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What Do You Have On

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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June 8, 2021 8:00 am

What Do You Have On

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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June 8, 2021 8:00 am

From the ancient Greeks to Shakespeare to Mark Twain it’s been said that the clothes make the man. But in this special message from Jonathan Evans, we’ll discover there’s actually a biblical basis to that age-old clich.

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Present righteousness. That's what everybody shows up to replace Jonathan Evans says we need to make sure our source of virtue is legit only to righteousness is no different than going to the water to dry off, celebrating 40 years of faithfulness.

This is the alternative Dr. Tony author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the alternative from the ancient Greeks to Shakespeare to Mark Twain. It's been said that clothes make the man in today's message from Jonathan Evans will discover there's actually a biblical basis to that age-old clich. Let's join them as he explains Genesis chapter 321 simply says the Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed the Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.

Adam and Eve were already dressed, so why would God put more close on them when they were already covered.

It was something about what they were wearing that was insufficient to God.

If you think about God as a stylist and he's coming through the garden as it says in chapter 3 verse six and seven in the cool of the day, and he sees Adam and Eve. He must've been unsatisfied with what they covered themselves with that was a covering that they had on and then in the same chapter it says the Lord God reclothe them so I can hear him going to the garden in the cool of the day and approaching Adam and Eve and seeing what they're wearing and saying in the old Dallas laying what you will go where you think you going to met what you have on doesn't match with the story is headed, so I need to change her clothes because you're not wearing a true covering that can take you where I'm taking you you're wearing something, but what you're wearing or not wearing it right.

I need to change your clothes and there's many a Christians today who are claiming Christianity while wearing the wrong clothes and were wondering why God isn't taking us and maybe he's saying, you're simply not dressed for the occasion. You're wearing something, but you're not dressed right understand that God cares about what were wearing all through the Bible. He talks about what you read, you go to Matthew 22 when you look at the parable of the wedding feast Jesus comes in. He returns his second coming, he will be wed to his bride. He invited some guest into the wedding feast and then he noticed that there was a man in there that was improperly dressed and he told that man that was improperly dressed, go to the outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth because you thought it would be okay to come to my wedding feast without the right outfit on. You can't come to my wedding feast unless your dress could be a kid. I have a dress code and if you're not wearing the dress code that's conducive to where the story is heading.

You may be dressed.

You may be covered in your way, but you're not dressed and covered in my way and I'm the one running the show because this is my wedding feast. This one verse gave me pause because he reclothe Adam and Eve when they were already dressed. There must've been something about this verse, the Lord God clothed them with garments of skins. Adam and his wife.

He didn't like what they were wearing your saved but does God like what you're wearing a member when when you my wife or were going on in the day, early on, she married an athlete now what I want to say on it when I say that that means when it comes to dressing just like you know I want to be comfortable just giving some basketball shorts and a T-shirt, not try to dress up as in Jordan enough, not just what I do walk out the house like this would a slow, limp, you know, just just try to make it.

I just want to be comfortable and she said okay were going on a date. Go ahead and get dressed and Sam is time we got to so we got about 40 minutes as they will call me and we got 10 minutes level need that much time to put all my basketball shorts and my teacher and resident was in Jordan zoo said they didn't hear gets her clothes also were not late, so I going there and I did my T-shirt that I thousand shorts on the floor does work to put those on my Jordan zone and try to dress it up a little bit and she came into the closet where I was getting dressed and she was combing her hair and then she stopped and dropped mount. My wife has two facial expressions shall either smile at you to give you one set of teeth or should give you both sets of teeth and she came into the closet and gave me both sets of teeth.

She said, and what you really didn't like it. She talks with both sets of teeth. It is that what you're wearing in the you know I'm like it was the leading question. Yes, this is currently what I have on yes ma'am.

This is what I'm wearing no that starts making noise you came into the closet move me to the side. She picked out a button up, got some jeans you know gave me some shoes and she said can you please put this on. Please can you please put this on. I said okay but why do I have to change my clothes. She said because what you're wearing is not conducive to. Where were going and threw her head back and walked out. I said what okay what I was wearing was simply not conducive to where we were going. The question is, is what you're wearing.

Conducive to where the story is headed.

As many of us that claim Christianity and were dressed like a heathen, and God is saying you look good to you and you look good to other people, but I'm showing you both sets of teeth because you're simply not dressed for where this thing is headed and God clothed them with skins. Adam and his wife.

It's amazing to me that Adam and his wife went to the environment to find their covering instead of going to the God that they've offended in the environment that therein they're chasing after the world and covering themselves with the environment instead of going to the God that will give them the true covering in order to move forward to where the story is headed and there's many Christians today that are chasing after what the environment has to offer to cover ourselves so that I can at least look good in front of you, Adam and Eve at least look good in front of each other.

They covered themselves with the fig leaves so that they can at least cover up the issues and front of each other so that their issue would be a nonissue so they can return back to the state where they didn't have issues and I at least want to present to you that I'm covered. I at least want to present to you that I'm secure.

I at least want to show the right face.

We become professionals and this culture of getting like some people following me and wanting to be liked and wanting everybody to see my pictures and what I have going on. We become professionals at covering ourselves well while God is the government of both sets of teeth because of the culture that we live in.

Many people dress nice from a dirty closet and we seem to think simply because people who are around us are plotting us simply because the culture is saying oh you look nice. Good job good career good house good car you put yourself together.

Well, you pray will you always come to the front. You always raise your hands. You're here on time and I applaud you, but understand the applause of man and the applause of God are not synonymous, but that's the culture that worry and if I could be honest, there's men in the Christian world that do not love their wives but they'll be a church on time and they'll button up their tie-in. They'll be saying pharisaic prayers and they'll join the leadership team. They'll become deacons don't do all of those different things and everybody is thinking one thing, and God is thinking something totally different.

He's coming into your garden in the cool of the day and he, Sam, what are you as I was reflecting on this in my own study. It made me look at the closet of my heart and wonder, Jonathan, would you have all because one day he will return his wedding feast will start. You are invited don't get kicked out. It seems to be that what we should be thinking about is what I have on and I guess it wasn't the exterior from the environment and what the environment could bring in what the environment could provide, but if you think about it. We sure are chasing younger chasing. We want that we get that if I can just get here somehow the environment has the ability to provide the security protection and covering that God provided Adam and Eve before they had the problem. They went to the environment.

Let me get that let me get that that makes me feel better, at least in front of you and God is saying is that what you're wearing is not where the story is going. That's not going to cover you.

But Adam and Eve. What they do, they found they weren't stupid, Adam and Eve had perfect brains before sin they had already surveyed the garden so I'm sitting here thinking about this will then why did they choose fig leaves fig leaves were large leaves. If you wanted to get some shade from the sunset under a fig tree because there are some large leaves that are not easily torn there even in the East right now in the marketplace. You can go shopping in the marketplace and they will place your fruit in a fig leaf and wrap it in a fig leaf so that you can carry your fruit through the marketplace, or if you're buying a lump or a cake they'll wrap it in a fig leaf because there are so large and so strong, and then they will tie them together and put a little pretty bow on it so you can present it as a gift to someone they are valuable. They are large and they are strong in Adam and Eve went to the things in the environment and the things in the world that were valuable, large and strong. Oh, come on in my house. It's valuable and is large and strong when we give you a tour. This is nice you got you got that you got of that element give you a tour and it makes me feel better about myself that you like it. Never mind that is never become home. Never mind that we fight in all the time and but as long as your as long as you like it let me give you a tour this and were chasing after these fig leaves as long as the big the biggest in the culture as long as there strong and there definitely valuable in the marketplace. But just because it's applauded in the marketplace doesn't mean you won't get kicked out of the wedding feast and I'm looking at this one verse and God clothed them with garments of skins. Adam and his wife. So I started looking at what I'm wearing because there's many of us in the room that are not conscious about the life that were living. You see, your address represents your life and we go before the judgment seat of Christ. He's going to notice our life by how were dressed in weather were really ready for the occasion. Adam and Eve, you have this problem but don't go to the environment to solve the problem go to the God who knows how to cover you. Within the environment that you're in. It's amazing how they were covered when they were neck. It but all of a sudden, even though they covered themselves. They felt neck it because they hid from God and were getting further and further from God chasing after the environment, chasing after the environment we cover ourselves up while simultaneously feeling neck. It but I can have a little but if I have God I have a lot I'm dressed. Jonathan Evans will have more on wearing appropriate spiritual attire when he returns the moment but first, as you've heard the urban alternative is celebrating 40 years of ministry this year. In a recent conversation. Dr. Evans recalled how God opened doors leading to a path that would ultimately better prepare him for the work to lay ahead. Well, I was so excited about learning the Scripture setting the Scripture that I decided to go to seminary and I plan to go to Grace theological seminary, Winona Lake, Indiana. We went up there found a place to live. I had been accepted, so that was waivable going to go until a professor named Doug McIntosh asked me one day. Had I ever considered Dallas theological seminary, and I hadn't I thought it was good be too difficult to get into their even though I studied from many of the professors of DTS and some of my courses in college so he said if I pay your application fee. Would you at least apply and you know I'll get up. I didn't expect to receive anything because it was late in my year of graduation. So would been too late to be accepted, but when he paid and I applied they provisionally accepted me and minute consultation with my wife.

It was decided that it would be better for me healthwise as well as communitywide because Winona Lake is a little small community is supposed to Dallas a big city urban city where I could interact more with the reality of issues of the day and because I was acquainted with so many of the professors they approved my study in the reading of the books we decided to go to Dallas so in 1972. We got in our green. No one drove from Atlanta to Dallas theological seminary to continue our biblical training. Dr. Tony Evans reflecting on 40 years of God's faithfulness to the ministry of the urban alternative, and he'll be back on the air with us. Following the conclusion of the special two week series called forever starts now. This collection of lessons can provide just the kickstart you need. If you feel like your life is become stuck and lacking motivation in these messages, author, speaker and chaplain Jonathan Evans will equip and encourage you in the areas of understanding God's providence in your life purpose and fulfilling your destiny by applying God's wisdom to day-to-day thoughts and decisions. We like to send you on nine full-length messages in this series and instant digital downloads and on CDs is our way of saying thanks for your contribution to help continue this ministry on the air, and around the world and as a special bonus will also include a copy of Jonathan's brand-new book, your time is now. Get what God has given you and that you learn how to finally overcome your fear and procrastination and step up to the big call God has for your life. This is a limited time offer so don't delay, contact us right or call our resource request line at 1-800-800-3222 or one of our team members will be happy to help you again dial 1-800-800-3222. I'll have that information for you again after part two of today's message and this when you're facing a decision or dilemma. It's smart to ask what would Jesus do, but first you have to know what Jesus did and what God has to say about the situation you face while building your biblical foundation is your goal to help you need is as close as your computer or mobile device. Thanks to Tony and's training center is packed with online courses covering core concepts of faith and in that scripture studies you can work through anytime you want. In any case you want along the way you'll explore key teachings and learn how to apply them in real world situations. There's lots of exclusive content interested and motivated in an online forum where you can ask questions and answers and collaborate with other students.

It's almost like having a seminary on your smart phone. Tony today and connect with Tony training center we can explore the kingdom anytime, anywhere else with my son.

Camden might get your same month in Camden. You know it that's my mini me.

He is my strong-willed child have to have cancer, strong-willed but Camden takes the cake. We put a baby gate up when he was about 18 months to keep them from going up the stairs.

This boy went to the outside of the stairs and went up because he's determined to do what he wants to were walking down the stairs sent him holding his hand.

He's only about 20 months. I know he can get down the stairs by himself, but he's steady yanking his hand away from my hand and I'm trying to boy stop. Stop. You can go down the stairs by yourself.

Camden and he just won't know what he saying, but it would nice and so I let him go. We only have one step angle limits until all the way there. Nice to know to gobbled all the way down some bathroom have, but he insisted on doing it his own.

And sometimes God would let you do it.

I can't make you believe. I'll let you learn to believe the hard way. Adam and his wife were naked and they recognize that they were created for righteousness precisely because of the sin. The problem with Adam and Eve is that they ran to the culture for righteousness. They knew they were covered when they lost their covering then they tried to cover themselves to go back to the covering they had which was God's original intent. That's exactly what we do, were just doing it the wrong way.

We want to present righteousness. That's why everybody shows such a great face. That's why everybody dresses will that's why everybody presents things a certain way because embedded in you is the image of God and you were made for righteousness. That's why you defend yourself even if you're wrong, because you really want to be right because you were created for righteousness but going to the world for righteousness is no different than going to the water to dry off your direction has just contradicted what you were put here for in the Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed when I you know why because it was unacceptable dress. But what made God's garments better than the environments garments.

Why was God satisfied by the skins when he wasn't satisfied by the leaves would you know the obvious answers will God made it. They made those God that the work they did what we know those answers we been turned long, but as I thought about the Bible and I thought about what Genesis 217 says Genesis 217 says Adam the day you eat from this you will surely die. Adam lived. He was over 900 years old, so he died spiritually that day you eat from this, Adam. You will surely die, and why you that it was a promise from God. The Lord God made garments of skins." Now you gotta discover where God got the skins you see in the garden was the first sacrifice, God sacrificed an innocent lamb in the garden. He took the skins off of the Lamb and placed it on Adam and Eve as a constant reminder that the only reason why you live is because that innocent lamb died the propitiation for your sin has been covered. I am satisfied. And now, your clothing shall be a testimony to everyone who comes after you that this is the way you get this done. This is the way you're supposed address and this is the way that you can stay as a part of the wedding feast. I wonder if there's anybody in here who is living a life of testimony that the only reason why I live is because he died. The only reason why I'm here is because that was the innocent lamb who was slain for me and not taking the skins offer him and him putting it on him. So I am wearing the righteousness of Christ.

What you think kingdom. He brought that bogus sacrifice and he's looking right at the skins of his parents. He's looking at the testimony and choosing to do it in a different way and as I look at the testimony of the generation who was come before us, how in the world cannot choose to do it a different way.

I will be clothed in the righteousness of Christ. I will be clothed in the innocent lamb was slain so that I can move forward and go to the place where God is calling me to go if there's anybody in here under the sound of my voice and understands that the only reason why you live in the only reason why you're here is because Jesus Christ was the innocent lamb was slain to give you the opportunity to take the deafening that you have Jonathan Evans will come back in a moment with the final challenge to wrap up today's program.

First, if you'd like to get the full-length version of today's lesson which includes material. We couldn't fit into our program time visit Tony for details on the message called, what do you have on better yet receive a copy of this lesson. When you take advantage of that special double offer. I mentioned earlier, Jonathan's complete nine message audio compilation forever starts now and is inspirational new book, your time is now their yours is our gift to you. When you make a contribution to help us keep this program on the station each day. This is a limited time offer so don't wait. Get the details and make a request today. Tony ever and' or give us a call at 1-800-800-3222.

We have team members standing by day and night to help with your resource requests. Again, that's 1-800-800-3222 with Dr. Evans will return to the airwaves on June 22. Following completion of the special series forever starts now. Tomorrow, Jonathan Evans will explain how God can turn any negative situation into something good for us and for those around us right now though his back to close out today's message with this final thought. Are you closing the righteousness of Christ.

Isaiah 6110 says I will rejoice in the Lord because he has clothed me with garments of salvation, and he has given me a robe of righteousness. Revelation 19 Ed says her garments were like fine linen and the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints.

My question is simple. God clothed Adam and his wife with garments of skins.

God provided the provision he took the skins and gave it to them as a testimony is your life a testimony of people looking at you and saying oh yeah the only reason why they live is because Jesus Christ died. The alternative with Dr. Tony Gavin is brought to you by the urban alternative celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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