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The Stewardship of the Kingdom

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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June 28, 2021 8:00 am

The Stewardship of the Kingdom

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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June 28, 2021 8:00 am

When we make an investment, we plan to do better than break even. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he explains that God expects the same from his investment in us in this message on what it means to manage God's resources.

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She is responsible stored with the assets hundred 20 evidences we have what we have reason is to be because of your stewardship of those three areas celebrating this is the alternative Dr. Tony Abbott authored speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative. Ultimately everything we have traces back to God is the source today. Dr. Evans goes further to explain that everything from our possessions to our pocket change was given to us for a purpose. Let's join them when you go to the plotting and asking does it hurt if it does hurt one of two things happened, one could be pressing too hard, or she could be pressing too hard and so it hurts more than likely it hurts because something is wrong and wanted to test out the back to find out what's causing the pain.

We talk about the subject of stewardship for many people it hurts people because we present it to grow because it ought not be hurting you. Jesus tells the parable.

It is a awesome story parable is a scary lay beside a principal to help you understand the principle. The story is given to give life and reality like a reality show to a principal God what you saw Jesus rightly taught in parables in order to teach principles he wants to teach a principle about the kingdom today and your stewardship in order to help you and me to understand the principle he gives the parent that is the story to give life to the principal. But it's all about the principle of the story is just to help you grab it and get it understand it, feeling, and ultimately live it in Matthew chapter 25 talking about the kingdom that her someone reads this way, then the kingdom of heaven will be comparable. He wants to explain various principles about the kingdoms we give various stories to explain various principal begins the story in verse 14 point just like that is the kingdom of heaven that is already introduced a man about to go on a journey called his own slaves and entrusted his possessions.

She talks about this man referring to himself was getting ready to go on a long journey.

Of course Jesus is going to die rise from the dead. He's going to stumble the cloud and ascend into heaven, and he's going to be gone from his followers to his disciples, and from you and me. So he's like a man that's gone on a journey, but when the man went on the journey.

When Jesus left behind his possessions and things that his sermons were to use into making and advancing his kingdom ministry called the kingdom of heaven.

Now the first thing I want to point out is that what the man didn't call to the service. What the man belonged to the man.

The silence job was to lead on his behalf and not principle what belongs to another is known as stewardship stewardship may be defined as an expanding the possessions of another. He said that he left his resources to be lead men to their ability.

God wants you to lose sight of the owner and you are a responsible stored with the talents and treasures that he is given you all the way back.

He told Adam every tree of the garden you may freely, but the one is one of the main reason only one tree along with a tree in the middle. They want to be reminded. You are still human but is actually Joe so you are you will miss God you been blessed with it. But you know no reason God instituted the time is to remind God's people will miss and the firstfruits of what you I want you to acknowledge it in the way you acknowledge that Deuteronomy 14 is the time you are acknowledging this judgment ownership.

God wants you to acknowledge that you are stored in the is is like talking about the kingdom treasures to be utilized in such a way that God's will in history is advanced because of your stewardship of those three areas.

So now he introduces us to these three men gentlemen we gave talents to verse 16. When I traded with them and getting five more talents the same manner.

The one when talents were 17 game tomorrow. One talent went away down the whole ground and his masters money for a long time.

Verse 19 says the mass of slaves came and settled accounts with Jean. I 2000 years ago. He's been gone a long, the master came back wants to discuss settlement counsel will belong to me with treasure advanced kingdom of heaven located in history which you may store lose sight of the return of the mask when you lose sight of the fact that one day the master is going to have a conversation with you about how you use between your conversion that the ability to think that he left you with Amber treasures the ring is put at your disposal. And that is going to be a meeting going to discuss that with me. The Bible called the judgment seat of Christ. First Corinthians chapter 3 talks about the fact that we are going to be before the judgment seat of Christ was the 15th we will all appear before the judgment seat of Christ. You going to have to wiggle and have to answer some questions about how we use time, talent and treasures for the advancement of the kingdom of heaven.

Because the story the principle is the kingdom of heaven is like he's explaining the use of what belongs to him for the advancement of his called in history, God knows you got libido you got work to go to camp family which he has not disconnected responsibility to his kingdom. The problem is from his kingdom made gone over there and not understanding because we see God involved in we do our thing only works out because God is because we have not understood as the Lord and belongs to him.

Now return to now show back up not take seriously the Jesus of delusional backup that will be big just go live your life because you don't believe them.

You don't believe there's coming a day when you have to stand before God and give an account going to have to explain yourself. The last give me time. I gave talents and I gave you treasure the left see how my calls in history with advanced because of what I gave you not going to ask you about what again will make you a little talking about what I gave you. That's why you don't want your neighbor's. Because if you get your neighbors.

You gotta be asked about him. Then you going to go online, we will have enough of the wood on all columns and he gives an account is 20 received five talents came and brought more talents, a massive you entrusted me with my talents and gained five more what you started me off with his master said to him, well done good and faithful slave.

You will face with a few things, I will make you in charge of many things. Enter into the joy of your mess.

I'm going to share what I have reviewed the joy of the letter received two talents came and said that you entrusted me with two talents the game to his master said it well done good and faithful slave. You are faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things to the joy of the mass in the West, one with five more than the one with the one with little one would to receive the same blessing because God was only holding them accountable for what he gave Combs to our third friend, the one verse 24 would receive one talent came up and said master know you to be me reaping where you do not sell gathering where you scattered no seat and I was afraid and went away and hid your talent in the grounds. See you have what is you that slick, slick slick sandal. You scare me because you scare me.

I was afraid he says because your expectations are hot you got expectations didn't want to risk losing what you gave me. I want to risk that because I know you will wear me out if I lose what you gave me so risk is you want me expectations of me I decided to dig a hole and what you gave me.

I decided to see you came back and let me show you what you gave me. I don't have more than you gave me.

I just have what you left with that plan didn't work out so well. Dr. Evans will come back in a moment with the rest of the story stay with us there so many ways God has demonstrated his faithfulness to me into this ministry over these 40 years. In all there were times when we just weren't sure we were going to make it.

We got down to our last paycheck. After that there was no money to pay anyone. I remember a Starbucks special prayer time and asking God to intervene and then out of nowhere a donors heart was touched they wrote us a note and said God placed it on my heart to send you this gift and was able to sustain us until we were able to rebuild so I am not a doubter about the greatness of God's faithfulness and I'm certainly grateful for all the friends he's given us who been faithful to. I'm very grateful 40 years seen his kind hand faith this much this radio program. Tony's television ministry work with pastors and congregations all around the world. None of it would be possible without the faithful contributions of people like you and that's why I want to remind you about a special package we been offering is her way of saying thanks when you make a donation to keep this ministry going.

It starts with Tony's current series, the kingdom life focusing on the power God's given us to live in victory, along with the impact we can make in the blessings we experience when we put it to use. Ill give you the encouragement and perspective you need to stand strong in the face of a culture that seems committed to tearing us down along with it will send you his popular booklet the grace of God.

This special double resource offer is only available until Wednesday, so be sure to contact us right away to request you can do that by visiting Tony you can also browse our huge collection of resources and signed up for Tony's free weekly email devotional or color resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 team members are standing by around-the-clock to help you. Again, that's 1-800-800-3222 right now Dr. Evans is back with more of today's message is response to the start guy is very interesting. Pay close attention. Jesus says you in verse 26 they just lay wicked and lazy Jesus. The man just gave you back what you lose anything we can means you did something that was over the ground legacy if you put in the bank. The bike keeps a record of himself to were taking care of the kingdom is called when I came while she was wicked his plan in the middle.

If the master comes back give the master when he gave me if the math doesn't come back, I got me some more money hidden in a hole in the ground plan begins against the middle and so are a lot of God's children. Some of you when you go to the store should ministry them. You may have your own financial planner and a little talking about 2030 and 40 years from now it will say same now so when it's time to retire. You have some money to live on when you could no longer work make you future oriented saving company for spending to force you to be future oriented slick about the mess hall. A lot of us have children's schooling. What now you know really what Malcolm don't want to get to spend less on your child can be with us, give me some money to save God want you to be future financial planner and is planning to help you plan your retirement, 20, 30, depending on J 40 years from now Jesus is trying to get you to do plan on your retirement from the day you die and you meet him you have something that you have forwarded the hand that has eternal value attached to it, trying to get you future oriented not just now now now now now now now with a future orientation on the day when you will stand before him, he will call you by name and you have to settle accounts because on that day asking about time, not talents about treasures ask you what you did. That was sure that is what you did in history to advance his kingdom because that is what will carry over into your retirement in his presence now one of the thing he says, verse 2942 studies. To him who takes what I've given them and does something with it. More will be given to him and he will have an abundance. He will have more than enough, but from the one who does not do anything with what I've given him for my kingdom, even what he has shall be taken away and then he throws and is worthless slave into outer darkness in the place where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth, but he read that last throw out the worthless slave into outer darkness in the place where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth issue was what did with the master David because he didn't even try to expand God's presence in history when it came for an accounting and his accounting fell short.

Remove that man into outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth frames weeping and gnashing of teeth refers to profound regret that there is profound regret Bible, God said that people have to wipe tears from his one of the reason we don't have to wipe his is because the profound regret that is that feeling that you and I will have that day when James no and Jane Joe well done my good and faithful servant your rewards come into looks to the presence of the Lord and then we hear you lazy wicked worthless slave you're excused outer darkness and hockey. I'm not a big hockey fan, but there is a penalty box. The Pauly box is there because you done some infraction on the ice and become what you did well on the eyes. You are excused to the penalty box take you off the team is one of the team members. You just no longer dissipating on the ice. You have been excused from participation while you watch what's happening on the ice little are excused for saying and now regret because he may have been asked from participation you all and there during the rest of your Christian life is life for free so as you live in your daily life and nothing to advance his kingdom witnessing anybody not sharing God's love with anybody you treasure just so you become the turtles on the management of the kingdom for the kingdom of heaven is like news on time for ourselves itself. So we got nothing to lose sight of the TV time for prayer promoting the kingdom and when they will be called.

You going to ask you the question and he's going to show the tape when used before God thing that had no connection with the kingdom of heaven that has no connection with the name his glory is his kingdom from you and me.

That is going to happen much. He will at the take. That was all about you click nothing here about me click click and will put you in the Christian life down one month one week year even perfection with the question is when you see what the banquet that he is laid out, you know, it is worthless. I will tell you what is not worth it again here and lose their suggest to you that maybe things about this.

Maybe things about if you look like we have a way of life.

Dr. Evans will come back with a final comment to wrap up today's drama just a moment go away. Today's lesson on kingdom stewardship is part of 20 series. The kingdom life.

Now is the time to get in touch with us and request the full length version of all six messages in this collection, including material we won't have time to present on the air there, available only until Wednesday is our thank you gift when you make a contribution to help us keep Tony's teaching on the station along with it will include a copy of the grace of God in a world that talks a lot about different ways to reach God. This booklet explains why life is really about what God did to reach us. If you're tired of feeling like you just don't measure up your in for some good news that can change your life. So be sure to take advantage of the special double offer before time runs out again all the details are waiting for or call us at 1-800-800-3222 and let one of our resource team members help you. 1-800-800-3222.

Meekness is a godly quality weakness isn't tomorrow.

Dr. Evans reveals ways we can connect with and use the strength God wants to give us right now though his back with this closing thought force life is like a coin you can spend it any way you want. Just know you can only spend it once the alternative with Dr. Tony have brought to you by the urban alternative celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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