit of Christ, who is the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, if the Holy Spirit is not delivering.

It doesn't matter that you know Jesus. They knew Jesus, but they had not yet had I had a problem in my heater a few years ago, pumping out, he and the heating and air conditioning guy came and he says the problem is with the igniter. The igniter the flame so that the heat can pump out heat into the house. He says you're not getting anything from the igniter and that's not working I needed a whole new unit unit is just not getting anything from the igniter some more stuff to me. I'd be better when God saved you you you everything you need to be all not want you to be got at the point of salvation is not able to get the signal igniter is the Holy Spirit's job is to send the flame of God. That's why he requited the Bible to fly because what you do it through the outside project down into the inner circle of the thing when it begins to burn the Trinity have one overarching goal to connect the Christian with their king because he was teaching them about the kingdom of now the disciples asked in verse six the kingdom of Israel.

We will bring back the kingdom of Israel given teaching about the kingdom of God.

That's God's God's big broad umbrella. Overarching want to give Israel the kingdom that was the millennial kingdom that if the coma Jesus Christ physically comes back to earth and rules the whole world from Jerusalem for 1000 years is called the millennial kingdom. They wanted to know when this aspect of the kingdom was going to come switches on the need for broad-based rule of God. Jesus says is not for you to know when I'm coming back, what you need is to come back and introduce the Holy Spirit's job is to link you with the experience of Jesus as though Jesus work publicly with you, but that's his job. His full-time job is to make Jesus real for you to you through you and you Dr. Evans will come back with a real-life example of how the process works when he continues her message just a moment, one of the things that sets Christianity apart from all other face is that it didn't begin with seeking God. It began with God seeking us. You can learn more about the miracle. With the help of Tony's booklet the grace of God. It talks about the new nature. The Lord is building within us explains how appreciating this unbelievable gift can help you finally break the failure cycle to keep so many Christians trapped and if you contact us by tomorrow. Will send it to you as a way of saying thanks when you help support our work here on the air, and around the world by making a contribution to Tony's ministry along with it will send you our six full-length lessons in his current series, the kingdom life which will be wrapping up tomorrow.

Just visit to get the details and make the arrangements before time runs out.

Again, that's Tony or call our 24-hour resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222. I'll repeat that contact information for you. After Tony brings is part two of today's message. Let's join us tables in case your battery dies.

What you will do another call will pull up in front of your car with their positive, negative, with their negative and then there will be a transfer from the living only to the dead batteries we will become alive because it is been connected to the living battery that is a lie via the cable that connection is the problem is way up Manhattan table that can connect me with him the benefit of God's will for you. Name of the Holy Spirit's job is to connect with complicated D is linked with the life of Christ to be manifested in the life of the believer is his job to make experiential reality in your life what you will you agree to those of the spirit in your life. If you're a believer. He was teaching them about the kingdom because the hall is all Jesus is King in yellow kingdom in God's kingdom will he can help you call the company one day to fix something almost 152. If not for the kingdom of me to the kingdom of the kingdom of the marketplace to another Holy Spirit in concert with Jesus teaching was teaching them the kingdom of God.

God this looseness that we are experiencing is because one would not committed to the divine rule and not being committed to the right will Holy Spirit is unable to crank out because I don't deal with that's not consistent with the truth.

That's why it's called the spirit of truth because we only operate in concert with this rental will often talk about being in the zone zone operating at a whole another level, watching Michael Jordan one day an interview after one of his monster games that I can explain it, but the real I couldn't miss the database because I was in zone when you came the Christ. God transferred your zone but you have to be operating in that zone. The kingdom of God that is on the divine will call the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the spirit living a life you got becomes all that is operating on the kingdom.

We often do we snorkel's law clerk on top of the water surface would sticking up and going to eat just one on top. See what they can see God's deep-sea dive as they tried to get Debbie to go on top of church they come and they stay on the surface, trying to get power to 3 from Billings, not deep-sea divers Marine going deep in because this I be without power. When you without power. You could be with related programs because you something to fix this make you better. Something to solve the Holy Spirit in place you magic show no.

He makes me shout makes me wave my hand hold the Holy Ghost with the church today goggles all over the place. She was electric in church today nevermind I'm no different. After I walk out, but I had church today it was lights. It was fancy this thing is a fancy depreciable fancy program was everything was fancy, but that was the Holy Ghost. No matter how many lights were flickering. That's not what he says usually the power of the report is the Greek mind inside of you that is not allowed to explode it must be God's will, he says it must be God's money because you transfer just like a woman transfers kingdom when she gets married. Moving from her father's house. She transfer the cash he says in verse four for John baptized you with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from we going to baptize you with the Holy Spirit to so baptism means to immerse him something to be immersed in it like we do.

We baptize people in one week. Put them all the way. If you are going to experience the power you have to go all the way onto you can be tiptoeing through the tulips got to be in it. The Holy Spirit became a just peace as you may not in this realm is the realm of the spirit. What a relief it is plain water. Water problem upset stomach and you have more, but then you go get really good if you drop to Alka-Seltzer in the water and wants to structure all of a sudden what was ordinary has taken on a whole new life, but you know you put out something that is because something is upset and you something more than ordinary doing something extraordinary to have the power to deal with your upset, but once you put the shunning look at it you take and you inculcated inside of you so I can deal with what's upsetting you. We got a lot of stuff upsetting us today. Upsetting us spiritually upsetting us personally upsetting to Millie upsetting us racially upsetting family, upsetting us with and will want to get want to get baptized in saying call the Holy Spirit you into another well as you into another kingdom is you into another you into another relationship right. The problem that you need this time not to the fact that you say if your relationship to the spirit. But of course it all starts by having a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and attach a step you're thinking about making for the first time today. We encourage you to visit Tony up and start or follow the link that says Jesus there. Dr. Evans will explain everything you need to know about what it means to be a real Christian, and how to start your brand-new life that today's message was called the power of the kingdom and we have it available for you if you'd like to review it on your own or share it with your church. It's also part of the series 20 will be wrapping up tomorrow.

The kingdom life. Remember, we are offering this entire six lesson series on CD or digital download is our gift when you make a donation to help support the ministry of the alternative, along with a copy of the booklet I told you about earlier, the grace of God is our way of showing appreciation for the continued support of listeners just like you who make this program possible. Get all the details and make your request online at Tony up and start or again that's Tony or call our 24 hour resource request line at 1-800-800-3222 and let one of our team members help you again 1-800-800-3222 no matter how much desire we have to be a kingdom Christian.

None of us has the power to actually do it unless we get it from God I hope will be with us tomorrow when Dr. Evans tells us how that can happen right now though he's back with this final word. If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior you have that opportunity right now, don't put it off. He died on the cross for you rose from the dead for you but you must personally receive him into your life for the forgiveness of your sins and to be given the gift of eternal life, which he gladly gives away anyone who comes to him for so why don't you now. Right now, bow your head before the living God, and simply telling this Lord Jesus, son, and I know I need a Savior and I choose you to be my Savior because I believe he died on the cross for me. You rose from the dead. For me, so I receive you now for my forgiveness for the gift of eternal life. You just ask God to save you by believing in his son Jesus sins are forgiven just been granted the gift of eternal life. The alternative with Dr. Tony celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contribution. Listeners like you

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